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12:40 nengard what does sys pref Disable_Dictionary do?  I turned it on and off and no matter what the link to the page displayed - am I misunderstanding?
12:47 owen nengard, I think that pref is obsolete
12:47 nengard thanks owen
12:48 owen You used to be able to invoke an authorities search from the advanced search page if the dictionary was turned on
12:48 nengard owen - you are right - I reported that bug :) hehe
12:48 owen
12:48 owen for a real-world example, if you're interested
14:12 hdl hi all
14:13 gmcharlt hi hdl
14:45 owen Heh... BenderRodriguez...
14:46 masonj_ futurama fan?
15:03 nengard sys pref question about LabelMARCView - kados or paul can you tell me what this preference does - or was supposed to do?
15:05 nengard why is OSt the default for MARCOrgCode - that's an actual library in OH
15:16 owen nengard, maybe it's like a product placement deal
15:17 nengard hehe
15:17 nengard are they even a koha library?
15:17 nengard i've never heard of them
15:17 nengard eheh
17:17 atz wow... got dark fast there.... and here comes the rain...
17:18 nengard atz :) I always leave the windows open - love the rain :)
17:21 atz i don't mind... but i think the hardwood floors might.
17:22 nengard :) ahh
18:13 nengard question - on this page: koha/  what is the date?
18:25 owen nengard: I'll bet it's the date the item was returned
18:25 owen Yup.
18:26 owen Needs a better label, hunh?
18:33 nengard owen - yeppers :)
18:35 owen Another dev_week improvement that didn't make it into 3.0 ;)
18:40 nengard when is dev_week?
18:42 owen dev_week is an unofficial version of Koha that came between 2.x and 3.0
18:42 owen It's what NPL and SMFPL are running
18:42 owen Basically, 2.x + Zebra searching
18:52 nengard ah
18:53 nengard so that colmun has another name in the dev_week install - but not 3.x? should i enter it as an enhancement?
19:54 acmoore gmcharlt, got a second for that bug on I just filed?
19:55 acmoore I see that it does return the $error that I thought it was not checking. I think that means that KohaTest::create_test_database should be checking the errors in the return value from load_sql_in_order, then.
19:55 gmcharlt acmoore: three minutes
19:55 acmoore Does that sound reasonable?
19:58 gmcharlt acmoore: sure.  you can grab code from t/lib/KohaTest/Installer/
19:58 gmcharlt but don't bork t/lib/KohaTest/
19:58 gmcharlt should probably skp the entire test suite if create_test_database reports an error
19:59 gmcharlt if nothing else, will encourage people to test sample data scripts
20:01 acmoore it should at least diag, if not actually fail a test when a test file refuses to load. right?
20:02 gmcharlt diag at minimum - but I'm tempted to stick with skipping the entire test suite
20:03 gmcharlt to avoid subtle data dependency errors
20:03 acmoore The current behavior is that I created a file in installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/*.sql, which failed to load and the test suite never told me about it. I think that's wrong.
20:03 gmcharlt but that may be extreme
20:03 acmoore OK. Yeah, I'm with you. I'll either BAIL_OUT (or whatever it's called) or at least fail a test or something.
20:04 acmoore Ahh, perhaps it's because I didn't RUN_EXPENSIVE_TESTS, so KohaTest::Installer::* were not run. It looks like that would have told me.
20:05 gmcharlt yeah, it would have
20:09 acmoore OK. I'll change the nature of that bug and take it.
20:09 acmoore thanks
06:47 hdl hello world
06:47 masonj_ heya hdl
06:50 hdl hi masonj_

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