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12:32 owen Hi #koha
12:32 paul hello owen
12:33 paul (it's a holiday day today in France. I work, and the phone & mail is really quiet. good to be efficient ;-) )
12:34 nengard morning owen and paul
12:34 nengard or good afternoon paul ;)
12:34 paul hello nengard
12:36 nengard circulation report question - I have these reports that I get no results for on my test system - it may be because I don't have enough data yet - can you tell me what they do?
12:36 nengard nengard> Holds to pull
12:36 nengard <nengard> Holds awaiting pickup
12:36 nengard <nengard> Hold ratios
12:36 nengard <nengard> Billing
12:36 nengard <nengard> Daily reconciliation
12:37 paul Billing, I don't know. the others I know
12:37 paul Holds to pull => list the reserves you have to find in the shelves and do a return on to validate the hold.
12:37 paul only applicable if ReserveNeedReturn syspref=ON I think
12:38 paul Holds awaiting pickup = list the reserves that are ready & await for the patron to take them at the library
12:38 paul Hold ratios = don't know how it works, but displays how many reserve you had for a given biblio, to help you choose if you have to buy more items
12:38 paul (mainly, it's for blockbuster I think)
12:39 nengard paul - that makes sense! thanks so much for this info!!
12:39 paul daily reco = list the money you've got today (or yesterday) to check that physical purse is equal to "Koha purse"
12:52 kados morning all
12:52 owen Hi kados
12:52 kados hdl: any time frame on the fixes for bugs introduced recently?
12:53 kados hdl: trying to plan around what to push up next, but don't want to create additional conflicts
12:53 hdl hi
12:53 hdl sending them asap.
12:53 kados OK
12:54 paul hello kados.
12:54 paul you should have some patches from me in your queue. any problem with them (you haven't pushed them yesterday, when you pushed 20) ?
12:55 kados paul: I have two from you, having to do with onloan field in items table
12:55 kados and moredetail and item edition
12:56 paul OK. there are 2 other, but i think i didn't mail them yet.
12:56 nengard does this report: koha/reports/ work? I get no results ... but it may be something to do with my system
12:57 paul kados : done. 4 patches sent
12:58 fbcit g'morning #koha
13:02 Danny good morning
13:06 hdl kados : about moremember page, I think that this page is quite confused with the fact that it has issues and fines tabs on it "same"  as left hand tabs but data are differently displayed.
13:11 owen hdl, I think that's a valid concern. What if we removed the tab below, leaving only the left-hand one?
13:12 hdl I have added some features to page.
13:12 hdl And I would like them to be ported to
13:14 hdl + this would mean more overhead to get all the information when it was previously on the same page.
13:14 hdl + then many data loaded in moremember wouldnot be used.
13:15 hdl (only a little performance concern)
13:15 owen I don't understand what you're trying to say. You're saying No, don't remove the lower tab because you're adding more features to moremember?
13:16 hdl I say : if you/we remove tabs from moremember, it would be good to port things that were done on moremember checkout tab into circulation page.
13:17 hdl (multiple return, renewal date ...)
13:18 owen I think if we load with any more stuff it's going to be even slower than it is now
13:20 hdl ...
13:21 owen What features have you added to
13:21 hdl multiple return renewal date.
13:22 hdl look at the tab of one member which has current check out
13:22 hdl it would not add more loading on the page.
13:23 hdl maybe some little change on information display.
13:25 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:26 owen hdl, what do you propose to do about the duplicated fines information on
13:26 owen hi gmcharlt
13:27 hdl I have never used fines.
13:28 hdl So I donot even know if both fines display look alike.
13:30 owen The tab on only displays a summary of fines: a total due, or "no outstanding charges"
13:34 danny hey owen
13:34 owen Hi Danny
13:34 danny do you still have that template that you showed me last week somewhere?
13:35 owen I had to take that offline do I could work on "core" Koha today
13:35 danny I noticed it isn't at that url anymore
13:35 danny ah ok
13:35 owen I'm going to forward the relevant files to Liblime so they can get it up on your test server as soon as possible
13:35 danny that is great, thank you
13:36 lloyd_ kados, around?
13:59 gmcharlt hdl: about?
13:59 hdl yes
14:00 gmcharlt wanted to touch base with you about GetBorrowerCategory
14:00 gmcharlt I think the overloading should be removed, and a new function written that provides the list of categories
14:00 gmcharlt kados mentioned that you were working on a fix, so wanted to avoid duplicate effort
14:01 hdl I worked on it.
14:01 hdl Was about to send a complete fix for it.
14:01 gmcharlt hdl: ok
14:01 hdl But still overloading.
