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15:37 owen acmoore and anyone: Please file a bug report for any javascript errors you encounter. I fix any I find, so if you find one it's one I don't know about.
15:38 acmoore owen: thanks, it was actually my problem. I had bogus info in my intranetuserjs syspref. I removed it and everything seems OK.
15:38 acmoore but, I'll file any I run across. Thanks!
15:39 owen I got worried when I read chris saying "its known" that many pages have errors.
15:39 owen addLoadEvent sounds like a very old something from dev_week
15:57 atz_ owen: it really was just some bogus stuff in intranetuserjs that got seeded into sysprefs
15:57 atz_ i end up cleaning it from most of our clients setups
16:01 acmoore I removed it from my set up ages ago, but I rebuild my development database from a "known good copy" occasionally. Apparently, it's "known bad" now.
21:40 acmoore_ If I turn on 'warnings' in C4::Biblio, I get a ton of "subroutine redefined" warnings. Is that because of circular dependencies between the C4 modules?
21:40 chris yep
21:40 acmoore_ lovely.
21:41 chris it actually isnt that 'hard' to fix, but it will be time consuming :(
21:42 acmoore was that for koha?
21:42 chris nope, another project
21:43 chris i think with koha tons of things have use C4::Biblio
21:43 chris including probably most all of the things that C4::Biblio uses :)
21:47 acmoore I count 14 C4:/*.pm modules that use it. I'd like to be able to remove the single one that is causing the problem, but I have a feeling that this is the type of problem that grows larger and more painful the longer you look into it.
21:49 chris yep
21:50 chris there will most likely be a function that it needs in there, so you cant just remove the use
21:53 acmoore it seems like something like C4::Koha or something could 'use' all of these modules, and then they wouldn't have to use each other. But, then, they wouldn't really be independently usable.
21:53 chris *nod*
21:54 chris and if C4::Koha used C4::Biblio
21:54 chris and C4::Biblio used C4::Koha .. back where we started ;)
21:54 acmoore I didn't figure that the second part was necessary.
21:55 chris more likely
21:55 chris C4::Koha uses C4::Biblio
21:55 chris C4::Biblio uses C4::Item
21:55 chris C4::Item uses C4::Koha (to make use of something else)
21:56 acmoore yeah, I figured that with the change, none of them would use C4::Koha either.
21:57 chris my guess would be that C4::Biblio would need to use C4::Koha to get to some functions it needs
21:57 chris but that C4::Koha would need to use C4::Biblio to provide functions to things like C4::Search
21:57 acmoore that was the "not independently usable" part.
21:57 chris if that makes sense
21:58 chris yep
21:58 chris whiteboard ans some time is what you need
21:58 chris draw out the dependencies, and get rid of the circular ones
21:58 acmoore I can't think of anything that would need to use C4::Biblio (or any other module) and not need to use C4::Koha.
21:59 chris no thats fine
21:59 chris as long as C4::Biblio doesnt use C4::Koha
21:59 acmoore yeah.
21:59 acmoore but, I don't think I'm about to make this change, at least now.
21:59 chris *nod*
22:02 ryan anyone know offhand where UPC is stored in MARC21 ?
22:03 chris i dont even know what UPC is :)
22:03 gmcharlt ryan: closed is EAN in 024
22:04 gmcharlt closest, even
22:04 gmcharlt chris: do you know what an EAN is? ;)
22:04 chris only in the context of barcodes
22:04 gmcharlt well, that's what it is
22:04 chris ah right
22:06 ryan ah, 024 with ind1=1
22:07 acmoore holy cow. I commented out 3 arbitrary 'use' statements from C4::Biblio and it doesn't complain aboutredefined subs or undefined subs and it appears to work. I wonder if I stumbled upon a reasonable soliution.
22:07 ryan i see danny's recent patch looks at ind1 = '3'  to mean ean , but loc says that means 'International Article Number '
22:08 ryan is ean == ian ?
22:08 gmcharlt acmoore: we should be so lucky - hope that survives detailed testing
22:08 chris only if Europe is the new world ryan :)
22:09 ryan looks like yes , according to oclc... 3 International Article Number (EAN)
22:10 gmcharlt ryan: yes, 024.3 = EAN
22:12 ryan gmcharlt: thx for confirmation
22:13 chris awesome Europe now = International .. that makes life easier :)
22:13 ryan chris: i thought america was the new world "/
22:13 chris seems you have been replaced :)
22:15 chris ryan: are you over in the new offices?
22:17 ryan chris: no, actually movers are coming to the athens office tomorrow to load up.
22:17 chris ahh cool
22:17 chris am i right in remembering easton is the area that has the huge shopping mall thing?
22:21 ryan yep -- they call it a 'town centre', basically a mallified little town.  
22:21 ryan or a townified big mall?
22:21 chris :)
22:23 gmcharlt chris: an example of the beast:
22:24 chris ahhh
22:25 chris or even
22:26 chris looking very festive
22:26 kados
22:26 kados there's a snapshot of the new office
22:26 chris you guys certainly dont do half measures when it comes to holidays ;-)
22:26 kados those three windows are our new board room
22:27 kados and the upstairs area window on the slanted roof is gonna be Sara's room IIRC
22:27 chris ohh cool looking building
22:27 kados though we're still divvying stuff out
22:27 ryan yeah, this developer builds similar malls all round the country, with the same core retailers.
