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12:51 owen Hey all
12:52 brendan How many of you are running Koha 3.0 on the 5.8 version of Perl compared to the 5.10?
12:52 danny hey owen
13:02 owen hdl around?
13:02 hdl hi
13:02 hdl owen
13:03 owen Hi hdl, I wonder if you saw my latest comment on Bug 2195:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2195
13:03 owen I wanted to ask your opinion on that proposed change
13:04 hdl ok with that.
13:05 hdl provided the checkboxes comes BEFORE the button
13:05 hdl (because i think that users wil fail to enter something before clicking the button if it is not that way.
13:05 hdl Would it be ported to too ?
13:06 owen yeah, I think that makes sense, even though my eyes wanted to see those buttons line up :)
13:06 hdl could be a fieldset.
13:07 hdl with checkboxes and button don't you think ?
13:07 hdl fieldset Renew fieldset return.
13:08 hdl So One could not return and renew at once any longer.
13:08 hdl Well. Not a severe problem
13:08 hdl .
13:08 owen Yeah, we lose the ability to renew and return at the same time. But I think that would prove confusing to most users
13:09 owen I hadn't looked at porting it to circulation too
13:11 hdl owen : porting it to circulation would be great. because abilities should be better on circulation than Member page.
13:11 hdl imho.
13:11 hdl And at the moment it is not the case.
13:12 hdl yes it was already said.
13:12 hdl And kados thinks that too.
13:13 hdl But it already displays old records and holds.
13:13 hdl If it displays, it should/could allow some process on it, don't you think ?
13:13 hdl just discussing.
13:14 owen Sure, I understand.
13:14 hdl my point of view.
13:15 hdl I think that having those two pages displaying quite the same information but with different process options is quite awkward.
13:16 hdl Maybe memberdetail bottom of the page should eventually disappear.
13:16 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:16 hdl hi gmcharlt
13:16 danny hey gmcharlt
13:16 owen hdl: I think that may be the answer.
13:17 hdl But we should be sure to provide users with the features they like.
13:17 hdl And this way to update renewals and returns was asked.
13:18 owen I'll be more comfortable with the change when circulation is AJAX-ified.
13:19 hdl And I think it is really good for ppl who are in a personnal relation rather than in a big library corporation with much patrons to circulate.
13:20 MikeJones good morning folks
13:21 owen Hi MikeJones
13:22 MikeJones How are ya owen?
13:22 owen Good...just trying to remember where I left off yesterday
13:23 MikeJones haha
13:23 MikeJones I left off tearing my hair out trying to figure out an error when I was loading host:8080 to finish up my install
13:23 MikeJones Called it quits, figured I'd come here this morning and see if I could get some help, just tried loading the page again, and sure enough, it worked
13:30 MikeJones I think it's like when i take help desk phone calls, just me being on the phone, problem fixes itself...just coming here scared the install into working
13:31 owen anyone familiar with the procedure in git for applying a change to the last commit?
13:32 gmcharlt owen: commit the second change, git rebase --interactive origin, and squash the second patch into the first
13:33 owen Thanks gmcharlt, I'll give it a try
13:45 owen gmcharlt: I'm glad you caught the intranetuserjs bug. I didn't realize there was any default value
13:45 danny owen, when viewing a patron in the intranet side of koha, is there a design reason why the zip code is not listed in the upper left hand side with the rest of the patron's address?
13:46 owen danny: No, looks like a bug to me
13:48 danny ok, mind if I give that one a try? =)
13:48 owen Not at all
13:48 MikeJones if i may...woohooo!!
13:48 danny trying to start with small stuff to get some more experience
13:49 danny lol
13:49 MikeJones tons of frustration yesterday, and now it's working
13:49 owen MikeJones: Your computer just needed a good night's rest and a bowl of cereal.
13:49 MikeJones probably
13:51 MikeJones This was probably the easy part, because next I have to export a small set of records from our current system, import them into Koha, and then try and get our Google search appliance to interface with Koha
13:53 owen gmcharlt++ for pointing out git rebase --interactive. That's gonna make my life a little easier.
13:53 gmcharlt acmoore++ for showing me that in the first place :)
14:02 acmoore it's from
14:18 atz_ gotta love #kohanews (on freenode): ГлоÑ?арій, Ñ?ловник термінів длÑ? перекладу Коха на українÑ?ьку
14:18 atz_ "Koxa"
14:19 gmcharlt yeah, the Ukrainians are very busy
15:03 owen anyone else not get any vendors in the 'filter' menu on the Late Orders page? acqui/
15:10 hdl owen : is there no problem with displaying the person that asked for a suggestion at OPAC for other users?
15:10 owen I think that is a problem for many
15:11 hdl Should we remove this personnal information ?
15:11 hdl and maybe replace by user's library  ?
15:13 owen hdl, I think that's a great idea
15:22 pianohacker hdl++
15:47 nengard liz you around?
15:48 liz ya sup
16:20 nengard liz- i forget now ;) hehehe
16:35 liz nengard - lol I hate it when that happens
16:35 nengard oh - wait i think it was about tametheweb
16:35 nengard hang on - i'll get the link
16:35 liz k
16:35 nengard check it out - I made you famous  hehe
16:41 acmoore pianohacker: is the AllowRenewalLimitOverride syspref part of the effort to let users edit sysprefs directly from the syspref list?
