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12:03 |Lupin| magnusenger: and the permissions are the same, too ?
12:05 magnusenger |Lupin|: sorry for being unclear, yes.
12:07 |Lupin| magnusenger: np
12:07 |Lupin| magnusenger: I asked because I have met this problem
12:08 |Lupin| just because I have ea restrictive umask and forgot to re-run chmod after having generated the translations
12:09 magnusenger -rw-r--r-- should be ok, right?
12:16 |Lupin| magnusenger: depends for what
12:17 |Lupin| magnusenger: if it's for the directories, I'd add x for group and others
12:17 |Lupin| magnusenger: to be sure the webserver is allowed to enter directories
12:18 |Lupin| please everybody
12:18 |Lupin| is it correct that the different libraries are stored in the branches table ?
12:18 |Lupin| and also: why is his called branches rather than, say, libraries ?
12:19 magnusenger |Lupin|: no, those were the files, eg in prog/nn-NO/modules. Directories are drwxr-xr-x
12:20 |Lupin| magnusenger: should be enough, indeed
12:20 |Lupin| magnusenger: after you got the repository, which commands did you use to install ?
12:21 kf lupin: the defined libraries are stored in branches
12:22 magnusenger |Lupin|: I followed the steps in INSTALL.debian-lenny
12:22 kf lupin: I think the name is for a historical reason, also look at branchrelations and branchcategories
12:23 magnusenger |Lupin|: git clone git:// kohaclone; cd kohaclone; git checkout -b myinstall origin; perl Makefile.PL; make; make test; sudo make install
12:23 kf lupin: when you define search groups the relation is stored in these tables, but I think groups aren't used in Koha atm
12:26 |Lupin| kf: ok, thanks. I was trying to figure out where the "branch" term comes from. And yes I noticed that several tables have branch in their names
12:28 |Lupin| magnusenger: I think there is one additional command to run when compiling from git
12:28 |Lupin| but can't find it
12:29 |Lupin| however I myself added it to the wiki a few days ago
12:29 |Lupin| can't remember to which page, though
12:29 magnusenger |Lupin| ;-)
12:32 magnusenger |Lupin|: I was a bit unsure about the bit that says "git checkout -b myinstall origin", I can't remember doing that on earlier installs...
12:39 |Lupin| magnusenger: 'm not sure either, but this may be to create a branh, i.e. if you intend to modify the code
12:43 |Lupin| hmm
12:43 |Lupin| once loged in to the wiki
12:43 |Lupin| is there a way to see all the pages one has changed on it ?
12:43 hdl_laptop there is an rss feed
12:44 hdl_laptop
12:47 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: I 'm not sure this is what I'm looking for
12:47 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: I'm looking for a list of all the pages _I_ have modified once, even not recently
12:53 |Lupin| magnusenger: cd KOHADIR/misc/translator/
12:53 |Lupin| magnusenger: ./ LANGUAGECODE
12:54 |Lupin| magnusenger: and replace LANGUAGECODE by what is appropriate for you
12:54 |Lupin| magnusenger: does that help ?
12:54 |Lupin| magnusenger: I have finally found the page:
13:01 magnusenger |Lupin|: That sounded promising, but I get this: And I'm not doing a dev install, just a normal install but from git.
13:06 |Lupin| magnusenger: then I don't know.
13:07 |Lupin| magnusenger: I guess if I were you I'd examine the script and see wha goes wrong, since it's perhaps not much.
13:07 magnusenger |Lupin|: Thanks for trying!!
13:07 |Lupin| magnusenger: also: the command may be useful for any install from git, nos sure whether it is specific to dev-installs, installs from gi, ...
13:27 |Lupin| please everybody
13:28 |Lupin| Is it correct that koha does not have a function to send a fresh password to a user that would have forgotten or lost it ?
13:28 gmcharlt |Lupin|: correct
13:28 gmcharlt hitting the road again - talk to you all later
13:30 magnusenger |Lupin| et al: finally thought to look in koha-opac-error_log. With each request to a detail-page in the opac, i get *5* of these: "File does not exist: /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/intranet-tmpl, referer:[…]pl?biblionumber=1"
13:31 magnusenger now, why would Koha be looking for *opac*/htdocs/*intranet*-tmpl ?
