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12:34 owen Good Monday, #koha
12:38 slef is it?
13:30 kados heya owen et al
13:30 owen Hi kados
14:01 slef Is there current end-user documentation for authorities?
14:03 gmcharlt slef: I think negard has included them in the manual she's writing - should come out of internal review and be published soon
14:24 slef gmcharlt: is it possible to get a prerelease?
14:25 gmcharlt slef: yes, I assume Paul et al did.  
14:25 gmcharlt slef: I
14:25 gmcharlt slef: we'll get you a preview of the manual
14:26 slef gmcharlt: thanks.  I'm a bit stuck advising someone how to upload hierarchical authorities.
14:27 gmcharlt slef: no problem.  if hdl or paul are about, they are in a better position to advise about the hierarchical authorities - MARC21 is rather different from UNIMARC in that respect, AFAICT
14:28 slef paul just pto'd so I guess he's not.
14:29 slef gmcharlt: one you may know: why does perl Makefile.PL ask all questions twice?
14:29 slef gmcharlt: or is it just me?
14:29 gmcharlt slef: I think it's just you :)
14:29 gmcharlt when did this start happening?
14:30 slef about when I stopped sending patches because I assumed I'd broken my dev/test server... 2 months?  I thought it was just me, but I can't see a reason for it.
14:31 slef let's wait and see if anyone else has noticed this?
14:31 gmcharlt ok, I'll wait and see
14:52 mc hello all
15:06 slef hi mc - have you had perl Makefile.PL asking you the same questions twice in one run?
15:07 mc never seen this problem
15:07 slef run Makefile.PL much?
15:11 gmcharlt slef: what platform?  and are you running it interactively or through a script?
15:16 slef gmcharlt: debian stable (amd64 IIRC) and both of them do the same (but it doesn't wait for answers if run from a script)
15:18 gmcharlt slef: the second time it asks the question, is it different (e.g., adding " (default from environment)" or "Value 'foo' is not a valid option."?
15:19 mc slef, i run Makefile almost daily :)
15:23 slef gmcharlt: not as far as I can tell
15:24 mc slef, last one was thursday in fact
15:26 gmcharlt slef: when you do that, please grab a copy of your env vars as well
15:27 slef will do... env should be pretty clean except for PERL5LIB=~/perl or similar
15:27 slef (actually, definitely similar)
15:35 gmcharlt owen: yeah, I was expecting that to be the initial response to the RFCs, actually :)
15:36 owen I hope you're right
15:36 gmcharlt well, since you're the first to respond, by definition, I am :)
15:37 gmcharlt cogito ergo sum?
15:56 slef #define owen right
15:57 slef (define owen 'right)
15:57 slef owen
15:57 slef right
18:26 dkg i'm setting up my cronjob to update zebra, and i'm concerned about the noisiness.
18:26 dkg i'm invoking it as "./misc/migration_tools/ -a -b -z
18:26 dkg (whoops -- missed trailing ").  and i get about a screenful of output on every successful run.
18:27 dkg my sysadmin instincts say that cronjobs should be silent when successful, and produce useful debugging  info (and non-zero return codes) when they fail.
18:28 nengard sys pref question "I have a question about the NoReturnSetLost Patron preference. The library has enter a time period in days. However, it's not clear whether the system starts counting from the checkout date or the due date. I'm hoping it's the due date because of the different loan periods."
18:29 dkg Any suggestions for how to make quiet during success?
18:32 dkg (without silencing error details, that is)
18:52 gmcharlt dkg: file a bug.  the stuff printed by itself can readily be quieted; it also calls zebraidx, and its output could be redirected to a separate log or something
19:05 dkg gmcharlt: ok, done:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2232
19:07 fbcit-1 it seems things go a bit sour when adding more than 49 items to a label batch
19:09 tim Doe anyone know why I'd be getting this error?
19:09 tim Cannot Check In  This item must be checked in at its home library. NOT CHECKED IN
19:09 atz tim: you have independent branches on?
19:10 tim yes
19:11 tim But the systempref is called IndependantBranches.  Do we have a typ there?
19:11 atz french vs/ english
19:12 atz it's the price we pay for international development coordination :)
19:12 paul ;)
19:12 paul (hello world)
19:12 paul (limit june,11th)
19:13 atz tim: there are a couple of other sysprefs that govern behavior of returns under indy.branches
19:13 tim Should it be on?
19:14 atz AutomaticItemReturn i think is one
19:16 mc is there a way to imcrease zebrasrv verbosity ?
19:16 mc (to know what files are included by xml config?)
19:17 atz tim: IndependantBranches is a very wide-affect syspref.  if you aren't sure you need it on, definitely turn it off.
19:18 atz the other relevant value is HomeOrHoldingBranch
19:19 atz (if you want to keep ID on)
19:24 tim This seems to be working.  I'll stick with IndependantBranches off for now at least.
19:24 tim Thanks
19:31 tim The status of an item isn't completely kept during an update from 2.2.  If an item was checked out before the update, the status won't show in a search listing, but it will show if you get the item details.
19:36 tim I see items.onloan in version 3, but where does 2.2 keep the onloan status?
19:42 atz tim: there is an items.onloan field still
19:42 atz er, wait.  you're asking the reverse.
