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18:33 [Xwire] thanks ryan_ and slef, I am in Ontario, Canada, I have set it to Marc21, I am just trying to get some basics set for someone (who has studied library sciences) who will be doing the entry for a small library. They seem to favor openbiblio, but from my perspective (a techie) koha is miles ahead.
20:06 chris morning
20:17 Elwell morning for those with non CET TZ :-)
20:19 Gnewt Hey guys
20:19 Gnewt Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -4 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/cataloguing/ line 189.
20:20 Gnewt That's when scanning a book in the Z3950 search tool.
20:24 chris which version of koha?
20:25 Gnewt latest, 3.0
20:26 chris 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 ?
20:27 Gnewt I downloaded it yesterday, file says koha-3.00.00.tar.gz
20:29 chris right, theres a theres a .1 out now
20:30 chris
20:30 chris link from there .. not sure if the bug will be fixed but its worth a look
20:31 Gnewt thanks :) I'll try that, one sec
20:31 Gnewt The link on the Downloads page points to koha-3.00.00.tar.gz
20:31 Gnewt oh
20:31 Gnewt found the .1
20:31 chris cool
21:31 Gnewt Damn
21:31 Gnewt Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -4 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/cataloguing/ line 190.
21:31 Gnewt Same thing... I just tried to scan an ISBN.
21:31 chris if you just type the isbn does it work?
21:36 Gnewt No
21:36 Gnewt Maybe if I try with dashes...
21:36 Gnewt hmm
21:36 Gnewt one sec
21:37 Gnewt D'OH
21:37 Gnewt I was scanning the barcode, but that doesn't spit out the ISBN.
21:37 Gnewt I realized that ISBN is different..
21:37 Gnewt heh
21:38 Gnewt Same error when I type the real ISBN
21:38 Gnewt :/
21:44 Gnewt Figured it out
21:45 Gnewt I didn't have a Z39.50 server
00:58 chris hey jo
00:59 Jo Hey Chris.
00:59 Jo How are you.. over your lack of sleep yet?
01:00 chris yep, back to normal working hours
01:00 mason heya jo/chris..
01:01 Jo hi Mason
01:02 Jo was just writing an email to you Mason
01:02 mason re: z39 stuff?
01:02 Jo bgeen doing lots and lots of thinking about item types
01:02 Jo and z39.50 too
01:02 Jo (been working on the assumption you were still knocking away at that particular problem)
01:03 Jo Chris: your boy is absolutely beautiful...
01:03 Jo gorgeous photos
01:03 chris thanks, you found my photo gallery?
01:04 Jo I'll carry on with my email ... just starting to think about whether you can run scripts to edit biblio-items before we go over to koha 3.0
01:04 Jo yep
01:04 chris cool
01:04 mason just waiting for some further access to the prod box, b4 the z39 stuff happens
01:04 Jo its worse than having a baby getting this thing working!
01:04 mason nearly there..
01:05 Jo cool - I'll wait to hear from you then...
01:05 Jo Had a few private mesages back about my item types post
01:05 Jo been good thoughtful stuff.
01:05 chris sweet
01:06 Jo I'm trying really hard to make koha 3. do what we want rather than trying to change it to fit
01:06 chris as you should
01:06 Jo yep :)
01:06 Jo so I have to understand it a whole lot better than I did a month ago...
01:07 chris *nod*
01:08 mason Jo, the kapiti folk have been doing a bunch of itemtype re-structuring for 2.2-> 3 , so poke their brains too
01:10 mason they've remapped the itype,coll-code, and shevling-location info during the upgrade
01:10 Jo ok - will do. Thanks.
01:10 mason its a handy opportunity to do it then, 2 birds/1 stone etc..
01:15 Jo except you will be trying to hit 4 birds with 1 stone: splitting the biblio-items up, downloading the marc record, updating the class field and item types and importing into koha 3.0!downloading ,
01:22 brendan heya chris, mason, jo
01:22 brendan good weekend - you must all be into monday already
01:22 chris heya brendan, catch up with your parents ok?