14:02 hdl I spoke with a monger who saw no peculiar problem to send back hashes or arrays depending on the parameters.
14:03 hdl This can be source of problem.
14:03 hdl But having functions without chacking if they have correct parameters is also a problem
14:04 gmcharlt yeah it's possible, but as we all discovered, this can complicate the client code that has to deal with such a routine - I'd prefer a separate, named function that indicates that you want a list
14:04 hdl s/chacking/checking
14:04 hdl OK.
14:04 hdl So I am creating a new routine.
14:04 gmcharlt hdl: thanks
14:05 hdl Problem also is that the more routines we have, the less they are used
14:05 hdl (GetAuthorisedValues stands for an exemple)...
14:05 paul & the less easy it's to maintain
14:05 hdl ve have GetAuthorisedValueDesc, ....
14:06 acmoore getKohaAuthorisedValues...
14:06 gmcharlt hdl: true, some conventions on DB accessor routines are needed (perhaps a general agreement to keep most SQL in C4 instead of the scripts)
14:07 hdl I thought we already agreed on that point.
14:07 gmcharlt also, I hope, becoming a bit more strict about using the API instead of using quick-and-dirty SQL in the scripts
14:08 hdl But the fact is taht as soon as you want to filter or order results,
14:08 gmcharlt hdl: well, if the agreement already exists, good :)
14:08 hdl we have to write many routines.
14:09 gmcharlt hdl: this is where a switch to a DB access layer like DBIx::Class may help, ultimately - remove the need to hand-code all of the accessors
14:10 hdl or find a way to improve API so that filtering and ordering should be applied.
14:11 gmcharlt hdl: of course - wasn't thinking of whipping that one up for 3.0 ;)
14:11 hdl :D
14:15 acmoore gmcharlt, the new installer code causes test failures for me. Do you have a second?
14:15 gmcharlt acmoore: sure (couple failures related to specific SQL scripts are known, by the way - working on patches for that)
14:16 acmoore Yep, that's it. installer/data/mysql/en/optional/sample_labels.sql
14:16 acmoore thanks!
14:26 hdl patch sent
14:35 kados hdl: looking now
14:37 kados hdl: you sure you sent it to patches@?
14:37 kados hdl: all I see is: change in yuipath management :
14:39 kados hdl: ?
14:39 hdl can you see it now ?
14:40 hdl I sent it to you and koha-patches.
14:41 kados yes, now I do
14:41 kados hdl:  change in yuipath management patch introduces a dangerous condition
14:41 kados hdl: it should be re-sent with an updatedatabase to fix existing installations
14:43 hdl update systempreferences set value="locale" where variable="yuipath" and value like "%/intranet-tmpl/prog/%" ?
14:43 hdl updatedatabase as such ?
14:44 kados hdl: yes, exactly, along with kohaversion increment from 082 to 083 (about to push up 082 now)
14:44 kados hdl: or leave to me
14:44 hdl Since I will add to
14:44 kados hdl: goodnews, your patch works :-)
14:44 hdl I also will cope with kohaversion.
14:45 kados hdl: ok
14:49 hdl kados : pls commit all your stuff to updatedatabase before I resend yuipath
14:51 hdl or edit since it won't apply if I edit my updatedatabase
14:51 kados hdl: about to
14:52 kados hdl: OK, you can update from git now
14:52 kados hdl: should be at revision 082
14:57 hdl there seem to be conflicts.
14:57 kados hdl: conflicts?
14:57 hdl on
14:57 kados hmmm
14:57 hdl 2 revision 80
14:57 kados hmmm
14:58 kados I only have one
14:59 kados yep, only one
14:59 kados hdl:[…]fdb107063;hb=HEAD
15:00 kados hdl: only one in git
15:00 kados hdl: but I did have to adjust versions from patches as there were soe conflicts
15:01 hdl mmm... maybe the way rebase works produces those conflicts.
15:02 gmcharlt hdl: just rebased - not seeing double 080
15:05 hdl then I may have already applied your first DB reconciliation
15:08 kados paul: patches pushed
15:08 paul OK, great.
15:10 kados installer guys, mostly gmcharlt and acmoore, have you guys looked at the patch from Marc: added TRUST_ENV ?
15:11 paul kados : mc also has written a full sh script to install koha from a fresh debian etch in 1 script.
15:11 paul he should submit it soon.
15:11 kados owen: there's a syspref called globalDueDate :-)
15:11 kados paul: great!
15:11 owen Cool, I wasn't aware of it
15:13 hdl anyone : how to get the git original copy of a file ?
15:14 hdl git checkout is for changing branche.
