IRC log for #koha, 2009-04-27

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15:25 brendan good morning #koha
15:48 brendan alright see you all later !
20:50 chris morning
20:50 richard morning chris
20:56 chris[…]red-for-swine-flu
20:56 chris big news day today
00:03 chris hi brendan and jo
00:03 brendan heya chris -- how goes your monday
00:04 brendan I was just nodding off - to some baseball on in the background
00:04 chris heh
00:04 chris so far so good, just setting up a new koha test server
00:04 chris with qemu
00:05 brendan I haven't used qemu
00:05 brendan googling it now
00:06 chris its pretty nifty, runs totally in userspace
00:06 chris so requires no kernel mods, like vservers or xen
00:07 brendan sweet
00:09 chris and you are already in the history docs :)
00:09 chris or should be at least
00:10 chris ill fix it if not
00:11 chris you should be just before jane actually, 2 secs ill fix it up
00:12 chris you are actually the 81st
00:13 brendan heh -- no worries --
00:14 chris patch on its way
00:20 chris Brendan A. Gallagher narrowly beats Jane to become the 81st committer  :)
00:20 brendan heh --
00:21 brendan ok I guess I'm done ha-ha ;)
00:21 chris heh
03:07 bignose-work I'm setting up a Koha server for a client, and don't know much about the library information databases it interacts with
03:07 bignose-work how do I decide between the database types; I think UniMARC and MARC21
03:13 chris is it for an australian library? if so chances are its MARC21 .. but you probably should check with the library
03:13 chris its a datastorage/cataloguing format
03:15 bignose-work thanks, that gives me a bit more to go from.
03:15 bignose-work (am I correct that the options are UniMARC or MARC21?)
03:20 chris yep
03:31 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason
03:31 Amit good morning koha
03:31 brendan evening Amit
03:32 Amit how r  u brendan
03:32 brendan evening mason
03:32 brendan very tired
03:32 brendan I've been in the sun all day !
03:33 mason heya people
03:33 Amit heya mason
03:33 mason heya amit :)
03:34 mason thanks for the pazpar2 links too
03:34 Amit mason: hw is ur weekend
03:34 Amit now pazpar2 is working
03:34 mason very good thanks
03:34 mason i made some new spanish friends
03:35 Amit k
03:38 Amit mason r u on skype
03:38 mason sometimes...
03:39 Amit please add me in skype i have already given request to u
03:50 mason hmm, i got no request amit :/
03:50 Amit ok
03:50 Amit i will send it to again
05:33 Jo good night all
06:59 chris evening
07:02 nicomo evening chris
07:07 chris back from your conference?
07:14 nahuel hi chris !
07:14 nahuel :)
07:15 chris hi nahuel :)
07:16 nahuel what's up ?
07:16 nahuel what about the jetlag? :)
07:17 chris all back on nz time now
07:17 chris so not waking up too early anymore
07:18 nahuel me too :)
07:45 Amit hi nahuel
07:45 nahuel hi Amit
07:45 Amit so how is your weekend
07:45 nahuel how was the koha workshop ?
07:45 nahuel fine :)
07:45 Amit workshop is fine in mumbai
07:50 hdl_laptop good
08:00 Amit hi hdl
09:45 Hui_Nan_ hello all!
09:46 Hui_Nan_ has anyone an experience of creating a bibliographic database with koha?
09:47 Hui_Nan_ bibliographic database contains biblios for articles in journals, chapters in the books etc
09:48 Hui_Nan_ the main question is about journals - one does not want to enter the description of a journal for each article
09:56 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: unimarc_field_4XX is used for that purpose
09:57 hdl_laptop (link bibliographic records for multiple levels.)
09:57 Hui_Nan_ ok, I'm studiyng the corresponding plugin
09:57 hdl_laptop But it relies on UNIMARC 4XX linking fields
09:57 hdl_laptop translates 200$a into 4xx$t for instance
09:58 Hui_Nan_ ok, I have an idea about unimarc
09:58 hdl_laptop hope that helps
09:59 Hui_Nan_ what I'd like to implement - is a kind of simple search, which searches for any resource be it a web page or a book
10:00 Hui_Nan_ however I need some means to slice this general searching space
10:00 Hui_Nan_ maybe an additional accesspoint will help
10:00 Hui_Nan_ well there's a lit to learn about koha, that's why I'm asking about expirience
10:01 Hui_Nan_ s/a lit/a lot/
10:02 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: unimarc_field_4xx is then the perfect match for you.
10:02 hdl_laptop it implements a basic search with restrictions to itemtypes
10:02 hdl_laptop Then you can select and add to your field
10:24 Hui_Nan_ another challenge is the restriction of access
10:25 Hui_Nan_ the access level determined by IP and/or login/password must limit the items available in the search
10:25 Hui_Nan_ say, anonimous can't see some biblios which VIP can see
10:26 Hui_Nan_ may these access levels be implemented as branches?
10:26 Hui_Nan_ or there is another way?
11:23 gmcharlt good morning
11:24 Hui_Nan_ evening ;-)
11:25 gmcharlt :)
11:27 Amit hi gmcharlt
11:50 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: I would say branch limits seems a good solution
11:52 Hui_Nan_ well, the restrictions are very alike to circulation limitations
11:52 Hui_Nan_ so the use of branches seems to be quite logical
11:52 Hui_Nan_ good
11:57 Hui_Nan_ however there's a difference
11:58 Hui_Nan_ access level: display_item() if $access_level > $x;
11:58 Hui_Nan_ branch: display_item() if $branch = $x;

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