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12:00 Gaurav hi lupin
12:00 hdl_laptop hi |Lupin|
12:01 |Lupin| :)
12:01 gmcharlt Gaurav: looking at it now
12:01 |Lupin| Just a quick question for you guys... how would you import, say, 400 bibliographic records in koha ?
12:01 Gaurav ok
12:01 |Lupin| the records are in a database which has its own format...
12:02 gmcharlt |Lupin|: need to be converted to MARC - you can use a tool such as MARCEdit to convert from a CSV file (say) to MARC
12:03 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ah I see. So first convert the content of the database to something marcEDIT can understand, and then use this to obtain MARC...
12:03 |Lupin| and once the data are in MARC ?
12:03 gmcharlt run from the command-line
12:04 gmcharlt back
12:05 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay, thanks !
12:16 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm sorry, I can't find marcEDIT. Is this somethig to be found in Koha's web interface ?
12:17 gmcharlt |Lupin|: it's
12:21 |Lupin| gmcharlt: oh I see, it is not part of koha, okay. Thanks !
12:26 paul_p hehe... nice to read "oh I see" from you ;-)
12:26 paul_p hello |Lupin|
12:29 |Lupin| paul_p: :-)
12:30 |Lupin| paul_p: I never pa too much attention to the words... e.g. when I used to have a television I said I watched TV... a lot of blind people do that, it's just an habit
12:46 |Lupin| hmm actuall MarcEdit seems to be more useful to Windows users... is there some replacement for it under Linux, or do you guys use MarcEdit nder Linux ?
12:47 gmcharlt |Lupin|: it shoud run on Linux under mono
12:50 |Lupin| gmcharlt: but does it have a command-line interface, or is it a graphical thing ?
12:51 gmcharlt |Lupin|: I believe it can do some batch conversions via the command-line
12:54 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay... this looks a bit scary to alternative to this tool ?
12:59 gmcharlt |Lupin|: not sure if it's less scary, but it's easy to write such a program in Perl using MARC::Record
13:00 gmcharlt or find a program to convert CSV to XML, then map to MARC XML
13:02 schuster Just coming into the discussion - or use MARCEDIT?
13:03 gmcharlt schuster: |Lupin| is looking for a command-line alternative
13:03 schuster hmmm - I see - but there are sooo many other things I'd like to see done! ;)
13:04 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yes it's a bit less scary to me, thanks a lot for your suggestion
13:05 gmcharlt schuster: we have to let people get migrated to Koha first ;)
13:05 |Lupin| actually I'm a bit surprised that such tools do not exist, I'd have expected that a few old-fashioned computer scientists would have written them already :-)
13:09 gmcharlt |Lupin|: scads, I'm sure, just done mostly as one-offs
13:09 gmcharlt I left behind a pretty nice version of such a tool when I left Ex Libris
13:10 ecorrado is there any good web pages, etc. on setting up zebra w/ koha 3.0.2 ... the INSTALL.debian file doesn't say much
13:13 gmcharlt ecorrado: the INSTALL.debian instructions will get you a basic, configured setup
13:14 gmcharlt thought it doesn't go into the details of how the Zebra configs work
13:16 ecorrado gmcharlt: but itdoesn't even tell me I need to build indexes
13:16 ecorrado it is missing things
13:16 ecorrado or at least they arte not in the proper order
13:17 gmcharlt ecorrado: it does, actually, but a little eliptically - the references to
13:17 ecorrado ok I see that now, but it is out of order
13:17 ecorrado shouldn't zebra stuff, be with zebra?
13:19 gmcharlt I suppose step 5 could be moved and merged with the step 7 stuff
13:19 ecorrado really, 7.3 is really out of place
13:20 ecorrado with 7.2 there, all of this seems optional
13:21 hdl_laptop hi ecorrado.
