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11:33 nengard morning all
11:46 kados hey nengard
11:46 nengard hiya
11:47 kados nengard:[…]
11:48 nengard kados what am i looking at?
11:48 kados nengard: oh, just an alternative display of the OPAC results page
11:48 kados sorry :-)
11:49 kados somewhat random
11:49 nengard no problem :) just thought I was trying to find something specific and new :) hehe
11:49 nengard I personally prefer results like this - no images ... maybe because I come from liraries that didn't use jackets
11:49 kados well, the icons are new
11:49 nengard :)
11:49 kados they are built with XSL
11:49 nengard book & music icons - neat!
11:49 kados and they use the MARC material types
11:50 nengard after PLA and the manual I need some training on editing templates - so i can learn that part of the system
11:51 kados yea
11:52 nengard i have an enhancement request - i'll submit it -but here it is on this results page - in the search box it says call if I click on a facet then it stays call, but on the top left it says ""callbranch:MPL" if I put that in the search box it doesn't work - if I put a space after "call" it still doesn't work
11:52 nengard it would be nice - as a librarian - to be able to use these terms in my searching instead of going to an advanced search page - if possible
11:54 kados what would call mean?
11:54 kados where is that coming from?
11:54 kados nengard: what you're describing should already be posible
11:55 kados the call is junk, I've no idea how it's getting in there
11:55 nengard :)
11:55 kados oh ... it's the search term itself
11:55 kados duh
12:06 nengard hehe
12:06 nengard kados - so what does this mean? it's a bug? or is it an enhancement request?
12:07 kados nengard: it's a bug with the search syntax, file it under Searching
12:07 nengard k
12:12 nengard kados: done
12:13 kados thx
12:23 nengard okay - i might be missing something - but after you put items in your basket for acquisitions - then what? how do you send the order to the vendor? or print the order? or can you not do that - you just put the order in the system and then wait for it to arrive?
12:24 kados nengard: printing could be done via a stylesheet if we had one by default
12:24 nengard kados - but we don't - right? so I just stop writing after the order has been entered - and then skip to how to receive an order?
12:24 kados *nod*
12:24 nengard k
13:03 nengard how does 'Late issues' work? I changed the order date to 1 day and then clicked Filter and i didn't get the orders that were older than 1 day - so - i don't know how this thing works ;)
13:17 kados hey owen
13:17 owen Hi
13:18 owen What's new? It's been 17 hours! :)
13:21 nengard hehe
13:34 nengard question repeat: how does 'Late issues' work? I changed the order date to 1 day and then clicked Filter and i didn't get the orders that were older than 1 day - so - i don't know how this thing works ;)
13:34 frederic_ hi
13:35 frederic_ kados: Did you get my email? Any chance to test/include this patch?
13:42 kados frederic_: I did get it, and I'll do my best to test today
13:44 frederic_ Thanks. Just to be sure it went through.
14:30 nengard when receiving an order why can't i update the quantity received?  this seems like a bug, but i want to be sure it is before i report it
14:32 nengard ahh - just saw that i can click the + to get another item - but i think we should be able to edit the number as well
14:32 nengard so - not a bug - but enhancement
14:41 ryan nengard: if you have serialsadditems syspref set to on, then each one you receive creates a new item
14:41 ryan so the plus button gives you extra input fields to add item info
14:42 nengard what if i'm just receiving monographs ....
14:42 ryan oh, misread your question :)
14:42 nengard i just want to type 2 in the qty box and have the extra field show up
14:44 ryan you mean if you receive more items than you ordered ?
14:45 ryan oh, i see
14:45 ryan yeah, could add a plus button next to qty received
14:46 nengard no - i ordered 2 but when i click receive it only has 1 in the qty box
14:46 nengard so i have to hit the +
14:46 nengard which is fine - i'd just like to be able to also type 2 in the box
14:47 ryan just easier to control with javascript with just the plus buttons
14:47 ryan if you're on 4 and you change it to 2, should the page auto-delete the last two entry fieldsets ?
