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15:54 owen wb newlogbot
15:54 owen anyone know why the "Dropbox mode" section of returns.tmpl says "fixme" ?
15:58 acmoore I have a patch that needs to make a database change. is there a policy on database version numbers in to prevent me from stepping on the toes of someone else who's making a similar change right now?
15:58 nengard question about network printers - can someone give me an example of what to enter in each of the three fields? (printer name, queue, type) ... and where do these come from - do they just match the printer settings on your computer?
15:58 owen acmoore, you have to call it, like shotgun
15:58 gmcharlt acmoore: I have 074, but won't be able to commit today - why don't you take it
15:59 acmoore owen, thanks. Is there a running list of who is sitting where so far?
15:59 frederic hello
15:59 gmcharlt acmoore: no; so far QA and RM resolve clashes
15:59 acmoore gmcharlt, does that goof you up at all?
15:59 kados acmoore: yea, I'm fine resolving any conflicts
15:59 gmcharlt acmoore: no, easy for me to deal with
15:59 kados it's a two line fix generally
15:59 acmoore OK. so, I get $DBversion = "";
15:59 kados I usually edit the patch directly
15:59 kados acmoore: go for it
16:00 kados acmoore: I'll test your patch soon as I get it
16:00 acmoore hizzah!
16:03 cait hi #koha
16:03 cait is it possible to update my koha and get all the nice patches ive seen on the git-page?
16:05 kados cait: yea, you can either download a snapshot, and upgrade, or run in 'dev' mode and rebase every day
16:06 cait first: wheres the difference?
16:06 cait and second: is there a manual for upgrading somewhere?
16:06 cait i thought i saw one but cant find it now :(
16:06 kados cait: the INSTALL and INSTALL.debian files have some hints
16:09 cait aah i deleted them from desktop... *sigh*
16:09 cait but i have another question
16:09 cait can i mail my improved geman .po-files to you at the end of the weekend?
16:11 cait i changed a lot and although its not complete i think its really better now than before
16:16 cait ah, instructions for updating found, thanks for the hint :)
16:24 kados cait: yes, please do
16:24 kados cait: I will upload it to
16:24 kados and add it to Koha's git repo to appear in the release
16:29 cait thx kados
16:36 nengard question about managing suggestions - i talked to hdl about the updates he made - but one part doesn't do what i'd expect it to do.  when on the manage suggestions page if I choose a reason and click the 'mark all with this reason' link nothing happens - i'd expect for all items to be marked with this reason
16:36 nengard URL: koha/suggestion/acceptorrejec​
16:37 hdl nengard: the problem was solved by owen.
16:37 hdl as far as i know.
16:37 owen Has that patch been approved?
16:37 nengard hdl do you know when? i just got a new install today and it still doesn't work
16:38 nengard ahh - i guess not yet owen
16:38 nengard but it's good to know it's coming
16:41 kados nengard: I think that patch should be applied now on your install
16:41 kados nengard: give it a shot
16:41 nengard kados++
16:41 kados nengard: we're talking about owen's patch, right?
16:41 nengard kados it worked - and yes we are
16:41 kados w00t
16:44 kados owen: have you seen Frederick's YUI Rich Text editor patch (second one)
16:45 owen No, I haven't
16:45 kados - Include a link to YUI SimpleEditor widget. So it's available                                                                                                                                                  
16:45 kados everywhere in the intranet interface.                                                                                                                                                                        
16:45 kados - Import locally all required files in yui directory.                                                                                                                                                          
16:45 kados - Use YUI SimpleEditor in Koha news editor.
16:46 kados introduces quite a few changes
16:46 kados mostly additional css,png/js files
16:47 owen A link everywhere for YUI editor widget? Does that mean to convert any textarea to a YUI editor?
16:47 kados I don't think it's quite that comprehensive
16:47 kados the patch was sent to the list, if you get some time later, have a look, let me know what you think
16:48 owen Okay
17:09 nengard For managing suggestions - looks like there is a character limit on the title field - this may not be a problem, but i entered a title that got chopped off
17:10 hdl kados : frederic is questionning me about the patch workflow.
17:11 hdl do you have a second ?
17:11 kados hdl: sure do
17:11 hdl he sent some patches.
17:11 hdl including one about GoogleBookSearch
17:11 owen nengard: The field in the database is limited to 80 characters, which I agree isn't big enough.
17:11 hdl that he really wants to have included.
17:12 kados hdl: I have added it already
17:12 nengard owen do you want me to submit a bug or are you just going to fix it when you have time?
17:12 kados hdl: bit it is modified from his version, so that you can have google, amazon, or baker and taylor on
17:12 kados hdl: he can test by creating a new syspref called GoogleJackets
17:12 kados hdl: and turning it ON
17:12 owen I don't do database modifications, so please file a bug
17:13 hdl sure owen : it should be text or longtext.
17:13 owen hdl: even 255 characters would probably suffice.
17:14 owen Or maybe it's not worth limiting
17:14 hdl You don't know french librarians :D
17:14 frederic Could someone clarify how the patch submission process work? Several patches I've submitted hadn't been applies, which is great since it means someone tested them, I suppose, and found a reason not to keep them. But I didn't have any feedback. Recently, I received a reject notification from hdl which help to find a solution. But at several occasions, the patches just disappeared.
17:14 frederic Aaahh ok for GoogleBook...
17:15 hdl your YUI editor patch is being inquired and tested.
17:15 frederic hdl: thanks. I'm reading that.
17:16 hdl It seems you could explaine a little bit further : > A link everywhere for YUI editor widget? Does that mean to convert any textarea to a YUI editor?
17:16 hdl Is there any other patch ?
17:16 hdl The one with facets maybe ?
