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12:18 hdl hi
12:19 danny hello #koha!
12:25 gmcharlt hi danny
12:27 nengard have you all taken the open source ils survey?  [[…]1Wx14UMtc2g_3d_3d]
12:53 danny Does anyone know if there is any sample marc data that comes with Koha or anywhere that I can find some?
13:10 acmoore looks like git 1.6 is out:
13:12 gmcharlt danny: I can send you a couple small MARC files
13:22 danny gmcharlt: oh sorry I missed that message, that would be great, thank you!
14:30 atz sweet, new git.
14:31 acmoore atz: if you install it on arwen, let me know I might put your bin in my path or something.
14:32 acmoore I was hoping they'd let us put a hook after git-send-email, but it doesn't look like it. That would have been good to copy commit messages and patches to bugzilla.
14:32 atz i'll have to read the release notes
14:46 liz question... strange issue (kind of)
14:46 liz on the add patron screen, on the little java calendar
14:46 liz if you click the drop down "year back" button it only shows the odd years back
14:46 liz (because we are in an even year)
14:47 liz if your start year is odd, you click on the dropdown and it only shows even years
14:47 liz is this working as intended or something that needs a tweak?
14:48 liz the same behavior is noted on the forward button dropdown in the java calendar
14:48 liz start year even = displays only odd years
14:48 liz start year odd = displays only even years
14:49 danny oh interesting, I see what you mean
14:49 liz yea, we thought that the years were missing
14:49 liz at first
14:51 atz liz, yeah that is intentional
14:51 atz somewhat strange, but intentional
14:51 liz so I have something to tell them (lol) what's the reasoning?
14:52 atz i think the idea being that you can already step by a single year w/ the < and >
14:52 atz and the lists would be too long w/ every year in there
14:54 liz would that be something that we could change for our specific installation? I can just see our users throwing a fit about it
14:54 atz liz: unlikely
14:54 atz have them enter the text they want then, they don't have to use the gui
14:54 liz hehe yea, that's probably the easiest way around it
14:54 liz *I* see where you're coming from ;)
14:55 atz or at least enter they year they want... then the rest of the gui should be what they expect
14:59 liz thanks atz
15:23 acmoore Oh, how embarassing. I just found out about 'git format-patch --numbered' which will change the subject line from [PATCH]... to [PATCH 2/6]... (with the appropriate numbers). I no longer have to keep track of the numbering myself!
15:39 gmcharlt heh - that is convenient
15:42 acmoore I'm also going to start using -M and --cover-letter, I think.
20:13 chris morning
20:14 gmcharlt hi chris
20:14 gmcharlt still snowy?
20:15 chris not in wellington, but up on the hills around the city yep
20:16 chris but i have a hot bagel, and a hot coffee so im all good :)
20:47 liz mm bagels
20:48 chris yeah, they arent as good as bagles you get in the US .. there is only 1 place in the whole of wellington that does them .. but they are ok
20:50 liz i hear that the best bagels are made at home
22:56 jmaslibre Hello
22:57 jmaslibre I am new to Koha, and i am reading de INSTALL file
22:57 jmaslibre there says:  PostgreSQL support in
22:57 jmaslibre Koha is experimental
22:58 jmaslibre I realy prefer postegresql over mysql
22:58 jmaslibre should I use postgresql ?
22:58 chris not in production
22:58 chris but if you want to get it up and running and work on the postgres support, fix any bugs, send patches etc
22:58 chris then that would be awesome
22:59 chris it hasnt been tested enough for us to recommend anyone use it in production yet
23:00 jmaslibre chris: Tanks a lot
23:00 jmaslibre I think, i will use postgres, for testing, in my computer
23:01 jmaslibre and mysql for de production system
23:01 jmaslibre *the
23:01 jmaslibre *the production system
23:05 gmcharlt jmaslibre: good luck with the Pg port - as chris says, it would be great if somebody continued work on it
23:06 jmaslibre Well, I have to convince my boss to use Koha
23:07 jmaslibre over a propietary option
23:07 jmaslibre If i can make the migration, from a database using Micro Isis
23:08 jmaslibre Koha will be the winner.
23:09 jmaslibre in fact my library will be the winer, if this happens :)
23:10 jmaslibre Now, I will install koha, with mysql for the Demo.
23:41 jmaslibre Thanks a lot for your help
01:03 aindilis hello, for the newircbot do you have the web based code for searching it?
01:04 chris yep, its the same url as the old one
01:04 chris i ported all the old databse over when it shifted last year too
01:04 aindilis um, I have a copy of the modified funbot and I'm wanting to use the code to setup searching of my own #posi, #posi-chat and #posi-core channels
01:05 chris how is your funbot logging?
01:05 chris the one logging here, was modified to insert into a database
01:05 chris then the code searches the db
01:06 chris
01:06 aindilis yeah, I want to setup that code on my webserver, do you have a copy of that code?  I may have misunderstood already..
01:06 aindilis thanks btw
01:06 chris well that code will only work if your funbot is logging the same way
01:07 chris or do you want a copy of the code that does the logging in funbot?
01:09 chris either way, i no longer have ssh access to the machine(s) the bot and the website are on, so cant get the code from there
01:09 chris i probably have copies in my old cvs repo tho
01:09 chris its pretty specific stuff, you would have to hack on it a bit to get it to work
01:10 aindilis okay I think we are going to switch to a differnt bot so don't worry about it, I was just seeing if it was handy, sorry about the delay, thanks
01:10 aindilis keep up the good koha work!
01:11 aindilis (the librarian I'm helping keeps thanking me for koha lol)
01:11 chris hehe thats good :)
01:12 aindilis
01:12 aindilis a place to facilitate working on goals together
01:12 chris ohh what a good idea
01:12 chris kinda like superhappydevhouse
01:13 chris
01:13 aindilis thanks
01:15 gmcharlt aindilis: ping me tomorrow and I can give you a tarball of the code that does the logging
01:15 aindilis great thanks!
01:24 gmcharlt aindilis: actually, hold on that - the log search may not be open source after all - will find out if it will be GPLed
01:28 aindilis okay np
04:07 kwak hi, doing a trial installation again today, i get a test failed when installing XML::Dumper
04:07 kwak i did force install, will this be ok?
04:48 kwak is there an easier way to install koha, i've been trying to install but without success.
04:48 kwak followed the instructions in install.debian. im install DBD::mysql now and it just won;t install
06:40 hdl kwak : force install
06:41 hdl DBD::mysql is trying to create a test database and fails.
06:45 chris there shold be no need
06:45 chris to install it from cpan
06:45 chris if you are using ubuntu
06:45 chris just apt-get install it
06:46 chris in fact, very few modules need to be installed from cpan with hardy
06:46 chris hi hdl :)
06:46 hdl hi
06:46 chris i found toins on facebook the other day :)
06:49 chris kwak: section 1.5
06:50 chris that should all work with ubuntu too
06:57 hdl ;)
07:28 kwak hi chris and hdl, i'm installing it again im following the debian instal readme.
09:14 kwak im installing Net::Z3950::ZOOM file, and i get failed messages.
09:15 kwak Failed Test 'datebase drop 'gtssxsppqf' refused 10000
09:15 kwak what does this mean, i have a lot of this
09:15 kwak failed 2/22 test scripts, 90.91% okay 42/714 subtests failed,
09:24 hdl kwak: seems it is trying to create and test a database.
09:24 hdl kwak: i think you can skip
09:59 kwak hi hdl, i'm trying it again with a fresh install of etch.
09:59 kwak dpkg --set-selections was not working earlier

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