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12:00 ebegin |Lupin|, what is your list, is it a list in perl term or a string representing a list, like "1 2 3 4 5 6"?
12:03 |Lupin| ebegin: it's a list of MARC::Record objects
12:06 ebegin ls
12:06 ebegin oups... wrong window :)
12:07 ebegin |Lupin|, so, you are looping through your list and if your predicate is true, you move your element in another list and remove it from your original one
12:10 |Lupin| ebegin: that's the idea yes
12:11 |Lupin| ebegin: but the part function mentionned earlier does he whole stuff for you so you don't have to remove by yourself. part just builds new lists and adds the elements to the appropriate one
12:12 ebegin |Lupin|, ok, so you already solved your problem? :)
12:18 |Lupin| ebegin: yes yes
12:18 |Lupin| ebegin: sorry I was not clear enough about that
12:18 ebegin Good!
12:21 |Lupin| actually
12:21 |Lupin| perhaps not completely solved
12:22 |Lupin| not sure how to handle the results from the part functon
12:22 |Lupin| it returns an array of references to arrays
12:24 |Lupin| and I don't really know how to access references...
12:26 ebegin @wunder Paris, france
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12:57 slef @seen brendan
12:57 munin slef: brendan was last seen in #koha 8 hours and 33 seconds ago: <brendan> HEading to bed soon
12:57 slef I'll email instead
12:57 slef hi all. How you doing?
12:58 |Lupin| great, thanks
13:11 thd hello slef
13:22 kf hi there, one question: will delete patrons in staff client delete patrons with checkouts or fines?
13:40 wvdv Hi, can anyone tell me how to determine which MARC fields are displayed in the OPAC search results?
13:41 owen Hi wvdv
13:41 owen The answer depends on whether you have the XSLT display enabled in the OPAC (assuming you're using version 3)
13:45 wvdv Yes, I tried to enable the XSLT display (although it warned me that it would only work for Marc21). I'm new here - how do I check whether Marc21 is used and how do I check whether it's version 3?
13:45 owen If you found the XSLT option in your system preferences then you're using version 3
13:46 owen The person who first installed Koha would have chosen whether you were MARC21 or UNIMARC
13:46 ebegin wvdv, where are you located? This is usually a good hint about the MARC version you are using...
13:48 ebegin wvdv, also, you'll find the version in the Admin » Version system preference
13:49 owen The system preference is called "marcflavour"
13:49 ebegin wvdv, and the marc flavor under Cataloguing » marcflavor system pref
13:49 ebegin owen, you are faster :)
14:00 owen wvdv: Were you able to find it?
14:00 slef kf: looking...
14:01 slef kf: no, it calls members/deletemem.tmpl with details of the fines and issues
14:02 kf thx slef
14:02 kf thats great news
14:04 slef kf: is this not in the manual?
14:05 kf[…]=delete%20patrons
14:06 kf I was not sure, if the second question was about reading history or about deleting
14:06 kf oh. my question was not clear, I meant bulk deleting patrons, not a single one
14:07 kf slef: its not so easy testing that, when you dont what to risk all test cases in your test installation
14:08 wvdv sorry, was interrupted. I've meanwhile been told we have Marc21, so that's promising. Now what is the next step after activating XSLT in the OPAC settings? How do I choose Marc fields to show or not to show as search results?
14:11 wvdv owen, I lost my connection and i'm back again. hope you didn't write anything that fell between the cracks. wvdv
14:14 slef kf: let me check the bulk deleter
14:14 slef wvdv: no, he didn't. You can check with @seen owen
14:14 slef @seen owen
14:14 munin slef: owen was last seen in #koha 14 minutes and 49 seconds ago: <owen> wvdv: Were you able to find it?
14:15 owen wvdv: No. If you're using the XSLT display you have the option of editing the XSL template that controls what shows up on that screen
14:15 owen It's tricky, though. Not for the faint-of-heart
14:15 owen Right now that's the only option for controlling what fields are shown or not shown
14:17 wvdv Could you guide me where to find the XSL template?
14:18 owen Are you familiar with the location of the template files?
14:20 wvdv Found some in intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en-NZ/xslt
14:21 owen You're probably looking for opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/ [language] /xslt
14:22 owen The file which controls the search results display is MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl
14:24 kf owen/wvdv: remember currently only en is used for OPAC
14:27 owen kf: meaning the xsl file is not included in non-en translations?