16:42 pianohacker acmoore: No, it is a feature I added for the library I work for
16:42 pianohacker Allows renewal limits to be overriden
16:43 acmoore pianohacker: I think that it's confusing to include it in[…]nces-screen.patch
16:45 pianohacker Hmm
16:45 pianohacker Odd, not sure how that got in there
16:46 liz lol nicole awesome
16:51 pianohacker He
17:06 pianohacker Okay, patch sen
17:20 rhcl methinks tametheweb is dead ATT.
17:31 nengard rhc1 i can get there
17:31 liz me too
17:35 rhcl Seems to be up now :)
17:36 rhcl you guys went in the back room and restarted the server real quick, didn't ya? That's OK, I do that with my users too. :)
18:19 liz lol, it's not *my* server :)
18:20 liz it's like being on hold with ATT when your internet is down... well it looks ok to... <click click click of keys in bacckground> me whydontyoutryitnow
18:20 liz <as he hits enter on whatever change he just made>
18:20 danny lol
18:21 liz :)
18:57 danny wow, and I thought this was gonna be a little change lol
18:58 owen ?
18:58 danny the zip code thing i mentioned before, turned out that two of the pages weren't even pulling that variable
18:59 danny so i had to go to the perl scripts and have them pull that variable
18:59 danny then i noticied that the category name isn't displaying on the Check Out tab
19:01 danny i fixed most of it, just thought it was interesting since I thought it was just going to be as simple as adding the variable to
19:01 danny hehe
20:07 MikeJones well, got some test records imported...just can't do an author search
20:07 MikeJones i only imported marc records though, no holding records
20:16 owen Under MARC subfield constraints > more constraints > other options (choose one), the choose one refers to authorized value, thesaurus, or plugin, right? Koha link is separate?
21:29 chris morning
21:44 gmcharlt hi chris
21:58 chris heya gmcharlt, you guys doing anything for software freedom day?
21:58 gmcharlt chris: trying to figure that out, actually
21:58 gmcharlt how about you?
21:58 chris yeah,
21:59 chris work is helping organise a barcamp and a hackfest
21:59 mc hello world
21:59 mc good to know:
21:59 mc[…]l-what-a-tragedy/
21:59 chris i figure ill talk about koha the barcamp
22:00 chris yeah, not pretty mc
22:00 mc yeah
22:02 mc beastie is missing on your web page, chris
22:02 chris ahh yeah
22:04 chris i think we might be sticking to the copyleft licenses
22:05 chris but ill drop the ppl who made the page an email to check
22:06 mc cool
22:08 chris i wonder if there are some small features, or low barrier to entry bugs i can convince ppl to hack on for the hackfest :)
22:28 mc provide a way to use TT instead of html::template !
22:28 mc ;)
22:28 mc i launched the troll: i can go to bed now
22:28 mc cya all
22:30 chris heh
22:30 chris night
01:27 kwak hi frederic and all: i checked the tag 952, sorry but i'm new to this and don't know which one to change so that MARC21 will be imported correctly.
04:13 kwak hi again. i've read the manual on adding libraries. but how do I delete the existing ones? I can't delete Franklin, Midway, Pleasant Valley, Springfield.
04:28 mason kwak: watch yr error log..
04:35 mason fyi: i have the same problem too on a koha3-stable...
04:36 kwak mason: i got it now. you can't delete libraries with existing patrons.
04:37 kwak what im trying to do now is importing MARC21 records. it seems that the source is not using tag 952 that's why when i import it, KOHA reports no holdings but the records are there. do you have any idea how to fix this
04:37 mason ah, no warning tho... that needs a bug logged - if there isnt one already
04:39 mason yes, sounds like u probably need to parse your marc records with a script, and remap your data to the expected koha fields
04:39 mason then write out to a file
04:39 mason[…]ib/MARC/
04:40 mason its a pretty common issue when importing MARC records between ILSs
04:41 mason and a pretty straightforward fix, once you get the hang of it
04:43 kwak thanks mason, but im new to this and i saw the page. scares me. hehehe, any hints on where to start?
04:44 kwak how about option in koha to just put all holdings into one library.
04:45 mason hmm, not that i know of
04:53 kwak if there's no option for this, then importing is also a tedious job.
04:54 kwak i'm also looking for an answer to "resetting the borrower number". when i installed koha, i clicked the install sample data and of it has patrons in it. now when i add patrons, the borrower number starts at 50.
07:05 frederic What do you mean with 'the records are there'?
07:05 frederic If you can see item records linked to biblio record in Koha librarian interface, it means that your items have been correctly imported but you have a Koha configuration issue: library/branch definition for example, or item type definition.
07:06 frederic Otherwise, you have to find a way to populate your biblio records with 952 entries BEFORE importing them.
07:07 kwak frederic: when i search for books in the OPAC, it returns results. Then when i click a book title, holdings = 0
07:07 kwak how to do this 952. i've been searching for clues but to no avail

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