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12:01 kados hi guys
12:01 kados hdl: an alternative to zebraqueue daemon is rebuild_zebra with the -z flag
12:01 kados hdl: it lets you index from zebraqueue
12:01 hdl would that solve the problem ?
12:02 kados hdl: I hope so ... if you run it in cron every 10 minutes or something
12:02 hdl :(
12:02 hdl So ppl will have to wait for 10 minutes before sbeing able to search their biblios ???
12:03 kados hdl: how about 2 minutes
12:03 kados hdl: I think rebuild_zebra now checks to see if it's already running
12:03 kados hdl: and won't run if a process is running already
12:04 kados I thought zebraqueue damon did the same
12:04 kados hdl: are you sure you're running the very latest zebraqueue daemon
12:04 hdl this is what they had before.
12:04 hdl Yes.
12:04 hdl Install from beta2.
12:04 kados hdl: what who had before?
12:05 hdl IPT
12:05 kados maybe galen has some other ideas
12:05 kados he shuld be around in about 2 hours
12:05 hdl had zebraqueuedeamon launched  every minutes or so.
12:06 hdl But it annoyed them not to be able to search a biblio for a minute.
12:06 kados yep, it's annoying, I agree
12:06 hdl Many ppl here check their catalog. when the enter a biblio.
12:06 kados here too
12:07 hdl the thing is that ModZebra does a del and an Add but when you save, visually check then edit back.
12:08 fbcit morning everyone
12:08 hdl either you would delete create the record and then delete.
12:08 hdl hi fbcit
12:08 hdl Or you would try to delete a ghost record and cramp the system.
12:24 kados hdl: I don't quite understand the use case, could you walk through it again?
12:24 hdl add a new Biblio
12:24 hdl save it
12:25 hdl right after
12:25 hdl edit the same biblio (Oops, I misspelled the title)
12:25 hdl save
12:25 hdl wait for a while
12:25 hdl kohazebraqueue daemon won't pardon you.
12:26 hdl it takes over 50% CPU
12:26 hdl And overflood mysql db.
12:39 kados hdl: and what is happening behind the scenes?
12:39 kados hdl: there should only be one zebraqueue entry if I'm not mistaken
12:40 hdl there are 2 recordDelete
12:40 hdl And SpecialUpdate
12:40 hdl (mm 1 recordDelete and 1 specialUpdate)
12:41 hdl And it seems to be trying to do the recordDelete Before the speciaUpdate
12:41 kados why a recordDelete?
12:42 kados and why two?
12:42 nengard question - for OPACUserCSS - how is the data supposed to be formatted? url? css? <style> tags?
12:42 kados nengard: it's CSS
12:43 kados nengard: no tags, just straight css, like in the example I gave
12:43 nengard k
12:46 kados hdl: I have two patches from you that I'm not sure about
12:46 kados hdl:    Adding Recent Acquisitions page
12:46 kados hdl: and    NoZebra : Commiting things only when done
12:46 kados hdl: what should I do with these?
12:47 hdl I think that recent acquisition pages could be added.
12:47 hdl It is one of our customers that asked for that.
12:48 hdl NoZebra could also be commited I think.
12:48 hdl It justs commits elements to database once rather than committing it each time.
12:49 hdl kados : recordDelete because when you edit, you 1st delete.
12:52 hdl So you end up in zebraqueue with 1 recordDelete and 1 specialUpdate (because when you edit things, you index the record only once... no checking done when you delete...  maybe if one would edit a biblio and then delete it it would be even worse.)
12:54 hdl Not worse but same problem
12:54 kados edit should be specialUpdate, not sure why it does recordDelete
12:56 hdl because ModBiblio does
12:56 hdl Del and Add.
14:12 nengard manual question - will biblios automatically be integrated into koha 3? or will it require additional installation steps? I'm asking so I know if I have to write a how to integrate step in the manual
14:35 acmoore is there a function that will fetch the values of arbitrary authorized values for an item (ie, ones that aren't tied to database fields)?
14:36 kados acmoore: GetAuthorisedValues in I think
14:37 acmoore I thought so, too, but that doesn't seem to do what I thought it did.
14:37 acmoore I think that finds which authorized values exist in a category.
14:38 kados ahh, you may be right
14:38 acmoore but, it doesn't seem to know anything about items. I thought that an item may have an actual value for a possible authorized value.
14:38 acmoore these words are hard to use.
14:39 kados acmoore: displaying authorized values in the search results pages is going to be especially hard ... extra hard if there is no koha2marc linking the marc field to a koha field
14:39 kados (in the relational database0
14:39 kados )
14:39 kados so that audience example we did yesterday for example
14:39 kados there's no easy way to display the values for records that have a value there
14:39 acmoore yep, I'm with you. the ones with actual database fields are much easier.
14:40 kados for items it's easier since all of the item fields are linked to database fields and items table is authoritative for them
14:42 kados acmoore: the XSl work I did does a preparse of every MARCXML record as it comes back from the index, and substitutes authorized value descriptions for codes
14:42 kados acmoore: so maybe we could add the images at that point
14:43 kados acmoore: it's not pretty though, because we'll have to hard-code some tag/subfields in the resulting XSL
14:43 kados or else we could come up with a new namespace or something
14:43 kados koha.icons or something
14:43 kados other option would be adding columns to the biblioitems table for things like format, audience, etc.
14:44 kados acmoore: another thing I discovered
14:44 acmoore or adding a lookup table for them, so you don't have to add a column for each one.
