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12:06 jwagner Hi Amit and gmcharlt!
12:06 jwagner (It's TOO early in the morning.....)
12:06 Amit jwagner:  time?
12:07 jwagner 8:07 AM.  I get in at 7:30 but that doesn't mean I'm AWAKE!
12:08 Amit k
13:21 schuster Morning from Texas
13:21 schuster @munnin 75035
13:21 munin schuster: downloading the Perl source
13:21 schuster HA!
13:23 schuster Sorry - not sure How I closed the window..
13:23 schuster Anybody care to chat about the authority search?
13:26 owen Hi schuster. Sorry to say I don't know about authority search.
13:27 owen Anyone know what this means? "Action buttons will have associated privilege flags. Not Gears, but similar interface tech (XJS)."
13:27 owen
13:28 owen Is that referring to ‡biblios?
15:33 atz xjs is just a library like jquery, right?
15:34 pianohacker I'm assuming it's not a type of Jaguar. Next google result
15:35 atz yeah, it's also an $65,000 car
15:35 pianohacker To be honest, given the choice between dealing with another JS library and paying for a Jaguar, I think I'd take the car
15:36 atz i have no idea what the tweet is talking about (hah... almost put "twit")
15:39 pianohacker This looks like a possible candidate:[…]ew.php?s=xlibrary
16:55 rhcl <rhcl grumbles>Our S* server is down, we need a replacement.
16:55 pianohacker Your what server?
16:55 rhcl Si*
16:55 rhcl Sir*
16:55 rhcl Sirs*
16:55 pianohacker Ah
16:55 rhcl Sirsi?
16:56 Snow_Fox is that a bad word?
16:56 Snow_Fox at least here
16:56 pianohacker One would hope
16:56 Snow_Fox oh
16:56 rhcl You're on a Koha chat and your are asking???? :)
16:56 Snow_Fox i feel your pain rhcl we are also chained to da unicorn
16:56 Snow_Fox hey im a bit foggy right now leave me be :-P
16:57 rhcl The state of Missouri actually has grants available for upgrading ILSies, we well probably be applying next year.
16:58 rhcl s/will/well
16:58 Snow_Fox dont worry i cant speel good either
16:58 rhcl :)
16:59 Snow_Fox were migrating to Koha this oct actually
16:59 rhcl Snow: Did you have a bad rainstorm this morning? We got soaked and lost power.
16:59 Snow_Fox we had some rain the morning before
17:00 Snow_Fox lemme look at the radar i think it formed my way and went hunting yours
17:00 Snow_Fox ya
17:01 Snow_Fox looks like it formed up right after it crossed the line
17:07 rhcl Thanks. Appreciate that.
17:07 Snow_Fox np
17:08 rhcl Snow: I know you
17:08 rhcl oops...
17:08 rhcl 've told me before, but which library are you at?
17:09 Snow_Fox the Salina Public Library in Salina
17:09 Snow_Fox quick question did you play neveron or invasion3042
17:09 rhcl My directory used to be director of the library in Marysville, KS, so I always pass on to her which KS libraries are migrating.
17:10 Snow_Fox ah
17:10 rhcl huh, never heard of those two.  However, I'm somewhat fond of Tetris and Galaga.
17:10 Snow_Fox gotcha
17:10 Snow_Fox your name seemed familiar for some reason those 2 games were heavy into using irc chat so it wouldnt suprise me to see someone here who knew me
17:21 rhcl <it's a small world> I've already mentioned before that our publicity guy was editor of the Salina paper until a couple of years ago.
17:22 rhcl slight correction-he was a reporter and copy editor.
17:26 Snow_Fox i suggest something like
17:26 Snow_Fox weird al's This Song's just six words long
19:12 chris morning peeps
19:12 owen Hi chris
19:12 chris heya owen, find some headphones?
19:13 owen Yeah, someone took pity on me and found me a spare pair
19:14 schuster Owen You're too far away I could have given you a couple hundred headphones...
19:14 chris :)
19:17 chris @weather wellington, new zealand
19:17 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0°C (7:00 AM NZST on July 15, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Rising).
19:18 chris make that 100% humidity and you'd be right
19:20 schuster @weather 75074
19:20 munin schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 39.1°C (2:15 PM CDT on July 14, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 23%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.26 in 990.7 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 7 PM CDT Wednesday...
19:20 chris yikes!!
19:21 schuster Yesterday was the hotest day of the year so far for us...
