IRC log for #koha, 2009-02-03

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01:02 owen Anyone awake?
01:04 owen Hi there
01:04 kados hiya :-)
01:05 owen I just realized something about how Koha is working now: you can't log in using your card number anymore
01:05 owen You have to log in using your login
01:05 kados heh
01:05 owen It used to be you could do either one. When did that change?
01:05 kados hmmm, I didn't realize that
01:05 kados I thought it still worked doing it either way
01:06 owen I couldn't log in this morning right after our upgrade, and I thought it had something to do with the data migration
01:07 owen Now I realize it was because my card number wasn't saved as my login
01:07 kados owen: does it have to do with how the card number is represented in NPL's database?
01:07 owen I was trying to log in with the exact number stored by Koha
01:07 kados owen: zero padding or something? have you tried using the actual database representation of your cardnumber?
01:08 kados ahh
01:08 kados ok, and it's not being interfered by the barcode input filter?
01:08 owen Correct.
01:08 kados weird
01:10 kados owen: works fine on
01:10 kados owen: joshua.ferraro aka, barcode number 23529001223643, password liblime
01:13 owen What about the staff side?
01:14 kados owen: doesn't work on the staff side
01:14 kados
01:14 kados did it used to?
01:15 owen It must have at some point, but I'm not sure if it ever did in 3.0
01:16 owen I'm happy to see it doesn't affect the OPAC. I was afraid we were going to have to fix all our patron's records
01:17 owen I can handle just the staff :)
01:17 owen Thanks for helping me work that out kados.
01:17 owen Now for some rest...
01:17 kados :)
01:18 kados g'night
03:47 rachel hi ya - kyle if you are here - yes go ahead with the site with my blessing - my computer is madly upgrading itself & I can't get send mail while it does (and am about to knock off for the day)
06:13 Amit hi mason
06:13 Amit hi koha
06:17 Khalsa hi
06:27 Amit hi
06:27 Amit khals
06:27 Amit khalsa
06:28 Khalsa yo
06:28 mc hello all
06:54 kf hello #koha
06:54 kf i saw the release notes for 3.0.x in git
06:55 kf Cross-platform, multi-RDBMS, Web-server agnostic - Run Koha on the platform
06:55 kf of your choice: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris. Koha 3 also
06:55 kf includes better support for multi-RDBMS (MySQL 5.0 and PostgreSQL), and runs
06:55 kf under Apache2, IIS, or the web server of your choosing.
06:55 kf is this correct? i thought postgres is not ready yet and that koha 3.0 cant run on windows?
06:57 kf german translation for staff interface is marked as partial, i think we have a full translation now :)
07:15 Amit hi mc
08:01 chris yeah, hdl will update for 3.0.1 and yes, those notes should be updated
08:15 kf hi chris
08:16 kf superbowl was on news here yesterday - how was your party?
08:18 chris i had to work :(
08:18 kf oh :(
08:18 chris but we all dressed up
08:18 chris you can see photos on my blog
08:18 kf :)

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