IRC log for #koha, 2008-04-03

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18:13 owen Rough night, newlogbot?
18:18 owen I think he regenerates, like Dr. Who. Hence "new"logbot
18:19 slef oi slef
18:20 owen gmcharlt: are you working on new permissions?
18:20 slaf hello slef
18:20 slef get lost slaf
18:34 hdl is there new permissions plans ?
18:35 owen gmcharlt and I were talking about some permissions-related UI changes, so I wondered whether anything was changing
19:19 gmcharlt hdl, owen: yes, working on a more granular permissions project
19:20 gmcharlt should have more details and some code to post in a couple days
19:20 owen gmcharlt, feel free to throw me the template stuff if I can help
19:20 gmcharlt owen: thanks
19:20 hdl gmcharlt: interesting.
19:28 fbcit gmcharlt++
19:29 fbcit down to individual MARC/item fields I hope?
19:31 gmcharlt fbcit: not as yet - what I'm working on will supported granularity of Koha function
19:31 gmcharlt s
19:31 gmcharlt specific data elements, no
20:46 hdl atz ?
20:50 hdl gmcharlt: is there a documentation on how to setup ldap config with Koha ?
20:51 hdl on 2.2 we had to edit auth_with LDAP, seems no it reads configuration variable.
20:51 gmcharlt hdl:[…]pment:ldap&s=ldap
20:51 hdl thx
20:53 ryan hdl: note there is an oustanding issue with the ldap setup that yet needs to be addressed.
20:53 ryan <server id=�ldapserver� listenref=�ldapserver�>
20:53 ryan inside <yazcfg>  will confuse zebra
20:53 ryan it needs to be changed
20:58 hdl OK thanks
23:15 chris hey russ
23:20 russel hiya - i was going to ask if the new lists were working
23:20 chris ive got mail from them, so yep, they look to be all good
23:21 russel but it was just that the confirmation email from the translate list took a little while getting through
23:21 russel so all good
23:21 chris sweet

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