13:33 |Lupin| magnusenger: no idea, but that's the kind of thing you may be able to debug with Perl's print function, at least
13:34 |Lupin| magnusenger: there is a function which is called something like find_user_and_template
13:34 |Lupin| magnusenger: you look this one
13:34 magnusenger |Lupin|: sure enough, i'll give it a try
13:35 |Lupin| magnusenger: grep "sub find_user_and template" to locate it, or even better use ctag, I think it supports Perl...
13:38 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: ctags++
13:39 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: :)
13:39 |Lupin| it makes people think you are a real hacker when you give the location of a funciton implementing a syscall in the LInux kernel
13:45 schuster OK gmcharlt - you out of the office?
13:46 schuster I see he was hitting the road, but didn't know for how long...
13:49 schuster hmmm I'll catch him via email.
13:53 |Lupin| schuster: he left a quarter ago or something like that, perhaps more
14:06 Snow_Fox RHCL hate to break it to ya but i think you have incomming agian
14:07 wizzyrea just rain in lawrence :P
14:07 Snow_Fox prob not as bad though
14:07 Snow_Fox about to rain here agian
14:07 Snow_Fox although not as ugly as whats in indiana right now
14:15 |Lupin| pls, is it correct- to store a user login in the borrowers.userid column ?
14:15 |Lupin| not sre what userid refers to.
14:16 |Lupin| ah that's ok
14:16 |Lupin| just had a look to what we have in our database
14:17 schuster userid is user login to pac and also to staff interface if you provide permissions.
14:21 |Lupin| schuster: yep, that's what I finally figured out. Thanks a lot for your help.
14:23 |Lupin| I'm wondering what's he best way to implement dependent choices
14:23 |Lupin| like one authorised value represents a list of manufacturers
14:23 |Lupin| and then for each one there is a list of products
14:26 |Lupin| so two lists, but choice in the second one depends on what has been selected in the first one
14:29 |Lupin| one other ossibility would be onelist that combines manufacturer and products, but it does not look very elegant to me and also, at database level I'd like to have a clear distinction between the two concepts
14:29 |Lupin| does anybody have suggestions or remarks on this, pls ?
14:30 |Lupin| perhaps two lists and then in a function somewhere check that the (manufacturer, product) pair that has been chosen is valid
14:32 schuster This doesn't sound like a library issue...??  Are you using the system for another purpose?
14:34 |Lupin| schuster: kind of.
14:34 |Lupin| schuster: we will use koha to deliver DRM-protected books to visuall impaired persons.
14:35 |Lupin| schuster: so the system must know about manufacturers and platforms for which a book can be encrypted
14:35 Snow_Fox i know necessary evil
14:35 |Lupin| Snow_Fox: I don't like them either
14:36 |Lupin| Snow_Fox: but given the way publishers react in France, the choice is not between DRM and no DRM. The choice is rather between books with DRMs and no book at all.
14:37 Snow_Fox true
14:38 Snow_Fox but one can hope cant we
14:40 |Lupin| Snow_Fox: definitely
15:00 Snow_Fox i think i may have asked this before but cant remember
15:00 Snow_Fox is there a data dictionary for the database?
15:06 magnusenger |Lupin| et al: Looks like my earlier problem may have been related to Firefox, not Koha. I tried it in Safari and the languages worked as expected. Then i closed Firefox and started it again, and now it works there too!
15:08 paul_p hey, magnusenger: I apologize... as it's a very known/common issue (related to page caching)
15:09 magnusenger paul_p: good thing it wasn't something completely unknown, then! :-)
15:10 magnusenger paul_p: is this something end users may run into, or is it related to the itranet? Firebug was reporting 404s for some js-stuff that seems to be only used in the intranet...
15:11 magnusenger the opac
15:31 magnusenger gotta run, thanks for your help, folks!
15:54 |Lupin| till soon, everybody. Take care.
