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15:05 Elwell hey folks, for a Debian Lenny install I managed to get all bar SMS::Send (which needed Class::Adapter) installed from the debs
15:06 Elwell and those 2 I installed with dh-make-perl --build --cpan .....
15:07 atz cool
15:14 Elwell hmm. on the intranet login page. it still shows the dropdown list of library selections. Even if set to single branch
15:22 Elwell ahem. Anyone from liblime here? Lorem ipsum FAIL :-)[…]-forthcoming.html
15:22 atz ?
15:22 owen How'd you get to that page Elwell? Search engine?
15:23 owen When I back up to the "features" page I don't see a link to it
15:23 Elwell site map - top left hand (by 'home')
15:24 Elwell looks like sitemap not in sync with website?
15:24 owen Good catch. atz do you know who's the best person to get a bug in their ear about this?
15:24 atz actually, i don't.  maybe tina.
15:26 Khalsa I have an annoyance too, ->Solutions -> Click on "learn more" under Religious takes me to a login page
15:27 Khalsa I still want to find out what's on that page but too lazy to signup >_>
15:39 kados Khalsa: i've alerted Tina to the page prob
15:40 kados Khalsa: I'm not at all clear on how to fix the sitemap though
15:40 Khalsa tks, though now that I look at the other "learn more" pages it's probably the same
15:40 kados Khalsa: can you post a mail to koha-devel on that one, or file a but on ?
15:40 kados bug I mean
15:40 Khalsa kados: --> Elwell
15:40 kados ahh, oops
15:41 gmcharlt removing the current-forthcoming.html page for now might fix the sitemap
15:41 kados Elwell: can you post a mail to koha-devel or file a bug on for the sitemap prob, there are a bunch of people who have write access to the koha website
15:41 Elwell sure. not on -devel (yet) so will be 10 mins
15:47 Elwell done
16:23 liz hey, I slap mailman too! How funny!
16:24 liz "Post, darn you! <slap>"
16:36 owen Hey, a kados sighting!
16:40 paul_p owen: lol
16:41 paul_p mmm... strange. Are you sure your barcode is not mandatory ?
16:41 atz owen: makes sense... the field is indexed unique in mysql
16:41 paul_p because I'm sure I've added a lot of items without barcodes without trouble.
16:41 owen Via the MARC Import tool?
16:41 gmcharlt does 952 have a $p with no contents?
16:42 gmcharlt if so, making sure that there's no subfield $p will probably help
16:42 gmcharlt difference between items.barcode is NULL and items.barcode == ''
16:43 atz right, NULL doesn't conflict as far as uniqueness goes
16:43 owen It doesn't appear that there was an empty 952$p based on the showmarc view from
16:45 owen ...but my catalogers tell me that it was in fact an empty 952$p
16:45 owen Okay, we'll try it with no 952$p. Thanks for the suggestions
17:07 owen What would prevent me from putting a hold on something which was notforloan = -1 (on order) ?
17:07 owen Works on my test system but isn't working on our live system. A system pref I missed?
17:08 atz owen: possible codebase difference... not sure
17:09 owen Hmmm... there was a patch recently that addressed negative notforloan values...
17:13 kados owen: check the table definition for items.notforloan on NPL's database, it's possible it's a string rather than an integer ?
17:14 owen I don't have access to NPL's Koha 3 database
17:17 kados srsly?
17:17 kados ok
21:17 danny ok, I have been watching all of the emails back and forth about the item type image sizes
21:18 gmcharlt danny: any insight?
21:18 danny owen, is there any reason the image couldn't be just next to the text
21:18 danny instead of as a background-url
21:18 danny then it would always take the size that it needed
21:19 danny <li><img src=".." /> more text </li>
21:19 owen Did I submit a patch for that?
21:21 owen Yup, looks like I did, a few months ago.
21:24 owen "Tweaks to search results page, including using amazonisbn to pull cover image and inline display of itemtype images to improve display"
21:26 danny ah cool
21:27 atz gmcharlt: interesting problem... looks like something to do with index: "yr,st-numeric"
21:27 atz[…]sort_by=relevance
21:27 danny i thought it seemed much simpler to do it that way
21:29 gmcharlt atz: help me out here - problem is that first record has a pub date of 1988?