01:22 chris yep, 2.30ish monday
01:23 brendan We had a great time
01:23 brendan it was good to see them.
01:23 brendan wishing I already had the retired life!
01:23 chris heh
01:24 brendan well not really...
01:26 chris well, yu have to be retired and have enough money to do whatever you want .. thats the trick :)
01:27 Jo hi Brendan
01:30 chris jo: brendan is from bywatersolutions doing koha support in the US
01:31 chris brendan: jo is from hlt, the genesis of koha :)
01:32 brendan jo: nice to virtually meet you
01:33 Jo Thanks Chris - and nice to meet you too Brendan!
02:28 chris right just filled in my thing to request authorization (sic) to travel
02:28 chris with the DHS
02:29 mason niice
02:33 chris and approved
02:33 chris that didnt take long
03:25 Amit hi mason
06:31 [Xwire] are there some things broken for ie7 in 3.01 in the admin interface or is it just my installation?
06:33 [Xwire] for eaxample, in the 'add Marc record' if I click any of the '...' it should open a new window, and does in firefox, but in ie7 it says error on page and does nothing
06:42 chris yeah, theres bound to be some, we try to follow standards, and IE doesnt :)
06:42 chris we do work arounds for the opac, but not so much for the admin interface
06:44 chris of course if someone sends in a patch we wouldnt complain :-)
07:25 [Xwire] ok well, it seems to be an error that firefox just ignores, problem is this line in my site
07:25 [Xwire]"../cataloguing/plug​​​_824228&result="+defaultvalue,"unimarc field 100",'width=1000,height=600,to​olbar=false,scrollbars=yes');
07:26 [Xwire] and default value= "    nam a22     7a 4500"
07:26 [Xwire] firfox just drops the default value and ie errors on it, probabally not supposed to have spaces I assume
07:27 chris yeah, probably should be converted to %20's
07:34 [Xwire] i'm thinking that i haven't configured things that would result in those spaces being filled in with letters\number, but i'm not a librarian so i wouldn't have a clue how that is supposed to look
07:35 [Xwire] but either way that shouldn't error
07:38 Elwell flip. /me dies a git pull. someone's been busy recently
08:31 chris hi hdl_laptop
08:31 hdl_laptop hi chris
08:34 Amit hi chris
08:34 Amit hi hdl
10:48 [Xwire] the MARC Framework tag '000 LEADER' defaults to something like '     nam a22     7a 4500' when i go to add a new record and click in it's box, is this normal?
10:48 [Xwire] where does it get this from?
10:49 hdl_laptop yes it is normal. It comes from defaults value There is a leader plugin you launch when focusing..
10:50 hdl_laptop You can have a look at your MARC framework setup
10:51 [Xwire] ok i just figuredd that out
10:51 [Xwire] thank you
10:51 [Xwire] it breaks both firfox and ie though
10:52 hdl_laptop what breaks both FF and ie ?
10:52 [Xwire] that value
10:52 hdl_laptop which version ?
10:53 [Xwire] all
10:54 [Xwire] when you click the '...'
10:54 hdl_laptop works fine for me.
10:54 hdl_laptop I donot have any problem.
10:54 [Xwire] in FF it truncate the value
10:55 [Xwire] in ie it dies
10:55 [Xwire] did you try ie
10:56 hdl_laptop I have no ie.
10:56 hdl_laptop (ubuntu box.)
10:56 [Xwire] ok well ff has a problem too it's just not obvious
10:56 hdl_laptop i have no problems.
10:56 hdl_laptop what is yours ?
10:57 [Xwire] but in the window that opens your url probabally ends with '='
10:57 [Xwire] right?
10:57 [Xwire] i'm on windows
10:57 hdl_laptop​/​&index=tag_000_subfield_00_958076_513636&result=     nam a22     7a 4500
10:58 [Xwire] hmm ok, well on ff in widows it truncates the last part to  'result='
10:59 [Xwire] it doesn't like the spaces
10:59 [Xwire] and chops the whole last bit off
10:59 [Xwire] and in ie it just errors and won't open a window

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