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13:35 slef hi all
13:45 owen Hi slef
13:57 slef Are there any instructions for SIPServer other than what's in the koha source?
14:15 atz slef: it's basically:  perl -I C4/SIP/ C4/SIP/ C4/SIP/SIPconfig.xml & #to run in background
14:26 atz documentation lacking, amittedly.
14:49 acmoore NYTimes profile v2 is out:[…]n-perl-profilers/ I wonder who goad into playing with it on koha.
14:54 owen acmoore:[…]re-profiling-fun/
15:40 su-erin what is the best path for koha to reside in, /usr/local/share/koha ?
15:40 atz su-erin: take your pick
15:42 acmoore I think it defaults to /usr/share/koha
15:42 acmoore that seems to work for a lot of people. /usr/local/share/koha would be fine. I'll bet something like /home/koha is popular, too.
15:42 atz acmoore: depends on the kind of installation you select
15:43 acmoore they type, or just the OS?
15:43 atz yeah, if it is a developer install, "single" install or strictly linux FS compliant install
15:44 atz it would be problematic if the developer install always tried to go to the same place...
15:44 acmoore ah, yeah. I was ignoring the developer install. I don't think I understand what else you were saying. Are there three things in your list, there?
15:44 su-erin atz: thanks
15:45 acmoore How do you do a strictly linux FS compliant install? Is that just the single install, or are there differences?
15:47 atz acmoore: galen would be able to explain the details best, since he wrote the installer
15:48 atz but i think it breaks out the configs to /etc/
15:48 atz logs to /var/log , etc
15:48 acmoore oh. that is nice.
15:49 atz of course I'm always using the developer install... so my experience is limited
15:50 pianohacker su-erin: I've done /opt/koha a few times
15:51 su-erin ;) k thanks pianohacker
16:39 mc cataloguing/value_builder/u​
16:39 mc cataloguing/value_builder/
16:39 mc cataloguing/
16:39 mc those files seems to use a cataloguing/value_builder/u​
16:39 mc cataloguing/value_builder/
16:39 mc cataloguing/
16:40 mc oopps ... sorry
16:40 mc those files, i said, use a newauthority function
16:40 mc it seems that this fonction doesn't still exists
16:41 paul mmm... unimarc_field_700... & unimarc_field_600... should be removed. koha 2.0 scripts.
16:41 mc yep
16:41 mc AddAuthority replaces newauthority, i think
20:31 su-erin if when pointing your browser to http://<servername>:8080 and your not directed to the Web Installer, where would you start to troubleshoot
20:33 acmoore what do you get back?
20:33 su-erin just the index page of the default web directory
20:35 acmoore I suspect that apache isn't configured right. I forget how that part works, though...
20:36 acmoore oh yeah, don't we kick out a couple of apache config files (or parts of them) into an etc/ directory somewhere? I'll look
20:37 acmoore OK.I'm starting to remember. we make a file etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf that contains the apache directives. that needs to be read by apache. it's a little different depending on your operating system, though.
20:38 acmoore this is linux, riught? What distribution?
20:40 su-erin ubuntu 7.10
20:40 su-erin (sorry student assistant came in)
20:41 acmoore OK. that's like debian, so your apache configuration files typically live in /etc/apache2/sites/avaliable, I think. is there one for koha in there?
20:41 su-erin yes
20:41 su-erin a link: koha -> /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf
20:42 acmoore good, that's the one that you made during step 5 in the installer, I gues.
20:42 acmoore does that /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf file actually exist, or is this a dangling symlink?
20:42 su-erin file existed, already confirmed
20:42 acmoore I guess you could 'ls -l /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf' to tell that. I'm not sure how familiar you are with linux.
20:43 acmoore good.
20:43 su-erin i just noticed something in the VirtualHost part the doesn't look right
20:43 acmoore so, typically these get symlinked into /etc/apache2/sites-enables/ when you enable them. Is there a kohafiele in there?
20:43 acmoore oh, good go on
20:43 su-erin <VirtualHost>
20:44 acmoore I think this file configures two virtualhosts, one for the opac, one for the staff, so don't get them confused.
20:44 acmoore the opac is on 80 and the staff interface is on 8080, I think
20:45 su-erin to opac doesn't work either
20:45 acmoore ah, and you probably want a different IP address in there anyway.
20:45 acmoore and check the servername directive, too, while you're at it.
20:49 kados su-erin: isn't a routable IP address, you need to update that
20:50 su-erin got it, i tried the name of the server VH koha:8080 and that didn't work, but i changed it to the IP and it worked
20:50 kados yep, that's the way apache works :-)
20:50 su-erin that's kados, didn't think about IP addess, I was thinking name
20:50 kados su-erin: if you want to use virtual hosts, use the VirtualHost directive
20:51 kados but you still will want to specify the IP address and port
20:51 kados my pref is to use the same port (80) for both staff and opac and to use different domain names
20:51 kados ServerName I think
20:51 kados and ServerAlias
20:52 su-erin thanks
21:02 chris morning
21:03 su-erin hello chris
23:13 slef anyone know a good perl CRC module?

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