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20:41 richard hi
20:42 chris hi richard
20:42 richard hey chris
00:37 chris finally made it gmcharlt ?
00:37 gmcharlt yep
00:37 gmcharlt not the quickest of trips
00:37 gmcharlt not too bad when things are running on time
00:38 chris *nod*
00:38 gmcharlt when they aren't, you can sometimes beat it driving
00:40 gmcharlt time to find some food
00:40 gmcharlt bbiab
00:55 chris so far so good
00:55 chris sunny
00:59 chris_n2 it was 37 deg C here today
01:00 chris not that hot either :)
01:00 chris @wunder wellington,nz
01:00 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0°C (12:00 PM NZST on August 10, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.51 in 1033 hPa (Falling).
01:00 chris_n2 and its supposed to be 38+ here
01:00 chris_n2 tomorrow
01:00 pie heh, what other things does @wunder do?
01:00 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
01:00 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 30.0°C (8:41 PM EDT on August 09, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1020 hPa (Rising). Heat advisory in effect from 11 am to 8 PM EDT Monday...
01:01 pie wow, 11am 'til 8pm ... that's stinkin' hot :)
01:01 chris_n2 the humidity is the killer here
01:01 pie ah
01:01 chris pie: munin does a few things like
01:02 chris @gcalc 37 celsius as fahrenheit
01:02 munin chris: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
01:02 chris if i could spell
01:02 chris @gcalc 10NZD as USD
01:02 munin chris: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
01:02 gmcharlt @gcalc 37 C as F
01:02 munin gmcharlt: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
01:02 pie heh, it hits Google :)
01:02 chris_n2 maybe google is in bed
01:02 gmcharlt @gcalc 37 degrees C in F
01:02 munin gmcharlt: 37 degrees Celsius = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
01:02 chris there we go
01:02 chris @karma
01:02 munin chris: Highest karma: "paul_p" (54), "hdl_laptop" (40), and "chris" (36).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-10), "failed" (-9), and "<-" (-5).  You (chris) are ranked 3 out of 353.
01:03 gmcharlt @gcalc 10NZD in USD
01:03 munin gmcharlt: 10 New Zealand dollars = 6.71800 U.S. dollars
01:03 pie @gcalc 1 usd in nzd
01:03 munin pie: 1 U.S. dollar = 1.48853826 New Zealand dollars
01:03 pie awesome :)
01:03 chris @quote random
01:03 munin chris: Quote #12: "<owen> Every time you check in a book a little video loads and Nancy Pearl recites her capsule review of it." (added by gmcharlt at 06:36 PM, July 06, 2009)
01:03 pie hehe
01:28 bob hi with upgrading a koha v3 to newer instance do i just place the tarball over the existing install - or do i put it in a new directory?
01:31 chris no to the first question :)
01:32 bob ok
01:32 chris what is the version you are replacing?
01:32 bob so if i'm going from v3.0.0 to 3.0.3
01:32 chris ok
01:32 chris you untar the 3.0.3 one
01:32 chris then cd into it
01:33 bob uhuh
01:33 chris then run perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log  /path/to/koha-install-log
01:34 chris the path is probably something like /somewhere/koha-3.00.00/bli​b/MISC_DIR/koha-install-log
01:34 bob ah yep read that bit in INSTALL file - just wasn't clear about where to put the tar file
01:34 chris right next to it :)
01:35 bob ok thanks
01:39 chris gmcharlt: you about?
01:39 gmcharlt chris: yep
01:40 chris so, if you were fixing a koha for a german company who installed it for a romanian university
01:40 chris and who choose MARC21 instead of UNIMARC
01:40 chris (luckily not in production yet)
01:41 chris would you try to switch it over, or just burn it down and reinstall (trying to save as much of their sysprefs etc as you could)
01:44 chris i was thinking i could truncate marc_tag_structure and marc_subfield_structure
01:44 chris switch the syspref
01:44 chris and fix zebra
01:44 chris then notice the 8 things i missed probably
01:47 gmcharlt that plan should work
01:47 gmcharlt w/o too much trouble
01:47 gmcharlt the main thing would be the item conversion
01:48 gmcharlt if they've already loaded items
01:48 gmcharlt as the default UNIMARC item mapping is rather different form the MARC21 one
01:48 gmcharlt would also need to go through bibs
01:48 gmcharlt and make sure that framework codes are set correctly
01:49 chris ahh yeah, nope luckily they havent started on the bibliographic data
01:55 gmcharlt in that case shouldn't be much trouble at all
01:55 gmcharlt are they translating the OPAC?