14:27 kf currently not
14:27 kf its included but not used
14:27 wvdv Yes, I found this file. Looks a bit daunting, that's true. What if I kept a copy of the original and tested changes? Will I get error messages if my attempt is wrong? Can I safely put back the original later, if I don't succeed, or is there a chance that I upset the whole system? I know plenty about programming, just not this format.
14:28 owen Yes, you can certainly make a backup and replace it if you run into trouble
14:28 wvdv I'll give it a go. Thanks a lot.
14:29 owen I never studied XSLT but I've been able to successfully hack the XSL file in some small ways, so you should be able to puzzle it out
14:31 wvdv Yeah, most of my computer skills are also based on trial and error.
14:31 kf you can rename the original to .old and copy it
14:32 kf you will get error messages - but they are not always helpful
14:32 kf but change the xslt-file in en
14:34 owen kf: will Koha use the xsl file in en even if you're using a different translation for other templates?
14:34 kf @bug 3214
14:34 munin kf: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3214 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, OPAC XSLT stylesheets are not translatable
14:34 kf yes
14:47 |Lupin| Hi again everybody.
14:47 owen Hi |Lupin|
14:47 pianohacker Hello
14:47 |Lupin| Is there some perl code available to test equality between ISBN
14:47 |Lupin| hello owen, pianohacker
14:48 soul9 |Lupin|: you want to find duplicate isbns?
14:48 |Lupin| looking for code that deals correctly no matter whether one compares ISBN10 and ISBN13
14:48 soul9 ah, i don't think so
14:48 soul9 there is a perl module for it afaik
14:48 |Lupin| soul9: no, not for finding duplicate ISBNS
14:49 soul9 yeah, i understand
14:49 |Lupin| soul9: I'm writng some script to migrate our home-made catalogue to Unimarc.
14:49 soul9 there is a perl module just for manipulating isb/sns
14:49 hdl_laptop owen: there are two ways to enable translation in xsl : either make strings enter po files and edit tokenizer for that.
14:49 hdl_laptop OR have one BIGfile with xml:lang parameter for strings.
14:49 |Lupin| soul9: I used WWW::Mechanize to query a server which provides MARC records.
14:50 Snow_Fox just to make sure
14:50 Snow_Fox sys pref = printcirculationslip when its defaulted to on allows the user to print slips it doesnt print a slip automatically correct?
14:50 |Lupin| soul9: and when I get the records, I have to add in each one some information we have, so I have to associate the records I get to those I have, using ISBNs
14:51 pianohacker Snow_Fox: I'm pretty sure that syspref is related to some old, server-based printing code which is no longer supported
14:51 |Lupin| soul9: if you are talking about Business::ISBN, there is no comparison function provided. I guess I'll have to do it manually (converting everything to ISBN13 before comparing)
14:53 soul9 |Lupin|: it does isbn10 to 13 conversion back and forth
14:53 Snow_Fox pianohacker:  Based on what im seeing from the demo with that value on it gives the option to print off manually from the web browser
14:53 Snow_Fox or am i missing the point
14:53 pianohacker Snow_Fox: It should give you that option with the value off as well
14:53 soul9 |Lupin|:[…]-2.05/lib/ see in examples the Conversions
14:54 soul9 and i'd guess it doesn't just add the 978 but also probably uses the right algorithm to calculate the las digit
14:54 soul9 s/las/last
14:57 |Lupin| soul9: yes
14:58 |Lupin| soul9: I was just thinking it'd be cool to have an explicit function for testing equality
14:58 |Lupin| soul9: so you could just provide the to ISBNs without taking care of their lengths and it would work out of the box
14:58 soul9 ah, testing equality of an isbn10 and isbn13 directly?
14:59 |Lupin| soul9: yep !
14:59 |Lupin| soul9: testing equality between an isbnX and an isbnY
14:59 |Lupin| no matter their lengths
15:00 soul9 |Lupin|: you can just do if $isbn->as_isbn13->as_string or something?
15:00 |Lupin| k, have to go. See you later folks
15:01 soul9 dunno how well that would work in perl though, i don't think it probably need to store the as_isbn13 and then call as_string for it
15:01 |Lupin| soul9: yeah, will certainly do something like that...
15:01 soul9 have a good one
15:01 |Lupin| till soon
15:02 |Lupin| thanks soul9
15:08 pianohacker brb
15:23 ricardo Hi everyone. Is anyone here?
15:23 pianohacker Hey, ricardo
15:24 ricardo Hi pianohacker!  :)
15:24 pianohacker What's up?
15:24 ricardo I just sent a patch to  .... How long does it take for that patch to get posted to ? Is it automatic or is there human intervention involved?