19:22 chris anything above 30 is pretty insane
19:22 schuster Question - has anybody got authority searching working in the OPAC?
19:24 joetho We don't use any authorities. Our records are waaaaay too messy for it. Someday, maybe.
19:25 joetho march, right?
19:25 schuster April...;)
19:25 joetho My oldest daughter lives south of there, in san antonio, and she certainly brags about the fall, winter, and spring weather.
19:26 joetho She is a little quiet about it now.
19:26 schuster Yep - but all I have to say is NO SNOW!  I grew up in South Dakota were we would get 30 F below Zero and have to scoop snow because it was a foot deep.
19:37 schuster Is there an easy command that I can run to see if my Zebra index is running?
19:38 schuster My test server isn't providing any results and I suspect that zebra isn't running.
19:39 chris ps axf | grep "zebrasrv"
19:40 chris hopefully you get back 2 lines, 1 for the grep and one which is the zebrasrv running
19:40 schuster OK thanks - guess I was impatient as it is now working...  I'll keep that for future reference.
20:15 atz wow... a guy just sent a 2.3 MB attachment to the list... crossposted to koha-devel... TWICE
20:16 atz I don't need 4 copies of the same image you shouldn't be posting to any list in the first place.
20:27 joetho is it cool though?
20:31 richard hi
20:31 pianohacker hey richar
20:31 pianohacker *richard
20:31 pianohacker joetho: What?
20:33 joetho the giant attachment
20:33 joetho although yesterday my boss tried to email a 31mb attachment
20:33 pianohacker I find it extremely uncool, man
20:33 pianohacker Oh, wow
20:34 joetho I want to email you an attachment
20:34 joetho cmon man
20:34 joetho I have an address just for this: big files at
20:34 joetho it is easy to guess.
20:41 chris back
20:42 chris atz: you'll be pleased to know im not letting through on the main koha list
20:45 Jo morning
20:48 chris heya jo
20:48 chris wet in levin too?
20:56 joetho Am I the only koha with independent branches turned on?
21:26 schuster atz still around?
22:53 Jo Chris: I need to flick our budgets over and can't remember how to do it.
22:53 Jo can you guide me?
22:56 pianohacker1 Often IRC clients will only notify someone if you say their name in the same case they have it
22:56 pianohacker1 chris?
22:57 chris hmmm
22:57 chris i thought they just did it
22:58 chris Jo: looks like they have?
22:59 Jo ok
22:59 Jo smiles
23:00 Jo I am just tweaking the dates so that will be it :)
23:00 chris :)
23:00 jdavidb Hiya, chris!  :)  Howdy, pianohacker!
23:00 chris heya jdavidb
23:04 Jo Chris: how come outstanding orders which were ordered against the next budget are not showing as committed?
23:05 chris cos you changed the dates to 15th
23:05 chris they will have been placed agaisnt the 1st
23:06 chris so now they are all in the old budget
23:06 Jo ok. so if i change the dates to the 1st it sdhould fix it
23:06 chris yep
23:06 chris they were showing as committed just before when i looked
23:06 chris thats why i thought it was working :)
23:06 Jo ok.
23:06 Jo thanks
23:07 pianohacker1 jdavidb: Hi
23:07 Jo I changed the ANF, shows sokme sopent but no committed
23:08 Jo and the ones spent were actually june invoices recd in early july (but out of june budget)
23:08 Jo hence the 15th as a date .. not sure what we can do
23:09 Jo its gonna sqew our budgets something awful ... is it possible to change the date recd for all those back to 30 June?
23:09 chris yep
23:10 chris that's what you will have to do
23:10 chris i can have a look when nzx is out of my hair
23:10 Jo ok. thanks . That would be awesome if you could help.
23:10 Jo I'll flick all the dates to the 1st.
23:11 Jo tell Celle not to receieve anything else.
23:11 Jo so everything showing as spent will need their recd date set back to 30 june 2009
23:11 chris if its newer than that
23:11 chris can you do a WR
23:11 chris so i dont forget
23:15 Jo sure
23:18 chris thanks
01:02 pianohacker 'gnight
01:34 gmcharlt hi folks
01:34 gmcharlt chris: about?
01:34 Jo Hi galen
01:35 gmcharlt how are you doing, Jo?
01:47 Jo quite good
01:47 Jo tough keeping the doors open with so much flu around though, only 4 /11 staff here today
01:47 Jo you?
02:00 Jo Koha NZ users group meeting postponed for a month.
