IRC log for #koha, 2008-08-27

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20:26 slef is known down?
20:26 gmcharlt crap - was down, back up, and down again
20:26 chris looks like it
20:26 gmcharlt notified sysadmin
20:26 gmcharlt possible DOS
20:35 atz_ lame brute force SSH
20:36 chris is the wiki on the same box?
20:37 atz_ i'm guessing.  a liblimer mentioned dog-slowness recently.
20:37 chris yeah, i cant get to either of them
20:52 gmcharlt ok, should be back now - latest DOS blocked
20:53 chris restrict ssh access to only 1 or 2 ips?
20:54 gmcharlt chris: it has a HTTP DOS this time
20:54 gmcharlt wa
20:54 gmcharlt was, even
20:54 chris ahh annoying
20:54 chris i blame sirsi/dynix
20:55 gmcharlt lol
21:02 acmoore probably arbitrarily chosen, I'd bet. I hope they move on to somone else quickly. Or, at least that they will quickly grow up and stop being twirps.
21:02 chris much more chance of the first than the second
21:51 slef acmoore: report to ISP and CERT (if you have one - we don't), cross fingers
22:01 atz_ juniper can do some interesting network security stuff, including making *all* your available (unused) IP space into virtual honeypots
22:02 atz_ and then based on the offender's tripping intrusion detection wasting their time on honeypots, blocks them off from the whole network
22:03 atz_ very clever

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