15:24 pianohacker Hmm
15:25 pianohacker It should be automatic, but are you subscribed to the list?
15:25 ricardo I think so, but I'm not 100% sure
15:25 ricardo BRB
15:27 ebegin ricardo, the patch is sent to hdl_laptop or gmcharlt, not sure who exactly.  They double check it and then apply it to the correct branch, IIRC, so yes, we still human :)
15:28 owen But all patches should go to the patches list immediately, no human intervention required.
15:29 ebegin owen... hmmm, my understanding is that they appear on the list only when they are apply... but I may be wrong...
15:29 ebegin s/apply/applied/
15:29 owen No, that's not correct.
15:30 kf Owen is right, needed sometime myself to figure that out :)
15:30 ebegin well, your point make sense otherwise people wouldn't be able to reply to each other on that list... :)
15:30 ebegin thanks for clarifying this
15:31 owen Whoa, I didn't realize the OPACAmazonReviews preference controlled both the display of Amazon Reviews *and* Amazon product descriptions
15:32 owen That's not a good way to handle that
15:32 kf Testing 3.2 patron management: I added categories for organisation and professional and patrons for both, but how do i link them?
15:33 pianohacker kf: I believe there is a syspref you must turn on first
15:33 kf manual shows a nice window, but I cant see how to get there
15:33 kf yes I did
15:33 pianohacker Ok.
15:34 kf memberofinstitution: ON
15:34 pianohacker kf: Try the patron editing screen
15:36 ebegin kf, I think that your patron must be of a type Professionnal.  In that case, you should have a section to choose its guarantor... exactly the same principle than the child that is link to the parent...  however, I think that there is a problem to link them.  The search for guarantor only search for Adult, not for Organisation.
15:37 kf I made a mistake when configuring categories
15:37 kf selected staff by mistake - so it couldn't work - thx for helping me!
15:37 slef sorry for going MIA
15:38 slef need to clear phone calls before close-of-regular business
15:38 ricardo Back
15:39 ebegin ricardo, do not read what I wrote... :)
15:39 ricardo OK. I think that I found out what the problem is (I'm subscribed to the mailing list with a different e-mail address). So what happens to the e-mail message relating to the patch sent? Will it have to wait to be manually approved (posted) to the mailing list?
15:41 pianohacker ricardo: Mails sent by non-subscribed users are theoretically held in moderation, but I don't think the moderation queue is very well-loved
15:41 pianohacker It might just be easier to subscribe the other email (disabling mail delivery if you want) and send it again
15:42 ricardo Actually forget that, I'm subscribed with that e-mail address:
15:42 ricardo "An attempt was made to subscribe your address to the mailing list  You are already subscribed to this mailing list."
15:43 pianohacker HUh
15:43 pianohacker Well then
15:44 ricardo So, I think the problem is "git send-email" saying that it has sent the e-mail when it hasn't
15:47 pianohacker ricardo: mail sending can be a pain to set up. Does a simple test with sendmail work?
15:49 ricardo pianohacker: Thanks for the tip. I'll try that. Meanwhile, I have posted my attempt at:
15:49 ricardo
15:49 ricardo (I only replaced @ by AT for spam-protection in Pastebin... The original had @ signs, naturally)
15:53 kf hm. I can search for the organization now - but dont find  it :(
15:54 ebegin kf... that is the problem i mentionned earlier.  The search is looking only for Adult, not for organisation...
15:55 kf ok, so its a bug? It works, when you know the cardnumber
15:55 kf but not with surname or when leaving it blank
15:55 ebegin A bug or an uncompleted feature :)
15:55 kf ok - lets call it that :)
15:56 pianohacker It's odd that you have to search for the organization using the guarantor search; the patron editing code looks like it should be showing a simple dropdown box allowing you to choose an organization
15:57 kf dont know
15:57 ricardo (Trying to solve this    aptitude remove exim4     trying to set up postfix)
15:57 kf there is something strange in the organisation too
15:58 kf an empty field called organisation(s)
15:58 ricardo kf: There's something strange in EVERY organisation!  ;-)   (sorry, couldn't resist, eheh...)
15:58 kf :)
15:59 kf professional looks fine after searching and linking - but I think the organisation misses something - perhaps a list of linked professionals?
15:59 pianohacker ricardo: postfix++
16:00 pianohacker For me, trying to set up exim4 was an exercise in frustration
16:01 ebegin kf, currently, this is a one way relation.  However, I agree that it could be nice to get the list of professionals linked to an org.
