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11:06 bigbrovar .
14:59 jwagner Can someone help with the Road Type functionality?  If we create some road types and then create a patron record using one, the display shows as Street, 1234 Main (rather than 1234 Main Street).  The Street part doesn't show in the patron OPAC My Account, and it doesn't seem to print in reports (it comes out with a code like 1 or 2 instead).  Is this how it's supposed to work?  Thanks.
15:01 atz jwagner: doesn't sound quite right
15:03 jwagner It didn't to me, either :-)
15:04 owen Maybe hdl_laptop or paul_p could comment...I think the feature was added for French customers and the output might not make sense for all countries
15:28 nicomo jwagner: I don't think that's how it's supposed to work, even for French customers
15:32 jwagner I didn't find anything in a Bugzilla search or looking through the manual.
15:34 nicomo hum... still : sounds like a bug to me. On my own install the address as entered using the Road Type field doesn't show up in the left hand sidebar with the rest of the address : is that what you're talking about?
15:39 jwagner Partially.  I was looking more at the center of the screen when you display a patron -- there's where it shows as Street, 1234 (top of center screen, underneath name).  That's probably fixable by modifying the display template, but I wanted to check the intended functionality.
15:45 Elwell if you find it, let me know as I'm hacking on some swiss equivalence (rue du something 123, postcode town)
15:48 nicomo jwagner: i think (don't kno for sure) the intended functionality was to have to select the road type rather than type it, since road type are rather limited in numbers in French. Nothing more as far as i can gather
15:54 jwagner Doesn't sound like it would be too useful for us, then.  I'll recommend against using it for now.  Thanks much!
17:19 liz jwagner: we actually hid this in our template, and made it not required.
17:19 liz (NEKLS)
17:19 liz sorry, way behind >.<
17:27 owen You didn't have to manually hide it did you liz? It shouldn't display if you don't have any road types defined.
17:27 jwagner Stepped out for a bit myself.  I found that if you don't create any road type policies the field doesn't show on the patron edit screen, so I guess we'll do it that way.  Thanks.
17:29 owen Hi Irma
17:29 IrmaCalyx Hi Owen
17:30 IrmaCalyx It's 4:30am and I am awake thinking about Koha!! Where are my boundaries?!!
17:30 chris hehe
17:30 chris i was just going to say it must be 4.30 in aus
17:31 IrmaCalyx do you know the feeling?!
17:31 owen I think chris shares your boundaries issue ;)
17:31 chris well its at least 6.30am here
17:32 IrmaCalyx and it's really cool after the extreme heat (37 degrees in my office last week)
17:32 chris 5am to 6am is a busy time for the team i work on at work
17:32 chris i have the pager today
17:32 chris so thats my excuse
17:33 chris IrmaCalyx: wow thats excessive ... we are seeing the smoke from the fires in victoria all the way over here
17:34 IrmaCalyx It's awful...can't imagine loosing house and all in 5 to 7 minutes. Poor people
17:35 chris yeah :(
17:35 chris we are sending more firefighters over today
17:36 IrmaCalyx Plenty here already - Better keep yours under wraps!
17:36 IrmaCalyx sorry read incorrectly: thanks for the firefighters.
17:37 IrmaCalyx Very high temperatures are forcasted for the weekend
17:39 jdavidb IrmaCalyx, I finally got the context.  When you said "heat" at "37 degrees", I was being too provincial, and thinking in Fahrenheit.    Got me confused...
17:39 chris :)
17:40 IrmaCalyx oops, yes I mean celcius
17:40 jdavidb I can speak both, fairly well, having associated with Canadians off and on for a while...but it didn't hit me that you were in Australia, at first.
17:41 IrmaCalyx Where are you located David?
17:42 jdavidb West Texas.
17:43 Khalsa Don't say that too loud jdavidb, associating with Canadians could get you shot round these parts :p
17:44 jdavidb I have to be nice to Canadians, Khalsa; my boss is one.  As well as three others that I work with here at LL.   :)
17:45 IrmaCalyx Not many Texan around Sydney  ... Have not met many
17:45 chris IrmaCalyx: http://scuttle.mirror.waffleim[…]1edf3beedb7b0.jpg
17:46 jdavidb IrmaCalyx:  I've always wanted to visit Australia and NZ..  My father was in NZ, briefly, in 1942, and swore if we ever elected a preacher to the White House, that's where he'd move to.
17:48 IrmaCalyx Pity "down under" is far away - Can't just come for the weekend!
17:48 jdavidb True.  
17:49 IrmaCalyx Indeed Chris the image is telling. Still 20 fires are burning and getting closer to North Melbourne
17:50 chris yes, and the fear is 2 will merge
17:50 chris
17:51 IrmaCalyx grim news indeed
17:53 hdl_laptop hi Irma
17:53 hdl_laptop hi chris
17:53 IrmaCalyx hi hdl
17:54 chris IrmaCalyx: i think one of my colleagues, who works in australia was going to get in touch with you about koha?
17:55 IrmaCalyx Thanks hdl. We are about 10 hours (driving time) away from the areas. But the human pain is felt by all.  
17:56 IrmaCalyx I spoke with him on Monday and we will try to meet on the 18/2 or 19/2
17:56 chris excellent
17:56 IrmaCalyx thanks for connecting us
17:57 chris no problem
17:58 IrmaCalyx cheers all - A bientot - have a good day :-)
18:00 hdl_laptop have a nice day
18:05 liz omg, sending rain from kansas to australia... I so wish that worked
18:05 liz <go rain, go!>
18:06 hdl_laptop hehe
20:20 pianohacker 'allo, chris
20:21 chris heya pianohacker  :)
20:21 chris paul_p: i had a friand for breakfast (they are french right?)