15:57 Snow_Fox hey to make a patron a staff memeber is it better to go in a granulaly do it via the permissions or just to set the category to staff
15:58 owen Permissions are the only thing that really affect access
15:58 owen The patron categories don't grant any kind of status on their own
15:58 Snow_Fox crapski
15:59 Snow_Fox ok thanks owen
16:03 atz yeah, case in point... a library may have many "staff" who aren't actually librarians or circdesk ppl
16:04 Snow_Fox well so much for the simple document :-P
16:05 rhcl @seen chris
16:05 munin rhcl: chris was last seen in #koha 5 hours, 59 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <chris> yep
16:07 rhcl 7.8 quake hit NZ I see, I assume everybody is OK.
16:07 Snow_Fox i would assume not....
16:08 Snow_Fox 7.8 is nothing to scoff at ':\
16:08 rhcl OK, well, I hope everybody is OK
16:08 Snow_Fox there we go
16:08 Snow_Fox me too
16:08 rhcl Yea, that will rattle your cage
16:08 Snow_Fox ok so permissions are not quite like active directory in terms of user groups
16:11 Snow_Fox well that kinda sucks
16:19 atz Snow_Fox: by not quite, you mean not at all.
16:19 atz permissions are all based on granted privs to individuals...
16:22 paul_p hello Snow_Fox & atz & owen
16:22 atz greets paul_p, did you enjoy the holiday?
16:23 paul_p almost time to leave for me, here in Europe
16:23 paul_p atz: yep.
16:23 paul_p although I worked a little yesterday (working on our 2010 plans...)
16:24 paul_p we are very very very busy and the next months/years will probably not be too quiet. (note i'm happy with that)
16:26 Snow_Fox nice
16:26 paul_p atz: do you plan to have some holidays this summer (how many weeks do you have ? iirc, the US standard is 2 weeks per year, isn't it ?)
16:27 paul_p (in France, the legal minimum is 5 weeks)
16:27 Snow_Fox atz: yes i mean not at all, i cant set a generic permissions category like circ staff, and when i create a new user or add it to that category he doesnt get the perms
16:27 Snow_Fox am i correct?
16:27 pianohacker Snow_Fox: Correct
16:27 schuster snow_fox you are correct
16:27 pianohacker You can only set global defaults right now
16:28 atz paul_p: yes, the french are superior in that respect...
16:28 Snow_Fox pianohacker pickaxe please
16:28 Snow_Fox are they gonna change it eventually
16:28 paul_p atz: I won't tell you how many holidays librarians in universities have... you would decide to learn french & move here)
16:28 pianohacker Snow_Fox: <thuck>
16:28 Snow_Fox heh
16:28 pianohacker Snow_Fox: I don't know if there's a bug out for it.
16:29 pianohacker Would be a good thing to get some libraries together and co-sponsor, though
16:29 Snow_Fox ill keep that in mind
16:29 Snow_Fox would make user management a bit easier
16:29 atz Snow_Fox: the proposed mechanism you describe would not be too difficult to implement
16:30 atz the difficulty would be when changing patron category, what happens then?
16:31 atz your only choices would be (1) nothing, (2) overwrite w/ new categories defaults or (3) supplement w/ new categories defaults
16:32 atz my impression is that none of this would matter much if you could batch edit effectively.
16:33 Snow_Fox well the idea is similar to active directory which is what im more familiar with anyways
16:33 Snow_Fox if need be you can create a new user group and toss those users into it
16:33 Snow_Fox the only thing i figure would be problematic would be having users being part of multiple groups
16:34 atz yeah, the difference is that in AD you can be in many groups... koha has only one field for patron category
16:34 Snow_Fox well
16:34 Snow_Fox i dont think it would be that hard though
16:35 Snow_Fox would change the insides a little thats for sure
16:35 atz a ton, actually
16:35 Snow_Fox why im not a dedicated programmer :-P
16:35 atz all the circ rules and stats reports depend on patron category
16:35 Snow_Fox oh i see
16:35 pianohacker It would be one of those joyous, slog through the code refactoring projects
16:36 Snow_Fox then why not just leave categorys alone so to speak
16:36 Snow_Fox and add a feature like
16:36 atz having singular defaults for new users would be easy.... switching to a multiple group/category based system is a huge rewrite
16:36 Snow_Fox Patron Permissions Blocks
16:36 Snow_Fox or something
16:36 atz yeah, that makes sense
16:36 pianohacker Would still be difficult, but more practical
16:36 atz ryan might be working on something similar already
16:37 Snow_Fox heh
16:37 Snow_Fox nothing to see here
16:38 Snow_Fox no grand plans
16:38 Snow_Fox etc
16:38 Snow_Fox move on
16:38 chris[…]uake-measures-7-8
16:38 chris no real damage
16:38 chris[…]ecent_quakes.html
16:39 Snow_Fox i would imagine with all the mountains in NZ especially in the rainforests it would be some nice rock slides
18:01 joetho Hello Ryan! Are you here?
