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14:58 gmcharlt owen: for now, can just copy and paste into a new bug report
15:06 owen roughly:[…]-detail-fsc2.html
15:07 owen ...but that would require the 'similar items' block to move as in this example:[…]detail-nekls.html
15:08 gmcharlt looks good, although I think the save the record could retain the format dropdown, as that doesn't affect vertical space much
15:09 owen Does it still make sense to have the link say "Search for this title in..." ? "More searches" ?
15:12 nicomo i have to say I'm not too keen to see the "save" dropdown fall at the end of the page
15:14 owen That's what gmcharlt votes too, nicomo, so I'm trying to put it back up with the Hold and Cart links.
15:14 nicomo ok, i had misunderstood
15:15 kados it's too easy to confuse that with the shelf browser IMO
15:15 gmcharlt well, similar items could be relegated to a tab, a la the reviews and comments
15:16 kados what if all of the right-hand stuff were to move to the left-hand side of the page and the tabbed interface were to the right of it?
15:16 owen You still get a situation where the holding table is giving the page a lot of horizontal scrolling
15:17 kados so you'd basically have two columns -- the left-hand one(30% of the page), and the right-hand one (70% of the page)
15:18 owen But, that idea fits better with the layout framework in terms of managing space.
15:19 nicomo I like gmcharlt idea : a tab for similar items
15:23 kados nicomo: i do too, but I also like the current design for that, which adds depth to the page and gives it a more amazon-style look and feel
15:25 owen Makes it look like there are lots of goodies to explore
15:29 danny if you go back to keep the right column the same, whether it is on the right or the left, you still have the problem of the item table being too wide, like you said, is it possible to think about redesigning the table
15:30 danny could have sorting down by drop down instead of the table sorter arrows, then you could group some columns together
15:31 owen danny: true, but you can't do that with jquery like we do now. It would require a page-reload.
15:35 danny right, unless you had the drop down list just do an ajax query when selected to display the table instead of a page reload
15:36 owen Sure. My natural inclination is to look for client-side solutions
15:36 gmcharlt I'd be in favor of using AJAX for the items just on general principles
15:37 owen[…]-detail-fsc3.html
15:40 frederic owen: intersting discussion and nice screenshots!
15:41 frederic I like this one:[…]detail-nekls.html
15:41 frederic On the top left, you have a grey box with: Place hold, Print and Add to your cart.
15:42 frederic On the bottom, you have to grey boxes: Search for this titles and Save Record.
15:42 frederic Why wouldn't you group them on the top left, replacing "Place hold,etc."?
15:42 frederic You could have just tree items with subitems: (1) This title, (2) Search elsewhere and (3) Save. When you click on This title, you show options: Place hold, etc.
15:43 gmcharlt frederic: that would hide common actions
15:44 gmcharlt place hold, etc. should remain visible
15:44 frederic gmcharlt: no so common except add to cart
15:45 gmcharlt as always, depends on users
15:45 gmcharlt place hold is very common action in my experience
15:45 frederic for me the model is Flickr menu bar
15:46 owen Yeah, I would expect place hold to be the most common action for my users
15:46 owen frederic: in general we try to avoid application-like widgets in the Opac in favor of links and buttons
15:48 frederic owen: Google main page operates also that way. You have an horizontal menu bar, very unobstrusive, with an arrow for accessing uncommon options
15:49 owen Yes, just as we have in the staff client
15:49 frederic owen: yes, but without button: it occupies to much space
15:51 owen anyway, I don't think the vertical space taken up by the hold, save, and search links is really an issue
15:51 owen It's really a question of how to make room for both a wide holdings table and a potentially large list of similar items
15:51 frederic Look this one for example (bottom of the page):[…]nu/demo/demo.html
15:53 frederic That's why I said this layout works better for me:[…]detail-nekls.html
15:54 frederic The question becomes: how to dispose action menus, Place hold, Print, Save, Search worldcat, etc. and so a menu with suboptions if necessary
15:56 owen Not if you go with this option,[…]-detail-fsc2.html
15:58 frederic Yes, but More searches for this title requires a submenu, isn't it?
15:58 owen Yes, but a simple dropdown menu, similar to the "Lists" button
15:59 owen Sorry guys, I have to head out. Feel free to keep up the discussion.
15:59 frederic owen: I'm not saying something else...
16:18 frederic gmcharlt: I got two patches awaiting your approval. Did I miss something?