17:17 frederic hdl: yes, GoogleBook (I will take a look on Kados integration) and facets
17:18 hdl your facets modification was quite.... a big trouble for me.
17:18 hdl Modifying all the setup just to have facets in french... quite puzzled me.
17:19 hdl I tried to think of an other possibility.
17:19 frederic A link to YUI Editor is added on every pages. To transform a <textarea> into a YUI SimpleEditor, you just have to code a JavaScript line: example in koha-news.tmpl
17:19 frederic I can open, a server if someone (owen) want to see it in action
17:20 owen Yes, I'd like to see it
17:21 frederic hdl: the other advantage of my solution is that you can tansform any field into a facet. Just like you can add a zebra index modifying zebra config files. That the reason why I do with a text config file put in zebra config file directory
17:22 frederic owen: One minute... I start a server and revert to the appropriate branch
17:22 hdl what about having the facets in the database with their name in the language and a flag that enable facets ?
17:23 kados I think we should just put them in the template for translation
17:24 frederic kados: This way if you want to add a facet, you will have to modify template rather than a config file
17:29 frederic owen: try -- user test, password test
17:30 frederic if you look at source code, you will see that css,js and resources files are from Yahoo server. But if you turn yuipath it still works
17:31 frederic yui path locally
17:33 owen So when you said "- Include a link to YUI SimpleEditor widget" you mean link to the js source in the global <head> include
17:34 owen I thought you meant link as in <a href=""></a>
17:34 owen I would say we need a rich text editor rarely enough that we shouldn't include it globally
17:34 hdl YUi editor is used in News ?
17:35 hdl at least it should never be used in cataloguing
17:37 kados I think the overhead of loading that library with every page probably isn't worth it overall
17:37 kados except on pages where it's used
17:42 frederic yes, it's globally included. This way if you want to add rich text editor anywhere else, you just have to few lines of javascript in a template
17:42 frederic all those files are cached by web browser, so there isn't any performance issue
17:42 frederic Files are only load the first time
17:43 owen Still, there's no reason to include them globally if they're used in only a few places. If someone wants to edit the template to add the editor, they can add anything they need then.
17:46 frederic owen: My opinion is the exact contrary for the reason I've given: caching. All references to YUI stuff shoul be put in one place, not manually in every template. Otherwise, you end having multiple references to the same files.
17:47 owen frederic: it's just a matter of moving the links to the javascript files from the global include to the top of a couple of templates
17:47 owen There's no duplication
17:48 frederic owen: ok. As you want. " C
17:49 frederic "Include a link to YUI SimpleEditor widget" means adding those lines of JS:
17:49 frederic var editor = new YAHOO.widget.SimpleEditor('...
17:50 frederic etc. about 8 lines
17:51 frederic And with your method, adding two lines to reference simpleeditor.css and simpleditor-beta-min.js
17:51 hdl frederic: i donot think there is any caching on pages at the moment.
17:51 hdl iirc, there is a cache parameter set to 0 on every page.
17:52 frederic hdl: caching is done automatically by web browser for static resources: css, js, images, etc.
17:52 hdl is it done when cache is set to 0 ?
17:53 frederic hdl: good question?
17:53 owen hdl, what do you mean there is a cache parameter set to 0 on every page?
17:54 owen You mean the HTTP headers?
17:54 frederic For me, static files are cached in Firefox. I just verified with Firebug
17:56 hdl sub output_html_with_http_headers ($$$) {
17:56 hdl    my($query, $cookie, $html) = @_;
17:56 hdl    print $query->header(
17:56 hdl        -type    => 'text/html',
17:56 hdl        -charset => 'UTF-8',
17:56 hdl        -cookie  => $cookie,
17:56 hdl        -Pragma => 'no-cache',
17:56 hdl        -'Cache-Control' => 'no-cache',
17:56 hdl
17:56 cait kados: i managed to update koha, thx again
17:57 kados hdl: that is just for pages, not for external content
17:57 kados hdl: the cache settings for things like images, js, etc., is controlled by your apache settings
17:59 hdl oh.
17:59 hdl i note that$
18:01 frederic yes, cache-control Apache directive how static resources must be cached by client web browser. I suppose Yahoo cache its contents appropriatly (its interest)
18:57 tim When I click on a series in in koha3, I get no results.
18:58 tim koha-opac-error_log shows WARNING: query problem with series=Pendragon  ZOOM error 10014 "CCL parsing error" (addinfo: "Unknown qualifier") from diag-set 'ZOOM' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 382., referer:[…]=series:Pendragon
19:00 kados tim: that looks like a potential bug
19:00 kados tim: can you try editing the template and changing series to se
19:00 kados so the link becomes[…]pl?q=se:Pendragon
19:00 kados (or just try that search directly
19:01 tim That worked.
19:01 tim I just tried the search directly.
19:02 kados tim: wanna submit a patch? :-)
19:02 kados tim: I'll walk you through the process if you have the time
19:03 kados tim: and your name will go up in lights :-)
19:03 owen Or: I'm editing opac-detail right now, I can make the change
19:03 owen (not that I want to steal tim's potential fame!)
19:03 kados hehe
19:04 kados owen: go ahead, tim and I can find something else if he's interested
19:05 tim I should've asked this earlier.  I'd like to know how to do that, but the school gets out early today and any minute I'm gonna be up to my ears in kids.
19:06 kados tim: no worries ... when you're available let me know
19:06 kados tim: we also have a pretty detailed wiki page on the topic
19:06 kados tim:[…]lopment:git_usage
19:07 tim I'll bookmark that.
20:52 mc good night koha people
10:30 hdl gmcharlt_: kados ?
11:47 hdl hi nengard
11:47 hdl !list
11:47 nengard hiya hdl
11:47 hdl how are you ?
11:48 nengard doing okay
11:49 nengard you?

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