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12:32 martinmorris another question for people, i'm finding it hard to get a clear answer to why I'd be getting ERROR 114 in my zebra log when i search for authorities
13:40 martinmorris still trying to debug this - can anybody say if this looks reasonable for a command to access the authorities database using the yaz-client?
13:40 martinmorris Z> authentication kohauser/zebrastripes
13:40 martinmorris Authentication set to Open (kohauser/zebrastripes)
13:40 martinmorris Z> open tcp:localhost:9999/authorities
13:40 martinmorris Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error: Connection refused
13:40 martinmorris can't see why i can't connect like that
13:41 gmcharlt try Z>
13:41 gmcharlt try Z> open localhost:9999/authorities
13:41 martinmorris ok
13:41 martinmorris nope
13:42 martinmorris can't connect to biblios either, yet i know that's working fine
13:42 gmcharlt could you pastebin your koha-conf.xml ?
13:43 martinmorris certainly, how do I do that?
13:43 gmcharlt first 20 lines or so should enough - go to , copy in the text, then post the link
13:43 martinmorris ok
13:44 martinmorris
13:45 gmcharlt ok, bib and authority servers are being accessed through Unix-domain sockets, not TCP ports
13:45 gmcharlt so to connect in yaz-client:
13:45 martinmorris ah, of cours
13:45 gmcharlt Z> authentication ...
13:45 martinmorris bibliosocket etc...
13:46 gmcharlt Z> open unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket
13:46 gmcharlt Z> base authorities
13:46 martinmorris thank you
13:47 martinmorris can you tell me what ERROR 114 is all about?
13:47 gmcharlt can happen in several ways
13:48 gmcharlt but one likely candidate is that authority records haven't been indexed yet
13:48 gmcharlt the zebrasrv log may help
13:49 martinmorris i've definitely indexed them
13:49 martinmorris rebuild_zebra -a -r
13:49 martinmorris -a - r rather
13:50 gmcharlt running an authority search and pasting in the correspoinding zebrasrv log would help - gives the exact Z39.50 query used
13:51 martinmorris give me a few secs
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [session] Session - OK 1 unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/authoritysocket 15937
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [request] Auth idPass kohauser -
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [request] Init OK - ID:81/81 Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:1.154/3.0.34
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01\x16)(PERSO)
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01\x16)(NAME)
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [request] Search authorities ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @attr "1=Heading" @attr 7=1 0 @and @attr 5=100 @attr "1=authtype" PERSO_NAME @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr "1=Heading-Main" Zamenhof
13:52 martinmorris 14:52:17-18/07 zebrasrv(1) [session] Connection closed by client
13:53 gmcharlt do you use MARC21 or UNIMARC?  if you use MARC21, when you installed Koha, did you choose the 'dom' mode for authority indexing?
13:54 martinmorris i use marc21
13:54 martinmorris and yes, i  believe i did choose dom mode
13:54 martinmorris how would i check though?
13:54 martinmorris installation log?
13:54 gmcharlt yes
13:55 martinmorris let me track that down
13:57 martinmorris AUTH_INDEX_MODE=dom
13:58 gmcharlt ok
13:59 gmcharlt could you pastebin in the MARC view of the Zamenhof authority record?
13:59 gmcharlt ori
13:59 gmcharlt as stored in Koha, not the original one you loaded
13:59 martinmorris so from the koha mysql database?
13:59 gmcharlt e.g., select * from auth_header where authid = foo
13:59 martinmorris good, yes
13:59 martinmorris hold on
14:01 Snow_Fox Question:  Anyone ever play with HP Storage Works Data Protection Express?
14:01 martinmorris
14:01 martinmorris i imported it from the library of congress
14:03 gmcharlt martinmorris: what version of Koha are you runnign 3.0.3 or HEAD?
14:03 gmcharlt it's the @attr "1=Heading" @attr 7=1 0 part of the query that I'm finding suspicious
14:04 martinmorris according to the about koha pages
14:04 martinmorris ok
14:04 martinmorris what's wrong with that do you think?
14:04 gmcharlt there's been a fair amount of authority search changes
14:04 gmcharlt I'd recommend upgrading to 3.0.3
14:04 gmcharlt since you're on only 3.0.1
14:05 martinmorris ok, happy to try that
14:05 martinmorris trust it isn't too difficult - never upgraded koha before (and this isn't a production installation)
14:05 gmcharlt no, that all that different
14:07 martinmorris wish me luck
14:07 gmcharlt good luck!
