IRC log for #koha, 2008-01-28

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16:52 martinmorris afternoon all
16:52 martinmorris i'm getting an ERROR 109 in my zebra log when i do any search in koha, i had to disappear before someone could help me last time but if anybody knows about t his now i'd be grateful
16:53 martinmorris i know it means that zebra can't find the koha db, from my config i'm not sure why though
19:12 fbcit chris: u around?
19:13 chris yep
19:13 fbcit did you get those patches... :-P
19:13 chris the ones you forwarded? yep, they wouldnt apply tho, so i just did them manually
19:14 chris should be sitting in joshuas queue
19:14 chris yeah something odd
19:14 chris ive applied ones from you ok in the past
19:14 fbcit the patchs are cc'd to my main email account and I receive them there, but they are also sent to
19:15 fbcit exim4 is set up to pass email for * domains
19:15 fbcit anyhow
19:15 fbcit how did the fix look for the opac/intranet pathing?
19:15 chris looked good to me
19:16 fbcit there are still some hardcode paths floating around in some of the template code
19:16 chris *nod* probably easiest to bug report them, and then owen can fix them as he makes other changes
19:17 fbcit right
19:41 fbcit see ya chris... its a few more hours before Monday here... ;-)
21:42 fbcit only one more module to go... :-)
21:43 kados fbcit++
22:41 fbcit kados: any thought on why shows MARC::File::XML as MARC-XML -- ???
22:43 kados I've wondered the same thing ... good question for the perl4lib group
22:44 kados Mike Rylander is the current maintainer of that module
22:44 fbcit it makes the dep check in Makefile.PL on Win32 fail of course.
22:44 kados of course :)
22:45 fbcit I've not noticed it on *nix
02:20 fbcit kados: is there a tarball of koha 3 closer to HEAD than the alpha from 3 wks ago?
02:21 chris you can grab one
02:21 chris from
02:21 chris[…]?p=Koha;a=summary
02:21 chris just click on snapshot
02:21 chris and you can get a tarball from that point in time
02:22 chris (from any commit)
02:22 fbcit tnx chris
09:10 lloyd_ morning
09:55 lloyd_ mmm who do I send patches to? Josh?
09:58 paul_koha
09:58 lloyd_ nevermind, it's a patch for yui not koha
10:13 lloyd_ paul, diff patch ok?
10:14 paul lloyd_: I think yes.
10:14 lloyd_ cool#
10:15 lloyd_ sent

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