18:02 pianohacker ryan: customerping
18:03 joetho what does THAT mean.
18:03 joetho never mind
18:34 joetho hello collum, hello tester
18:35 pianohacker <TMPL_IF __odd__>Hi, collum!</TMPL_IF>
18:38 collum Hi
18:39 joetho Hi, RYAN!
18:40 joetho Five bucks to Ryan's paypal if he writes anything on here in the next hour.
18:42 owen joetho: If that turned out to work it could revolutionize Koha support
18:44 joetho 56 minutes left.
18:46 ryam Hi there
18:46 ryam lost 5 $ ? :)
18:47 pianohacker @seen ryan
18:47 munin pianohacker: ryan was last seen in #koha 1 week, 6 days, 23 hours, 45 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: * ryan Ryan Higgins, LibLime
18:47 pianohacker So not since the meeting
18:47 ryam hehe :)
18:53 wizzyrea sneaky
18:59 joetho this works great with my daughters
19:00 joetho forty minutes left. Operators are standing by!
19:22 joetho Nineteen minutes remaining for this one-time offer!
19:22 chris heh
19:23 chris ill do it, $5 us is like 10 million nz
19:26 ebegin Chris, really?
19:28 ebegin 1 U.S. dollar = 1.54035736 New Zealand dollars
19:28 ebegin joetho, what is the offer actually?
19:29 chris yeah i tend to exaggerate for effect
19:29 chris :)
19:30 joetho You mean the one that expires in TEN MINUTES??
19:31 ebegin Yeo
19:31 ebegin yep
19:31 joetho I have been trying to reach Ryan by email to schedule some stuff.
19:31 ebegin Oh, i see
19:44 joetho uh oh
19:44 joetho times up.
20:32 richard hi
20:32 Snow_Fox ello
20:42 chris morning richard
03:04 chris quiet today
03:06 ebegin Hey, does anybody know how rss feed are managed?
03:07 chris in koha?
03:08 ebegin Yes.  If I subscibe to a search result in the opac, will the request will be send every time I refresh my RSS reader?
03:08 chris everytime your reader asks for the feed again, yes
03:10 ebegin So if i read my feed from, let's say, Google Reader, every time I refresh my page, this will trigger a search in the catalogue... do you know if this is the way most of the rss feeds work?
03:12 chris not in google reader it wont
03:12 chris google reader fetches feeds periodically
03:12 chris like bloglines
03:13 chris refreshing just refreshes your display, it doesnt refetch all the feeds you have subscribed to
03:13 chris (that way if multiple people are subscribed to a feed, it only gets fetched once, every 10 mins or so ... instead of once per person)
03:14 chris does that make sense?
03:14 ebegin a lot actually... :)
03:15 chris if you wanted to publicise a feed
03:15 ebegin Do you know iGoogle?
03:15 chris say recently acquisitioned books
03:15 chris i would use feedburner
03:15 chris then people could subscribe to that, feedburner fetches it once, ppl fetch it from feedburner lots
03:15 chris saves your opac getting hit lots
03:18 ebegin ok, that is good for the example you explaine with the recent acqui... but feedburner can not really used on a search result feed.  For exemple, I perform a seach about Computer in the OPAC.  I subscribe to the search result to know when a new book will get out from my Computer query.
03:19 ebegin Am I right?
03:19 chris yep
03:21 ebegin Ok, and we may encounter problems if 100 persons subscribes to 10 search queries each...
03:22 Amit hi koha #good morning
03:22 ebegin hey Amit!
03:22 Amit heya ebegin
03:22 ebegin How are you?
