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12:58 owen Hi #koha
13:11 nengard morning owen
13:11 nengard i had a question for you ... but forgot ... now i remember :)
13:11 nengard do you have any plans to change the opac detail page? if not then I'll write that part of the manual
13:12 owen I'm not aware of any major changes to expect
13:13 nengard great! thanks owen
13:42 owen Anyone here familiar with
14:03 owen lloyd__, is yours?
14:08 hdl atz around ?
14:08 hdl hi
14:12 hdl owen : I think is san's
14:13 owen I'm curious about the commented-out "cancel" button I see in the template
14:20 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
14:21 gmcharlt hdl: yes
14:21 hdl hi
14:21 hdl how are you ?
14:21 gmcharlt pretty good, yourself?
14:21 hdl good.
14:22 hdl I wanted to stress out the fact that I think that user_permissions you designed seem to be mandatory and not optional.
14:23 hdl Is this intended ?
14:23 gmcharlt hdl: the functionality is not meant (at the moment) to be mandatory
14:24 gmcharlt hdl: the DB table is, at least in the sense that it must exist
14:25 hdl there is no syspref before the execution of get_user_subpermissions.
14:28 gmcharlt hdl: right, it's always checked when compiling the userflags, but ignored if GranularPermissions is off
14:28 gmcharlt and it's a no-op (save for the SQL query) if user_permissions is empty
14:31 hdl yes but  the table is really mandatory.
14:31 hdl why should it be processed when GranularPermissions is off ?
14:32 gmcharlt hdl: I'll have to double-check, but call to get_user_subpermissions can probably be safely warapped in a check of the syspref
14:33 hdl I let you double check.
14:33 hdl I think/hope so too.
14:33 gmcharlt hdl: but doing that would be for performance and cleanliness reasons - not so that users can be encouraged to randomly drop tables they don't need
14:34 gmcharlt hdl: i.e., even if a table is defined for an optional feature, IMO we should not be importing partial DB schemas (since cost of an empty table is nil, whereas cost of dealings with bugs due to missing tables is high)
14:34 hdl if C4::Context-preference is such a time consumer ?
14:35 hdl is C4::Context-preference  such a time consumer ?
14:35 gmcharlt hdl: I'm not saying it is, and I agree that query of user_permissions should be avoid when not necessary
14:36 hdl I agree with you on the DB schema.
14:36 gmcharlt ok, then I think we're in agreement
14:36 hdl It should always be good and "coherent" (mis the english word.
14:36 gmcharlt being such agreeable people and all ;-)
14:36 hdl )
14:37 hdl But I akso think that optional features should not be called when syspref is off.
14:38 hdl (This would not be optional if it was not the case.)
14:38 hdl I think we agree too.
14:38 gmcharlt hdl: yeah, glitch on my part
15:23 tim Does usually use 75% cpu or more?
15:24 gmcharlt tim: at moment yes - I need to work on a patch to throttle it
15:24 tim Good.  I thought maybe it was something wrong on my setup.
19:07 nengard owen are you around?  I have what I think is a template question ... but I don't know ... on the My Reading History tab in the opac it shows the boks you've checked out and for some reason I'm getting no amazon image for them - but if i search the catalog for those same books, they have images ...
19:08 nengard owen i have a screen shot if you want/need
19:21 owen nengard: Are you getting the Amazon "no image" images?
19:21 nengard owen yes
19:24 owen Very strange. You've got entries which show the "no image" image but which show the cover when you click through to
19:27 owen Normally you wouldn't get an image if 1) there were no ISBN or 2) the ISBN were malformed (because of extra text like ":" or "pa.")
19:28 nengard so - it's probably a bug? I can submit it with screenshots...
19:30 owen Can you view the source of the page and look for the <img> tag for one of the offending titles?
19:40 nengard owen
19:40 nengard <tr class="highlight">
19:40 nengard <td><a href="/cgi-bin/koha/"><img src="[…]ons/no-img-sm.gif" alt="Book Cover Image" class="thumbnail"></a></td>
19:40 nengard <td><a href="/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail​.pl?biblionumber=271">Martin's big words :</a>
19:40 nengard                    <span class="item-details">
19:40 nengard                        Rappaport, Doreen.
19:40 nengard                    </span></td>
19:40 nengard <td>E185.97.K5 R36 2001</td>
19:40 nengard <td><em>(Checked out)</em></td>
19:40 nengard </tr>
19:41 owen That must be the post-javascript generated source.
19:42 nengard yeah .. i figured
19:42 nengard if you get on google chat i'll share the log in info with you so you can see it
19:48 owen I see... Someone finally added a sanitized version of the ISBN to opac-detail, but didn't add it to opac-readingrecord
19:51 nengard oh - you're answering me here :) hehe
19:51 nengard owen does that mean it's a bug
19:52 nengard good idea!!
19:52 owen I'm working on it now. If I can't solve it I'll file a bug.
19:52 owen Thanks for the heads-up.
19:53 nengard no prob
20:56 acmoore gmcharlt, you around?
20:57 gmcharlt acmoore: what's up?
20:57 acmoore ever since we went to Test::Class::Load, I don't think the tests in are getting run. I guess it's just running the ones in the subclasses for some reason. that means that the database and zebra stuff isn't getting dealt with right.
20:57 acmoore have you noticed that, too?
20:57 acmoore I've run around and around trying to figure out why.
20:59 gmcharlt acmoore: actually, no, I haven't seen that
20:59 gmcharlt acmoore: and it's looking OK when I run the tests now - creating the bookseller, fund, etc. just fine
21:00 acmoore seriously? argh.
21:02 acmoore maybe I'll make a new clone and try again. OK. Thanks.
23:50 jablko am struggling to get koha from git running
23:50 jablko keep getting:
23:50 jablko Can't locate object method "preference" via package "C4::Context" at /home/jablko/public_html/koha/C4/ line 30.,
23:50 jablko but looking in
23:50 jablko I can see
23:50 jablko sub preference
23:50 jablko {
23:51 jablko on line 448
23:51 jablko my perl foo is not so great
23:52 jablko so am stuck on the cause...
00:00 gmcharlt jablko: is the PERL5LIB env var set (in your case it looks like it should be set to '/home/jablko/public_html/koha'?)
00:00 jablko gmcharlt: yes it is
00:00 gmcharlt jablko: what platform?
00:01 jablko before setting PERL5LIB it complained about not finding C4::Context
00:01 jablko now line 30 of complains about the preference subroutine
00:01 jablko Debian
00:01 jablko perl 5.8.8
00:01 jablko i386
00:04 gmcharlt hmm - try this - if you change line 30 of C4/ to "my $debug_level = '2';" does it work?
11:12 hdl hi n
11:12 hdl hi nengard
11:12 nengard hiya hdl - how are things in France?  It's rainy and dreary here
11:13 hdl changing weather.
11:13 hdl One day sunny and warm, the other cloudy and fresh.
11:13 hdl quite confusing

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