13:21 ecorrado hi hdl_laptop
13:21 ecorrado I need to do a second install, so maybe I'll take some notes on what I did and try to supplement the wiki install documentation
13:21 gmcharlt ecorrado++
13:22 ecorrado there are some things that just didn't work, or were missing..... I know that happens a lot because the people putting the documentation know what they are doing
13:23 ecorrado so silly people like /me come along and follow to letter and mess it all up
13:23 gmcharlt yeah, it's all your fault! ;)
13:23 ecorrado so maybe I can help others from messing it all up :-)
13:23 gmcharlt but thanks for taking the time to apply fresh eyes to it
13:24 ecorrado gmcharlt: i've got to say though, I've seen a lot worse documentation in Open Source projects
13:25 slef hi all.  I've finally escaped back to work :)
13:25 gmcharlt slef: dare I ask what you escaped?
13:28 slef gmcharlt: hospital
13:28 slef next time I have a 10am appointment, I'm taking a packed lunch along
13:28 slef (now 2pm here)
13:29 slef 10min appt btw
13:29 gmcharlt I hope the waiting had decent wifi
13:29 gmcharlt *room
13:30 slef nope. I think it was a no-phone zone, but it wasn't clear
13:35 slef oleonard is conferencing again it seems
13:46 gmcharlt |Lupin|: first Wednesday - I'll send an email
13:51 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay, thanks !
13:52 |Lupin| It'll be July 1st.
14:02 rhcl Meeting? Free hot dogs and soda pop? Where is this meeting going to be held?
14:02 gmcharlt right here on #koha
14:03 gmcharlt sadly, the hot dogs I can offer will only be virtual
14:03 rhcl Uh, that' downright tragic.
14:03 gmcharlt but they are very *good* virtual hotdogs
14:03 rhcl Well, something to look forward to. :)
14:04 |Lupin| gmcharlt: "sadly": depends on the point of view ! from the one of the animals wich on't be sacrified, this news ma seem rather good acutally
14:04 gmcharlt |Lupin|: true
14:05 rhcl But virtual animals will still be sacrificed?
14:06 schuster Are you sure they are not veggie?
14:06 rhcl Or should that be...animals will still be virtually sacrificed?
14:06 schuster texture seems a little off...;)
14:06 rhcl Veg hot dogs taste nasty. I've tried 'em all.
14:07 |Lupin| rhcl: even those with ceitan ?
14:08 |Lupin| (not sure whether they exist, but if they don't, they probably should)
14:09 |Lupin| okay, gota go. till soon all !
14:09 paul_p fredericd: ++ for you patch about non translatable strings
14:17 kf paul: item display in cataloging seems to be broken (summary on top of page when editing, deleting or adding new item)
14:21 hdl_laptop paul_p: it is already done on stable version i think.
14:22 kf hm, should be stable, but we patched from 3.0.1
14:23 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: this is regarding the string translation patch?
14:23 kf will test again tomorrow and perhaps file a bug
14:23 hdl_laptop yes.
14:24 gmcharlt did I miss any patches for this that were submitted via the patches list?
14:24 hdl_laptop kf if it occurs on stable without customisation, then file a bug and assign to me.
14:25 hdl_laptop anyway fredericd patch is good.
14:26 kf hdl: ok, thx. we did no customization so far, only adding some indexes. Is a fresh installation needed? we went with patching / upgrading now.
14:28 hdl_laptop no.
14:30 kf ok, have to go now, but will look into it tomorrow. Have problems with adding circulation rules too :( But perhaps there is something wrong with this installation.
15:54 brendan morning #koha
15:55 slef afternoon brendan ;-)
15:55 gmcharlt hi brendan
15:56 brendan hey slef gmcharlt
15:56 brendan @wunder santa barbara
15:56 munin brendan: I suck
15:56 brendan hehe
15:56 gmcharlt @wunder santa barbara, CA
15:56 munin gmcharlt: I suck
15:57 gmcharlt @wunder 32605
15:57 munin gmcharlt: I suck
15:57 brendan @wunder 93117
15:57 munin brendan: downloading the Perl source
15:57 gmcharlt @cnn 32605
15:57 munin gmcharlt: downloading the Perl source
15:57 brendan looks like munin needs some coffee
15:58 gmcharlt @wunder santa barbara
15:58 munin gmcharlt: Error: No such location could be found.
