IRC log for #koha, 2008-06-11

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12:42 owen Any Liblimers awake?
12:42 paul hello owen
12:42 owen Hi paul.
12:42 paul 2BibLibrers around ;-)
12:43 owen We're trying to figure out why our production server isn't letting us log in to the intranet
12:43 paul :(
12:43 owen We had storms and power outages last night. The server is back up because I can get to the OPAC and to the log in screen of the intranet
12:43 owen ...but I can't log in...
12:44 owen Hm... maybe a database problem... The index seems to have crashed too.
12:44 masonj_ yeah
12:44 masonj_ thats would be my guess
12:45 paul that would be my guess too
12:45 paul can you mysqldump your database ?
12:45 paul (if it's unconsistent, the mysqldump usually fails in the middle)
12:45 masonj_ restart mysql and watch the logs...
12:46 masonj_ HLT lib had a similar issue after a power outage a few weeks ago...
12:49 masonj_ mysqlcheck and myisamcheck did the trick for HLT's db...
13:11 kados mysql auto-checks itself on npl's box
13:11 kados :-)
14:17 gmcharlt paul, hdl: about?
14:17 paul (on phone)
14:17 paul hdl is in armenia
14:18 gmcharlt paul: when you have a moment, did you see the problem somebody reported about the koha-devel archives?
14:18 paul nope
14:20 gmcharlt paul: report was from Ricardo Marques; email yesterday with subject line " Web Archives (pipermail) for mailing lists not appearing for June 2008"
14:21 gmcharlt issue is that no archives for june have been generated
14:25 lloyd__ We still on target for a 16th of June RC1 release?
14:59 rhcl TNX to gmcharlt! We have just installed a test bed Koha 3 here and were having trouble retrieving any results via the OPAC, but did a zebra rebuild per his/her (?) comment yesterday and now it works!
15:05 lloyd__ (his)
15:27 paul gmcharlt: around ?
15:28 gmcharlt paul: yes
15:28 paul about = you have a lot of bugs affected for 3.0 Some news about them ?
15:28 gmcharlt (rch1: you're welcome)
15:28 gmcharlt paul: plugging away on them.  close to a fix for 2000; then will deal with authorities, then bugs with the cataloging editor
15:29 paul so june 16th for a RC release seems still OK for you ?
15:30 paul (lloyd__ question 1 hour ago)
15:30 gmcharlt paul: we
15:30 gmcharlt we'll see - hope to have blockers closed by then
15:37 nengard does this report: reports/  work? I get no results if I enter a filter and I get a number 1 & 2 if I use no filters - but no names ...
15:38 nengard if I enter a limit by year - the it works
16:08 atz nengard: yes it works.  specify something you want it to report "by"
16:09 nengard thanks atz - added note to documentation that that field was required
16:10 atz might be good for us to default it to LIBRARY or something besides "none" (effectively broken)
16:13 nengard that's fine with me
16:40 atz d'oh... UPS kicked in simultaneous w/ an explosion like "thud" somwhere across the street...
16:41 gmcharlt pole transfomer go, or is there a substation around?
16:41 atz squirrels vs. transformers, round II
16:41 atz i'm not sure where my substation is, I think it's back by the interstate
16:42 atz at my old gig, i once had the pleasure of watching a pole transformer get struck by lightning straight in front of my coworker's window
16:42 gmcharlt sounds like a blinding experience
16:44 atz yeah, luckily it was across a large field, but there was a big xbox-green color glow around the spot for a few seconds
17:20 atz gmcharlt: problem discovered w/ autoBarcode usage
17:20 atz option hbyymmincr
17:21 atz HB is home branch, but still tries to increment the string
17:21 atz cooking up a patch here...
17:22 atz fbcit, this looks like something you may have worked on
17:23 atz any comment?
18:19 gmcharlt atz: is the autoBarcode issue emily's bug 2236?  if so, I'll assign to you if you already have a patch in the works
18:19 atz gmcharlt: yes, she brought it up on behalf of a client
18:20 atz cataloguing code is rough!
18:20 paul gmcharlt: you may notice that the 3.2 RFC are being translated to french (on the wiki, on french pages)
18:20 gmcharlt paul++ # I also noticed the RFC you started for your new acq client
18:29 atz gmcharlt: is it me, or is value_builder completely insane?
18:29 gmcharlt atz: it is, at least, tightly knotted
18:35 atz It seems like what they want is a    value_builder->new($field_type);
18:35 atz most  of the value_builder/*.pl modules have stubby useless subs
18:35 atz that at worst should be inherited/consolidated
18:36 atz makes debugging hell since all the scripts get called via "do"
18:40 atz lol.  it actually uses rand to seed multiple function names on the same page.
18:40 atz my $function_name= "dateaccessioned".(int(rand(100000))+1);
18:41 atz so you have X in 100000 chance of js namespace collision
18:44 atz or rather, a 1:100000 chance X-1 times
18:44 atz (the first function name can't collide w/ itself)
18:45 gmcharlt how very uncreative of it
19:26 nengard hi all
19:26 nengard wondering what this report does: /koha/reports/ - I have had credits and charges but it still shows $0
19:27 atz gmhbyymmincr uses the query: SELECT MAX(CAST(SUBSTRING(barcode,7,4) AS signed)) FROM items WHERE barcode REGEXP ....
19:29 atz a good barcode system wouldn't have to regexp every record in items to know what the next value should be

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