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12:00 Hui_Nan_ or
12:02 Hui_Nan_ well, ok
12:02 Hui_Nan_ user may belong to different branches
12:04 Hui_Nan_ i mean to many branches simultaneously
12:04 Hui_Nan_ it seems that branches still going to work for me
12:04 Hui_Nan_ thanks for clues!
12:46 Amit hi danny
12:49 danny hi amit and #koha
14:18 wizzyrea mornin folks
14:18 gmcharlt good morning wizzyrea
14:21 wizzyrea everybody had a lovely weekend I trust
15:57 wizzyrea I'm such a git nub. So if I want to run a koha install say off of our LL repository, do I have to install it? (ug, I feel like a moron for asking this question)
15:57 wizzyrea (that is to say, I already have it installed off of the download)
15:58 gmcharlt wizzyrea: installed Koha already from the download?
15:58 gmcharlt you could switch that over to a dev-mode installation that runs off of a git clone
15:58 gmcharlt but it would be easier for you to do it from scratch
16:01 wizzyrea that's kind of what I thought. Is fine, didn't have anything in the download install
16:02 wizzyrea so, when you sync with Git, do you have to reinstall?
16:02 gmcharlt generally, no
16:02 gmcharlt for the most part, after you fetch and rebase
16:02 gmcharlt if there are any upgrade steps
16:02 gmcharlt they'll be handled via
16:02 gmcharlt or in some cases batch jobs that a specific commit tells you to run
16:03 gmcharlt *assuming you have a installed from a git clone, of course
16:03 wizzyrea ok, lemme play around and see how it shakese out
16:03 wizzyrea shakes*
16:03 wizzyrea (is the only way I'll learn it. Heh.)
16:06 atz is it ok for USMARC to have no 100 field?
16:06 gmcharlt yes
16:07 gmcharlt most records will have exactly one of 100, 110, 111, or 130
16:07 gmcharlt it's an error for a MARC21 record to have more than one 1xx
16:07 atz ok, thx
18:27 jdavidb atz: You around?  I've got a C4::Context puzzler for you..
18:27 atz ?
18:28 jdavidb I'm doing $context = new C4::Context("<file>"), but the context that results is not the one I pointed at...
18:29 jdavidb There was a "standard" install on this box, and it is looking there, instead of the dev install I did.
18:29 atz did you unset KOHA_CONF?
18:29 atz (in your execution environment)
18:29 jdavidb Set, unset, doesn't seem to matter.  Set it to the one I wanted, even.
18:30 jdavidb If I do it ( ) with KOHA_CONF set to the one I want, it *still* points at that standard install.
18:31 davi make test   fails with  Tried to use 'C4::Branch'.
18:31 davi How to solve it_
18:31 davi ?
18:31 atz davi: several tests are broken right now, because of DB dependencies at module/class level
18:31 jdavidb Not a huge panic attack, atz, as that "standard" install is going away tonight, but it is mind-boggling.
18:32 davi atz, So, can I ignore it?  or should I install from the Git repository?
18:32 atz jdavidb: it has to get the "standard" KOHA_CONF from somewhere... apache SetEnv, env var. whatever
18:33 atz davi: probably can ignore
18:33 jdavidb Yeah, atz, that's what's mind-boggling about it.  For <file>, I'm giving the absolute path to the koha-conf.xml, correct?
18:34 davi atz, ok, thanks
18:37 atz jdavidb: looks like you are trying to do dev stuff on a standard install
18:37 atz __KOHA_CONF_DIR__ would have been replaced by your path, i.e. hardcoded
18:37 atz still doesn't quite explain it
18:37 jdavidb No, I'm trying to do dev stuff on a dev install, but the damned stubborn thing insists on looking to the standard install.
18:38 atz just start putting debug statements in Context until you can figure out where it's getting that from
18:38 jdavidb Kk.  I may just work on something else until after that standard install no longer exists.
18:55 wizzyrea can anyone tell me why there is an additional email (home) field on the add child screen?
18:55 wizzyrea is there a reason?
19:10 wizzyrea Just curious, we were wondering if it was the child's email address, or the parent's email address, or if it was even used? or a wraith of template designs past... or... or... or...