15:58 gmcharlt @wunder santa barbara, CA
15:58 munin gmcharlt: The current temperature in Near Mission - TC, Santa Barbara, California is 63.5°F (8:57 AM PDT on June 09, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 50.0°F. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Steady).
15:58 slef @wunder Bristol, UK
15:58 munin slef: Error: No such location could be found.
15:58 slef @wunder Bristol Airport, UK
15:58 munin slef: The current temperature in Bristol Airport, United Kingdom is 60.8°F (4:50 PM BST on June 09, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 44.6°F. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
15:59 slef @wunder Wick St. Lawrence, UK
15:59 munin slef: Error: No such location could be found.
15:59 brendan @wunder north pole
15:59 munin brendan: Error: No such location could be found.
16:00 slef @wunder Wick St Lawrence, UK
16:00 munin slef: Error: No such location could be found.
16:00 slef @wunder Weston-Super-Mare, SOMERSET
16:00 munin slef: The current temperature in Weston-Super-Mare, United Kingdom is 62.1°F (4:59 PM BST on June 09, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 48.2°F. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady).
16:00 slef hrm, seems like some of them are misfiled
16:00 slef I've no idea what 62F is without looking it up, though ;)
16:01 slef munin: you old-fashioned US-imperialist fossil
16:01 gmcharlt @config supybot.plugins.Weather.temperatureUnit C
16:01 munin slef: I suck
16:01 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
16:01 gmcharlt @wunder Weston-Super-Mare, SOMERSET
16:01 munin gmcharlt: The current temperature in Weston-Super-Mare, United Kingdom is 16.7°C (5:01 PM BST on June 09, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady).
16:01 slef really clever would be varying it by place
16:02 slef and the moon on a stick!
16:03 slef "This plugin does weather-related stuff. It can't change the weather, though, so don't get your hopes up. We just report it."
16:04 slef[…]gins/Weather.html
16:07 brendan_ \exit
16:44 joetho is there a definitive source for assigning new institution codes? digits 2-5 in a barcode?
16:45 joetho I have gotten them from vendors before. Sort of.
16:59 gmcharlt joetho: no, there isn't an *authoritative* source
17:00 gmcharlt joetho: main thing to avoid is ending up with the same code as another library in your consortium or any consortium you're likely to join in the future
17:08 joetho I will contact my, um, "vendor" to discuss this as well. Another possible tangle at some point, may as well avoid that too.
17:21 rhcl Sirsi has a "standalone" mode which caches transactions if the Internet connection to the server is down. Is there something equivalent in Koha?
17:22 gmcharlt rhcl: there is for circ, i.e., offline circulation
17:33 rhcl gmcharlt: OK, tnx
17:34 rhcl Seems like it needs a sexier name though....
17:34 gmcharlt rhcl: talk to Kyle Hall about that :)
18:07 ebegin hi #koha!
18:08 ebegin anybody installed koha on RedHat?
18:13 gmcharlt ebegin: it's been done - there are some Fedora instructions on the wiki
18:15 ebegin thanks gmcharlt
18:45 liz_rea quick question: would this[…]24ca1abb97286f4bd require a thorough reindexing to implement the fix?
18:47 gmcharlt liz_rea: yes
18:56 liz_rea cool, ty
19:17 chris morning
19:17 gmcharlt hi chris
19:18 ebegin morning chris
19:18 danny kohacon++ and screen++ , the screen command is awesome and is making my life so much easier, thanks to whoever shared that at the kohacon dev weekend!
