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12:14 nengard Preferens: QueryRemoveStopwords says "If ON, stopwords listed in the Administration area will be removed from queries"  - where in admin are the stopwords? I don't see them ....
12:18 nengard For "QueryWeightFields" where do you assign the weights?
12:19 kados nengard: Administration->Stop Words (at the bottom of the page)
12:20 nengard kados - thanks :)
12:20 kados nengard: eventually it will be in a stylesheet, but for now it's in a block of perl code, so it's an on/off setting
12:20 nengard was looking in the wrong place
12:20 nengard kados: do we let people know how the fields are weighted then?
12:21 kados nengard: it's magic :-)
12:21 nengard okey dokey - I'm using those words in the manual ;)
12:21 kados :)
12:26 nengard intranetcolorstylesheet - is this a filename or a block of CSS?
12:28 kados what does it say?
12:30 nengard "Define the color stylesheet to use in the Staff Client"
12:30 nengard i think that means file - but i was wrong before :)
12:32 owen file name
12:32 owen Hi folks
12:32 nengard thanks owen - and good morning
12:32 kados hey owen
12:57 hdl hi
13:42 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:50 hdl hi gmcharlt
13:55 owen I'm finding today that Koha is not requiring me to log in... I'm getting "insecure" up at the top instead
13:56 owen Can anyone confirm?
13:57 gmcharlt owen: not seeing it
13:57 gmcharlt is your 'insecure' syspref on?
13:57 owen No
13:59 hdl Neither do I
14:00 owen Weird.. I wonder what could be wrong with my setup?
14:09 fbcit g'morning koha
14:11 gmcharlt hi fbcit
14:17 kados anyone know of a standard regex used to replace <, >, ", ', & in a block of XML?
14:53 hdl owen : can you detail on what page you get bug 1804 ?
14:54 owen /cgi-bin/koha/authorities/
14:54 owen ...if I just click submit without entering anything
14:55 hdl kados : don't know. But I had some problems even with &lt; &gt; with a data migration and MARC::File::XML decoding.
14:59 hdl kados: I also have problems with searching for peculiar data in zebra for instance : Minucius felix Marcus ...-0250?  (The problem is with ....-\d+? <- seems that ? is a special character in ccl ?)
14:59 hdl owen : what do logs say ?
15:00 owen ZOOM error 20003 "can't set prefix query" (addinfo: " @or  @attr 7=1 @attr 1=Heading 0") from diag-set 'ZOOM', referer:[…]
15:01 owen Also: Use of uninitialized value in split at /home/oleonard/koha/production/i​ntranet/modules/C4/ line 129., referer:[…]
15:02 hdl Use of uninitialized value in split at /home/oleonard/koha/production/i​ntranet/modules/C4/ line 129 This has to do with Languages...
15:03 hdl I should have your zoom error. But I donot get any.
15:04 hdl kados : paul sent some patches yesterday night.
15:05 kados owen: did you rebase recently?
15:05 owen Yes, this morning
15:05 kados owen: the error shouldn't be showing up, I turned off warnings a couple days ago
15:06 kados owen: your has warnings still on
15:07 owen I hadn't rebased in the branch I was working on, sorry
15:07 hdl kados : Some of these patches are useful. 1st one 0016 and the 3 latest ones 20 and 21 23
15:07 kados hdl: I will take a look
15:07 kados owen: you still having the login prob?
15:08 owen Nope :)
15:08 kados owen: it's blocking me from accessing withou logging in
15:08 kados cool
15:08 kados hehe
15:08 hdl maybe you will have trouble applying them. Since they are for an early 3.2 release.
15:09 kados FYI everyone, found a solution to the & < > probs: $parser->recover_silently(1);
15:09 kados hdl: OK, will see which ones should be 3.0 and whichh 3.2
15:09 hdl (They already have some improvements on Members)
15:10 hdl kados : is it only for xslt management ? or also for MARC::File::XML ?
15:10 kados hdl: not sure
15:11 kados nengard: it's not magic in this case, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why it was failing before and why it works now :-)
15:11 kados nengard: that I now know ... :-)
15:13 kados owen: :)
15:13 nengard LOL owen :)
15:13 nengard off to be poked and prodded by Dr. be back ASAP (aka late - cause she's never on time)
15:16 hdl owen : can I have make som test on your box to see if I can reproduce 1749 ?
15:24 hdl owen :  do you have time to add your "magic" jquery stuff on subscriptions-home page ?
15:25 hdl in fact.
15:26 owen Oh, the table sorter?
15:28 hdl yes :D
15:28 owen Sure, no problem
15:28 hdl thx ^_^
15:29 hdl I did try your authorities problem.
15:29 hdl Do you have authorities ?
15:30 owen Not as far as I know (that is, not unless they were in the default sample data)
15:31 hdl The problem is only with "default" other specified auth_type os OK.
15:31 hdl s/os/is/
15:31 hdl My bet is that it is because ordering uses @or.
15:34 owen hdl, I have a couple of authorized values added for suggestions, but they're not showing up in the drop-down menu of reasons.
15:34 owen This is with the new version you sent me
15:35 hdl will
16:03 hdl kados: Is there a way to return ALL the results with no query with zebra ?
16:04 kados hdl: _ALLRECORDS
16:04 hdl @attr 1=_ALLRECORDS ?
16:04 kados hdl: yep
16:04 kados hdl: we have a CCL code for it
16:04 kados allrecords maybe?
16:25 hdl kados : Unsupported Use attribute (114) _ALLRECORDS Bib-1 ??
16:25 kados hdl: version of zebra?
16:26 hdl 2.0.22*
16:26 kados try upgrading to 2.0.26
16:27 kados I think allrecords appered in 2.0.24
16:27 kados or check the zebra docs, maybe your ALLRECOREDS syntax is wrong?
16:27 hdl already checked...
16:28 hdl But doc not quite handy
16:55 hdl owen : does jquery allow paging ?
16:55 owen The table sorter plugin can do paging of a table, but only if the full contents of the table are being output in the html
16:56 owen
16:57 hdl pager seems not handy : it doesnot go page py page but element by element.
16:58 owen What did you have in mind?
16:58 hdl But still, it could be useful for subscriptions and members, maybe what do you think  ?
16:59 owen I'm not sure... For instance with a long list of  members, I find it's easier to hit the page down button than to click a tiny widget on the page
19:07 gmcharlt owen: why not?
19:07 owen watching MatthewMetzger's comings and goings
19:08 gmcharlt ah, right :)
19:08 MatthewMetzger sorry, network is on and off with the laptop
19:09 MatthewMetzger I wouldn't invest in Iowa Telecom either.
20:52 hdl owen ?
21:41 gmcharlt hdl: about?
22:18 atz gmcharlt: did you see that the StreamNet Regional Librarian at the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission went live on Koha?
22:19 gmcharlt yeah, I took a quick look at it
22:19 atz (1) hilarious, (2) awesome and (3) an excuse to go back to portland sometime
22:20 gmcharlt for a new Koha DB
22:22 atz i love the complete diversity of users
23:18 emanuel Hello everyone. Are there any news about the Plone skinning contest?
23:29 kados inter-tribal-fish++
23:29 kados whatever those are
23:29 kados emanuel: the coordinator for the plone skinning contest has gone awol
23:32 qiqo is plone good?
23:32 kados qiqo: yep, it's really good
23:32 emanuel Ah, ok. Thanks.
23:32 qiqo well im using joomla so i had no idia

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