14:44 kados acmoore: is that folks like HCL actually use the call number to determin which items show up at the bib level
14:45 kados acmoore: they have rules that I think I forwarded to you and Debra
14:45 kados acmoore: a lookup table for what now?
14:46 acmoore when you say that another option would be adding collumns to the biblioitems table, do you mean adding a column for whatever arbitrary authorized value that an installation may define?
14:46 acmoore because, you can do that with another database table, instead of adding columns each time.
14:47 kados can you expand on that for me?
14:48 kados I'm just trying to figure out how the user would indicate that a given bib should be linked to, say 'JUV' audience
14:49 acmoore let there be a table with biblionumber and authroised_value_id (and probably a few other columns). Then, if biblionumber "green eggs and ham" has a "Juvenile" set for "audience", you can make an entry in that table, instead of having a new column in the biblioitems table for "audience".
14:50 hdl acmoore: would it be quite like it is done for users in drupal ? link to a bib in a table and custom names ?
14:50 acmoore so, if I were to add a new authorised value for "smell", I don't add a biblioitems.smell column, I start adding rows to this table like "item #123 has value 'flowery' for authorised_value 'smell'"
14:50 acmoore I have no idea what drupal does.
14:51 acmoore but surely we have one of these already in our database. It's not a far out concept. I'll look.
14:51 hdl (you can add custom fields to user data)
14:51 kados acmoore: yes, I get how it works on the database end of things, but how about for the user ...
14:51 kados acmoore: is it stored in the catalog record somewhere?
14:52 kados acmoore: the workflow for how these records are added is probably important background
14:52 hdl there ought to be 2 tables
14:52 hdl 1 describing the added fields
14:52 kados acmoore: typically a library will create a MARC record for their bib data, and import it into Koha ... or create it within Koha's MARC editor
14:52 hdl 1 containing the values...
14:52 hdl am i wrong ?
14:54 acmoore hdl, I think you and I are picturing the same thing.
14:54 hdl problem
14:54 hdl Now with Koha for 1 bib, you have 1 record (in a join)
14:55 hdl with this system, we would have to query much more.
14:55 hdl we could add picture path to authorised_values
14:56 hdl mmm... quite a dangerous change, imho...
14:56 acmoore I don't think I understand the problem you're describing.
14:57 acmoore I intend to add a path to an image to authorised_values. will that pose a problem?
14:57 kados hdl: acmoore just added a picture path to authorized values
14:57 hdl :P
14:57 kados hdl: but we're trying to figure out how to display authorized values on the bib page
14:57 kados oops, on the results page
14:58 kados for records that have authorized values linked to the MARC, but that don't exist in the koha tables
14:58 hdl No would not.
14:58 kados it's complicated
14:58 hdl Why ?
14:59 hdl you have GetAuthorisedValues and GetAuthorisedValueDesc .
15:00 acmoore what's GetAuthorisedValueDesc?
15:00 hdl In
15:01 hdl In gets the lib value of an authorised value.
15:01 kados hdl: suppose we create a new authorized value called 'audience' and we link it to 942 $l (which is not used), and 942 $l is not linked to the biblioitems or biblio tables ... how do we get the authorized value to display in the results page?
15:01 acmoore aaah. thta's what I was looking for.
15:02 hdl you just have to use the tagslib table
15:02 acmoore hdl, well, not quite. So that tells me about a particular autorised_value. But, it doesn't tell me what value is set for that authorised_value for a particular biblioitem
15:02 hdl and parse the record.
15:03 acmoore what table was that?
15:04 hdl &GetMarcStructure
15:04 hdl returns the has of your framework.
15:04 hdl hash
15:05 hdl (Maybe it would be better if we cached it... But for now, it is not cached.)
15:07 gmcharlt_ hdl: it is cached, partially, at least as far as batch jobs are concerned
15:07 acmoore I'll have to look at that. It's possible that's going to do what I'm looking for.
15:08 hdl gmcharlt: but we are talking of display, not batch jobs
15:09 gmcharlt hdl: true; my point it is (assuming it's working properly) the DB lookup from marc_subfield_structure and marc_tag_structure is done only once during a CGI script's lifetime
15:10 gmcharlt but yeah, that's a digression
15:10 hdl gmcharlt++
15:11 acmoore so, the marc_subfield_structure table does tell me about the authorised values, but how do I know what authorised values are set for this biblioitem I'm looking up?
15:12 hdl But It would be better if it could be cached for a session lifetime... If structure is not edited.
15:12 hdl acmoore: see
15:12 hdl It details getting the whole bib.
15:13 hdl Then parsing the bib with tagslib (the result of GetMarcStructure)
15:13 hdl Then getting the results.
15:14 acmoore cataloguing/
15:21 acmoore OK, thanks. I think I can embrace and extend this.
15:21 acmoore just out of curiousity, is this thing parsing the biblioitems.marcxml field?
15:22 gmcharlt acmoore: it should be
15:22 acmoore holy cow.
15:22 gmcharlt ?
15:53 hdl gmcharlt acmoore : it doesnot at the moment.
15:53 hdl It takes a MARC::Record
15:54 gmcharlt hdl: right, but assuming that the record is being read from the database, either bibiloitems.marcxml or biblioitems.marc must be parsed
15:55 hdl marcxml is parsed. But only after MARC::File::XML parsed it.
17:32 nengard after I claim a serial shouldn't it's status be updated to Claimed? or do I have to do this manually?

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