19:19 chris slef: one for the planet
19:25 chris danny: yeah its always a tradgedy when the screen server needs a reboot (its only usually when it needs a new kernel)
19:50 chris im fairly she didnt want to send that to the mailing list :)
19:50 gmcharlt yeah, although I've seen worse in that genre
19:52 chris yep
19:52 chris we have a whole wrong window page on the work wiki
19:58 chris[…]orkshop/dsc01091/
19:58 chris check out the computer on the right ... theres one at every presentation :)
20:00 liz_rea nice! Solitaire!
20:01 liz_rea as an aside, that's a lot more technologically advanced than I'd have expected in Kenya. Makes me feel happy.
20:02 chris *nod*
20:03 chris i love the fact they are running workshops
20:03 chris we have got some patches from india now .. so now im hanging out for the first patch from kenya :)
20:05 liz_rea ooh that will be exciting
20:09 chris gmcharlt:[…]uthorization.html
20:09 chris quite nifty
20:11 gmcharlt nice find
20:20 chris heya Sharon
20:21 Sharon Howdy
20:33 richard hi
20:42 ecorrado taht solitare image is funny
20:48 rhcl gmcharlt: do you have a webmaster email address for Liblime? Don't see one on the site.
20:49 gmcharlt rhcl:
20:49 rhcl TNX
21:35 chris ok, time to take kahu to daycare bbl
23:00 Jo morning
23:00 pianohacker Good morning
23:02 gmcharlt hi Jo, pianohacker
23:03 Jo hi Galen, Hi Pianohacker
23:07 bignose-work has anyone got any thoughts about my questions on the mailing lsit from a couple of days ago, re. LDAP authentication?
23:08 bignose-work I'm told all the LDAP implementation people are in the USA, but haven't seen responses from them
23:08 gmcharlt bignose-work: hi
23:08 gmcharlt it looks like some direct poking around would be useful at this point
23:09 gmcharlt might be unlikely, but do you happen to have a test version of the LDAP repo that I could try connecting
23:11 bignose-work nope, not accessible from outside world
23:11 gmcharlt bignose-work: you want to authenticate staff users to the Koha intranet, correct?
23:11 gmcharlt as opposed to OPAC users to the OPAC?
23:12 bignose-work I want Koha to use LDAP for authenticating users, both borrowers and librarians.
23:13 bignose-work the primary repository of those accounts is exposed via LDAP, so any changes (addition/removal, and modification of existing accounts) should besubsequently used by Koha.
23:13 gmcharlt ok, in your email of yesterday, looks like you've tested on the staff side so far
23:13 gmcharlt and as you suspect, there's an authorization issue
23:13 bignose-work I don't know what you mean by “staff�
23:14 gmcharlt staff = intranet = cataloging, circ, etc. interface
23:14 gmcharlt as compared to the OPAC = public catalog
23:16 bignose-work I don't know about these separate interfaces. the only login interface I'm aware of is the one returned from the root URL of the Koha installation, when not already logged in.
23:17 gmcharlt in a typical setup, there would be two base URLs, one used by library staff and the other being the entry point to the public catalog
23:18 bignose-work how do I tell whether that's what I've got? the details of Koha are still mysterious to me.
23:18 gmcharlt if the initial page has only a login box, you're looking at the staff
23:19 gmcharlt the public catalog interface let's you do catalog searches by default, and doesn't force you to log in right away
23:20 bignose-work it has fields for “username�, “password�, “library�
23:20 bignose-work so that's the staff-only interface?
23:20 gmcharlt yes
23:21 gmcharlt you have access to your Apache config?
23:21 bignose-work yes.
23:22 gmcharlt ok, since it will be easier to test the LDAP authentication by testing logging into the public catalog first
23:23 gmcharlt check your Apache config and look for the vhost that has ScriptAlias /index.html "/home/gmc/koha/dev/opac/"
23:23 bignose-work is the ‘nopermission’-triggered message an indication of the authentication state?
