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12:34 fbcit g'morning koha
12:34 kados hiya fbcit
12:38 fbcit kados: great!
12:38 fbcit the basic code is in place moving storage of patronimages to the db
12:39 fbcit once that is done, I'll submit the changes/additions
12:56 kados fbcit+
12:56 kados fbcit++ I mean :-)
12:56 kados fbcit: did you do a stress test btw? /me is curious
12:58 fbcit not yet
12:58 fbcit I plan on doing it once I've completed the initial changes
12:59 fbcit I'll need to borrow maybe 10k or so of biblios
12:59 fbcit I'll also have to write a script to generate fake patrons
12:59 fbcit kados: arn't there some scripts to benchmark Koha?
13:03 hdl hi
13:04 hdl does anyone have some performance issue on checkout/checkin ?
13:04 hdl at the moment ?
13:04 hdl kados, fbcit ?
13:06 kados hi hdl
13:06 fbcit hdl: sorry, but I have not been looking much @ checkout/checkin lately
13:06 kados hdl: with nozebra there is serious perf probs with checkout/checkin
13:08 hdl kados : why is this happening only when nozebra is set ?
13:08 kados because of the on-the-fly indexing
13:08 kados in zebra it's done in the background
13:08 kados with zebrqueue
13:08 kados so it doesn't hold up the circ operation
13:10 hdl ahhh... So this is quite a serious issue....
13:10 gmcharlt switching to transactions instead of table locks may help performance during NoZebra reindexing
13:10 hdl Is there no way to change indexes only for modified values ?
13:11 kados the problem as I understand it (from talking to Ryan) is that the process of building a nozebra index is extremely proc hungry
13:11 kados hdl: dunno, didn't paul write nozebra?
13:11 kados maybe ask him?
13:11 hdl I will ask him tonight.
13:11 kados hdl: when do you leave for portland?
13:12 hdl Tommorw Morning :6:45
13:12 kados cool!
13:12 hdl Will be there at noon.
13:12 kados you'll be there a whole two days before me
13:12 kados well, one day and a half
13:12 hdl I am at Markspencer hotel.
13:12 kados well actually, I think I get in on Sat at around 11am
13:12 kados Sun at 11am I mean
13:12 kados so just one day :-)
13:13 gmcharlt hdl: look forward to seeing you in Portland as well
13:13 hdl (a bigger jetlag for me.)
13:13 kados (yep)
13:13 hdl It will be a great pladure to see all Liblime team.
13:13 hdl (all that wil be in Portland.... I guess All Liblime will not be there.)
13:14 gmcharlt just many of us :)
13:15 kados probably the most liblime staff ever to convene in one place :-)
13:15 kados we'll have to make sure we bring cameras :-)
13:15 gmcharlt hehe
13:15 kados nengard: you're in charge of that :-)
13:16 nengard kados: you know me well :)
13:16 nengard that camera was the best xmas present I ever got :)
13:16 nengard we should set up a Flickr group for LibLime - want me to do that??? :)
13:16 gmcharlt nengard: what kind did you get?
13:17 nengard Fuji FinePix E900
13:17 nengard perfect point & shoot - I'm not photographer
13:17 nengard not = no
13:18 hdl s/pladure/pleasure/ (not wearing my glasses atm)
13:19 nengard hdl: for me no glasses = blind!
13:55 hdl kados :  is there a new git source ? I have a problem synching  and when ftching a new copy, i got : indexpack died with errorcode 128.
13:56 hdl remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side.
13:57 fbcit hdl: there were some complaints last evening est
13:58 fbcit but git fetch's ok from NC, USA
13:58 fbcit maybe net congestion
13:58 fbcit bbiab
13:59 hdl it seems to work now.
13:59 hdl your assumption was right fbcit
15:00 Petaris Hello
15:01 Petaris I am having an issue installing the Perl module "Net::Z3950" with CPAN
15:02 Petaris I am not sure what the problem is but it breaks during build
15:02 Petaris Could someone help me debug the issue?
15:02 Petaris I am running CentOS 5.1
15:03 Petaris I used version 2.1.54-1 of libyaz, libyaz-devel, and yaz
15:04 Petaris from the FC5 directory at
15:28 lloyd_ RSS on the git server is poop'd
15:28 lloyd_ date for each item is 1 month out
15:32 btoumi hi all
15:32 Petaris Hello btoumi
15:33 btoumi hello Petaris
15:42 hdl Pataris : what is the error ?