16:01 pianohacker kf: It looks like that organizations field is slightly buggy; rather than looking for patrons in categories that are the institution type, it _only_ looks for categories with the code 'I'
16:01 ricardo pianohacker: Yeah... Exim only got here, because this is the first time I'm setting up a Debian installation, and Exim got there "semi-automatically"...
16:01 pianohacker Death to exim
16:01 ricardo @karma postfix
16:01 munin ricardo: Karma for "postfix" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
16:01 ricardo ;-)
16:02 pianohacker Hrmph
16:02 pianohacker exim--
16:02 ricardo Eheh
16:04 pianohacker kf: does that make sense?
16:07 kf not sure, if I understand it right
16:08 kf or perhaps I do... let me try something
16:10 kf oh interestnig
16:10 kf i added a patron categoriy type organisation with code I
16:11 kf I changed my organisation patron to I and in the list is now filled
16:11 kf but it doesnt make sense
16:11 kf I think this list should be shown for in the professional's form
16:12 pianohacker ricardo: Just saw your patch
16:13 pianohacker kf: How do you mean?
16:13 kf there is no sense in listing all organisations in the organisation patrons
16:14 kf I think there are two bugs:
16:14 pianohacker kf: Why not? The purpose of the drop down is to choose an organization to link this patron to, correct?
16:14 kf no
16:14 kf professional can be linked to organization
16:14 kf i get the list in organization, and a guarantor search in professionals that cant search right
16:15 pianohacker You should also get the list in the editing screen for the professional
16:16 kf mom
16:16 kf ah and the real strange thing is: i had to add a patron type with code I, so I can have only one patron type for organisations
16:16 kf I think this is a bug
16:17 pianohacker kf: That is most definitely a bug, especially in Koha 3
16:17 pianohacker But are you able to see the list of organizations when editing a professional patron?
16:17 kf it should look for category_type not for categorycode to build the list
16:18 kf there is only the Guarantor Information, nothing about organisations
16:18 pianohacker That is strange.
16:20 pianohacker Okay, something is completely screwed up here. The editing screen will only show the list of organizations if you're editing another organization
16:20 kf right
16:21 kf and if you have defined a category type with code I
16:21 ricardo pianohacker: Well, it has reached the mailing list after 10 minutes or so... Actually, I did a setup change *after* sending the e-mail. I hope that it also works next time:
16:22 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Fix for Bug 2599 - Search limits not working for NoZebra
16:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2599 major, P1, ---,, NEW, Search limits not working for NoZebra
16:22 ricardo[…]-July/003892.html
16:24 kf pianohoacker: so its about writing a bug for this now
16:24 pianohacker kf: Yup, it's completely broken
16:25 pianohacker Sorry for the misunderstanding
16:25 kf pianohacker: will have to leave work soon and have no access to our koha installation from there, so cant do it before monday
16:25 kf no access from home - and thats actually a good thing :)
16:26 pianohacker HEh
16:26 pianohacker What, you want a personal life separate from work or something?
16:26 pianohacker Nonsense
16:27 ricardo pianohacker: In a strange kind of way, that's sad and funny for being true
16:27 pianohacker Trust me, I'm not one to talk
16:27 ricardo pianohacker: LOL, OK
16:28 kf my colleagues want me to have one... g
16:28 ricardo kf: eheh
16:31 kf @wunder Konstanz
16:31 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 22.0°C (6:31 PM CEST on July 03, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Steady).
16:34 kf looks like rain outside - came by bike today :(
16:34 kf bye #koha, have a nice weekend!
16:57 ricardo Bye everyone! pianohacker and ebegin: Thanks for trying to help!  :)
16:58 pianohacker Heh, no problem
17:10 thd what is done for changing the representation of columns sort1 sort2 in the display?
17:10 thd Do people edit the templates?
17:10 pianohacker thd: I think that's the only option, yes
17:11 thd A system preference would be nice but I would abstract everything and Koha would be nothing but system preferences :)
17:11 pianohacker Heh
17:11 pianohacker Or, more likely, the branches table would grow and grow
18:34 pianohacker brb
19:53 Snow_Fox sys pref = maxItemsInSearchResults <- is that something that no longer exists?  It is listed in the quick start check list but i cant find it within the liblime demo or the manual
19:54 pianohacker Koha seems to pay attention to it, but for some reason it's not included in the syspref editor
19:55 Snow_Fox ok....
