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11:34 kados hdl: are you around?
12:01 fbcit hi kados
12:34 hdl hi kados : now yes.
12:49 nengard hdl and fbcit i think kados is travelling now
12:50 nengard just fyi
12:50 hdl Too bad.
12:51 fbcit nengard: how's that manual coming? :)
12:51 nengard fbcit on hold while i do other work for the minute, but josh installed all patches so i should be back on track on monday
12:52 hdl nengard: were you at openlibrary meeting.
12:53 nengard hdl nope - i was at a meeting in NJ about the next generation academic library system - aka - open source for academic libraries - i'm writing up summaries today from that
12:55 fbcit hi hdl
12:55 hdl hi fbcit.
12:56 hdl owen : why have opacsmallimage disappeared from OPAC ? Is there a reason ?
12:59 nengard hdl & owen - wasn't it the large image that was supposed to diappear? do i need to go back and edit the manual?
12:59 hdl Not at all nengard.
12:59 nengard okey dokey
13:00 hdl But I saw that opacsmallimage seemed not to be used in templates.
13:00 hdl And I wondered if it was a mistake or a purpose.
13:00 owen Is it no longer in
13:01 hdl Yes. Sorry.
13:02 hdl Some users asked me about that today. I think it is becaus they use an old version.
13:58 hdl hi tinaburger
14:34 owen Testing out jquery table sorting:[…]
14:55 hdl owen : that's quite cool.
14:55 hdl Is this a big change ?
14:58 owen It requries the addition of one jquery plugin file, and some javascript added to the page
14:58 gmcharlt hi all
14:59 gmcharlt a new programmer is starting at LL next week
15:00 gmcharlt I'm thinking of starting him off by implementing the Google Book Availability API in the OPAC bib details page (ref
15:00 gmcharlt wanted to double-check whether anybody has already started working on it
15:02 owen How about putting him on some bugs first?
15:02 gmcharlt oh, I
15:03 gmcharlt oh I'll do that too, but I think it's important to balance that with giving the new guy an actual feature to implement
15:03 fbcit owen: very smooth!
15:03 owen :)
15:03 fbcit re: table sorting that is, heh
15:04 fbcit hi gmcharlt
15:04 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:05 owen Oh, yeah fbcit, the tablesorter plugin is very cool and so easy to implement
15:05 owen I added a little function for ignoring articles when sorting, which seems to work well for English, but I'm not sure of the best way to internationalize it
15:05 owen ...or even if the whole thing will work with other languages
15:06 fbcit is the entire thing jquery?
15:06 fbcit gmchralt: I think koha needs to integrate with
15:07 fbcit gmcharlt, even
15:07 owen fbcit, the jquery plugin processes the table which is generated by the template. So users with no js will just see the old unsorted table
15:08 fbcit nice
15:08 gmcharlt owen: is the plugin purely client side? or does it have the ability to implement a callback to fetch more data?  I'm thinking of a case where the dataset is big enough that only part of it is displayed at any one time
15:10 owen There is a "pager" plugin that will create a paged table for you, but that's if you're outputting the whole thing to the page at once.
15:10 owen I'm sure there are ways to do what you describe, but I haven't gotten that far
15:10 hdl good.
15:12 owen As you can see, when you use that method you have to wait for the whole table to load first
15:12 owen Seems like that would be useful if you weren't outputting too much data, but had limited space to display it in
15:12 gmcharlt fbcit: re, wouldn't be hard to provide link from the bib page to the bookfinder results
15:13 gmcharlt not seeing mention of any other kind of API, though
15:13 fbcit I did not see one either
15:13 fbcit but passing in the isbn or... via cgi params would work I think
15:14 fbcit bookfinder searchs other large booksellers, including Amazon, abe, etc.
15:14 gmcharlt yeah:
15:14 owen I don't think my commit has been approved yet, but I just added a "search for this title in..." block to opac-detail:[…]?biblionumber=460
15:15 fbcit gmcharlt: it does not look too hard to add
15:16 fbcit owen: a bookfinder link would fit nicely there
15:16 owen Also see Bug 1934
15:16 gmcharlt yeah - build on what owen has done, make sure that common identifiers like ISBN, LCCN, OCLC#, etc. are readily available in the details page, and it would be simple to put in links to anything that has a sensible linking structure
15:17 fbcit gmcharlt: is the google books feature a replacement for the amazon interface?
15:17 fbcit or an alternative?
15:17 gmcharlt suppose one possibility is wrapping that up in a nice admin interface, so that you don't have to necessarily edit the templates directly, just store the list of external services links and their URL formats
15:18 gmcharlt fbcit: an alternative
15:18 gmcharlt the API queries Google for the availability of the full text of the book
15:18 gmcharlt and from that, you can build a link to as much of the scanned book as Google thinks you have rights to
15:19 gmcharlt and actually, more of a supplement, not an alternative, necessarily
15:19 fbcit how does Google determine what it thinks?
