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13:29 Vanzetti hi
13:29 Vanzetti I have a problem with zebraqueue
13:30 Vanzetti it flood my syslog with this :
13:30 Vanzetti Jun  2 13:25:47 x1 Koha Zebraqueue [1824]: 2 operations waiting to be run
13:30 Vanzetti Jun  2 13:25:47 x1 Koha Zebraqueue [1824]: Executing zebra operations
13:30 Vanzetti any idea ?
13:31 gmcharlt Vanzetti: normal behavior, assuming that it is reporting only as many indexing ops as you have bibs that are in zebraqueue waiting to be reindexed
13:33 Vanzetti heu yes
13:33 Vanzetti but in a week it provide me more than 8Go of logs
13:33 Vanzetti it's not supportable
13:33 Vanzetti and in print this at least 3 times per second
13:33 Vanzetti I think something is wrond
13:33 Vanzetti wrong
13:34 Vanzetti I think I forget something
13:34 gmcharlt ok, try this - kill the zebraqueue_daemon process, do a query on the zebraqueue table and count how many rows have "done = 0"
13:34 gmcharlt then turn on again, and verify that they are getting processed (i.e., done = 1)
13:35 gmcharlt if some entries are not, then that points to a bug
13:35 Vanzetti ok 2s
13:35 gmcharlt as a separate issue, we can tweak how much zebraqeue_daemon sends to syslog
13:35 Vanzetti The 2 task that are pending are :
13:35 Vanzetti | 129 |                103 | specialUpdate | biblioserver |    0 | 2008-05-28 11:57:57 |
13:35 Vanzetti | 132 |                100 | specialUpdate | biblioserver |    0 | 2008-05-28 13:43:29 |
13:36 Vanzetti and they are the same
13:36 Vanzetti after launching zebraqueue;
13:38 gmcharlt ok, looks like a problem handling those two updates
13:38 gmcharlt what specific version are you running?
13:39 Vanzetti gmcharlt: last beta
13:39 Vanzetti koha-3.00.00-beta2
13:40 gmcharlt ok, there were some bugs in the daemon that I fixed since then
13:40 Vanzetti how can I upgrade it ?
13:40 gmcharlt but another approach to try is to run the jobs " -a -b -z", and set that up as a cronjob instead of running the daemon
13:41 Vanzetti but for a lot of notices its too much job no ?
13:41 Vanzetti like 40k notices
13:41 gmcharlt the -z optoin of rebuild_zebra just has it process records in zebraqueue, so it's not trying to reindex everything
13:42 Vanzetti ok
13:42 Vanzetti great
14:12 Vanzetti gmcharlt: wget abotu this script : bin/cronjobs/
14:12 Vanzetti ?
14:12 Vanzetti hum... "what about"
14:12 gmcharlt Vanzetti: that one's deprecated
14:12 gmcharlt go with rebuild_zebra -b -a -z or zebraqueue_daemon
14:27 Vanzetti ok thanks :)
16:28 nengard paul - i have a question about this:[…]0b8077384f350ad5d
16:28 nengard I don't see anything new when checking a book in
16:29 nengard where did you add this note field?
17:02 mc nengard, paul is afk for the moment
17:02 mc in a train afaik
17:02 mc (hello koha people)
17:06 nengard no prob mc - just wanted to get my question out there ;)
17:08 mc :)
17:41 hdl nengard: it is only to display borrowernotes if not empty.
17:41 hdl added in checkin items lists.
17:44 nengard hdl - can you tell what the URL is for that?
17:45 nengard i see a space for notes when i check a book in - but I don't know where that data is entered
17:45 hdl to add borrowernotes ?
17:45 nengard both - to add and to view
17:46 hdl should be in member page.
17:46 hdl not very good to display it at each issue line imho.
17:48 nengard hdl - so this is the field that's labeled "library note"
17:48 nengard if so  - i agree - why show it??
17:51 hdl It is important to show librarian notes on checkin/checkout.
17:51 hdl Librarians can communicate problems or questions via this field
17:53 nengard hdl - okay but why have it line by line? it's the same note repeated? I just tested and saw where it appears
17:55 hdl imho, it should have appearde in patron's information.
18:03 nengard okey dokey - guess we have to wait for paul to let us know
19:35 su-erin is there an addon for koha that would integrate sakai into it as a course reserve like module?
19:37 atz su-erin: not that I've heard of.
19:37 su-erin atz: thanks
19:37 su-erin was just inquiring
08:03 slef Hi all. I just got a "disabled due to excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated 02-Feb-2007" from lists.katipo - anyone else?  Anyone know what's up there?  I mean, 2007?
08:11 mc slef!
08:11 mc hello
08:36 slef erm, hello
09:40 chris yeah i think it decided to wig out
09:40 chris i undisabled you
09:42 chris and now im going to bed
09:42 chris (no mail came while you were disabled btw)
09:53 slef thanks

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