02:36 gmcharlt @later tell chris ready to update koha mailing list welcome message - who is the list admin for
02:36 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
03:17 Amit hi #koha good morning
03:29 Amit hi galen
03:29 Amit galen: around?
03:29 gmcharlt hi Amit
03:29 Amit galen: what about my patch
03:30 gmcharlt Amit: main issues are the ones that atz identified in his emails on the patches list
03:30 gmcharlt scanning the entire borrowers table to grab sort1 and sort2 values, and dropping the BSORT authorized value lookups, is a problem
03:31 Amit galen: but sort2  filter is wrong by default
03:37 gmcharlt Amit: but fix shouldn't be to introduce brining in all sort1 and sort2 values into the dropdown
03:38 chris am now
03:38 chris gmcharlt: that'd be me
03:39 Amit hi chris
03:39 gmcharlt Amit: scanning for unique values in sort1 and sort2 can be problematic since sort2 is assigned by default with a *unique* value
03:40 chris hi amit
03:40 gmcharlt hi chris - ok, then please go forth and update the welcome message ;)
03:40 chris will do
03:41 Amit galen: if we select any one value in sort2 drop down menu it's show no result but from my point of view it will show one value
03:46 chris done
03:57 gmcharlt chris: thanks
04:11 chris seemed to work ok
05:34 Sab my.....Label and Patron Card Creator is not working
05:34 Sab its giving me a KOHA Error
05:34 Sab can anyone tell me that how could i fix this problem?
06:31 chris whats the error?
06:32 Novice chris sorry for late reply
06:32 Novice its givng me a koha error
06:32 Novice Can't locate Algorithm/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/share/koha/lib /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-
06:32 chris theres the problem then
06:32 Novice r u still there?
06:33 chris you need to install that module
06:33 chris do you use debian?
06:33 Novice yes
06:34 Novice which module shoul i install
06:34 chris apt-get install libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl
06:34 Novice ok i m trying
06:39 Novice thanks chris
06:39 Novice its working now
06:39 Novice :-)
07:08 chris back
07:08 Amit chris: how is your baby
07:09 chris fast asleep, he is easy, its the toddler that is hard work :)
07:16 chris how was bastille day nicomo and hdl_laptop and matts and Kivutar ?
07:17 nicomo hi chris
07:17 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:17 Kivutar hi chris
07:17 hdl_laptop India marched with french army.
07:18 nicomo Bastille day was nice for me : a bit hot (30°C+ with thunder at 8pm)
07:18 nicomo but otherwise nice : visited a monatery, had a nice family and friends walk in the countryside, etc.
07:18 chris sounds very nice
07:18 hdl_laptop weather was quite messy. not too hot not sunny, not cold...
07:18 nicomo s/monatery/monastery
07:20 nicomo[…]nt_de_la_tourette
07:20 chris hdl_laptop: wow, was that the first time India has marched with the french army?
07:20 hdl_laptop yes.
07:20 chris very cool
07:21 chris nicomo: very nice, one of the first koha libraries was a monastery
07:21 hdl_laptop only one indian "company".
07:23 chris hdl_laptop: is it usual for other countries to march too?
07:24 hdl_laptop last year germany marched i think. It is quite a new usage
07:24 chris maybe one year NZ will march :)
07:25 nicomo I do understand that there's a military march on the official national day
07:25 nicomo but it's quite ironic : on Bastille day
07:25 nicomo they basically took over a military fort
07:25 nicomo and cut their heads off
07:25 chris heheh yes
07:27 chris i was watching a documentary about the french foreign legion last night actually
07:29 chris they did an obstacle course
07:29 chris it took the legion 45 minutes
07:29 chris and the US Marines 7 hours!!!!
07:30 chris i think they are much more used to working as a team
07:30 chris was very interesting
07:42 chris hi paul_p, js and magnusenger
07:42 js hi chris
07:42 magnusenger hi chris and everyone else!
07:43 paul_p hello chris, js, magnusenger
07:54 hdl_laptop hi magnusenger
07:55 magnusenger hi hdl_laptop
08:08 |Lupin| hello !
08:08 chris hey |Lupin|
08:09 |Lupin| hey chris ! how are you ?
08:10 chris good thanks, how was your bastille day yesterday?
