IRC log for #koha, 2008-05-12

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17:28 ryan anybody around familiar with C4::Calendar ?
20:32 chris not me
21:07 ryan hi chris
21:08 ryan do you happen to know how to get mutli-line commit messages to _not_ disappear after sending the patch ?
21:10 ryan i guess git send-email is truncating the commit msg
10:41 pmcastillo I get this thing on ubuntu, "read_config_file(/etc/koha.conf) returned undef at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 229." Does anybody know how to fix this?
10:42 masonj_ you have a 2.2.x version of koha?
10:43 masonj_ or you are running koha.3?
10:43 pmcastillo 2.2.x the stable one
10:44 masonj_ does /etc/koha.conf exist?
10:44 pmcastillo yes
10:44 masonj_ could be a permission issue...
10:45 pmcastillo owwwwww....
10:45 masonj_ is it owned by koha?
10:45 pmcastillo wait I'll check...
10:45 masonj_ ls -l /etc/koha.conf
10:46 masonj_ -rw-r--r-- 1 koha koha 7226 2008-01-09 20:22 /etc/koha/koha.conf
10:46 pmcastillo root
10:46 masonj_ something like that...
10:46 pmcastillo it is owned by root
10:46 pmcastillo how to change it? O_O
10:46 masonj_ hmm, koha cant read the file ..
10:46 masonj_ sudo chown koha:koha /etc/koha.conf
10:47 pmcastillo okok
10:47 pmcastillo hmmmmm.... IT WORKED!
10:47 pmcastillo :d
10:48 masonj_ cool :)
10:48 pmcastillo HEHE :d
10:48 pmcastillo BTW, what linux distro are you using?
10:48 masonj_ its a common mistake..,
10:48 masonj_ debian mostly, and a little ubuntu
10:49 pmcastillo kewl.... well I wanna try also Debian... also those latest apps are in Debian repositories... (before it goes to ubuntu repositories)
10:49 pmcastillo btw I'm a Ubuntu user
10:52 masonj_ they are pretty similar - debian are just a little less bleeding edge with their package selections, i think...
11:06 pmcastillo @masonj, you work with Koha? Or something like a deverloper, mod, admin?

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