16:18 gmcharlt frederic: no, I'm just in process of trying to catch up with the patch queue
16:19 frederic I can imagine, thks
16:20 atz gmcharlt: just sent a cute security patch for that till reconciliation report-that-should-not-be
16:20 gmcharlt atz: just pushed it
16:21 gmcharlt atz: since it's commented out, please post on koha-devel asking if anybody objects to removing it outright (and is willing to fix it)
16:21 gmcharlt if you don't hear anything, kill it
16:21 atz word
18:45 cau0730 hi :)   hows everyone doing???
18:46 cau0730 so I work for a school division that has been using koha2 in their schools and I have recently came on board and want to upgrade to koha 3.   how different is the db and how hard would it be to import the data over from the koha 2 db.    
18:48 cau0730 let me state that i am a new hire here and the old guy that was originally working with this koha version really messed it up, so i am actually here to fix it and i think if we are going to fix it that one of the steps would be to move to koha 3
18:54 cau0730 i also want to state that i think koha is a great project.  i currently work on the syllable project(
19:06 acmoore hi cau0730. I'm pretty sure there's an upgrade script in the distribution to convert your 2.whatever database to a 3.0 one and to help you move your data.
19:06 acmoore I don't know much about it, though.
19:07 gmcharlt cau0730: have a look at[…]30&s=update22to30
19:07 gmcharlt I'd recommend that you take lots of backups, of course
19:08 gmcharlt and you may want to set up a test Koha 3.0 DB first, to get familiar with the new features
19:08 gmcharlt before trying the upgrade from Koha 2
19:19 cau0730 thank you all very much
19:20 cau0730 we have two servers... one is our production server and one is our test...  we will be using the test for everything like this until we have a working product
19:21 cau0730 one thing to note is that i plan on pushing some of my changes back into koha...   who would i submit them to?
19:22 acmoore you can get a copy of the koha git repository and use that to create patches, then send them to the list. You should probably subscribe to the koha-devel mailing list, too, in case you want to get more help with your potential changes or listen in on what some others are up to.
19:22 acmoore the wiki at the address that gmcharlt sent you has more information about contributing, using git, and the mailing lists.
19:23 acmoore patches are always encouraged!
19:23 cau0730 thank you again
19:23 cau0730 you will definitely get patches from me :)
19:23 cau0730 one thing is there an inventory system in koha 3 yet
19:24 cau0730 btw: i am mainly a c++ programmer with some php knowledge so i have all ready 2 books in perl :)   i love perl's regular expressions though :)
19:26 cau0730 also does anyone know if the z3950 works in v3 because i was told that it didn't work in 2
19:28 cau0730 btw: i really wasn't lying when i said this guys code is bad...   he statically creates functions in each file to do the same functionality that he wants instead of just creating his own package
19:30 gmcharlt cau0730: Z39.50 works in Koha 3 - both to search other targets and to search the Koha database
19:31 gmcharlt there's also an inventory tool, but it's pretty simple
21:00 cau0730 .thanks about the inventory tool  :)  that will help
21:01 cau0730 i can't seem to get 3 installed though   for some reason apache won't load properly
21:01 cau0730 i am sure i will get it working though
21:19 gmcharlt hdl: about?
21:30 gmcharlt topicfight!
21:30 gmcharlt :)
21:30 gmcharlt so you've been working on a time machine in your spare time, chris?
21:31 chris well its yesterday where you are :)
21:31 gmcharlt you NZers are so insufferable, being just slightly ahead of us USians all the time ;)
21:31 chris heh
21:33 gmcharlt been doing much playing with memcached and Koha lately?
21:33 chris not lately, but i have been doing a lot with it for work
21:34 chris and adding nginx to the mix
21:34 chris (nginx can serve pages directly out of memcached if they exist)
21:34 chris which is pretty nice
21:35 chris so I have lots of ideas to apply :)
21:37 chris mostly there are a lot of objects in koha, that could be cached
21:38 chris the languages is a big win (if its on it shows on every page on the opac and is slow to generate .. and doesnt change)
01:07 atz wow I never knew the library of congress OPAC was such crap!
01:07 atz
01:07 atz not even close to valid HTML... this is pre browser-wars insanity
01:09 atz there's a mix of LINK, SCRIPT and TABLE tags... before the DOCTYPE!
01:11 atz and more after the </body>
01:12 atz just.... wow.
03:24 kados that's voyager for ya
09:44 soroush Hi Guys! Can you help me with an indexing problem, please?
10:34 soroush anybody can help me?

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