19:11 owen wizzyrea: That's a bug that was fixed recently
19:11 gmcharlt wizzyrea: 3010, specifically
19:11 owen Hopefully it will be in your next round of updates
19:11 gmcharlt owen's fix is[…]04678cc1fcaf4173f
19:11 gmcharlt template only, nota bene
19:13 wizzyrea right... what was the B email for?
19:13 wizzyrea or do we not know
19:13 gmcharlt business email, I believe
19:13 wizzyrea lol, ok :)
19:14 wizzyrea ok so... nub question if I want to try that patch out on my lil test system here, how would I go about it?
19:14 wizzyrea I am installed from the LL repository (I think)
19:15 wizzyrea er, nekls-LL repository, that is
19:15 gmcharlt git remote add koha-public git:// # create a remote linking to the public repo
19:15 gmcharlt git fetch koha-public # and grab the most recent stuff
19:16 gmcharlt git checkout -b test-bug-3010 # create a little branch to test in
19:16 wizzyrea too awesome thanks
19:16 gmcharlt git cherry-pick c2fdde125bfddd45c8c1f6104678cc1fcaf4173f # grab Owen's commit and don't let it go
19:17 owen FWIW, B_email is the email associated with "Alternate address." "Email (work)" is emailpro
19:17 gmcharlt (and where did I get that commit ID?  it's in the gitweb URL I gave you, and on the gitweb page under the label commit)
19:20 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I'm just plotting to get you to join the list of Koha committers :)
19:21 wizzyrea I am so working on it
19:22 wizzyrea so SO working on it
19:22 gmcharlt wizzyrea++
19:24 wizzyrea showoff ;)
19:39 pianohacker _heavenly_ cloud? I've been out to dinner with some of them, I think you have the wrong project :)
19:44 wizzyrea lulz @ pianohacker
19:45 wizzyrea hey man, I was only the recipient of the rubber food
19:45 wizzyrea the tossee, not the tosser
19:46 pianohacker We are all culpable, by allowing this dastardly act to occur
19:46 wizzyrea lol the debasement of the rubber cheesecake!
19:46 pianohacker hehehe
19:46 gmcharlt what I want to know is why isn't that incident on youtube?
19:47 wizzyrea well, joetho is quite unpredictable
19:47 wizzyrea ;)
19:47 wizzyrea forgot that it's better to have cams going at all times when he's around
19:47 jdavidb_ For evidence reasons, if naught else.
19:47 wizzyrea and brilliant, gmcharlt, (and owen) it worked and I'm on my way to git fu
19:48 wizzyrea lol
19:48 wizzyrea trut
19:48 wizzyrea truth
19:49 wizzyrea git fu. I make myself laugh
19:54 owen git: 'fu' is not a git-command. See 'git --help'.
19:56 schuster I'm looking at my zebraqueue where done <> 1 and seeing lots of  specialUpdate | authorityserver | that have not processed.  Any ideas?
19:57 gmcharlt schuster: check crontab, make sure -a option is passed to
20:00 schuster */10 *  *   *   *     if [ ! -f $HOME/donotindex ] ; then touch $HOME/donotindex; $PERL5LIB/misc/migration_tools/ -z -b -x  >> $HOME/koha-pro/var/log/update_zebra.log 2>&1; rm -f $HOME/donotindex; fi
20:00 schuster So from this there is no -a so that needs to be added?
20:00 gmcharlt correct
20:02 schuster hmmm wish I had Joe's notes on crontab from the conference...;(
20:03 gmcharlt schuster: want me to do it for you?
20:04 schuster I would appreciate it as I don't know how to edit crontabs yet.
20:06 gmcharlt schuster: done
20:10 schuster Thanks again.
20:11 chris ata marie
20:11 gmcharlt hi chris
20:11 pianohacker Morning, chris
20:11 hdl_laptop hi all
20:21 chris awesome .. AllowNotForLoanOverride rules
20:22 jwagner gmcharlt, do you know current status of and opac-advsearch.tmpl?  I've lost track of the various messages about current patches -- don't know if there are any changes that have reached you but not gone on through yet.  I'm working on some fixes to that page.
20:22 chris here's a random question, has anyone ever tried to use zebra to index a mail archive?
20:23 gmcharlt jwagner: go for it - nothing re opac-advsearch.tmpl is pending, and none of the pending patches are likely to present any merge conflicts unless you're intending to rewrite it
20:23 gmcharlt chris: no, but doesn't sound hard
20:23 brendan chris -- it's called a photographic memory ;)
20:25 chris gmcharlt: yeah I might have a crack, being able to search the koha mailing list from inside koha would be kinda cool
20:25 gmcharlt as an adjunct to the help system?
