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13:13 danny hey owen
13:14 owen Hi danny
13:14 danny I was hoping I could get some more information from you about the use of "yui-b" and "yui-g" use in the opac templates
13:15 owen Sure
13:15 owen Have you checked out the Grids info on Yahoo's site?
13:15 danny I am trying to slightly tweak the formatting of our templates, but the use of each seems to be different depending on the page
13:15 danny I did take a look at it
13:16 owen I wouldn't be surprised if there were some inconsistencies in my implementation ;)
13:16 danny for example, opac-detail has both boxes surrounded by yui-b
13:16 danny but advanced search is only surrounded by yui-g
13:17 danny is this intended
13:18 kados danny: i think so because IIRC, advanced search is a single column
13:18 owen That's correct
13:19 kados danny: check out the yui docs for Grids
13:19 owen And I use this a lot:
13:19 kados danny:
13:19 owen You can test out layouts and try replicating layouts from the opac
13:23 hdl hi
13:23 danny thanks owen and kados
15:44 owen DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute()
15:45 owen Does that error mean that the query failed for some reason?
15:45 hdl yes.
15:45 hdl Normally, you should have the error some lines before.
15:46 owen Oh you're right, there it is
15:46 owen Unknown column 'aqorders.biblioitemnumber' in 'on clause' at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/acqui/ line 49
15:47 owen I'm rusty on SQL joins, but aqorders.biblioitemnumber does exist.
15:58 cau0730 i am having a tough time trying to figure out how this all works?   what our schools want is a master biblio the items are tied to.   the master biblio can have a lcn, but the items can also have an lcn
15:59 gmcharlt cau0730: by 'lcn' do you mean LC call number?
15:59 cau0730 see right now we are getting duplicate biblios in the db for every school that has a new book
15:59 cau0730 gmcharlt: yes
16:01 cau0730 it is kind of like a major rewrite, isn't it?   i just want one master biblio and all the schools to tie onto that biblio
16:02 gmcharlt it would require some data processing to look for duplicates among the MARC bib records
16:03 gmcharlt pick one for each unique title
16:03 gmcharlt and move item information to that selected bib
16:03 gmcharlt e.g., in 952 fieldsa
16:04 cau0730 but the only thing is how to move the item information.  searching the db for duplicates isn't the hard part.  it is getting everything combined once we have them
16:05 cau0730 what table are the marc bib records stored in
16:06 cau0730 can you tell i am new at this  lol
16:11 cau0730 see how we have it setup is really weird.   we have 12 schools on the program right now.   so each one of them have a branch...  and the branch is determined by the ip, so when the user logs in the ip sets the branch name...  following so far???
16:15 gmcharlt yes
16:16 gmcharlt re moving records around, I'm more familiar with Koha 3, not Koha 2
16:16 gmcharlt and you'll have to decide whether to merge records now (in Koha 2), merge them after you go to 3
16:16 gmcharlt or try to merge and migrate in one fell swoop
16:17 cau0730 is there a simple way to merge in koha3?  does it allow a biblio and items tied to the biblio by default
16:18 gmcharlt not at moment, but one is being developed for Koha 3.2
16:18 gmcharlt that being said, there are ways to do it if you don't mind delving in the code a bit
16:19 cau0730 no i don't mind...  that is what i am here for :)
16:22 gmcharlt so the idea is after you migrate to Koha 3
16:23 gmcharlt you would use SQL to move items by changing items.biblionumber and items.biblioitemnumber to point to merged bib
16:24 gmcharlt then run misc/maintenance/ to update item information embedded as tags in the bib record
16:24 gmcharlt finally, reindex
16:29 cau0730 would that not mean that i would have to update code
16:31 cau0730 so you are saying that i would install and get running koha 3.  then i would import my data using[…]30&s=update22to30 information.    then i would move those two fields to merged_bib and then i would run that script and reindex
16:32 gmcharlt basically, yes
16:32 gmcharlt you would have to write some code to identify the duplicate bibs
16:32 gmcharlt and you'd also have to delete the unwanted bibs, of course
16:35 cau0730 of course...  that is easy to do though...
16:36 cau0730 search...  display all bibs...  set one as the master biblio... and delete the rest...
16:36 cau0730 and you are saying that the items field will be tied to the biblio right...  so each branch will show up for each biblio?
16:37 gmcharlt each branch that has a copy of that title, at any rate
16:39 cau0730 well i think that is what we want then
16:41 cau0730 so does the biblio even contain the lcn... cause what i am seeing right now it does not
16:43 cau0730 also is there better flag support in koha 3...   the guy here before tied certain patrons to certain pages...   i want to change that so that say if i have masterlibririan set that that means i can do everything....  superlibririan can do most things, but can't add marcs... and so on
21:46 pianohacker Hello

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