IRC log for #koha, 2008-08-21

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12:40 kados
12:40 kados Government of Kerala decides to use Koha.
12:42 hdl Yes I read that yesterday
12:42 hdl hi
12:42 nengard awesome
12:43 nicomo why the chuckle?
12:44 kados nicomo: just that I've never seen anyone from Kerala that I know of post to the list
12:44 kados nicomo: I get a kick out of libraries implementing Koha who I've never heard of :-)
12:45 nicomo ah... see
12:45 nicomo that's right: comes out of the blue
12:46 danny hello #koha
12:46 kados g'morning danny
12:46 owen "The installation process of the 2.2.9... of the software has been customized..."
12:47 kados hehe
12:47 kados yea, too bad they're not on 3.0
15:00 atz what is with kohaspsuggest?
15:01 atz it requires a different database?  with what?
15:07 kados atz: yea
15:07 kados atz: it's a feature that worked in 2.2 but hasn't been forward-ported
15:07 atz ok, good.  that's what it looked like
15:07 kados atz: there's a script in misc/spellcheck_suggest/
15:08 kados that in 2.2, built the index needed for spsuggest to work
15:08 kados I tried to build a zebra version but zebra 'scan' spits back raw index data that's ugly
15:08 kados so it didn't work out
15:09 kados someone who's interested in the area of spellchecking may want to revive it, but it hasn't been a super priority
15:24 liz kafos any eta on when the spellcheck feature will be back in?
15:24 liz er, kados
15:24 owen Sounds like it's a matter of folks asking for it and/or someone volunteering to port it
15:24 liz gotya

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