15:19 gmcharlt afaik, based on source IP address (as proxy for your country/legal environment), and copyright date of the book, and whether publishers have requested that individual books be yanked
16:49 irma Hi all
16:50 irma What do you do if a library wants to store info for a MARC subfiled that does not have a corresponding place in the Koha tables?
16:50 irma The case in point is 651$a where 650$a maps to bibiosubject.subject but there is no field for geographic subject.
16:50 irma That is, if the bibliosubject table had a field called geogsubject (for example) we could map 651$a to it.
16:50 irma How does one handle this sutualtion?
16:50 irma situation?
16:52 irma Is anyone online able to give me some pointers?
16:54 owen irma, there's no problem with that per se.
16:55 owen Is the data not displaying correctly for you?
16:57 owen Sorry, gotta run
17:04 irma Thanks Owen. When reports are run the library would like to have data from 650$a activity seperated from 651$a but in Koha 2.2.9 they are combined.
17:05 irma I don't know how to add 651 to the bibliosubject table
17:06 irma Does that make sense?
18:55 atz owen: how does the YUI stuff work for XHTML operations?
18:55 atz it seems like we start with links, and then turn them into buttons?
19:00 owen Are you asking about validity?
19:01 atz no, just convention/acessibility
19:01 atz *acc
19:02 atz working on tagging... OCLS wants to be able to add tags from the results list
19:02 owen Mostly it's just extra markup getting added to the DOM as hooks for CSS
19:02 owen For example:
19:03 owen This: <a id="editpatron" href="/cgi-bin/koha/members/​?op=modify&amp;destination=circ&amp;borrow​ernumber=51&amp;categorycode=PT">Edit</a>
19:03 owen ...get's turned into this:
19:03 owen <span class="yui-button yui-link-button" id="editpatron"><span class="first-child"><a href="/cgi-bin/koha/members/​odify&amp;destination=circ&amp;borrowernumber=5​1&amp;categorycode=PT">Edit</a></span></span>
19:03 atz interesting
19:04 owen I'm not sure what you mean by 'add tags from the results list'
19:04 atz the basic idea is tagging of biblios, like flickr (for example)
19:05 atz i can do this easily by linking to an ""
19:05 atz but they want to be able to add them without leaving the results list
19:06 atz which would involve some xhtml request in js
19:13 owen So atz, you're picturing people adding tags to records from the results list?
19:14 atz right
19:15 atz crude mockup here:[…]
19:15 atz showing both the form/button style and the regular link style (for which the input box would be useless)
19:22 owen I would think the link would expand the form box
19:22 owen Wouldn't it make more sense to add tags from the detail page?
19:23 atz check any of the details pages  :)
19:23 atz in fact both are in their commissioned specs
19:24 atz i have sysprefs that toggle them though
19:24 atz i know you don't like the clutter in your pretty layout
19:24 owen :)
19:25 owen Are tags separated by spaces, commas?
19:25 atz commas
19:25 atz but i don't think the backend is working for that yet
19:25 atz there is a whole layer of moderation they require
19:26 atz so ppl can't fill their opac w/ obscenities
19:26 owen That sounds good.
19:27 owen OCLS?
19:27 atz orange county
19:28 owen I see. That's great that we have a sponsor for tagging.
19:28 atz yeah, they are very interesting in advanced functionality
19:28 atz SMS, shelfari, etc.
19:29 atz *interested
19:31 atz what would be *really* slick is have a backend for harvesting/aggregating the tags from other Kohas
19:32 atz so little rural library X doesn't have to rely on their small patron pool to do all the lifting
19:33 atz or so you can pull in all tags from professional libraries
19:33 atz but that is for later
19:34 owen atz, is intended for 3.0? 3.2?
19:35 atz that's a question for somebody else, methinks
19:35 atz all I know is it's intended for demo next thursday
19:36 owen Let me know if I can help squeeze that stuff into my pretty layout ;)
19:37 atz sure thing
19:42 ccatalfo atz, this will be cool!  Since i have jquery docs open, dunno if you're familiar with it's ajax requests.  doc for post is here:[…]ldatacallbacktype
19:43 atz nice
19:44 atz do we already use jquery in non-biblios Koha?
19:45 owen We've got a fair amount of jquery in the opac and the intranet
19:45 atz cool
19:45 owen Even with the YUI stuff I often fall back on jquery to get stuff done I don't know how to do with YUI
20:05 atz i think that jquery will work fine
20:58 owen Evening all

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