08:11 |Lupin| chris: hmm ver calm
08:12 |Lupin| chris: although I'm living at walking distance from the Bastille (2 minutes walk), I stayed at home :)
08:12 chris no storming barricades? :)
08:12 |Lupin| no, no
08:12 |Lupin| in general the baricades are more for the 1st of may than for the Bastille day
08:12 chris when we were at kohacon in paris, paul took us close to the Bastille
08:13 |Lupin| ahah
08:13 |Lupin| apparently it's a nice place
08:13 |Lupin| people tend to love it becuse it's open
08:13 |Lupin| btw is there already a kohacon planed for next year, and if yes, is there a place that has been chosen for hosting the conf ?
08:14 chris yep, and so far the only one thats volunteered is NZ, so its looking like NZ in October
08:15 chris for the 10th birthday
08:15 chris i know KUDOS in the us are planning to have a regional conference too, and then report back at Kohacon, i think Kohala could do the same
08:20 chris[…]con2010wellington
08:31 chris hi kf
08:32 kf hi chris :)
08:38 paul_p chris: during 1st KohaCon, you were not close to Bastille, you were AT Bastille. But the Bastille is no more here (100% destroyed, the rocks have been used to build houses, after french revolution)
08:38 chris we had lunch there right?
08:39 paul_p chris: yep
08:39 kf hi paul
08:40 |Lupin| hello kf !
08:41 |Lupin| paul_p: it seems one can still see the plane of the former castle at the beginning of rue saint-antoine.
08:41 kf good morning lupin
08:41 kf good morning #koha ;)
08:41 |Lupin| paul_p: drawn on the floor
08:41 |Lupin| guten morgen kf :)
08:42 |Lupin| hmm sorry to come back to technical things
08:42 chris ill just have to visit again then :)
08:42 |Lupin| is there a way to tell KOha that a user attribute is a date ?
08:42 indradg paul_p, interesting that you guys are discussing Bastille... fwiw the indian prime minister was the guest of honor for the Bastille Day parade :)
08:43 |Lupin| chris: if you come to Paris before the end of November 2009, I'd be happy to welcome you
08:43 |Lupin| indradg: yep knew about that. btw is he a sick ?
08:43 paul_p right indradg ! and 3 indians regiments were at the front of the army demonstration !
08:44 indradg paul_p, yes... from the 3 services wing
08:44 indradg |Lupin|, yes he is a Sikh
08:45 paul_p yep. I heard your general singing the 3 differents songs (having music is not something we have in France)
08:45 |Lupin| indradg: oh thanks for the correction of the spelling. I felt I was doing something weird while writing sick rather than Sikh
08:45 chris |Lupin|: i dont think so (re the date)
08:45 |Lupin| chris: ok, thanks. So it will have to be a free text then, I suppose. Too bad.
08:46 indradg |Lupin|, =)
08:46 |Lupin| chris: according to you, would it be hard to add dates to the possible authorized values ?
08:48 chris you could add in a bunch of dates as authorised values
08:48 chris then you could link that category to the attrib
08:49 indradg paul_p, chris question for you guys... i need to migrate a 2.2.5 production installation (with holdings included) to 3.x... iirc i did speak with chris a few days back... anyone in the community who has successfully tried something like that?
08:49 chris yep
08:50 chris there is a page on the wiki on how to upgrade
08:50 |Lupin| chris: ow, not sure that would work because virtually any date can occur... but thanks for your suggestion..
08:51 chris indradg:
08:51 |Lupin| chris: and also it would be clumsy I guess for the librarians to have to pick up a date from one list.
08:52 chris |Lupin|: yep, currently thats the only way the authorised values work
08:52 |Lupin| chris: perhaps three attributes, year, month, day, would be better...
08:52 chris that would work
08:54 indradg chris, aah! you are a life saver mate! :D
08:54 indradg i see the page was last updated by galen
08:54 chris paul did most of it
08:56 |Lupin| indradg: :)
08:57 indradg |Lupin|, :)
09:03 |Lupin| indradg: I was smiling because I thought that bowing is much more widespread in India than in the west, IMO.
09:03 |Lupin| indradg: btw where are you from exactly ?
09:05 indradg |Lupin|,
09:07 indradg |Lupin|, that would be the chinese or japanese... we don't bow that much... and if i met you in real life, it would more likely to be a handshake or if a close friend then a high-five or a hug :)
09:07 chris i think kohacon 2011 in Kolkata :)
09:07 chris preferably when there is cricket on :)
09:08 indradg chris, haha =)
09:08 |Lupin| indradg: ok
09:09 |Lupin| hmm
09:09 indradg |Lupin|, you are at the Institute of Pierre and Marie Curie at Paris?
09:09 |Lupin| there is no country field in the borrowers table ?
