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13:11 acmoore gmcharlt, It dawned on my why was seemingly getting loaded during a 'make test'. Test::Class::Load loads all .pm modules in the directory that you pass it. We should be passing it 'lib', not '.'.
13:11 gmcharlt acmoore: ahh, of course
13:12 gmcharlt acmoore: behold the power of a punctuation mark in Perl ;-)
15:34 MatthewMetzger Hello, is there a documentation team for Koha?
15:35 MatthewMetzger I'm interested in contributing...
15:35 paul MatthewMetzger: you should ask nengard, she's writing some doc afaik.
15:36 paul and it should be available on the new site, community driven if I don't mind
15:36 nengard MatthewMetzger i'm just waiting for the new koha site!!! I'd love help - but right now all docs are on my domain
15:36 MatthewMetzger paul: thanks.
15:36 MatthewMetzger nengard: Hello.
15:36 nengard i sent an eamil out asking everyone to make a decisions ... but got no answer
15:37 nengard MatthewMetzger i'm also very close to done as it is - but it will need editing, more meat once it's out there in the world :)
15:37 MatthewMetzger nengard: I graduated with an English degree and have editing a book that's been published before.
15:38 MatthewMetzger I'm interested in helping, but probably won't have serious time until June.
15:38 MatthewMetzger s/editing/edited
15:38 nengard MatthewMetzger - ditto here - english major and editing a book that's being published ;) hehe - good combo!!
15:38 nengard MatthewMetzger good - hopefully by June it will be on a community driven site
15:39 MatthewMetzger nengard: I've seen notices about a Plone design contest for the website. Will that be a replacement for the current wiki?
15:39 nengard as far as i know - it's going to replace the current site and will have a plone documentation module for the manual - don't know about the wiki
15:40 MatthewMetzger nengard: can I take a look at what you have now? You mentioned that it was on your domain.
15:43 nengard MatthewMetzger i have to check with the liblime folks - and josh is on vaca ... i'll keep you psted
15:43 nengard posted
15:44 MatthewMetzger nengard: okay. Thanks. What's your connection to Koha? Are you a librarian or sysadmin?
15:45 nengard I am the open source evangelist for LibLime ... resume:
15:45 MatthewMetzger nengard: That's very cool!
15:45 nengard yes!! the best job title ever!!!
15:48 MatthewMetzger Your resume looks good. I have similar experience, but am lacking in the web programming and database area. It's cool that you studied both English and Computer science in college.
15:48 MatthewMetzger I should have, but I only did English (what was I thinking?)
15:49 MatthewMetzger Oh, well. I have three years experience now as a sysadmin for a private school (that uses Koha for their library - at my urging)
15:49 nengard MatthewMetzger i fell into it - was only doing english but had to take a science class and hate bio and chem so i did comp sci and fell in love
15:49 nengard but it was so long ago that comp sci wasn't what it is today
15:49 nengard but i did learn a lot
15:50 nengard and it got me where i am today - a lot of people are starting to look for web people who can write
15:50 MatthewMetzger That's good news for me.
15:50 MatthewMetzger :)
15:57 paul nengard: if your doc is really about to be released, could you send it to us for translation ?
15:57 nengard paul i don't have one doc - let me ask josh how we can do this best
15:58 paul what does it mean "I don't have one doc" ?
15:58 paul one = you have X docs
15:58 paul one = a
15:58 paul ?
15:58 nengard i have 100 docs
15:59 paul hehe... that may be better to translate : we could ask 100ppl to do the translation !
15:59 MatthewMetzger paul: good idea! Distributed labor.
15:59 paul I'm sure I could find more than 1 frenchie to do this job !
15:59 nengard :) that's what we did - we shared writing the docs
16:00 nengard not 100 people though
16:02 paul what is the format of those 100 docs ? ODF ?
16:05 nengard annoying man on the phone.......
16:05 paul and annoying man on the chat...
16:05 nengard lol
16:06 paul not a well starting day ;-)
16:06 nengard not at all
16:06 nengard docs are in google docs
16:07 paul if I don't mind, one can export them in ODF, right ?
16:07 nengard can't get him off the phone
16:07 nengard ummm ... have to check on odf..
16:08 paul an evangelist must have evangelic behaviour 24/7 !!! ;-)
16:08 nengard yes - open office is a format you can export
16:08 MatthewMetzger I second Paul's suggestion about ODF conversion.
16:09 paul except for the time needed to export 100 docs, that could be a quick solution
16:09 nengard well - i want it all in plone which will let us manage each doc on the web -
16:09 nengard that way we can all work at once
16:09 MatthewMetzger At least for people who are helping edit. Distribution will probably be better in HTML and PDF.
16:09 nengard and translate easy
16:10 MatthewMetzger Web is good :)
16:11 paul nengard: in french we say "à défaut de grives on mange des merles". Which can be translated : "if you can't have foie gras, be happy with mac do"
16:11 nengard want to eat my lunch!!!!! how do i stop him talking
16:11 nengard it's not about open source
16:11 nengard it's not my job
16:11 nengard damn being out in the public
16:12 MatthewMetzger nengard: I sent you an email, so you can contact me later about documentation.
16:12 nengard great
16:12 paul just unplug the phone, that could do the job
16:12 MatthewMetzger nengard: One of us can call you on the other line so you could excuse yourself....
16:13 nengard got it
16:13 nengard off the phone
16:13 nengard going to eat now!!!
16:13 nengard finally get to eat
16:13 MatthewMetzger bye..
16:46 nengard I forget who was on when i asked this ... but i'll ask again - does anyone on know much about the zotero integration?
16:46 nengard <nengard>  <nengard> zotero question - I don't use this tool much - does anyone know why when you add an item from koha to zotero the view button is grayed out? the only option is to locate and that sends me to worldcat
16:46 nengard <nengard>  <nengard> also - zotero doesn't seem to be working on but it works on my install
17:03 hdl nengard:  afaik, it is all about coins support.
17:03 hdl But i donot know much about how zotero was enabled.
17:03 nengard do we know who developed it?
17:03 nengard i can ask them how it works
17:04 hdl kados or gmcharlt did
17:04 nengard thanks
17:04 nengard i'll ask them
17:04 gmcharlt yes, it was kados
17:06 nengard poor kados is going to have 300 emails just from me :)
17:16 hdl gmcharlt: Is someone working on subscriptions ?
17:17 gmcharlt hdl: none from LL specifically at the moment, unless ryan's working on a patch or two - why do you ask?
17:17 hdl gmcharlt: I got no answers to my RFC on table adding for subscription management
17:18 gmcharlt hdl: sorry - yes, I should respond to that
17:18 hdl And I would like to implement those changes so that subscription would not be a redo process each time you edit.
17:18 gmcharlt got a related RFC for 3.2/3.4 in the works for holdings that will come up in a couple weeks or thereabouts
17:20 gmcharlt hdl: I'll look over it this weekend
17:20 hdl I know that we donot fully support subscription holdings information at the moment. But keeping recorded data safe is important.
17:21 hdl And with all this javascript, the process is quite unsafe.
17:22 hdl do you know when joshua will be back ?
17:24 nengard last week he said he had 9 weeks of travel!!  not all vaca - but he's on the road for a while
17:24 hdl wow.
17:24 nengard i know!!! i'd be totally wiped out
17:25 hdl (lucky enough he doesnot have a child)
17:30 hdl about your ISBN problem,
17:30 hdl it can be owed to Standard Number misuse
17:31 hdl or to hyphens in the data, which are processed as spaces.

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