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13:00 schuster Galen - Email about overdues...  Production doesn't have the new Circ parameter, and the test download doesn't go anywhere...
13:01 gmcharlt schuster: got your message, will take a look
13:01 schuster OK thanks!
14:42 owen After a hold has been checked in, confirmed, and transferred, what should the "found" column in the reserves table say? F?
14:43 owen It only says W when it's waiting at its destination right?
15:27 hdl_laptop owen: I *think* so
15:32 owen Thanks hdl_laptop. I'm not seeing anything in the "found" column for some reserves I know have been confirmed and transfered.
17:39 cm hi there still a way to index individual materials by biblionumber? seems to be abandoned.
17:49 jwagner Bugzilla site down?  Anyone who can fix it?  I'm getting an "internal server error" message.  It was OK earlier today.
17:50 jwagner I went to the new site URL
17:51 cm i'm getting an internal server error on it, too.
17:51 cm it was okay a couple of hours ago.
17:57 jwagner Bugzilla seems to be back now.
18:02 ryan_ cm: the zebraqueue table holds a list of all biblios that will be updated with the next run of -z .
18:03 cm thanks ryan_.  i was wondering if it was something like that.  thanks!
18:22 jwagner Someone around who knows about the pending holds report (
18:22 jwagner I have a question about the date defaults.
19:30 chris man it was lucky i had coffee before answering that mail
19:33 owen Those "why can't it do this" messages?
19:34 chris yep
19:35 chris SelfishMan: a tool to do that would be pretty nifty
19:35 chris step 1 in updating your catalogue records
19:35 chris 1st get isbn numbers, then you can get full marc records and merge
19:36 SelfishMan My problem is matching the existing record with the ISBN
19:36 chris yeah thats the hard bit
19:36 SelfishMan ha ha ha
19:37 chris i guess you need to do a search by author and title
19:37 chris and present a list back
19:37 chris and have a human pick the one he/she thinks is right
19:37 SelfishMan The human part is the real problem
19:38 SelfishMan I think I have enough data I can match against but I need to test it
19:38 chris yep
19:39 chris i still want to build my flash barcode reader
19:39 SelfishMan I guess a few years back the person that was cataloging didn't see a reason to include ISBNs
19:39 chris so with a webcam you hold the item up, and it scans the isbn
19:39 SelfishMan That would be nice
19:39 chris like that library program on the mac does
19:43 chris SelfishMan: i guess searchign amazon might be useful for the ones you cant get a single match on
19:43 chris because the picture of the book might help match in that case?
19:43 chris (might help the human that is)
19:44 SelfishMan Trying to minimize the human element in it
19:44 owen Hmm... I managed to choke Koha with an sql report that ran fine in Koha
19:44 SelfishMan I think if I look at the title, author, publish date and edition info I can match it most of the time
19:45 fredericd chris: Your flash barcode reader already exists...
19:45 chris oh yeah i know the flash to do it does
19:45 chris integrating it with koha is the bit i havent done
19:45 fredericd ok
19:46 chris so to do a z3950 search in cataloguing, you can just scan the book instead of typing it in :)
19:46 fredericd It is embedded in French Librarything clone
19:46 chris ohh sweet i may not have seen that one
19:46 chris do you know what the license is?
19:46 fredericd It mustn't be too hard to integrate into Koha
19:47 fredericd
19:47 fredericd You need to register and it's in French...
19:47 chris lucky i know some french people :-)
19:48 chris thanks fredericd
19:48 fredericd I can ask for the licence
19:49 chris that would be great, if the flash is licensed under a GPL compatible license that would be awesome
19:50 SelfishMan
19:51 fredericd mail sent to ask.
19:51 chris thanks fredericd
19:52 chris and SelfishMan
19:54 chris cool, that might work, i dont mind leaving the logo on
19:54 chris welp, there goes the weekend :)
20:00 chris anyone have a webcam ?
20:00 SelfishMan sure...somewhere
20:01 owen On my Mac at home, yeah
20:02 chris if people wanted to try that barcodepedia out and let me know if it works, its not too happy on my little hp mini under linux
20:04 chris but that might be cos the camera is crap :)
20:09 fredericd If I want to add a syspref, I need to reserve a Version number here:
20:09 fredericd[…]s:start&s=version
20:09 fredericd Is it correct?
20:10 fredericd Can I just take v3.01.00.026 or do I need to wait that .026 version to be pushed before sending my patch?
20:10 chris yeah if you need to update the database
20:11 chris if your patch is ready, (and includes the update to the version number)
20:12 chris then i would put down .026 and submit and change that page to say submitted
20:12 chris then the pending people will know that they need to use .027 or greater
20:13 chris if its not ready yet just list it with no number yet, and change the number when you submit it
20:13 fredericd Will try now. Thanks.
20:16 chris <-- we should make use of this
20:21 owen Hmm... not about dental hygiene as I'd thought.
20:21 chris heh
20:22 chris we had a pizza thursday talk on it, some guys at work have been work on the OLPC manuals
20:25 chris seems nice and easy to use, and they print out really well
20:27 owen Isn't the goal of getting the manual into Plone to be able to manage translations better somehow?
20:44 atz chris: the google G1 phone can do CCD-camera based barcode scanning rather well
20:45 atz google open sourced the line interpolation code, too
20:48 chris oh cool
20:49 chris owen: yep thats the goal
20:50 chris but with floss manuals you can also buy the books
20:50 chris so maybe we can do some export to flossmanuals
20:51 owen Yeah, I was wondering about keeping them in sync
20:51 chris yeah
20:51 chris i guess ill wait and see how the plone one works, the flossmanuals is commendably easy
20:52 chris atz: pretty much have a mobile library on your phone then :)
20:54 chris ok, time to take kahu to watch some dragon boating
20:55 chris good weekends all
21:28 brendan hey #koha
21:28 danny hey brendan
21:50 brendan hey danny -
21:51 brendan have a good weekend everyone -- and those who have already started..

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