IRC log for #koha, 2009-03-30

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12:16 soul9 worksforme..
12:31 mc_ hello world
19:54 chris morning
03:28 Amit hi mason, chris, brendan
03:29 chris hi amit, gonna be a draw
03:30 Amit yes
03:30 Amit good for india
03:36 mason hey amit
03:37 Amit heya
03:37 Amit r u watching match
03:37 mason nah, tooo busy right now
03:37 Amit k
03:37 Amit how is your weekend
03:40 mason oh, really good
03:42 mason watched some friends at the roller-derby on saturday
03:42 mason
03:42 mason
03:43 mason 1st time for me, very good crowd
03:44 Amit mason: yesteraday i visited this
03:44 Amit i enjoy so much
03:46 mason oooh, looks fun
03:46 mason i really love the water slides
03:47 mason and wave pools too
03:47 Amit hmm
03:47 Amit it's really good
03:47 mason 'boomerang' ride  looks good ;)
03:48 mason ok, back to work for me...
03:52 Amit ok
03:52 Amit chris india
03:52 Amit 476/4
03:59 brendan hey amit, chris, mason
03:59 Amit heya
03:59 Amit brendan
04:02 mason heya brendan
07:31 chris good moring europe
07:48 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:49 Amit hi hdl
08:01 paul_p hello chris & amit !
08:01 Amit hi paul
08:01 paul_p sweet monday morning here in France.
08:01 paul_p (at least in Marseille)
08:02 Amit how is your weekend paul
08:02 chris hi paul
08:03 paul_p paul & nahuel filing esta request for entering US in 2 weeks ;-)
08:03 chris :)
08:14 chris hi nahuel
08:14 nahuel hi chris
08:14 nahuel what's up ?
08:16 chris not much just working on my presentation
08:16 chris how was your weekend?
08:21 nahuel tiring :)à
08:32 nahuel chris, you'll be at kohacon ?
08:37 chris sure will be
08:37 chris i arrive at the airport there about 20 minutes before you do
08:38 chris i will have been travelling for 24 hours or so, so im hoping to share a taxi to the hotel with you and paul
08:40 paul_p chris ++ for this fantastic history mining !
08:40 paul_p (& cvs + git + listserv history ++ too)
08:41 nahuel great !
08:42 chris yeah ive been reading the lists, private mail, git and cvs history and trying to put it together
08:43 nahuel you'll be the first koha dev i'll meet
08:43 chris and then get patches from people to fill in any blanks
08:43 nahuel (else frenchies)
08:43 chris nahuel: the first one you meet will be the first one .. so that is quite poetic :-)
08:44 nahuel but not the last and the least :p
08:45 chris :-)
08:45 chris[…]docs/history.txt;
08:45 chris just added some more
08:46 chris i plan to finish 2003 tonight
08:46 chris 2004 tomorrow night
08:48 kf chris: hope you find a video camera - cant be there, but really want to see your presentations
08:51 chris so far lots of people have said that, no video camera yet :(
08:51 chris im sure one will turn up
08:54 chris ill ask again next week
08:54 chris kf: do you have any photos of a library in germany that uses koha?
08:54 kf sorry, chris
08:55 kf there is actually no german library using Koha that I know of or have contact to - but I work on that ;)
08:57 chris darn
08:57 chris i wonder if dorian meid is still on the lists
08:59 paul_p chris: hdl_laptop = could you look at koha-devel subscribers list ?
08:59 chris the 13th committer to Koha, he had a library in Berlin that used koha
08:59 kf he is not active on german translation list - only saw him in the wiki so far
09:00 chris right
09:05 kf chris: perhaps you can ask beda for photos - but i dont know, if he is using Koha in his library now or still in migration process?
09:05 chris even just a photo of you translating would be fine :)
09:06 chris ok, i think im done with 2003 .. that should do for tonight
09:07 kf chris: I will think about it ;) sleep well chris
09:08 chris kf: maybe in your costume ? :-)
09:08 kf mermaid translation koha to german? never!
09:08 chris hehe
09:09 kf perhaps i can come to a KohaCon one day...
09:12 chris im sure we will have another one in europe
09:12 chris and one in nz, and one in india
09:12 chris but im not sure in what order :)
09:12 kf :)
09:45 nahuel chris, good night :)
09:45 nahuel hi kf , I didn't have time past week to work on the patch, perhaps this one
09:55 kf hi nahuel and thx
10:33 Amit hi kf
10:58 kf hi Amit

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