03:23 Amit ebegin: i m fine what about u?
03:23 ebegin pretty good, thanks.
03:25 ebegin How's the weather in India?
03:26 ebegin Amit: IIRC, You are in India, right?
03:26 Amit yes i m from India
03:26 Amit i m in bangalore weather is good here in bangalore
03:26 ebegin @wunder montreal, quebec
03:26 munin ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is 19.0°C (11:00 PM EDT on July 15, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Falling).
03:27 ebegin @wunder bangalore, india
03:27 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
03:27 Amit hi munin
03:28 ebegin :) Amit, munin is a bot, an automated machine answering our request
03:28 ebegin @seen amit
03:28 munin ebegin: amit was last seen in #koha 1 minute and 4 seconds ago: <Amit> hi munin
03:28 Amit ok i think munin is a person
03:28 ebegin A lot of person think so
03:29 Amit haa..
03:50 Amit hi chris
03:50 Amit chris:[…]subbranch-2149652
03:51 chris ah yep, i saw that a while ago
03:51 chris good news
03:52 Amit[…]ease.php3?sno=652
03:52 Amit[…]doorsteps/489434/
03:53 ebegin A lot of work on your shoulders Amit :)
03:53 Amit hmm ur right
04:52 brendan heya amit, chris, mason -- #koha
04:53 brendan @ wilsall, mt
04:53 munin brendan: I suck
04:53 Amit heya brendan
05:00 Amit munin: @wunder Delhi
05:00 munin Amit: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
05:03 brendan @wunder wilsall, mt
05:03 munin brendan: The current temperature in Shields Valley, Wilsall, Montana is 11.4°C (11:03 PM MDT on July 15, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1024.9 hPa (Rising).
05:03 ebegin Amit, is there a province or state in which delhi is?
05:03 brendan @wunder new delhi indian
05:03 munin brendan: The current temperature in New Orleans Lakefront, Louisiana is 28.0°C (11:53 PM CDT on July 15, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
05:03 brendan @wunder new delhi, indian
05:03 munin brendan: The current temperature in New Orleans Lakefront, Louisiana is 28.0°C (11:53 PM CDT on July 15, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
05:03 brendan hehe
05:04 ebegin @wunder new delhi, india
05:04 munin ebegin: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 33.0°C (10:00 AM IST on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
05:04 ebegin haha!
05:04 brendan :)
05:04 ebegin @wunder delhi, india
05:04 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:04 Amit ebegin: Delhi is union territory.
05:05 brendan @wunder delhi, uk
05:05 munin brendan: Error: No such location could be found.
05:05 Amit National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is the second-largest metropolis in India.
05:05 brendan @wunder National Capital Territory of Delhi
05:05 munin brendan: The current temperature in Villages of Summit Woods, Reynoldsburg, Ohio is 21.8°C (1:03 AM EDT on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 20.0°C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Rising).
05:05 Amit @wunder Dehradun
05:06 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 28.0°C (8:30 AM IST on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 29.51 in 999 hPa.
05:06 ebegin @wunder wonderland
05:06 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:06 ebegin :)
05:06 ebegin @wunder moon
05:06 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:07 Amit @wunder Bangalore
05:07 munin Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
05:07 ebegin @wunder bangalore, karnataka
05:08 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:08 ebegin @wunder bangaluru, karnataka
05:08 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:08 ebegin @wunder bangaluru
05:08 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:08 Amit @wunder bangaluoore
05:08 munin Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
05:08 ebegin @wunder bangaluru, india
05:08 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:09 brendan @wunder bangalore india
05:09 ebegin @wunder bangaluoore, india
05:09 munin brendan: Error: No such location could be found.
05:09 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:10 Amit @wunder Bengaḷūru
05:10 munin Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
05:11 ebegin @wunder Bengaḷuru, india
05:11 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:11 Amit @wunder New Delhi
05:12 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 34.0°C (10:30 AM IST on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
05:12 ebegin @wunder texas
05:12 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
05:12 ebegin @wunder dallas, texas
05:12 munin ebegin: The current temperature in South of Downtown Dallas, Dallas, Texas is 30.7°C (12:12 AM CDT on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Rising). Heat advisory in effect until 7 PM CDT Thursday...