20:25 brendan so for koha-hackfest Connecticut tomorrow -- not to many people are able to make it, but I've got two people, who haven't committed to koha yet, so we'll try to add a few more tomorrow.
20:25 chris well i was actually even going as far as something useful :-)
20:26 chris s/was/wasn't/
20:26 chris :) but yeah that would be cool
20:26 gmcharlt lol
20:26 chris brendan: awesome
20:27 chris gmcharlt: i was just thinking more for my own use, being able to search the patches, devel and main list from my test koha would be kinda nifty
20:27 gmcharlt chris: I'm just laughing because any sufficient developed ILS ends up being used as a bugs database or something like that
20:28 gmcharlt so your idea is just a natural extension of that thteme
20:28 chris :)
20:28 chris i could just do it with kete i guess
20:28 chris might actually be a better idea
20:28 chris :)
20:29 gmcharlt for a long time, Ex Libris' customer support request database was a lightly modified ALEPH system
20:29 chris heh cool
20:29 gmcharlt they switched to a real CRM years ago, of course, but nonetheless
20:30 gmcharlt metadata is metadata, I suppose
20:30 chris i really should get a proof of concept going with kete and koha playing together
20:31 chris that was part of the reason for choosing zebra for the kete indexer
20:31 gmcharlt you have but a few days to do it before that group in India publishes their Koha/Greenstone docs ;)
20:31 chris yeah :)
20:34 chris maybe we should just wait a couple of months, india will finish everything for us :-)
20:35 hdl_laptop chris : Eric Leas Morgan did index mails with zebra
20:35 gmcharlt a few more patches from them might be nice, first :)
20:35 chris gmcharlt: yep working on it ... ill keep encouraging them :)
20:35 chris hdl_laptop: ohhh cool
20:36 chris speaking of india, i need to test out these dvd's and let krishnan know
20:37 hdl_laptop seems he used text filter that is provided with source
20:37 chris hdl_laptop: makes sense
20:55 chris heh
20:56 gmcharlt brendan: good way to keep the number of attendees down to a reasonable level?
20:56 chris least you are in the same country as where you are planning your wedding ;)
20:56 gmcharlt "you must be *this* smart to attend the wedding" ;)
20:56 brendan heh -- it's still half way across the country - so it feels like a different country!
20:57 brendan I agree gmcharlt !
20:57 chris[…]imageViewsIndex=1
20:57 chris[…]imageViewsIndex=1
20:57 chris yay for the gimp! :)
20:58 gmcharlt :)
21:00 chris one of my favourite parts about getting married in PA, was getting the license and having to sign saying we weren't cousins
21:00 chris small things amuse small minds :-)
21:01 brendan Sonja - needs to get blood testes done to get married in Montana.  equally funny.
21:02 wizzyrea blood testes... sounds vicious
21:02 chris heh
21:02 chris and painful
21:02 brendan whoops -- that was a bad typo
21:02 wizzyrea yes, that too
21:03 brendan I'm going to have to copy that one and send it to Sonja !!!
21:03 chris heh
21:04 chris we have a whole page on the wiki at work devoted to either typo's or wrong windows :)
21:04 brendan well - I guess that one definitely should make the list
21:05 chris you could send it
21:06 chris <-- still my fave
21:06 gmcharlt lol
21:06 gmcharlt a sufficiently detailed analysis of ping times might find it for him ;)
21:07 chris heh
21:13 schuster by all great day..
21:13 chris cya schuster
21:14 chris heh
21:17 gmcharlt at least it matches :)
21:35 elwell speaking of - I also like
21:36 chris heh
21:47 chris ohh no wonder its quiet in #kohanews
21:48 chris no bot
21:53 gmcharlt chris: fixed - thanks for pointing it out
21:54 chris np
21:56 jwagner Speaking of bots, gmcharlt, you said at the developer weekend that there were searchable archives of the listservs. I haven't been able to track them down -- I just keep going back to the place where I subscribed.  Do you have links handy?
