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19:41 pianohacker bye
20:26 chris 4happy 4th of july americans
01:33 ebegin Anybody know how come my warn doesn't output when placed in a .pm file...?
02:19 ebegin BUG #2632
02:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2632 normal, P3, ---,, REOPENED, Writeoff Fines Need Improvements
02:52 CGI114 hi
02:52 CGI114 i hv a question
02:52 CGI114 nd.. it will be really nice if you can help me
02:53 CGI114 i want to add a new staff in my koha 3.0 system.. .he who will have all administrative power
02:53 CGI114 but... i cannot find the way to do it
02:53 CGI114 can nyone help me?
02:54 CGI114 can nyone please help me?
06:46 Sab i have deleted OPAC Header system preference ....when i tried to edit on that
06:47 Sab on this circumstances can u please tell me that how cuold i bring back this to my system preference
06:47 Sab can any one tell me could i get back my opac header system preference
06:54 Sab hello anobody there
06:55 Sab can any one please help me
07:01 chris do you have a backup
07:01 chris ?
07:03 ebegin Sab, still there?
07:03 ebegin hi chriss
07:04 Sab yes
07:04 Sab i m
07:04 Sab I Accidentally Deleted System Preferences OPACheader
07:04 Sab :-"(
07:04 Sab now would like to get it back
07:05 Sab i m trying from new preference
07:05 Sab but its not working
07:05 Sab and i cant see it on the main tabel as before
07:05 ebegin Did you set it value before?
07:05 Sab yes
07:05 Sab and i deleted althose
07:05 ebegin As chris as mentionned, do you have a backup?
07:06 Sab nop
07:06 Sab i m just trying to do a new
07:06 Sab just testing
07:06 ebegin do you remember its value? :)
07:06 Sab trying to customize
07:06 Sab i m sorry
07:06 Sab :-(
07:07 chris ebegin: i think he has deleted that variable, not just the value
07:07 ebegin yep.
07:07 ebegin Sab, go in the sys pref.  Click on New Preference
07:07 Sab :-|(
07:07 Sab ok
07:08 Sab i did
07:08 Sab then
07:08 ebegin explanation: Add HTML to be included as a custom header in the OPAC
07:08 ebegin variable: opacheader (all lowercase)
07:09 ebegin type: Textarea
07:09 ebegin option: 30|10
07:09 ebegin save & backup ;)
07:10 Sab :-)
07:10 Sab thank u guys
07:10 Sab thanx a lot
07:10 Sab its as before
07:10 Sab :-)
07:10 Sab sorry as a novice i know my problem is a bit annoying
07:11 ebegin are you the one who ask about the administrator few hour ago?
07:11 Sab no
07:11 ebegin ok :)
07:11 Sab thank u ebegin and chris
07:11 Sab actually its lunch time here
07:12 Sab but for this i cant even take my lunches
07:12 chris :)
07:12 Sab now i can
07:12 ebegin it's 3:11am here ;)
07:12 Sab ohh shoot
07:12 Sab still u ppl r helping us
07:12 chris 7.11pm here
07:12 Sab thats great
07:12 Sab i m from Bangladesh
07:12 Sab u guys?
07:12 chris wellington, nz
07:13 Sab ebegin?
07:13 ebegin Montreal, Canada
07:13 Sab chris and ebegin nice to meet with u guys
07:13 chris
07:13 chris only one library from bangladesh so far, you should add yours :)
07:13 Sab good bye for now and take care
07:13 Sab ok
07:15 ebegin bye sab
07:15 chris bye
07:22 ebegin chris, any idea if the zebraqueue-daemon will eventually be fix?
07:40 chris its on my todo list, but my list is pretty huge
07:41 chris i guess it will take a client really needing it to ask for it, to move it to the top of someones list
07:43 ebegin I was expecting that kind of answer ;)
07:46 chris i wrote it origingally, and it uses POE
07:46 chris if i were to do it now
07:47 chris id use Proc::Daemon instead
07:48 greenmang0 indradg: good afternoon :)
07:48 indradg Sab, bangladesh-r kothay?
07:49 indradg greenmang0, good afternoon
07:51 ebegin hi greenmang0 and indradg
07:51 indradg ebegin, y0!
07:51 greenmang0 ebegin: hi
07:59 chris remind me never to answer emails about cron on the mailing list again
07:59 ebegin :)
07:59 chris im afraid if you havent heard of cron, or know how to set it up .. you probably shouldnt be running a linux server
08:01 ebegin I have to agree... but since koha can not be run on Windows...
08:01 chris oh thats just as bad :)
08:02 chris both scenarios will get your machine owned :)
08:04 ebegin Hey, was the kohacon2010 date fixed?
08:04 chris not yet, 2 possibles
08:04 chris easter, or october
08:04 chris probably will be october
08:04 chris to give people more time to plan/budget :)
08:05 chris plus the weather is nicer then
08:05 ebegin hmmm... I suggest August... :)
08:05 chris cold and wet
08:05 ebegin here is why:
08:06 chris yeah, it will be all rainy in august
08:07 ebegin I don't think I'll plan 2 trips in Australia in the same year :)
08:07 chris nz
08:07 chris not australia :)
08:07 ebegin :)
08:08 ebegin In Oceania then :)
08:08 chris otherwise i will call you american :)
08:08 chris ill check out august, it is a possibility, but it will be wet, it depends how many people are thinking of going to ifla too
08:10 ebegin Well, I really am American, but American are more "United Statian" :)  American should be Live in America, which is not limited to United States :)
08:10 chris true
08:10 chris all the way down to argentia
08:10 chris argentina even
08:26 ebegin time to go to sleep...  bye everyone.

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