05:25 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
05:25 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 28.0°C (10:10 AM IST on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 26.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
05:33 Amit hi indradg
05:33 indradg Amit, hey
05:37 greenmang0 indradg: good morning
05:38 greenmang0 indradg: is it raining in Kolkata?
05:38 indradg greenmang0, morning... not raining right now... just overcast and gloomy
05:39 greenmang0 indradg: it's pouring outside here...
06:24 Amit hi nicomo
06:24 nicomo hi Amit
06:56 |Lupin| hello!
06:58 Amit hi Lupin
06:59 |Lupin| hey Amit
06:59 |Lupin| do you by chance know whether it is possible in KOha to get a list of recently added records ?
07:00 |Lupin| like, given a date, all the records that are more recent than this date
07:00 Amit i think u can check this by guided report
07:02 |Lupin| Amit: ah I didn't explore the report module so far so I didn' even thin about it. Thanks !
07:13 |Lupin| the modules looks very cool !
07:13 |Lupin| no idea whether it can help for the functionality I'm looking for, though
07:24 |Lupin| hello kf !
07:24 kf guten morgen Lupin !
07:25 Amit hi kf
07:25 |Lupin| gut geschlafen kf ? :)
07:27 kf ja, aber zu kurz - wie immer :)
07:28 kf hi Amit
07:28 |Lupin| kf :)
07:29 |Lupin| kf: do you by chance know whether it is possible in Koha to see a list of records that have been added after a given date ?
07:30 kf I think its possible, but dont know how, perhaps I can look at it later today
07:30 |Lupin| kf: thanks. Just posted to the list so maybe a reply will come from there...
07:51 kf lupin: ok
07:56 chris yes |Lupin|
07:56 chris you can query the items table
07:56 chris for dateaccessioned
07:56 |Lupin| chris: ah there is no binding for this in the web interface ?
07:58 chris you can do it in the reports module
07:58 chris if you are using acquisitions there is a prepared report
07:58 chris if not
07:59 chris just use the guided reports module
08:01 |Lupin| chris: ok, thanks ! We may not use the acquisition module systematically, so I think I'll have to use the guided report module. I'm just wondering where it is located in the web interface, I couldn't find it...
08:01 chris go to reports
08:01 chris then guided reports
08:13 |Lupin| chris: right, I'm there and creating a new report
08:13 |Lupin| it's really impressive
08:13 |Lupin| just surprised that title and author do not appear in the list of columns one can add... ?
08:15 |Lupin| hmm missing the possibility to limit by date.. guess will have to use some scriptiong and SQL queries...
08:15 |Lupin| hi laurence
08:16 laurence hello |lupin|
08:16 |Lupin| laurence: thanks a lot for the nice pages you have written on the french site for Koha
08:17 laurence :)
08:19 paul_p |Lupin|: hello. So, you confirm is OK for disabled ppl ? nice to read (Drupal is supposed to be, but it's always better when one can test it IRL)
08:21 chris you can do sql in the guided reports to
09:03 |Lupin| chris: ah, will have to figure that out
09:47 |Lupin| chris: I don't see where one can do sql in the guided report...
09:48 chris go to reports, then guided reports
09:48 |Lupin| yep
09:49 |Lupin| chris: I did step 1 to 4
09:49 chris dont do that :)
09:49 chris instead of choosing build new
09:49 chris choose create report from sql
09:49 |Lupin| chris: it chris: aaaaah
09:49 |Lupin| sorry I missed this button
09:49 chris np
09:50 chris easy to do
09:51 |Lupin| chris: and then in the SQL field, you give the whole select request ?
09:51 |Lupin| s/request/query/g
09:51 chris thats right
09:52 |Lupin| chris: ok
09:52 |Lupin| hmm I guess I'll have to learn some sql because it's not onl a select, also have to midify the db.
09:52 chris ahh you cant do that in the interface
09:53 chris have to do that in msyql
09:53 |Lupin| no ?
09:53 chris can only run selects (too dangerous otherwise)
09:53 |Lupin| not sure I understand that..
09:53 chris someone might go delete from biblio;
09:53 chris blam no database
09:53 |Lupin| if the query is passed as is to mysql, why not ?