22:28 chris close to home, far from ordinary :)
22:28 chris you sure as hell arent going to be short of places to eat
22:28 chris
22:28 kados yea, it's like downtown Wellington :-)
22:29 kados well, probably less Indian resturaunts though ... /me recalls some good eateries in NZ
22:29 chris more mexican though
22:29 chris it balances out :)
22:29 kados heh
22:30 kados wow, that easton website's fancy
22:30 chris sure is
22:30 chris the search is pretty nice
22:31 chris[…]=4016TownsfairWay
22:31 chris found you guys :)
22:32 kados heh
22:33 kados we lucked out on the space, we happen to be the first space in that building near that entrance
22:33 chris sweet
22:33 kados but it's a much larger building with lots of retail downstairs and office spaces upstairs
22:35 chris spotya later
22:45 Jo Hi there
22:46 Jo Can anyone tell me whether Koha 3.0 can be used for a consortia of libraries, or only Evergreen
22:47 chris no
22:47 chris not only evergreen i mean
22:47 chris its in use in a lot of consortia already
22:48 chris <-- one
22:48 chris thats their koha
22:48 chris there is ckls, masscat, and tons more
22:48 chris the liblime guys will be able to give you a bunch more examples
22:49 chris
22:49 chris some urls at the bottom there
22:49 chris masscat is pretty huge
22:50 chris like more libraries than there are in the whole of nz huge
23:01 Jo thats great - thanks Chris.
23:02 Jo (wanders off to lunch ..)
23:06 liz-nekls yea about it's apparently broken?
23:07 chris yikes so it is
23:07 chris it was working when i pasted that url in tho
23:07 chris so its broken in the last 18 mins
23:07 liz-nekls yea, bizarre
23:08 chris looks like mysql has locked up
23:08 liz-nekls i'm hoping one of those magic folks at liblime will see this message, they're hosting it
23:08 chris atz,gmcharlt,ryan,acmoore
23:08 chris my client beeps when someone says my name, so that might make theirs beep :)
23:09 liz-nekls haha
23:11 gmcharlt chris, liz-nekls: cfouts is looking into it
23:11 chris sweet
23:11 liz-nekls tyvm
23:11 chris the one name i missed typing :)
23:11 liz-nekls thx vhris :)
23:12 liz-nekls chris*
23:12 gmcharlt [ and for the record, my IRC client makes a gentle pop, it does not beep ;) ]
23:12 liz-nekls hehe
23:12 chris gmcharlt: id be interested what the error was, i havent seen that one before
23:12 Sharon it appears to be back up. Thank you.
23:12 liz-nekls woot ty cfouts
23:13 gmcharlt chris: quoth cfouts, he hasn't seen it before either
23:13 Sharon if it matters for troubleshooting - TEST and PROD went down, but LOAD stayed up during this outage
23:15 liz-nekls maybe something to do with too many connections to the database half of the server (this may be a nub suggestion, I don't know how you have the infrastructure set up)
23:25 liz-nekls that was awesome, only 7 minutes down :)
23:28 cfouts it apparently was a result of accumulated connection errors.
23:28 cfouts mysql 5.0 counts the remote host connection errors it sees. once that count reaches a certain threshold (10 by default) is stops accepting connections from that host.
23:29 liz-nekls hmm
23:30 cfouts if your servers are handling hundreds of connections per second and the db runs for months at a stretch, there's a good likelihood of reaching that threshold, even with solid 1GB ethernet connecting them.
23:30 liz-nekls hehehehe very true
23:31 liz-nekls i was going to ask if it was localhost connections or separate machine connections ^.^
23:31 cfouts different machines. we actually have a flock of apache servers talking to a mysql server.
23:31 liz-nekls a flock, I like that
23:31 liz-nekls or a gaggle
23:33 liz-nekls soooo.. increase the tolerance for connection errors?
23:34 gmcharlt cfouts++
23:35 liz-nekls indeed, cfouts++
23:35 cfouts increasing the hard limit requires server restart, so I'm just flushing the counters periodically.
23:35 liz-nekls cool, works for me.
23:39 Sharon I'm glad we had this channel to come to after 5!  Thanks again.
04:51 library hi
08:44 Amit hi
08:44 Amit koha
08:44 Amit hi hdl mason
10:28 chris *sigh*
10:29 SelfishMan eh?
10:30 chris oh just answering emails before be
10:30 chris d
10:30 SelfishMan I'm sorry.  Want my inbox instead?
10:30 chris depends how much is in it :)
10:30 SelfishMan about 1600 unread messages from the last 18 hours
10:30 chris i only have 2831 in my work one
10:31 chris yep ill swap then, net gain :)
10:31 SelfishMan on second thought...
10:31 SelfishMan OK, I now officially fear the MARC record
10:32 chris i pushed past fear a few years ago
10:32 chris i just loathe them now :)
10:32 SelfishMan I was that way before I started dealing with them and now I'm traumatized
10:32 chris heh
10:33 chris right, i need to be awake in 7 hours to go to work, i probably should hit the hay
10:33 SelfishMan sleep well then
10:33 kf g
10:33 kf sleep well chris
10:33 chris good luck not going mental looking at MARC
10:34 SelfishMan The scary thing is they are fluid and natural for me to read now and about as much fun as reading a phone book
10:35 kf im not there yet
10:36 SelfishMan I hope for your sake you never make it that far
10:36 kf i have some experts around at work... so chances are good
10:37 SelfishMan So do I but one of them handed me a book on MARC basics from 1991.  I haven't opened it yet but I took that as a hint to learn what they are. :-P
10:37 kf g

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