15:43 Petaris hd1:
15:43 Petaris there is a screenshot of the VMware console
15:43 Petaris with the error showing
15:45 Petaris is the error that it can't find -lssl for ld?
15:46 Petaris hdl: Sorry I miss typed your nic
15:47 hdl you donot have libssl installed.
15:47 hdl Do you ?
15:47 Petaris not sure, let me check
15:48 Petaris when I do a locate libssl I get:
15:48 Petaris /lib/
15:49 Petaris /lib/
15:49 Petaris /usr/lib/
15:51 atz You just need to get it into your path or LD_* env. variable
15:52 atz or use gcc -L/lib -L/usr/lib
15:53 Petaris atz: ok, I will try that
15:53 atz not sure about centOS, but linux also has ldconfig
15:53 atz that will make sure the right libraries are linked up by default
15:53 Petaris it has ldconfig
15:54 Petaris I did an ldconfig -p and and are in there
15:55 atz hmm... interesting
15:55 Petaris I am trying again
15:55 Petaris same thing
15:55 Petaris and I did a clean first
15:56 Petaris CentOS is basically just RHEL
15:57 Petaris libssl is supplied by the openssl package right?
15:57 Petaris Maybe I should try re-installing it
15:57 atz maybe you need libsssl-dev ?
15:57 Petaris libsssl-dev or libssl-dev
15:58 Petaris ?
15:58 atz hah, yes, you're right
15:58 atz libssl-dev
15:58 Petaris would openssl-dev be the package that supplies that?
15:59 atz let me check
15:59 Petaris ok
16:00 Petaris I checked and openssl-devel is not installed
16:00 atz on our Debian Etch install, it's just libssl-dev
16:00 atz 0.9.8c-4etch1
16:02 Petaris I don't see that package in the repo
16:04 pianohacker Heylo
16:05 atz Petaris: do you have different versions of ld ?
16:14 qiqo gmcharlt you there?
16:14 gmcharlt qiqo: yes
16:14 qiqo hi
16:14 qiqo i jsut want to ask..
16:14 qiqo what were the things that you fixed when we shared desktopS?
16:14 qiqo i couldnt remember anymore, can you
16:14 qiqo hehe
16:14 qiqo sorry about that
16:15 qiqo it's about indexing right?
16:15 gmcharlt qiqo: one thing was in the etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/records.abs
16:15 qiqo uhuh
16:15 gmcharlt changing references to 999$c and 999$d to 090$c and 090$d
16:15 gmcharlt then restarting zebra
16:16 qiqo is it in etc?
16:16 qiqo and how about the indexing?
16:16 qiqo what was the command?
16:16 qiqo :)
16:16 gmcharlt yeah, off of /etc/koha if you did a standard install
16:16 gmcharlt -b -r
16:22 qiqo hmmm they said "frey 50" was fixed
16:22 qiqo hmm still here
16:22 qiqo :(
16:23 atz gmcharlt: what was the story on the "frey 50"?
16:23 gmcharlt some UNIMARCism that crept into the 2.2 to 3.0 upgrade, even for MARC21
16:24 gmcharlt I haven't had time to investigate it further
16:26 qiqo hmm plus the amazon thing and isbn still has problems
16:40 qiqo hmm still has a lot issues with me
16:40 qiqo anyway..
16:46 Petaris atz: Sorry I got called out of my office
16:46 Petaris atz: I don't believe I have different versions of ld
16:47 Petaris ld -v gives me 20061020
17:18 qiqo what's happening to matthew
17:34 qiqo ohh gosh..
17:42 qiqo thd you there
17:42 qiqo oosps
18:34 qiqo arrgghh so fedup with this frey50 thing
18:52 pianohacker qiqo: I feel your pain
18:52 pianohacker Our 2.2 install has all sorts of mismatch between the items table and our 952 tags, so checkins, returns, and item editing for anything with more than one copy is royally borked
18:53 pianohacker Hrm
18:53 qiqo i still dont have any returns and checkins what soever
18:53 qiqo still am not deploying this
18:54 qiqo i only have 300 items. can i edit that?
18:55 qiqo i couldnt get it.. im reading 22_30 upgrade on koha docs
18:55 qiqo is that document for unimarc?
18:55 qiqo because im using marc21 at the moment
19:33 qiqo hmmm
20:00 qiqo seems that i got away from the nasty frey50
20:01 qiqo got it.. never run the rebuildunimarc
20:22 MatthewMetzger should I use misc/migration_tools/22_to​_30/ if my data is MARC21?