15:14 gmcharlt kados: not sure it's actually needed - the underlying MM::EU prompt() should detect when Makefile.PL is not being run interactively and plug in the supplied default
15:14 gmcharlt kados: in any event, even if it is needed, I object to the gratuitous goto
15:15 kados gmcharlt: that's what I thought about the MM::EU prompt
15:15 kados cool, thanks
15:15 kados I'll respond to Mc
15:17 owen hdl, git checkout <file> reverts a file to the last commit, doesn't it?
15:19 kados hdl: also have bugs in acquisitions to address I'm afraid ... can't any longer receive an order
15:21 gmcharlt owen: yes
15:21 hdl But it 's been a long time I did not change an acquisition file.
15:21 kados and the JS doesn't work on for populating price
15:21 kados hdl: OK, I'll try to track down who changed it last :-)
15:22 kados hmmm, seems to be OK now
15:22 kados except for the JS prob
15:25 kados hdl: your RenewSerialAddsSuggestion patch might be the cause of your grief
15:25 kados hdl: as i haven't pushed that one yet
15:25 kados hdl: and it has a database update
15:26 kados hdl: in the future I'd suggest submitting code and database updates separately
15:26 kados hdl: much easier to troubleshoot that way
15:27 hdl I will email the koha-devel list to say that.
15:28 kados hdl++
15:28 kados hdl: also, did you see andrew's patch to 2081?
15:28 kados hdl: if it's acceptable I'll also skip your patch
15:28 kados though I suspect there may be a database issue there ... should we have a unique key for authorised_values table somewhere ?
15:28 hdl not yet.
15:28 kados hdl: OK, let me know
15:29 kados hdl: I have only 4 patches in my queue, all from you, and have open questions :-)
15:33 hdl kados : has andrew sent his patch on the koha-patches list ?
15:34 hdl I cant see it.
15:34 kados hdl: yes, and it's been approved
15:35 kados hmmm
15:35 kados maybe I'm confused
15:35 hdl kados : my patch is really needed.
15:35 kados yep, I'm wrong
15:35 hdl Since it fixes a problem when you edit authorisedvalues
15:35 kados ok
15:36 hdl (it tells duplicate authorisedvalues.... and it doesnot update)
15:36 hdl patch yuipath resent
15:37 hdl Why was RenewSerialAddsSuggestion rejected ?
15:38 hdl And which other patch of mine do you have on your queue ?
15:38 kados I have three now:
15:38 kados Improving Breeding search
15:38 kados Adds a new SystemPreference : RenewSerialAddsSuggestion
15:38 kados change in yuipath management
15:38 kados the first has an extra warn ... plus I feel it requires some heavy testing
15:40 kados hdl: I'm quite certain it will fail badly if there are a lot of entries in breeding
15:40 kados hdl: especially since it prepends terms with a wildcard, which is hard for mysql
15:40 kados the RenewSerialAddsSuggestion
15:40 kados I haven't had a chance to test it yet
15:42 hdl kados : my opinion is that Breeding Search and z3950 searches should eventually converge on one page.
15:42 paul hdl++
15:43 hdl kados : also, at the moment, Breeding is just useless, since it is not searchable.
15:43 gmcharlt hdl: agree that it would be nice to be able to do a Z39.50 search directly w/o having to go to bib editor
15:44 hdl (try to find a title you are sure to have in your base by anything but the first exact words..... you won't find it.)
15:45 hdl (and there is a problem with quotes too)
15:45 hdl I agree it is a BAD hack.
15:46 hdl and it is not really good for big and plentyful breeding.
15:47 hdl It would require a page facility.
15:48 gmcharlt hdl: also more options to purge z39.50 result caches (and staged import_batches, which occupy the same table) to avoid infinitely ballooning the DB
15:50 hdl But still, it is better than the one we have now.
15:57 kados so we still have a breeding farm separate from the staging areas?
15:58 gmcharlt kados: they occupy the same DB tables
15:59 gmcharlt kados: just two different modes of access
15:59 kados so this search searches all available staged records?
15:59 kados why don't we just put the staged records into a zebra db?
16:00 fbcit kados++
16:00 fbcit why not stage all search results of any type in zebra?