14:48 nengard i'd think so
14:48 ryan plus button lets us not have to answer it
14:48 nengard actually - the "-" (minus) is hard to see - I had too many and had no idea what to do
14:48 nengard rayn :) that's fine
14:48 nengard I have another acq uestion
14:48 nengard question
14:48 ryan agreed re: '-'
14:48 nengard say i'm adding itmes to my shipment
14:49 nengard and I'm done- now what? I don't see a done or save button
14:49 nengard .....
14:49 nengard rayn = ryan - I don't know why i can't type your name!!!
14:49 ryan i tend to type ruan
14:49 nengard :) that makes me feel better - since it is your name ;)
14:49 ryan :)
14:49 ryan are you referring to
14:49 ryan ?
14:50 ryan you have no save button ?
14:51 nengard koha/acqui/​supplierid=2&datereceived=2008-03-21
14:52 ryan ah, yes
14:52 ryan that is confusing.
14:53 nengard :)
14:53 nengard now try and write the manual for it :)
14:54 ryan enhancement: add a 'done' button
14:54 nengard :) - so i should write that - or did you?
14:54 ryan go ahead and add it
14:54 nengard and is it an enhancement? or bug? what do I do when I'm done? just browse away?
14:54 nengard I'll add now
14:55 ryan yeah, should probably let you go back to either 'receive shipments from this vendor' or acqui home page.
14:56 nengard is there a way later to search for shipments?
14:56 ryan there's no concept of a 'completed' parcel, so you can add new orders to a shipment at any time
14:56 nengard ah
14:56 nengard k
14:56 ryan but that would be good to 'close' the shipment
14:56 ryan the way you close a basket
14:57 ryan cgi-bin/koha/acqui/
14:57 ryan has a filter for search.
14:57 ryan it's by vendor automatically
14:58 nengard where is the link to
15:00 ryan 'receive order' from the vendor search
15:01 ryan or 'receive parcel' from the vendor summary page
15:02 ryan these should both be 'receive shipment' to keep the terms consistent
15:02 ryan nengard: i will update these links now
15:02 nengard ryan: okay
18:16 nengard question repeat: how does 'Late issues' work? I changed the order date to 1 day and then clicked Filter and i didn't get the orders that were older than 1 day - so - i don't know how this thing works ;)
18:37 hdl nengard : filter on date, not on day
18:38 nengard hdl: but in the box it has 30 and the text box says "days" after it
18:38 hdl MMM. coming onto the page.
18:39 hdl It's been a long time
19:07 nengard hdl: gmcharlt was able to help me
19:14 hdl gmcharlt: do you have memoryleaks problems with firefox ?
19:16 gmcharlt yeah, every couple of days I have to close my FireFox 2 session on OS X
19:16 gmcharlt hopefully FF3 will improve things
19:16 hdl Is it owed to Koha or is it rather general ?
19:17 gmcharlt it's general, I believe
19:17 gmcharlt though it's possible that Koha may have a couple JavaScript bugs that don't help
19:17 hdl FF took 60% of my GB RAM.
19:18 hdl and this made work impossible.
19:18 gmcharlt how long had it been open?
19:22 hdl 2days.
19:23 hdl So it seems we are experiencing the same problems.
19:24 gmcharlt yep; just a long-standing known issue with FF
19:25 hdl gmcharlt: which page was nengard having problems with ?
19:26 gmcharlt acqui/
19:26 gmcharlt wasn't immediately clear what definition of "late order" is for the purpose of this report
19:27 hdl issues for me referred to serials.
19:27 gmcharlt link to acqui/ says "Late orders"
19:27 gmcharlt page itself says "late issues" :)
19:28 hdl But there is no general page to track late serial numbers down. (I thought there was one.
19:28 hdl Could be handy)
19:29 hdl of course there is : called : claims.
19:33 gmcharlt yep

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