23:23 bignose-work or can we not presume that?
23:23 gmcharlt that should indicate the URL of the public catalog interface
23:24 gmcharlt bignose-work: since you've been testing against staff, it could indicate an authorization issue (internal to Koha) as opposed to an LDAP authentication issue
23:24 gmcharlt staff user permissions in Koha rely on additional flags set in the Koha patron record
23:25 gmcharlt that are not needed for OPAC logins
23:25 gmcharlt which is why it's easier to test in the OPAC first
23:25 gmcharlt then once we're sure that the LDAP config is letting patrons log into the OPAC
23:25 gmcharlt we can move on to dealing with Koha staff user permissions
23:27 bignose-work right. so, does the fact that I'm seeing that message (and not “Invalid username or password� if that's what it was), indicative that the problem is not authentication any more?
23:27 gmcharlt most likely
23:27 bignose-work okay.
23:27 bignose-work <URL:> is the current apache config for koha.
23:28 bignose-work unmodified from the install procedure.
23:28 gmcharlt ok, looks like your OPAC interface is http://foo/ and intranet http://foo:8080/
23:30 bignose-work okay. going to the HTTP port gave me an *already* authenticated interface (presumably because I'd authenticated a few days ago as described in my email message)
23:31 bignose-work if I log out, choose log in, then give login credentials again to the resulting fields, I get to the same logged-in interface.
23:31 bignose-work and yes, this is all different and I presume is what you're referring to as the OPAC interface.
23:32 gmcharlt ok
23:32 gmcharlt so now let's test patron record replication
23:32 gmcharlt try logging out of that interface
23:32 gmcharlt logging in as a different patron
23:32 bignose-work I also have access to the MySQL database
23:32 bignose-work the ‘borrowers’ table is empty.
23:32 gmcharlt and see if a  new row gets added to the borrowers table
23:33 bignose-work and the interface appears to be trying to say “Hello, [name]� but the “[name]� is empty.
23:34 gmcharlt bignose-work: btw, please pastebin the current ldapservers section of your koha-conf.xml - will help as we work through this
23:37 bignose-work <URL:> is the <config> element of /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
23:37 bignose-work with passwords redacted
23:41 gmcharlt thanks
23:41 gmcharlt also, to get some useful debug info
23:41 gmcharlt add
23:41 gmcharlt SetEnv DEBUG 1
23:42 gmcharlt to the vhost config for both staff and and OPAC
23:42 gmcharlt and bounce Apache
23:45 bignose-work okay, done.
23:45 bignose-work which log file will that write to (so I can begin watching it)?
23:46 pianohacker bignose-work: That should also be in your Apache config, next to ErrorLog
23:46 pianohacker There'll be a staff and OPAC one (should be easy to tell the difference)
23:46 gmcharlt Apache error log
23:46 gmcharlt /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log for the public catalog interface
23:48 bignose-work aha. results already, from previous sessions.
23:48 bignose-work [Mon Jun 08 22:58:16 2009] [error] [client] [Mon Jun  8 22:58:16 2009] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'address' cannot be null at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 768, <DATA> line 228.
23:48 bignose-work [Mon Jun 08 22:58:16 2009] [error] [client] AUTH_3: no results for userid='percy', cardnumber=''.
23:48 bignose-work these accounts have no “address� field. how should I tell that to Koha?
23:48 gmcharlt you'll have to supply a default value
23:48 gmcharlt so in the mapping section
23:48 gmcharlt do something like
23:49 gmcharlt <address is="nonexistant_LDAP_field">default</address>
23:50 bignose-work after altering ‘koha-conf.xml’, do I need to reload anything?
23:50 gmcharlt no
23:50 gmcharlt you'll also need to set a default value for city
23:51 bignose-work when I try to log in using the OPAC interface, no such log messages are created.
23:51 gmcharlt any new rows in borrowers no?