19:55 Snow_Fox is that something that would be modified or created at install or is it just unchangeable
19:56 pianohacker You can add custom system preferences
19:56 pianohacker You have to, in this case
19:57 Snow_Fox ok.... thats a weird thing to have in the checklist for initial setups
19:59 Snow_Fox i wonder what else in this checklist is gonna be like that
19:59 pianohacker Hopefully nothing
19:59 pianohacker maxitemsinsearchresults is kind of an odd man out
19:59 Snow_Fox what about (sys pref = noOPACUserLogin)
20:00 pianohacker Koha does not even seem to acknowledge that syspref
20:00 pianohacker odd
20:00 pianohacker What checklist is this?
20:00 Snow_Fox lemme grab the link for ya
20:01 pianohacker k
20:01 Snow_Fox[…]ntation-checklist
20:02 Snow_Fox we got the same checklist from liblime and im goign through trying to get out settings lined up in a row first so to speak
20:03 pianohacker Don't see anything else too crazy
20:04 Snow_Fox well if i find it ill let ya know :\
20:04 pianohacker Though you won't have to worry about setting up stopwords
20:04 Snow_Fox i noticed they were preset would i still need to run the query for em though?
20:05 pianohacker Not sure what you mean, but stopwords are all handled by the Zebra search engine
20:05 Snow_Fox this bit
20:05 Snow_Fox Remove defined stopwords from queries (sys pref = QueryRemoveStopwords)
20:06 pianohacker The default for that system preference should be fine; I think it only affects you if you're not using Zebra
20:07 pianohacker What it says about the logging options is also true; they can slow down your system quite a bit
20:07 Snow_Fox im sure
20:07 Snow_Fox but it was those syspref
20:07 Snow_Fox earlier that had me going hicket?
20:07 pianohacker You probably do not want to turn on AutoLocation unless each one of your branches has a static IP address
20:07 pianohacker What?
20:08 Snow_Fox from my understanding were a single branch
20:08 Snow_Fox i could be horribly wrong though
20:08 pianohacker Okay. You should probably still leave it off
20:08 Snow_Fox those syspref's had me seriously confused because i couldnt find references to em
20:09 pianohacker The ones you mentioned earlier? Yeah. You might want to contact Nicole Engard at LibLime about them; she takes care of the documentation
20:12 Snow_Fox just to make sure were on the same page
20:12 Snow_Fox the autolocation your refering too is
20:12 Snow_Fox Enable IP authentication to block access to staff client from unauthorized IP addresses (sys pref = AutoLocation)
20:13 pianohacker Yup
20:16 Snow_Fox huh i wonder why they have that as enable
20:16 Snow_Fox this is really starting to make my head hurt
20:16 Snow_Fox it sorta makes sense in a security sorta way
20:17 pianohacker Well, I can at least take care of that problem
20:17 pianohacker Your head won't hurt, but...
20:18 Snow_Fox dude i live in kansas firearms are a way of life :-P
20:19 pianohacker See? You can solve your own problem
20:19 pianohacker Yeah, AutoLocation is good if every branch accesses Koha from its own static IP; it's kind of useless otherwise
20:19 Snow_Fox well were hosted anyways
20:19 Snow_Fox so....
20:20 pianohacker Yup
20:46 chris morning
20:47 pianohacker Good morning
20:53 brendan hey goodmorning chris
21:11 Snow_Fox ok
21:12 pianohacker ?
21:12 Snow_Fox this is gonna be a funny question for anyone who doesnt bleed blue, how do you modify a cron job
21:12 pianohacker In what way? Changing it's behavior, or when it runs?
21:12 Snow_Fox Specify the number of days overdue before an item is marked lost and patron is charged (cron job =
21:13 Snow_Fox is that a bit like a config file that would have to be opened and changed?
21:13 pianohacker It's something set up on the server, actually
21:13 pianohacker LibLime would almost certainly do that for you
21:13 Snow_Fox ok
21:17 Snow_Fox so about that pickaxe
21:17 pianohacker Heh. What'd you find?
21:33 Snow_Fox nothing new thankfully :-P
21:48 Snow_Fox but keep it on hand
21:48 Snow_Fox i may need it later
23:29 pianohacker Good night
07:47 greenmang0 indradg: good afternoon :)
07:48 indradg greenmang0, howdy!
07:51 greenmang0 indradg: finel.. :)
07:51 greenmang0 fine*
09:30 vedran I installed koha in school. Do we have to enter all bibliographic records from the beginning and abandon teh current software that we use? Are there any import procedures?
09:44 chris[…]k3-on-u810-8.html
09:45 chris bottom of the page

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