20:21 paul_p hi chris.
20:22 paul_p friand ??? (in french, it's something we don't eat at breakfast...)
20:23 chris paul_p: its like a muffin?
20:23 paul_p hard to answer & build a solution (Koha+ Drupal)
20:23 paul_p in french, a "friand" is something with salt & saussage. Not really a muffin ;-)
20:23 chris oh, they must be different here
20:24 chris mine was raspberry
20:24 owen Salt and sausage sounds like a very American breakfast!
20:24 gmcharlt combine salt and sausage with a muffin, and you get a cousin to a bacon donut ;)
20:24 chris heh
20:24 chris paul_p: like this[…]spberryFriand.htm
20:25 chris yay for the interwebs! you can find anything
20:25 paul_p gotcha. the "financier" is a french muffin, I understand what a friand can be. very good then ;-)
20:34 chris yes it was :)
21:09 rhcl Are friars friends of friands? Or should I say "frère"?
21:35 paul_p mason around ?
21:36 mason heya paul
21:36 paul_p hi mason. Just seen your commits.
21:36 paul_p An important point :
21:36 paul_p +    <input type="checkbox" name="show_mine" value="1"
21:37 paul_p +    <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="show_mine" -->
21:37 paul_p +        checked="checked"
21:37 paul_p +    <!-- /TMPL_IF -->  />
21:37 paul_p makes the translator become mad !
21:37 paul_p (tmpl_if inside a <>)
21:37 paul_p it must be written :
21:37 paul_p <tmpl_if ...>
21:37 paul_p <input type=checkbox checked="checked />
21:37 paul_p <tmpl_else>
21:38 paul_p <input type=checkbox />
21:38 paul_p </tmpl_if>
21:38 mason gotcha!
21:38 paul_p a little bit longer to write, but easier to read imo, and make the translator happy ;-)
21:38 chris yes, make the translators happy :)
21:39 mason yep, i have no problem with this
21:39 paul_p (1-0 for Argentina atm)
21:40 paul_p (the match being in Marseille, 2km far from me. If it were summer, I could have windows open & hear the supporters crying !)
21:41 chris :)
21:41 mason paul, me re-commit?, or have u made corrections alreday?
21:42 paul_p mason: nope, I did nothing, just spotting the problem now
21:42 mason cool, ill fix now
21:42 paul_p (although I remember having noticed that the translator complained, but could not find time to deal with them)
21:42 paul_p mason: ++
02:53 mason "Perhaps it was the vodka. Perhaps it was the temptation of the five gold rubles. No one knew why. Wow power leveling, moistening his lips, said suddenly: “Yes, Captain..."
02:54 mason i think ive read this one as a teenager...
02:54 chris heh
02:54 chris im getting bored of reverting it
02:56 mason
02:56 mason For using a blacklist in DokuWiki enable the usewordblock option in conf/dokuwiki.php and edit the conf/wordblock.conf. The file contains Regular Expressions (Perl compatible) if any of these match saving is disallowed.
02:57 chris sounds like the winner
03:06 mason yeah, adding  ' https?:\/\/([^\/]*\.)?item4u\.com ' to  /etc/dokuwiki/wordblock.conf   should fix that ;)
03:07 mason i'll send the LL guys an email..
03:27 Amit hi mason good morning
04:15 mason hi amit, good morning to you too
04:15 chris hi amit
04:15 Amit hi chris
04:16 Amit there is one news delhi public library also planning for conducting seminar on koha
04:16 Amit in sept 2009 approx
04:16 Amit chris
04:16 chris cool
04:17 Amit and also planning of making the union catalog
04:17 Amit (koha software)
04:17 chris that's great news
04:18 Amit this is planning not 100% sure
04:18 Amit when i m sure then i will tell u delhi public library librarian tell me this news
04:19 chris cool
04:20 Amit i think u tell me if there is seminar conducting in koha u will also come
04:20 chris i can certainly try
04:21 Amit k
04:21 Amit once i confirm then i will tell u 100%
04:21 chris this year im going to kohacon in texas in april .. but I might be able to do both
04:21 chris excellent thank you
04:21 Amit ok ;)
04:22 mason i im gonna ask my boss too
04:22 chris isnt that you?
04:22 Amit sure mason
04:22 Amit means mason
04:23 mason yeah, i being funny
04:24 mason exciting news amit!
04:24 Amit hmm this is planning when i confirm i will tell u
04:25 mason sure, no hurry...
04:34 Amit so r u coming to india
04:34 Amit mason
04:36 mason hmmm, ill have to wait and see amit, but i would LOVE too :)
04:43 Amit sure 100%
04:43 Amit mason
06:45 chris hmm i hope australia is getting some of this rain too
07:58 chris hi paul and hare9
07:59 paul_p hello chris
08:00 Amit hi paul
08:15 kf good morning koha
08:20 chris hi kf
08:23 HARE9 hi chris
08:23 HARE9 good morning @all
08:23 kf still awake chris? :)
08:25 chris yep for another hour or 2 :)
09:26 chris hi nicomo
09:30 kf hi nicomo
09:30 nicomo hi there
09:32 Amit hi nicomo
09:32 Amit hi kf
09:33 kf hi amit g
09:33 nicomo hi Amit
10:04 chris ok, bedtime
10:08 Elwell nn
10:21 Amit hi elwell
10:29 kf bye koha
10:50 mc l

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