23:51 bignose-work (yet it still doesn't affect the borrowers table nor the resulting interface)
23:52 bignose-work the messages there already were from attempts to log in to the administrative interface.
23:52 gmcharlt did you do SetEnv DEBUG 1 in both vhosts?
23:52 bignose-work yes, that's set.
23:53 bignose-work thoughno debug output at all
23:53 bignose-work no debug output at all
23:53 bignose-work not even getting the message I showed above when I now log in to the admin interface
23:54 bignose-work no entries created in borrowers.
23:55 gmcharlt ok, well you can force it by editing C4/ and making sure it sets $debug to 1 in all cases
23:56 bignose-work is there some action that you *know* will produce a debug log message, just to make sure?
23:58 bignose-work or indeed, any log message at all
23:58 bignose-work not seeing a peep now
23:59 gmcharlt put a warn "foo"; in the C4/
23:59 gmcharlt anything sent to STDERR should end up in Apache error log
00:00 bignose-work yeah, see, I'm trying to avoid touching the code itself.
00:01 bignose-work that's going to lead to “now *this* isn't working; can I be sure I didn't screw up when I modified the code?� that I just don't have the resources to worry about.
00:02 gmcharlt ok, then to see if the Apache log is being updated at all
00:02 gmcharlt try temporarily setting the LDAP server name to an intentionally wrong value
00:03 bignose-work trying now.
00:06 bignose-work okay, I'm definitely getting log output now :-)
00:07 bignose-work where I see that another column is set to NOT NULL
00:07 bignose-work I'll look at the table and set defaults in the config for ones set NOT NULL
00:08 bignose-work huh? the ‘city’ column has a default of ‘NULL’
00:08 bignose-work yet the message I get is:
00:08 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:05:29 2009] [error] [client] [Wed Jun 10 10:05:29 2009] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'city' cannot be null at
00:08 bignose-work /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 768, <DATA> line 228.
00:09 gmcharlt hmm, city is not null in the default schema
00:09 gmcharlt so you do need to set a default value for it same as you did for address
00:10 bignose-work no, city *has* a default of NULL
00:10 bignose-work which means a NULL is allowed
00:11 gmcharlt not in the standard schema
00:11 bignose-work the only columns that don't default to NULL are ‘branchcode’ and ‘categorycode’
00:11 gmcharlt in my DB
00:11 gmcharlt desc borrowers;
00:11 bignose-work all the others have a default setting of ‘NULL’
00:11 gmcharlt | Field               | Type         | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
00:11 gmcharlt | city                | mediumtext   | NO   |     |         |                |
00:11 bignose-work this is a database created by Koha 3.0
00:12 bignose-work is there an “upgrade the database� step whose documentation I missed?
00:12 pianohacker bignose-work: could you pastebin the results of DESCRIBE borrowers ?
00:13 bignose-work sure
00:14 bignose-work <URL:>
00:15 gmcharlt looks like a minor mysql glitch
00:15 gmcharlt given that it is saying that is in fact not null
00:15 gmcharlt but claiming that it is also default null
00:16 gmcharlt since the error messaging is saying that Column 'city' cannot be null
00:16 bignose-work ah, I see
00:16 gmcharlt I'm guessing that the 'not null' is winning
00:16 bignose-work yes, that's pretty darned stupid
00:16 pianohacker Is there some default city you could use for your environment? At the very least, "Unknown City" ?