20:23 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: no
20:23 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: thanks :)
20:24 MatthewMetzger maybe that's what I did wrong last time.
20:26 qiqo yeah,, things should be clear up in the 22_to_30 documentation
20:27 qiqo any issues on barcode printing?
20:29 qiqo hi paul
20:29 qiqo brb coffee
20:32 qiqo question, can i host yui instead?
20:32 kados qiqo: yes, there's a syspref for that
20:33 gmcharlt qiqo: yes, it's possible -- you would change the yuipath sysperf after you make a local copy
20:33 qiqo ahh ok
20:33 qiqo so it's the sysperf
20:33 qiqo *pref
20:33 qiqo then ill point it out to a local site right?
20:34 gmcharlt right
20:34 qiqo thanks
20:35 qiqo awww.. seem to become fine bit by bit
20:35 MatthewMetzger I got the same errors as posted in bug 1820.[…]chment.cgi?id=167
20:36 MatthewMetzger The only one that might be of interest to you is the last one
20:36 MatthewMetzger DBD::mysql::db do failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 2 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ins​taller/data/mysql/ line 910.
20:58 qiqo hmmm with 3.0 i cannot print any label
20:59 qiqo i am trying to select an activelayout, but when i press save, it just goes back to the original screen wehre nothing is selected
21:00 qiqo seems that there are no tables for those
21:10 qiqo question, which sql or perl file contains the commands in having tables such as koha.printers_profile
21:18 qiqo alright got it
21:49 qiqo matthew how is your installation
21:52 MatthewMetzger qiqo: search is still not working :(
21:52 MatthewMetzger I'm going over all the documentation I can to figure out what I'm missing.
21:52 qiqo hmmm..
21:53 qiqo i was having a problem with that a while ago
21:53 MatthewMetzger I'm going with nozebra to keep things simpler.
21:53 qiqo well gmcharlt helped me last time
21:53 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt is awesome!, but I've bugged him a lot recently.
21:54 MatthewMetzger I don't want to become a freeloader, so I'm trying to do some of my own research.
21:54 qiqo cool
21:55 MatthewMetzger qiqo: do you know if the Zebra stuff in koha.xml should be commented out if I'm using nozebra? I can't seem to find anything on that.
21:55 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: ++ to doing your own research, but if you run into a wall, don't feel you have to bang your head against it for a long time :)
21:55 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: thanks :)
21:56 gmcharlt MatthewMetzger: and to answer your question, you don't need to comment out the zebra stuff in koha-conf.xml
21:57 MatthewMetzger thanks for the confirmation on that. I had a feeling the sysprefs were what set that.
22:01 qiqo hmm
22:01 qiqo dont forget to run
22:01 qiqo then set some frameworks
22:02 MatthewMetzger Here's what I've done so far:,,,,, mysql --database Koha --user kohaadmin -p < NoZebraIndex_insert.sql, set the sysprefs as directed in
22:02 MatthewMetzger hmm.... I'm not sure if I've run yet in my most recent attempt...
22:03 MatthewMetzger I'll check that...
22:03 MatthewMetzger I've done
22:04 MatthewMetzger but not, I'll read the comments on that script now...
22:04 MatthewMetzger qiqo: I'm not able to find a script, is the script you are referring to?
22:06 MatthewMetzger by frameworks, do you mean NoZebraIndexes?
22:29 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: on wiki page , on the bottom of the page, it says to turn nozebra syspref to OFF before importing data and running I ran while the nozebra pref was ON. Did I do something wrong there?
22:30 gmcharlt I think the only effect may have been to slow down the import a bit
22:30 gmcharlt hi tinaburger!
22:31 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: I didn't have anything to import as I'm updating the existing 2.2.9 database.
22:31 MatthewMetzger so that doesn't apply (and is not a clue to the solution of my problem). Continuing search for answers...
22:44 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: Do you know if others have had a problem getting search to work with a 2.2.9 to 3.0 upgrade, or if it is just me?
22:45 gmcharlt haven't been that many 2.2.9 to 3.0 upgrades yet -- there's you, qiqo, maybe a couple others
22:46 MatthewMetzger hmm... okay.
22:47 MatthewMetzger qiqo: you solved your search problem? Did you use nozebra?
00:33 qiqo sorry got asleep
00:33 qiqo yeah i am happy with the shift from 2.2.8 to 3.0

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