09:53 chris because we try to protect users from themselves
09:53 |Lupin| chris: sure I understand
09:54 |Lupin| chris: but how do you warranty / check that the request won't modify the database ?
09:54 |Lupin| is there a way to switch it to read only mode or something like that ?
09:54 chris by only running ones that begin with select
09:54 |Lupin| ah
09:55 |Lupin| hmm so there could be a system preference to disable this checking ?
09:55 chris   if ($sql =~ /;?\W?(UPDATE|DELETE|DROP|INSERT|SHOW|CREATE)\W/i) {                                                                                                      
09:55 chris        return (undef, {  sqlerr => $1} );
09:55 chris nope
09:55 chris if you want to manipulate the database
09:56 chris its best to do it at the commandline
09:56 chris after doing a mysqldump
09:56 chris in case you make a mistake :)
09:56 chris or you could use phpmyadmin or something similair
09:56 |Lupin| chris: the problem is
09:57 |Lupin| I have to provide a feature to my librarian
09:57 |Lupin| so that she can generate a list of titles that have been added to the catalog recently
09:57 chris yep, a list of titles wont need changing anything
09:57 |Lupin| here recently means since the last list was generated
09:57 |Lupin| the change is to store the date of the last request
09:58 chris that will be in the sql
09:58 |Lupin| so that each  request gives you the titles that have been added since the last time you have done the same action
09:58 chris i would just put it in the report
09:58 |Lupin| chris: I don't understand what you mean, sorry
09:59 chris select * from items where dateaccessioned > '2009-06-30' and dateacessioned <= '2009-07-16'
09:59 chris the second date is today
09:59 |Lupin| chris: yes
10:00 |Lupin| but how do ou then remember the date of your last query ?
10:00 chris its saved
10:00 |Lupin| I don't want my librarian to have to enter dates by herself
10:00 chris when you make a report using guided reports
10:00 chris it saves it
10:00 chris in that case, you will probably need to install phpmyadmin
10:00 chris or write a script to do it for you
10:01 |Lupin| I see
10:01 chris its too dangerous to allow sql that changes the database to be pasted in
10:01 |Lupin| btw just one last question pls
10:01 nahuel hi all :)
10:01 |Lupin| what's the semantics of the accessionedate field, compared to the creatondate field in the biblio table ?
10:02 |Lupin| hi nahuel
10:02 chris one is at the item level
10:02 nahuel hi |Lupin| and chris  :)
10:02 nahuel what's up ?
10:02 chris the biblio might have been created last year
10:02 chris you might have just got a new item tho
10:02 |Lupin| chris: right. So these two could have the same name ?
10:03 |Lupin| chris: I was trying to figure out what accessionedate meant...
10:03 chris its a library term
10:03 |Lupin| ah
10:03 chris an item is accessioned when it is added to the catalogue
10:03 |Lupin| oh I didn't know
10:03 |Lupin| thanks much
10:04 chris comes from french, (as lots of english does)
10:04 |Lupin| yes ?
10:05 |Lupin| not sure from which word...
10:05 chris or maybe spanish
10:05 chris or latin :)
10:05 |Lupin| there is the word 'accession" but which is more from the legal field I'd say
10:05 chris it means to increase, to add something
10:05 |Lupin| ahah
10:05 |Lupin| probably not from french then
10:06 chris spanish i think actually
10:06 chris[…]tionary/accession
10:06 |Lupin| chris well from you NZ point of view french spanish and latin may be just one thing, seen from so far away
10:06 chris Accesión :)
10:06 |Lupin| ok
10:07 |Lupin| chris: anyway... many many thanks for your patience in helping
10:07 chris no problem
10:20 chris just about to hit the road gmcharlt ?
10:20 gmcharlt in a couple hours
10:20 gmcharlt Marlene wants to sleep in
10:20 Amit hi galen
10:20 chris ahh fair enough :) do you both drive?