00:17 gmcharlt bignose-work:
00:17 pianohacker Hey, if you want to get the PostgreSQL port back up to speed ;)
00:20 bignose-work isn't “unknown� exactly wehat NULL is meant to represent? :-)
00:22 bignose-work okay, I've now set default values in the Koha config for ‘city’ and ‘address’
00:22 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:20:59 2009] [error] [client] AddMember SQL: (insert into borrowers set cardnumber='percy',surname='Percy',firstname=' ',title=NULL,othernames=NULL,initials=' P ',streetnumber=NULL,street​type=NULL,address='Unknown address',address2=NULL,zipcode=NULL,city='Unknown city',phone=NULL,email=NULL,mobile=NULL,ph​onepro=NULL,opacnote=NULL,guarantorid=NULL​,dateofbirth=NULL,branchcode='MAIN',catego​rycode='PT',dateenrolled=NULL,contactname
00:22 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:20:59 2009] [error] [client] [Wed Jun 10 10:20:59 2009] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`koha/borrowers`, CONSTRAINT `borrowers_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`categorycode`) REFERENCES `categories` (`categorycode`)) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 768, <DATA> line 228.
00:22 pianohacker Do you have a PT category set up in Koha?
00:22 bignose-work I have no idea about categories.
00:23 bignose-work is there a set-up-by-default-from-installation category I can use for default?
00:23 gmcharlt yes
00:23 gmcharlt insert into categories (categorycode, description, category_type) values ('PT', 'Patron', 'A');
00:24 bignose-work um, I mean: is there one already set up in the database having followed the “install Koha� instructions?
00:24 gmcharlt if you loaded optional data when the web installer was run, yes
00:24 gmcharlt check to see if there are any rows in the categories table
00:24 bignose-work hmm. how do I know whether that's what I did?
00:25 bignose-work no rows in ‘categories’.
00:25 bignose-work this is likely to cause many problems, right?
00:25 gmcharlt ok, then insert one as I've suggested
00:26 bignose-work what's the “optional data�? how will it affect the library?
00:26 gmcharlt or there's an SQL script you can load
00:26 bignose-work how do I get it in post-install?
00:26 gmcharlt bignose-work: library can set up patron categories in the staff interface
00:27 gmcharlt but to get you started
00:27 gmcharlt I'll list some SQL scripts form the Koha distribution that you can go ahead and load
00:27 gmcharlt installer/data/mysql/en/op​tional/patron_categories.sql
00:27 bignose-work trying now
00:27 gmcharlt installer/data/mysql/en/optional/sample_itemtypes.sql
00:27 gmcharlt installer/data/mysql/en/optional/sample_libraries.sql
00:32 bignose-work now getting an error caused by a bad branch code; fixing the default in the config now
00:34 bignose-work hurrah, a borrower has been added by logging in to the administrative interface.
00:35 bignose-work now getting an error:
00:35 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:33:34 2009] [error] [client] AUTH_SESSION: ()\t  -
00:35 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:33:34 2009] [error] [client] [Wed Jun 10 10:33:34 2009] get_shelves_userenv cannot retrieve context->{userenv}->{context->{activeuser}} at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 949, <DATA> line 228.
00:36 gmcharlt ok, that's just a debug
00:36 bignose-work trying to log in to the OPAC interface fails, but still not seeing any log output at all from that.
00:37 bignose-work but both interfaces report “There was an error�.
00:37 gmcharlt note that OPAC has a separate Apache erorr log
00:37 bignose-work ah right.
00:37 bignose-work the OPAC log shows:
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] AUTH_3 results: percy,1,percy, ,Percy,,CPL,
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] AUTH_4: (percy)\t  Percy - CPL
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] (during init) @$self->{'dmy_arrayref'}: 2 36 10 10 5 109 3 160 0
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] Got 8 ldap mapkeys (  total  ): firstname userid categorycode surname city password address branchcode
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] Got 8 ldap mapkeys (populated): firstname userid categorycode surname city password address branchcode
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] Checking Auth at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 510, <DATA> line 228.
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] kohaversion : 3.0100037
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] AUTH_SESSION: ()\t  -
00:38 bignose-work [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] [error] [client] [Wed Jun 10 10:36:02 2009] Initiating an anonymous session... at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 763, <DATA> line 228.
00:38 bignose-work okay, that's all I have time for folks.