21:59 chris[…].lists.koha-devel
22:00 chris[…]ists.koha-patches
22:00 chris etc :)
22:00 chris is one
22:00 chris i like markmail a lot
22:00 gmcharlt see tail end of
22:00 chris or there is gmane
22:00 gmcharlt where many of the same links that chris just sent can be found
22:01 chris *nod*
22:01 chris[…]raries.koha.devel
22:02 jwagner Thanks much to both of you!
22:21 chris koha-devel is busy today, great to see
22:27 brendan I feel like it has been busy since KohaCon...
22:29 chris yes, it has, its a shame Micheal Hafen wasn't there, he is working hard
22:30 brendan *nods*
22:50 brendan see you all later --
22:51 chris cya
03:16 Amit hi mason, chris good morning #koha
03:56 brendan hey Amit chris, mason
03:56 brendan and anyone else who is on the channel now
03:56 Amit heya brendan
03:56 Amit good morning
03:57 brendan good evening!
03:57 Amit morning here in india
03:57 brendan I'm on my way across the USA...
03:57 brendan flying to the east coast
03:57 brendan what are you up to?
03:57 brendan amit
03:58 Amit doing some work on opennms
03:58 brendan sweet
04:01 brendan amit -- good day for my favorite american baseball team
04:02 brendan they hit a gram slam in the first inning!
04:02 Amit hmm good
04:02 brendan that's the best you can do as hitter in baseball
04:02 Amit have u interested in cricket match
04:02 Amit IPL- is going on south africa
04:02 brendan I am always interested in learning about cricket
04:02 brendan I went to a baseball game with chris
04:03 Amit but i m very much crazy about cricket
04:03 brendan he already knew a lot about the game
04:03 Amit hmm
04:03 brendan I understand your love of cricket -- you should experience baseball
04:03 brendan I think you would like it just as much
04:04 brendan weird rules for baseball
04:04 Amit no
04:04 Amit i have no exp with baseball
04:06 brendan the best thing about baseball --- is the team work -- similar to cricket!
04:11 Amit ok
04:11 Amit with how much player
04:14 brendan 9 per side
04:14 Amit ok
04:14 Amit in cricket 11 per side
04:14 brendan yes
04:14 brendan the bats are much different
04:14 brendan cricket is big and flat
04:15 brendan baseball is small and round
04:15 brendan but cricket you can bounce the ball -- baseball you can not!
04:17 brendan amit - do you play cricket ?
04:17 brendan for fun
04:17 Amit yes
04:18 Amit only school level
04:18 brendan do you still play?
04:20 Amit no
04:20 Amit i m only 26 year old
04:20 brendan if you get a chance you should play again
04:21 brendan I'm 30 and I still play baseball
04:21 Amit yes
04:21 Amit sure
04:21 brendan all-though -- I am very sore the next day
04:21 Amit right now i m in bangalore, basically i m from dehradun and my birthplace New Delhi
04:22 Amit so not much frnd in bangalore
04:22 brendan oh well
04:22 Amit but if i m in delhi/dehradun there are lot of frnd
04:22 Amit enjoying playing cricket
04:22 brendan yes
04:22 Amit so one thing home sickness and other is work pressure
04:23 brendan heh
04:23 Amit bangalore is 2400 km from delhi
04:23 brendan at least you can follow the national team
04:23 Amit yes
04:23 Amit because india is big country
04:24 brendan yes india is large
04:24 Amit i m going to my on 5th june to 15 june
04:24 brendan sweet
04:24 Amit sory i m going to my home from 5th june to 15 june
04:24 brendan which train ?
04:24 brendan or are you flying?
04:24 Amit from bangalore to delhi by flight
04:24 Amit then from delhi to dehradun by train
04:25 brendan not to bad
04:25 Amit distance between delhi to dehradun around 250 km
04:25 brendan ok amit -- I'm signing off --
04:25 Amit ok bye
04:25 Amit take care
04:25 brendan talk to you tomorrow -- if I'm awake
04:25 Amit bye good night
04:25 brendan good luck with your work
09:08 chris hmm, bad connection for paul tonight
09:08 nicomo hi chris
09:09 nicomo yes : he's at a client's for a meeting
09:09 nicomo so i guess he tries to use the library's wifi, with mixed success
09:15 chris ahh
09:15 chris hopefully the meeting is going well
09:16 nicomo better than the wifi, hopefully :-)
09:16 chris hehe
09:25 mason bonjour kohaphiles

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