16:46 greenmang0 indradg: hello
16:47 indradg greenmang0, hi
16:47 greenmang0 indradg: had dinner? :)
16:48 indradg greenmang0, not yet... the cook didn't turn up... planning on putting together a batch of khichdi in a bit
16:49 greenmang0 indradg: oh... so where is your family??
16:50 greenmang0 indradg: live alone... away from home?
16:55 indradg greenmang0, nope, very much at home, but my wife isn't too handy with indian food
16:55 greenmang0 indradg: ok :)
17:51 martinmorris hello, don't know if gmcharlt is still there?
17:51 martinmorris anyway, my ERROR 114 problem is still there, and I've upgraded
17:51 pianohacker @seen gmcharlt
17:51 munin pianohacker: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 44 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> good luck!
17:51 gmcharlt martinmorris: drat
17:51 martinmorris hello there
17:51 martinmorris yeah, it is a bit of a shame
17:51 martinmorris good to have upgraded though
17:52 martinmorris koha version is - just to check
17:52 martinmorris and i've rebuild my indexes
17:52 gmcharlt martinmorris: I'll poke around with the authority record, to see if there's a data-dependent issue, but won't get around to it until later this evening
17:52 martinmorris that's great, thank you
17:53 martinmorris one other minor thing
17:54 martinmorris previously there was a bar at the bottom of the screen (in the staff client) where i could change the language.  that's now disappeared and the browser window seems to flash slightly as if it's trying to draw that bar but fails (if you get what I mean)
17:54 gmcharlt check to see what your stafflanguages syspref is set tup - make sure more than one is selected
17:55 martinmorris ah ok, thanks
17:59 pianohacker Hmm. According to[…]fns/bib1diag.html , 114 is Unsupported Use attribute. That's surprisingly unhelpful
17:59 pianohacker </sarcasm>
18:00 martinmorris that's precisely my problem piano
18:00 martinmorris :)
18:00 martinmorris no real idea how to go beyond that and debug
18:02 martinmorris although i see the site has some further info
18:05 martinmorris apparently i'm searching on a field that isn't supported
20:08 martinmorris separate small question - if i were to run koha over two machines, one slower than the other, i'd put the webserver on the slower machine and the db on the faster.  Is that right?
20:59 Snow_Fox Martimorris i would think that would be the correct answer
20:59 Snow_Fox since the db will be hitting harder then a web service
21:00 Snow_Fox generally speaking
21:03 martinmorris thanks snow_fox, that's what i went for :)
21:07 Snow_Fox np
00:37 martinmorris can somebody tell me about pazpar2?  is it used only to search other z39.50 servers?
00:38 pianohacker1 That's one of its uses
00:38 pianohacker Koha uses it for grouping together results based on their title/isbn/etc.
00:38 martinmorris i'm just setting up a two-server system, so i want to configure zebra on one machine to use tcp ports rather than sockets
00:39 martinmorris i've done that, using the publicserver running on port 9999
00:39 martinmorris can i then tell the other machine to just connect for authoirty and biblio searching on 9999 on the other machine?
00:39 martinmorris or do i need separate servers on 9998 and 9999?
00:39 pianohacker Hmm
00:40 martinmorris :)
00:40 pianohacker You could probably get it all on one port
00:40 martinmorris i could just try it all out on one port i suppose
00:40 pianohacker But it would most likely be easiest to do two
00:40 martinmorris koha-conf.xml implies i can do it all via a publicserver instance
00:40 martinmorris but i wasn't sure
00:40 pianohacker Would involve less mucking around with the config files
00:40 martinmorris ah, really?
00:40 pianohacker I believe so
00:41 martinmorris having two ports?
00:42 martinmorris i'd have <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:@:9998</listen> and <listen id="authorityserver" >tcp:@:9999</listen>
00:42 martinmorris ?
00:43 pianohacker Yup
00:43 martinmorris the only other difficulty i'm seeing is how to configure koha-conf.xml on the other machine to point to those ports
00:44 martinmorris any advice?
00:45 pianohacker You might try simply copying the listen and serverinfo elements to the other server
00:47 martinmorris oh, really?  how would that work?  on the receiving server (with 9998 and 9999 open) the config file just says to open up the ports, the remainder of the file is localhost
00:48 martinmorris ah, it's ok, there's a brief explanation at the top which says where to put the host in
09:31 martinmorris Hello, not sure if anybody's awake but I'm having ERROR 114 problems with my authorities, can anybody advise?

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