00:38 bignose-work thank you for your assistance. what can I send to the mailing list to help taking this further?
00:38 gmcharlt current ldapservers config
00:39 gmcharlt believe or not, you're actually quite close
00:44 chris[…]rmation-with.html
00:44 chris interesting
00:49 pianohacker I'd had the same idea a while back; how well do you think working from an automated translation would work?
00:51 chris it might be a good start for things like the manual, or the website
00:51 chris not so much for the templates
00:59 pianohacker Why not?
01:02 chris often there is not enough context to make a good machine translation
01:05 pianohacker Yeah
04:50 ebegin Hi there.  I do have a strange problem with zebra.  Maybe someone here can help me...
04:51 ebegin the /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios/register folder content do not get updated after calling rebuild_zebra.  any idea
04:52 ebegin this specific install is on RedHat
04:54 chris permissions issue?
04:54 chris does the user you are running rebuild_zebra as have the right permissions to write to that
04:54 ebegin don't think so.  I even tried with the root user.
04:55 chris have you tried running it with -v
04:55 chris to get more output
04:55 chris it might tell you whats happening
04:55 ebegin good point.
04:57 ebegin ok.  I see why I didn't tried it.  rebuild_zebra doesn't have the -v option on that version (3.00.00)
04:59 chris hmm in that case no idea, nothing in the zebra logs?
04:59 chris are you doing it with the -z switch? or doing a complete reindex?
05:03 ebegin I did and nothing changed :(
06:23 chris hi hdl_laptop
06:40 hdl_laptop hi chris
06:45 chris @wunder marseille
06:45 munin chris: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 19.0°C (8:30 AM CEST on June 10, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
06:45 chris sounds like it will be a nice day
08:30 chris hmm
08:49 kf hmm?
08:50 nahuel gmcharlt, ping ?
08:52 nahuel hi chris !
08:52 nahuel and kf
08:52 nahuel chris, do you have an idea why dbrevs on wiki are not up to date ?
08:52 kf hi nahuel
08:52 nahuel in wiki  : v3.01.00.028
08:53 nahuel in updatedb :
08:56 chris presumably people havent been updating the wiki
08:56 chris that would be my guess
08:56 nahuel tsss
08:56 nahuel too bad :)
09:32 chris gmcharlt: if you see this when you wake up, im getting an error pushing to the 3.0.x branch again error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/12: File exists
10:11 slef morning all
10:12 slef nahuel: try using git-blame, annotate or log to see who to remind
10:12 nahuel slef, ok
10:14 nahuel I think it's all galen
10:14 nahuel :)
10:15 chris slef: one of my workmates had a vps on VaServ
10:15 chris got it back with no data loss, one of the lucky ones
10:34 slef (from
10:34 slef to be fair, there are reasons why hosting providers can't update instantly
10:35 chris yep
10:35 slef the exploited big co-op one I mentioned yesterday has the worst of both worlds: got exploited, now has updated instantly including undocumented unrelated changes
10:35 chris nice
10:35 slef one (as far as I know) customer disrupted quite a lot by this
10:36 slef we need to sign some more deals so we can replace that big co-op's services when we encounter them
10:37 slef the big co-op markets its services as 100% co-op or something like that, but they're just reselling dubious private hosting companies
10:37 slef if you ask them to fix something, they can't because they don't have permissions
10:38 chris ahh, well dodgy
11:28 elwell client wasn't impressed when I explained that he probably *wasn't* the only person using that hardware....
11:45 gmcharlt chris: ok, try again
11:46 chris still complaining
11:54 gmcharlt chris: still? same error mesage?
11:56 chris worked that time
11:58 gmcharlt nahuel: since the new_acq branch is going to make the DBrevs difficult anyway for a while, if you have a DB change, just submit a patch with the next available number and I'll adjust it if necessary when I push it
11:58 nahuel gmcharlt, ok, I did this, and updated the wiki with my new dbrev

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