16:00 gmcharlt kados: yeah, that's probably a better way of doing it
16:01 gmcharlt fbcit: that may be going a bit too far - zebra isn't fast enough for inserts and updates to serve as a search results cache IMO
16:01 gmcharlt though of course YAZ can do Z39.50-session-specific caching afaik
16:01 kados pazpar2 could though
16:02 kados probably we should switch to pazpar2 as our search client in 3.2 or a future version
16:02 kados in place of my hackery
16:03 gmcharlt kados: not unless ID implements pass-through of full CQL queries
16:04 kados gmcharlt: yea, I've got the price tag on that, we may be able to afford it in Q3 :-)
16:04 kados but I'd prefer a library sponsor that one
16:04 kados *shrug*
16:04 gmcharlt gotcha
16:08 kados hdl: your patch doesn't apply ...
16:08 kados hdl: your version of started different than git it seems
16:09 kados hdl: I'd suggest sending the patch and database updates separately
16:10 kados bbiab
16:10 paul bye kados
17:19 hdl kados : my patch for Renew or for yuipath
17:20 hdl kados : why don't we just put the staged records into a zebra db?
17:21 hdl kados : this would be a good idea i think (had the same... thinking of all the search facilities).
17:21 hdl adding a third base for staged records.
17:22 hdl But would this be OK for anyone ?
18:29 tim I'm having problems with returns, but I think it could be because issues aren' t recorded correctly.
18:30 tim Issues and renews aren't filling the itemtype field in statistecs.  I'm not sure if there are other things missing, but that's all I noticed in the error logs.
18:33 tim Also, is statistics.itemtypes supposed to be set to NOT NULL?  Mine was set that way, but kohastructure.sql has it default to NULL.
18:40 tim Of course I woldn't have the errors in the logs to show me that the itemtype field wasn't getting filled if it was set that way.
19:51 kados tim: when's the last time you upgraded, what version are you running?
19:51 kados (you can check from the admin interface in 'About' section)
19:51 nengard does anyone know if the items in the transfers reports (to do and to receive) expire?
19:52 owen I suspect not
19:53 tim kados: I think I updated last week.  The version is
19:53 owen ...but don't know for sure, nengard
19:53 nengard owen - hmmm - mine have disappeared
19:54 owen :)
20:05 hdl nengard: you have a syspref for that.
20:05 nengard ooo - thanks hdl - do you know which one?
20:05 hdl but not 100% sure.
20:11 kados nengard: I did a search on transfer in system preferences and turned up a couple hits
20:11 nengard k
20:12 nengard thanks kados & hdl
20:18 kados hdl still around?
20:18 hdl YES
20:18 hdl eys
20:18 kados hdl: I'd like to get my queue wrapped up, but I have two issues from you still
20:18 kados RenewSerialAddsSuggestion needs to be re-submitted
20:18 kados and  change in yuipath management
20:18 kados also doesn't apply correctly
20:19 hdl I will try to re-submit.
20:21 kados hdl: please submit all changes to, kohastructure.sql and separately from code changes
20:21 kados (ie, as a separate patch)
20:21 hdl (If i still can  type a little.)
20:21 kados :)
20:43 hdl kados: yuipath sent.
20:45 kados hdl: receied, thanks
20:45 kados hdl: all I have is sysprefs change and updatedatabase ... what about the code changes? :-)
20:45 kados oh, nm, found it
20:47 kados hdl: updatedatabase change failes
20:47 kados hdl: so something is still different
20:48 hdl I tried to checkout updatedatabase.
20:48 kados hdl: yea, it's strange, it failes and I can't apply it at all
20:48 kados I can manually do it
20:48 kados but it will probably cause you problems
20:48 hdl But it still added some lines.
20:48 kados I will manually apply
20:50 kados hdl: now would be a good time
20:50 kados hdl: I've just pushed up 083
20:51 kados hdl: I manually added the updatedatabase
20:51 kados and made a new commit
20:53 kados odd
20:56 hdl I will get a brand new clone
20:57 kados that's my solution :-)
20:59 hdl Can you add manually the RenewalAddsSuggestion to ?
21:00 kados hdl: sure ... can you send me the patch without the updatedatabase part?
21:00 kados I"ll be back later
21:00 hdl already done.
21:00 hdl OK.
21:00 hdl have a nice flight
21:08 chris morning
21:10 gmcharlt hi chris
21:13 gmcharlt ouch
21:13 gmcharlt to a good purpose, I hope
21:13 chris yeah, flu immunisation
21:16 chris bbiab
21:20 gmcharlt hdl: got a moment for a question?
11:50 slef hi all
11:51 slef should I put developer personal blogs onto the koha blogs page, or just their koha topics?
11:54 nengard hiya slef - i've seen organizations do it both ways - i'd say if the developer is talking about developing at least some of the time it should be on the page ... but if all they talk about is movies or something unrelated I might not include it
11:58 slef nengard: it's a frequent source of debate, on in particular
11:58 nengard slef yeah - i imagine it would be

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