01:56 chris into romanian, i hope so
01:57 gmcharlt @later tell hdl_laptop plan for this week re intregration - ILS-DI on merge-to-HEAD branch Monday or Tuesday, new_acq Wednesday or Thursday, by Friday list of all other stuff I'll want you to revise ;)
01:57 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
02:35 BobB Hi
02:52 chris hiya BobB
02:56 gmcharlt hi BobB
02:59 BobB Hi, hope all is well.  Daytime in Florida?
03:03 BobB A client records Condition of items.  I think it should go at Holdings level but can't find an appropriate 952 field.  Have you struck this?  Irma is not here to ask.  
03:03 chris like if it is torn or damaged?
03:04 gmcharlt BobB: no, a bit past 23:00 (and I'm actually sitting in a hotel room in Atlanta ;))
03:04 BobB They use Good, Fair, Poor.  I think the Damaged field is not quite appropriate.
03:07 gmcharlt BobB: my first inclination would be a custom item subfield tied to an authorized value
03:07 BobB Atlanta - so you've started at Equinox.  Congratulations.
03:07 gmcharlt BobB: thanks
03:08 BobB Galen, will you have to relocate or can you work at distance?
03:08 gmcharlt I'll be telecommuting for a while, but the idea is for me to relocate as soon as I can
03:09 BobB Big changes in your life.  Is the family OK with that?
03:12 gmcharlt yes - just my wife and I, and naturally we discussed it thoroughly :)
03:12 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:13 Amit good morning #koha
03:13 gmcharlt hi Amit
03:13 Amit hi galen
03:13 chris hi Amit
03:13 Amit chris: how is your weekend
03:14 BobB Chris, something not used, such as 952 f ?
03:14 Amit hi BobB
03:15 BobB Hi Amit, greetings from Sydney.  I'm new to this IRC caper - more Irma's territory but she is not here.
03:16 chris BobB: yes, i think that was what galen was suggesting, something not used already and tying it to an authorised value
03:18 BobB Thanks Galen and Chris, will do that.
03:20 BobB Best wishes Galen for the new start.
03:20 gmcharlt BobB: thanks again
05:23 hdl_laptop hi
05:23 hdl_laptop back from holidays
05:28 BobB Bonjour HDL: Ou est-ce que on va en vacances quand on habite deja au sud de France?
05:31 BobB To us in Australia, the south of France is already a dream holiday location.
05:38 hdl_laptop BobB : when you are on the sea shores all year long, you go to mountains.
05:38 hdl_laptop There are less ppl and air is fresher, and beauty of Nature is restfull.
05:44 IrmaCalyx Welcome back in KohaLand HDL! Good to hear you had some R&R (rest and recreation) :-)
06:21 richard hi
07:12 chris back
07:32 chris hi kf and magnusenger
07:33 magnusenger hi chris and everyone!
07:33 kf hi chris, magnus and everyone :)
08:32 Amit hi kf hdl
08:36 kf hi Amit
09:40 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
09:41 gmcharlt welcome back
09:41 gmcharlt hope the size of your inbox didn't scare you ;)
09:42 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: not at all
09:43 hdl_laptop But the size of patches to apply quite ;)
09:43 chris heh
09:43 chris i wonder if we can do a @time plugin for munin
09:43 chris @time in atlanta ga, usa
09:43 munin chris: downloading the Perl source
09:44 chris :)
09:46 hdl_laptop hehe.
09:52 gmcharlt chris: galen-bot says time in atlanta ga, usa is 05:52
09:52 kf :)
09:54 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: seems like somebody beat you to the punch with an initial CAS SSO patch
09:54 gmcharlt would appreciate comments on how it relates to BibLibre's efforts
09:54 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: well it says dirty hack
09:54 hdl_laptop I will review this.
09:55 hdl_laptop But our implementation could proove to be better.
09:55 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: it does indeed; it also here, yours isn't :)  though I'm sure you've spent more time on your version
09:56 hdl_laptop it is on koha-biblibre branch
09:56 hdl_laptop published.
09:56 hdl_laptop It has not been sent to patches yet because it was on an unstable branch.
09:58 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: well, consider this impetus to get it submitted, or at least onto a branch I can pull from :)
09:59 chris i had a quick look, its not actually to bad
09:59 hdl_laptop do you want me to send all the patches from koha-biblibre rebased onto master ?