19:42 atz that I'm less familiar w/
20:11 rhcl Sorry for perhaps an uninformed question here, but is it necessary to rebuild or update zebra routinely, or is that just for development?
20:12 gmcharlt rhcl: the zebra indexes need to be updated whenver a bib, authority, or item changes, but that is done via -z as a cronjob or
20:12 gmcharlt rebuilding the entire index is mostly a development thing, but also is needed if you change index definitions
08:02 Solomon In koha 3 beta does idzebra index the database directly or some records obtained from the database?
08:07 masonj_ zebra uses its own index, not any index from the mysql koha database
08:07 masonj_ zebra uses its own indexes
08:09 masonj_ there is a daemon process that inserts newly added koha records into zebra as they are created
08:10 masonj_ make sense to you?
08:14 Solomon Yes it does. So that implies that the daemon process fetches the new records and presents them to idzebra?
08:20 Solomon If this is so I want to know how I can access the records presented to zebra so that I can index them using another egine
08:21 masonj_ yes, (1st question ;) )
08:22 masonj_ you could access the zebra records in different ways
08:22 masonj_ 1) the ZOOM perl module
08:23 masonj_ 2) yazclient , a Z39.50 search client
08:25 masonj_ 3) thru koha's subs in C4/, perhaps...
08:26 masonj_ i would start with yazclient first, its the easiest to start with  
08:27 Solomon I have used the yaz client an received the data in xml format after I specified so
08:28 Solomon But I have a problem with the response
08:28 masonj_ you got some xml , with not much in it ?
08:29 Solomon The response contains some codes I dont understand and I cant find any link like feature for more info on the item I received
08:30 Solomon How does the search interface in koha know how or where to direct the user for more info on an item?
08:30 masonj_ remember to send your details in a mail to the zebra mailing-list too
08:30 masonj_
08:32 Solomon I have already done that but kind of required some faster reply
08:34 masonj_ whats the subject of your email?, ill have a read now..
08:35 masonj_ ' Incomplete Example' ?
08:43 masonj Solomon: ill mail u my zebra conf files
08:43 Solomon Ok I'm waiting for them
08:47 masonj ok, on their way now....
08:55 Solomon well I can see that for the biblios database which is of my interest, they use the grs.xml format. But I cant locate the records files(i.e. the grsxml files) in the directory
08:55 Solomon Do you know where they are?
08:59 masonj hmm, sorry that was a bad example ;(
09:02 masonj i only have 1 zebradb about currently, and its .5 gig, so i cant email you that
09:03 Solomon I wouldn't mind if you ave me the dir relative to koha where your db is located so that I can try to locate mine too
09:04 masonj var/lib/zebradb
09:04 masonj $YOUR_KOHA/var/lib/zebradb
09:05 masonj .
09:05 masonj FYI: look in your koha-conf.xml file...
09:06 masonj   <directory>/home/mason/k/kohahead/v​ar/lib/zebradb/biblios</directory>
09:08 Solomon thank you I got it let me try and see if there is a way I can use that. I'll get back to you if I need more help. Thanks a lot
09:08 mc does someone knows this problem:
09:09 mc one of my koha vhost is just sending http header again and again
09:09 mc as html content
09:09 masonj ah, ive seen that before mc
09:09 mc not all http header: just content type in fact
09:09 masonj its very probably a bad user/password combo
09:10 masonj look in your /var/log/apache2/error.log file
09:10 mc wow!
09:10 mc nothing on it :-
09:10 mc (
09:10 mc allready checkej
09:10 mc checked
09:10 masonj hmm, thats always been the cause of my problem
09:11 mc ok: i'll check my db right
09:11 mc s
09:11 mc thx for clue masonj
09:11 masonj yeah, that next..
09:13 mc you got it !
09:13 mc i just have a new error now :)
09:15 paul this one is easy mc ...
09:16 paul in systempreferences, set DebugLevel to 2
09:16 Solomon masonj if you just gace me a clue about the codes. Let me send you a mail with one response then you will like tell me whether you get it
09:16 paul you should get more info than "production mode, trapped" ;-)
09:16 masonj Solomon, yep send it over
09:17 mc paul, ok
09:17 mc thx
09:30 masonj ok, i understand solomon
09:31 masonj you are looking at a record format called 'MARC' ;)
09:32 masonj[…]hic/ecbdhome.html
09:33 masonj the 952 values are vendor-specific (read: koha)
09:34 masonj 952    $7 0 $k 967.6 $p 772 $v 20/09/2007 $4 0 $0 0 $9 5 $b KNA $1 0 $u 5 $d KNA
09:34 masonj .
09:34 masonj but the rest of your record should conform to the LOC MARC standard
09:37 Solomon The url is giving me a blank response but I will try to see whether I can gather further information about the codes
09:42 masonj Solomon: on your koha install -  look at these 2 files, to explain what the koha 952 code map too
09:42 masonj marc21_framework_DEFAULT.sql
09:42 masonj unimarc_framework_DEFAULT.sql
09:46 Solomon Thank you very much. It seems they give info about the status of the item. Let me see if I will manage to decode my examples/ reponses then. Thank you

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