IRC log for #koha, 2008-09-12

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12:37 Amit Hi
12:37 Amit List
12:37 Amit #koha
12:37 owen Hi Amit
12:38 Amit Hi owen
12:40 acmoore Amit: sorry I missed you yesterday. If you get some information for a INSTALL.centos file, send it to or to
12:40 Amit ok
12:43 Amit i will send in a proper manner for a INSTALL.centos file on the given email address
13:53 Amit good night
13:53 Amit #koha
14:10 danny hello #koha
14:11 owen Hi danny
14:11 gmcharlt hi danny
15:06 owen gmcharlt: Just to be sure, Bug 2600 is talking about actual angle bracket characters within titles, right? "My <bold> book"
15:07 gmcharlt yes
15:09 owen Okay, that's going to be a biggie, now that I start thinking about it
15:09 owen Lots more affected pages
15:09 gmcharlt thought as much :/
15:24 owen Hi Sharon
15:24 Sharon Howdy
15:43 owen gmcharlt: not sure how to handle the search results page. The script formats titles with syntax-highlighting markup.
15:47 gmcharlt owen: for the highlighting, one approach would be to emit strings that take it as a list of words
15:47 gmcharlt TMPL_LOOP over them
15:47 gmcharlt and set the highlight span if a highlighted flag is set
15:48 gmcharlt that way need not know any HTML
17:15 owen gmcharlt: do you have customers using self checkout?
17:15 gmcharlt owen: not sure, but probably not many
17:16 owen I'm sure the template need work. I don't think I touched them in the 3.0 redesign.
17:16 gmcharlt I think what use there is via SIP2 selfcheck machines, not Koha's own SCO
17:21 Sharon NExpress has a library using self-check.  We worked with Joe to get the 3M machines set up, if that helps.
17:29 owen Sharon: just feeling sorry about the sad state of the SCO templates
18:06 nengard question about holds "allowonshelfholds is set to OFF and it let me place a hold on the next available item - how do I make it so a bib that is on the shelf can't be put on hold?"
20:20 chris ata marie
20:22 gmcharlt howdy
20:25 chris whens the big move gmcharlt ?
20:27 gmcharlt finding place next week
20:27 gmcharlt move itself a couple weeks thereafter
20:27 chris cool
20:53 danny trying to get all of our RFCs added before the meeting tomorrow
20:53 danny i know i'll have to go back and add some more detail to some of them
20:53 danny just wanted to get atleast something up there so they can be discussed if needed
21:00 acmoore good thinking, danny.
21:15 danny atz: or anyone else is Syndetics enhanced content supported in Koha?
21:16 atz for a second i thought it was, but i was confused.  
21:16 danny I haven't read anything about that but maybe I missed it?
21:16 danny ok
21:16 atz baker & taylor was added as a sponsored thing last year
21:16 atz or early spring
21:17 atz syndetics is next on the list of major content guys
21:17 danny ok just making sure I didn't miss it
21:17 atz i'd like to change the whole operation of enh. content to allow more than one source
21:17 danny that would be great
21:17 atz with js/ajax failover
21:18 atz as it stands though, i have other stuff on my plate
21:19 atz it's fairly "do-able" though
21:20 atz see C4/External/
21:20 danny ok, I was thinking about how it would be done without adding too much overhead of having to check to see if it exists in with one then going to the next
21:20 danny i'll take a look at that
21:21 atz the google model uses all client-side js
21:22 atz what we'd have to build is Koha server scripts that return ajax in a style similar to google
04:18 Amit good morning
04:18 Amit #koha
04:18 mason hi amit
04:18 Amit hi mason
04:19 mason how did the debian install go?
04:19 mason i did a new debian install last night too
04:19 Amit allmost complete
04:19 Amit there is net connection problem
04:20 Amit so i was late
04:20 mason go stuck on the CGI::Session bug for a while :(
04:20 Amit installation on debian
04:20 Amit yes
04:20 Amit i know CGI::Session
04:20 Amit in centos also it create a production trapped error
04:20 Amit but i handle it
04:20 Amit comfortable
04:20 mason i think its actually a  CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml  bug
04:20 Amit not
04:21 Amit but i installed for CGI::Sessio 4.10
04:21 Amit then it run fine
04:21 mason ah, old version before the bug :)
04:21 Amit yes
04:21 mason cool, good thinking
04:22 Amit i m using this one version if production error is occur
04:22 Amit GD creates a problem in debian
04:24 mason yes, a little trick there too
04:25 Amit by forcefully installation
04:25 Amit but no problem in case of centos
04:26 mason $apt-get install libgd-noxpm
04:26 mason $ cpan GD
04:26 Amit ok
04:26 mason this will fix, i think
04:26 Amit there is one more installation of koha on centos
04:26 Amit for me
04:27 Amit that is also on production
04:27 mason $ apt-get install libgd2-noxpm-dev
04:27 Amit last of sep or oct starting
04:27 mason it might need the 'dev' package....
04:27 Amit ok
04:30 Amit GD installed
04:30 Amit successfully

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