09:59 chris hdl_laptop: is it in here ?[…]bre.git;a=summary
09:59 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: at least get them onto a public branch based on master
10:00 hdl_laptop chris :[…]b43eaca3a;hb=HEAD
10:00 chris cos we could cherry-pick that into master pretty fast
10:00 gmcharlt indeed, though I'd still want the branch-against-master as well
10:00 chris yep
10:01 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: It was first based onto master.
10:01 gmcharlt it = what?
10:01 hdl_laptop But I thought that reconciliation branch would reconcile master and 3.0
10:02 chris heh interesting
10:02 hdl_laptop It= our dev branch.
10:03 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I'm still not see the CAS SSO commit - what's the commit hash?
10:03 chris chosen the same module name and subroutine names :)
10:04 chris gmcharlt: ahh its a big merge
10:04 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: Merge am123_dev sur Biblibre_head
10:04 hdl_laptop    Adds am123 features on to biblibre_head
10:04 gmcharlt ah - I see is embedded in a merge commit
10:04 chris scracth that, no cherry-picking
10:04 gmcharlt indeed
10:05 chris ive learnt my lesson
10:05 gmcharlt no offense, but that's basically completely useless as a cherry-pick or pull target
10:06 gmcharlt do you still have access to the original branches of development
10:06 chris i think you are going to need to rebase on the original branch, and send patches (or put that branch up)
10:06 gmcharlt in order to do a non-squashed  merge?
10:06 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I do.
10:07 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: cool - look forward to the new branch, then
10:07 hdl_laptop some more work to do.....
10:08 chris speaking of public repo's ... i have been pushing to github for a while
10:08 chris but i have set up git-daemon on my machine at home too
10:08 gmcharlt chris: anything you're ready to have me look at to pull?
10:09 chris not really
10:09 chris one interesting thing is the dbix_class branch
10:09 chris[…]oha.git;a=summary
10:09 gmcharlt even if it's trivial, it occurs to me that doing it and writing up how we did it might be useful material for a tutorial blog post or maiilings to koha-devel
10:09 chris lemme check
10:10 chris tell ya what
10:10 chris ill do a history.txt update
10:11 chris and commit that, and we can pull that
10:12 chris the thing i found with DBIx::Class is that with the schema files, we can create a db in either mysql or postgres (or oracle or anything that dbix::class supports) without needing special sql files for each
10:13 chris so even if we dont use dbix::class everywhere its a win just for that ;)
10:15 hdl_laptop chris: the hard thing about dvix::class seems to be that schema file is quite hard to read and doesnot allow easy roll back and forth to a version.
10:16 hdl_laptop khatar tried and evaluate some ORMs and thought kiokudb or Jifty could be good choices.
10:20 chris jifty is a full application framework
10:20 chris i like that DBIx::Class still lets you get into the nitty gritty if you need to
10:26 chris gmcharlt:[…]ads/documentation
10:27 chris so you can a remote for my repo
10:27 chris git remote add git://
10:28 chris then git checkout -b documentation --track
10:28 chris (probably need a git fetch too(
10:29 chris then you can cherry-pick that commit over
10:29 chris thats one way to do it
10:30 chris or you could just checkout a branch
10:30 gmcharlt chris: yeah, I think I'll do it as a pull
10:30 chris checkout -b mydocumentation
10:31 chris git pull
10:32 chris i think that will do it anyway
10:34 gmcharlt yeah, then into my staging branch
10:34 gmcharlt git checkout test
10:34 gmcharlt git merge mydocumentation/documentation
10:34 gmcharlt or directly
10:35 gmcharlt git merge
10:35 chris yep
10:35 chris i think the pull will do fetch + merge for ya
10:35 gmcharlt it does indeed
10:35 gmcharlt fetch first, though
10:36 gmcharlt lets you do git log --pretty=oneline test
10:36 chris good point
10:37 gmcharlt chris: well, let's make it official - send a pull request to the patches list
10:38 chris will do
10:38 gmcharlt e.g., Subject: PULL - git:// - documentation - history changes
10:38 gmcharlt brief description of changes in body
10:38 gmcharlt something like that
10:38 chris works for me
10:39 gmcharlt "Welcome, all, to DVCS performance theatre"
10:40 chris off it goes
10:40 chris this was our first git tutorial right there .. quick someone take photos or something :-)
10:41 gmcharlt chris: better send the chat log to nengard before she finds out that we've been committing tutorial without her ;)
10:43 chris done :)
10:53 chris only if you dont drink the coffee
10:56 kf perhaps you can do some more basic tutorials another time ;)
11:05 chris yep we will :)
11:40 Amit hi jdavidb
11:59 jdavidb Hi, Amit.  :)

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