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16:45 library hello,  I am installing KOHA on my server and everying  goes well, but I realized that there is no /etc/koha ??? please advise where is mistake?
16:46 pianohacker library: What installation mode did you choose? (first step: simple, fhs, or dev)
16:46 library pianohacker: standard
16:46 pianohacker Okay
16:48 library pianohacker: env is working OK, but there is not /etc/koha hmmm, I am confused
16:48 pianohacker library: Did you run make install ?
16:50 library pianohacker: yes
16:50 pianohacker Okay. Does /var/lib/koha exist?
16:51 library pianohacker: no
16:51 library pianohacker: should I try to do make install again
16:51 pianohacker Hrm. It doesn't sound like any of the install directories got created correctly
16:51 pianohacker Yes, and make sure it's as root
16:51 pianohacker sudo make install or su -c 'make install'
16:52 library pianohacker: ok, I will do that and report you back
16:52 pianohacker k
17:00 library pianohacker: as far as I see it installs normally files in /usr/share/koha/intranet ...
17:00 pianohacker But nowhere else?
17:01 library pianohacker: as far as I see it installs normally files in /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs..  I will report on teh rest, it goe
17:02 library pianohacker: it reports that files have been installed
17:02 pianohacker Actually, if you can copy and paste the entire output of make install into, then give me the resulting URL, that might help
17:02 pianohacker (If, that is, this install didn't work correctly)
17:04 library pianohacker:it goes well so far, I will report you if there are any issues
17:04 pianohacker k
17:18 library pianohacker: done, it is OK, thanks on help!
17:19 pianohacker No problem. Feel free to ask if you want help with anything else
17:24 library pianohacker: bye
18:38 pianohacker @marc 007
18:38 munin pianohacker: This field contains special information about the physical characteristics in a coded form. The information may represent the whole item or parts of an item such as accompanying material. (Repeatable) []
21:17 chris morning
05:54 pianohacker Good night, #koha
07:33 chris evening
09:48 chris @marc 246
09:48 munin chris: A form of the title appearing on different parts of an item or a portion of the title proper, or an alternative form of the title when the form differs significantly from the title contained in field 245. (Repeatable) [a,b,f,g,h,i,n,p,5,6,8]
10:00 chris @karma
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10:01 chris @karma marc
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