21:29 atz hit the "next" button
21:30 atz that and the index reported by the results count line doesn't match the one in the URL
21:30 gmcharlt k, I see it
21:30 kados dates are very problematic in MARC
21:30 atz yr vs. yr,st-numeric   ... this may be becaues yr,st-numeric apparently kills the results
21:31 kados our index for dates come from 008 I think
21:31 kados whereas the display comes from 245 or 246
21:31 kados (can't recall specifically where)
21:31 atz it's not a data problem, we're just being inconsistent about what we're searching
21:31 kados ahh
21:31 atz the first page hits one index and the 2nd (and later) pages fall off a cliff
21:32 atz odd we didn't notice it before
21:32 kados I bet the next button's link isn't getting the full query string
21:32 gmcharlt there may be a quick fix for it
21:32 gmcharlt I'll know in about 15 minutes
21:32 kados gmcharlt: it'll be in
21:33 atz the facets seem to get the "full" string
21:33 gmcharlt yeah, I figured that :)
21:33 atz but the facets are also all broken
21:33 kados gmcharlt: IIRC st-numeric is appended to the 'yr' definition
21:33 kados might be possible to fix this by adding something to the file
21:33 atz so the full string isn't working in my installation anyway (or clients who just reported this)
21:33 kados and avoiding any code changes
21:33 gmcharlt kados: yeah, I figured that out too
21:34 atz kados: what is the "st-numeric" tag supposed to designate?
21:34 kados 4=109 in bib1 speak IIRC
21:35 kados atz: theoretically, changing the definnition for Date-of-publication to include 4=109 may solve the prob
21:35 kados atz: as yr is a link to Date-of-publication
21:36 kados atz: should be a quick test, you can just edit, append that to the line for Date-of-publication, and retest
00:52 owen Any Liblimer's awake?
00:59 chris one ex one
00:59 chris :)
01:00 owen Hi chris
01:00 chris hey owen, ur up late
01:00 chris or at least online late
01:00 owen Had a question on my mind and thought I'd try to get it answered if I could.
01:00 owen It's about our new hosted install though.
01:00 chris ahhh
01:00 mason heya owen
01:01 owen Hi mason
01:01 owen Lots of questions about the holds list in 3.0 from our staff. I think the holds list pretty much rules their lives.
01:01 chris heh
01:02 atz owen: what's up?
01:02 owen Hey atz.
01:02 owen Do you know what the default "refresh" frequency is on the holds queue?
01:03 atz holds sucks.  in my own personal parallel universe, holds and fines never got into 3.0.  
01:03 atz i'll check the queue job
01:04 chris theres an rfc to fix holds for 3.2 eh?
01:04 atz owen: every 2 hours on the 12th minute.
01:04 owen Okay, good to know, thanks
01:05 owen Holds suck, statistics suck, you're not filling me with confidence :)
01:06 atz being tech support makes everything look sketchy...
01:07 chris :)
01:07 atz for the record, 2.2 sucks also.  :)
01:07 owen :D
01:07 chris yep
01:07 chris 1.0 sucked too
01:07 chris but in different ways
01:08 chris the day it doesnt suck in some way, the earth will stop spinning
01:08 atz owen: already did that, methinks
01:08 atz see my script:
01:08 atz installer/data/mysql/
01:08 owen What does it do?
01:10 atz looks for null borrowernumber, missing itemtype, null branch
01:11 atz basically it fixes some of the known gaps in stats... but it takes a fair amount of clock to run
01:11 owen Interesting... Academic at this point since I'm pulling from our old dev_week database for last year's and last month's stats
01:13 chris heh
01:13 atz ah... that makes sense... i think.  
01:25 chris owen: that bug report story just keeps getting better :)
01:25 owen :)
01:26 owen It's all about this:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2958
01:26 chris ahh
01:27 owen Maybe I should scan the letter and attach it to the bug report
01:27 chris heh that would be awesome
03:26 Amit hi mason good morning
03:26 Amit hi chris
04:05 mason heya amit
05:38 frederic hi
06:35 chris wow, india is taking over :-)
06:36 chris in a good way :)
06:37 mason bring on the vindaloo
06:38 chris mmmm now im hungry
06:38 chris i want a keema naan
06:38 chris and some korma
06:45 Amit hi chris
06:45 chris hi amit
06:46 Amit india is good for koha
06:46 chris yes
06:46 Amit most library choose koha
06:46 Amit
06:46 Amit this one also
06:46 Amit plz check
06:46 Amit and more very soon
06:49 mason ooooh, nice css job!
06:49 chris ohh thats nice
06:50 mason bet ya ;)
06:55 chris :)
06:59 Amit thanx
07:49 Amit hi hdl
07:51 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:51 hdl_laptop hi amit
07:56 mc hello koha people
07:57 chris hey mc and hdl and nicomo too
07:57 nicomo hi chris
07:58 nicomo how are you doing on this friday evening ?
07:58 paul_p hello world !
07:58 chris very well, excited about all the good news coming out of india
07:58 chris hi paul
07:58 chris nicomo: and how is friday morning treating you?
07:59 nicomo a bit of snow outside my window, but other than that, everything's fine
07:59 hdl_laptop what news ?
08:00 chris[…]-news-from-india/
08:00 chris handily collated into one post :)
08:38 HARE9 good mrning #koha
08:40 chris hi HARE9 :)
08:41 HARE9 wow, that's awesome, makes me want to move to india ;-)
08:43 chris :)
09:05 Amit hi HARE9
09:06 HARE9 hi Amit
09:06 HARE9 strong work! :-)
09:06 Amit yes

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