10:20 gmcharlt yes
10:21 chris that's good, i wasnt much help when laurel and I drove from seattle to san diego
10:23 gmcharlt I got my license relatively late in life
10:23 gmcharlt when we moved to Alaska, at one point we were contemplating driving from Chicago to Anchorage
10:24 chris good grief
10:24 gmcharlt and Marlene put her foot down and told me to get my license
10:25 chris :)
10:25 gmcharlt as she didn't want to drive the 4,000 mlles all by herself :)
10:25 chris fair enough
10:25 gmcharlt we ended up flying, of course
10:25 chris i was ok between cities
10:25 chris but driving in the cities on the right freaked me out
10:26 |Lupin| till soon all, lunch time
10:29 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=1527
10:29 chris one of the highlights of our drive
10:32 Amit chris: this is your baby snap[…]p?g2_itemId=11620
10:33 chris thats our first son
10:33 Amit this is your second[…]p?g2_itemId=69849
10:33 Amit i think
10:34 gmcharlt chris: nice
10:34 chris yep amit
10:34 Amit nice baby
10:34 Amit chris: this is your snap[…]p?g2_itemId=69840
10:35 Amit chris: mummy papa & baby
10:36 chris yep all very tired
11:02 Amit @wunder Delhi
11:02 munin Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
11:02 Amit @wunder New Delhi
11:02 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 36.0°C (4:00 PM IST on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 29.44 in 997 hPa (Steady).
11:03 Amit @wunder Dehradun
11:03 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 32.0°C (2:30 PM IST on July 16, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 29.41 in 996 hPa.
11:28 paul_p hello Amit, chris & gmcharlt
11:28 paul_p (back from lunch)
11:30 chris heya paul_p
11:31 gmcharlt hihi paul_p
11:34 chris morning jwagner
11:37 jwagner Morning, chris.  Hope that earthquake/tsunami wasn't anywhere near you!
11:38 Amit hi paul_p, jwagner
11:38 chris nope, nowhere near where anyone lives luckily
11:38 jwagner Good.  One day I'm going to learn my way around NZ geography....
11:39 jwagner Hi Amit
11:40 chris it was off the cost of the bottom of the south island
11:40 chris i live at the bottom of the north island
11:40 chris cost=coast :)
11:43 jwagner I'd love to get to NZ one of these days.  There's a chance I may be going to Australia in 2010 for a conference in Melbourne, but I'm really dubious about spending that long on a plane.  Maybe when I retire & can take a cruise ship across the Pacific :-)
11:45 gmcharlt :)
11:45 ebegin morning #koha
11:45 jdavidb Howdy, ebegin.  :)
11:45 gmcharlt though if it's in NZ, I'd like to see if we can manage a live video feed and lots of backchannel
11:46 jwagner Now if we could time Kohacon in NZ to match up with my thing in Melbourne, I could make a nice month-long trip :-)
11:46 jdavidb That would be very cool, gmcharlt.
11:46 gmcharlt I'll have to ping schuster and find out if any of the video he took at KohaCon came out
11:47 ebegin jwagner, you thing in Melbourne is the IFLA?
11:48 jwagner Nope, World Science Fiction Convention, Sept 2-6
11:49 chris ebegin: IFLA has been cancelled
11:49 jwagner I used to be a regular con staff member for Worldcons, but "retired" from it several years ago.  I had always wanted to go to one of the Aussiecons, though, so I'm tempted.
11:49 chris or at least, its not going to australia anymore
11:49 ebegin chris... you are serious??
11:50 chris jwagner and jdavidb its looking like october 2010
11:50 jwagner Hmmmmm........
11:50 chris ebegin: yes, thats what i am hearing from some australian librians
11:50 chris i will try to find a link to confirm
11:50 jwagner jdavidb, I'm SURE they can do without both of us for a month, no???
11:50 jdavidb Sure!  :)
11:50 jdavidb We *might* have EBPL fully live by then...
11:51 ebegin you are right chris...[…]in-brisbane-austr
11:51 chris yep
11:51 chris switzerland instead
11:51 chris oh no
11:51 chris sweden
11:52 chris[…]72.html?rssid=191
11:52 chris gmcharlt: i think we can manage live video feed
11:52 ebegin @wunder goteborg, sweden
11:52 munin ebegin: Error: No such location could be found.
11:54 kf live video feed would be great, I really learned to love twitter during texas kohacon

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