09:09 indradg chris, actually may not be a bad idea. given the way Koha is spreading in India of late
09:10 chris *nod*
09:10 indradg chris, best time to visit india is January... the weather is really pleasant
09:10 Amit hi indradg
09:11 indradg Amit, hi
09:11 Amit chris: Kohacon in kolkata at worldcup time woo!
09:12 Amit hi Lupin
09:12 indradg |Lupin|, where do you plan on visiting?
09:12 Amit Lupin:yes Dec & Jan good weather
09:12 |Lupin| :)
09:12 |Lupin| bodh gaya
09:13 indradg |Lupin|, pardon me... but are you a buddhist?
09:13 Amit lupin: bodh gaya is near to Kolkata
09:13 Amit i m right indradg
09:15 |Lupin| indradg: np, yes I am
09:15 |Lupin| indradg: and there I'll even become monk, normally :)
09:17 indradg Amit, yes its near to Kolkata if you consider 417 kms to be near
09:17 Amit it is on main railways line New Delhi-->Kolkata
09:18 indradg and if you want to travel by road then its 471 km
09:20 indradg |Lupin|, aah!
09:22 greenmang0 indradg: hello
09:23 indradg greenmang0, y0!
09:38 |Lupin| guys
09:39 |Lupin| does someone know how the passwords are stored in Koha ?
09:39 |Lupin| I'm asking because I'm currently planning to migrate a bunch of user accounts
09:39 |Lupin| and I'm wondering whether it will be possible to kee the passwords
09:40 chris yep
09:40 chris the are md5
09:40 chris  my $digest=md5_base64($input->param('newpassword'));
09:41 chris so depending on how your passwords are stored currently, you may, or may not be able to
09:51 |Lupin| chris: currently they are stored thanks to the oldpassword() mysql function..
09:55 chris i think you are out of luck then
10:00 chris hmm big earthquake in the south island
10:01 chris[…]uake-measures-6-6
10:05 |Lupin| ohoh
10:05 |Lupin| chris: or I'll have to modify Koha so that it uses the right function to check a password at login time, right ?
10:05 chris yep
10:10 |Lupin| hard choice... thanks chris
10:19 |Lupin| what's an example of branch categories, pls ?
10:27 |Lupin| lunch
10:45 magnusenger A bit of a problem with translations this morning... I have generated files for nb-NO and nn-NO with and they display as options for the language and opaclanguages sysprefs, but selecting one of them does not change anything in opac or staff...
10:45 magnusenger I have also enabled opaclanguagesdisplay but there is no way of choosing language in the opac
10:45 magnusenger any ideas?
10:48 magnusenger I did get some errors running
10:57 kf try: opaclanguagesdisplay ON
10:57 kf oh
10:57 kf sorry, I see you already did that
11:02 magnusenger thanks, yes I have turned that on
11:02 magnusenger btw, I'm running, installed from git
11:06 magnusenger there's another small bit of strangeness as well: when i click on the I18N/L10N tab and see the 4 options there, i can see three available languages for language and opaclanguages, and toggling the languages for opaclanguages affects the selection for language!
11:07 magnusenger so toggling e.g. nn-NO to on for opaclanguages will toggle that language for the 'language' syspref as well...
11:08 paul_p magnusenger: are u sure the spelling is exactly the same between nb-NO and the directory name on your server ? I remember seeing a problem like yours due to upcase/lower case or something like that
11:08 magnusenger ok, will have a look!
11:08 paul_p (nb-NO vs Nb-NO or something like that. or was it nb-NO and nb ?)
11:13 magnusenger paul_p: nah, looks good to me. The .po-files are called things like nb-NO-i-opac-t-prog-v-3000000.po and the directories are /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/nb-NO etc. Looks like it's all xx-YY
11:36 gmcharlt morning folks
11:36 jdavidb Morning, gmcharlt!
11:38 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
11:38 hdl_laptop how are you ?
11:39 gmcharlt glad to be off my feet from the conference
11:39 gmcharlt but I now have 12 hours of driving to do to get back home
11:40 hdl_laptop wow.
11:41 Amit morning galen
11:43 |Lupin| magnusenger: could it be a permission problem ? e.g. apache not being able to read your translation files ?
11:43 |Lupin| hi gmcharlt
11:49 magnusenger |Lupin|: hm, good idea, will have a look!
11:58 magnusenger |Lupin|: sorry, no luck. The ownership of prog/nb-NO and prog/nn-NO is the same as prog/en

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