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19:24 chris morning
19:27 aindilis morning
19:34 fbcit morning
19:34 fbcit gmcharlt around?
19:34 gmcharlt hi fbcit
19:35 fbcit I'm having problems getting XML::LibXSLT to build
19:35 fbcit but it may be pathing issues with the way Makefile.PL tests for the presence of -xslt
19:36 gmcharlt so it's not generating a Makefile?
19:36 fbcit no it fails on the test for -xslt
19:36 gmcharlt what ultimately matters is whether the C compiler can find, so if you can fake out Makefile.PL to get a Makefile, that might be enough
19:37 fbcit good idea, I'll try that route.
19:39 fbcit I think the real issue with Makefile.PL's tests resides in syntactic diffs between make and dmake....
19:43 gmcharlt looking at how its Makefile.PL is try to test for -lxslt, I can easily see it
19:45 fbcit rather complicated it seems to me
19:45 fbcit got a Makefile
19:46 fbcit but still have some issues with missing libs/includes
20:04 fbcit I am having a problem generating a def file from libxslt.dll w/pexports
20:05 fbcit errors out for some reason, but does generate a def file
20:05 fbcit I suppose theres a chance that the resulting .a library is defective.
20:09 gmcharlt maybe -- test suite should indicate whether or not it's defective
20:09 fbcit gmcharlt:[…]-0.43/moron1.html
20:09 fbcit seems there may be a bit more to doing the conversion from dll to static
20:53 fbcit gmcharlt: looks like pexports is dieing before grabbing a complete list of functions from libxslt.dll
20:54 fbcit the functions the complier can't find are also missing from the def file created by pexports
02:21 fbcit u around gmcharlt ?
02:23 gmcharlt hi fbcit
02:30 fbcit gmcharlt: question
02:30 gmcharlt ok
02:30 fbcit I had a brainstorm
02:31 fbcit I finished out the definition file by adding the functions dmake complained about
02:31 fbcit then rebuild the static lib
02:31 fbcit this worked...almost
02:31 fbcit I have some syntax like the following
02:31 fbcit undefined reference to `_nm__xsltLibxsltVersion
02:32 fbcit where xsltLibxsltVersion is in the lib
02:32 fbcit but not _nm__foo
02:32 fbcit so I tried adding this to the def file:
02:32 fbcit _nm__xsltLibxsltVersion = xsltLibxsltVersion
02:32 fbcit but that did not help
02:32 fbcit any thoughts?
02:33 gmcharlt fbcit: at first glance the _nm__ prefix seems to be some sort of linker name mangling
02:35 fbcit early in the compilation I get: Info: resolving _xsltMaxDepth by linking to __imp__xsltMaxDepth (auto-import)
02:35 gmcharlt does putting in just the _nm__ name work?
02:35 fbcit no, I tried that too
02:35 fbcit later I get: nmth000003.o: undefined reference to `_nm__xsltMaxDepth'
02:36 fbcit so your probably correct about the name mangling
02:36 gmcharlt the underlying library is a C library, not a C++ library, right?
02:37 fbcit I think it is c++ as we call g++ to compile rather than gcc ?
02:38 gmcharlt I wonder if use of g++ instead of gcc in the Makefile is the problem
02:38 gmcharlt the name mangling is a C++ism
02:39 fbcit I'll try changing it
02:41 fbcit no diff compiling w/gcc
02:59 gmcharlt fbcit: about time -- their notion of November was getting a little stretched :)
03:01 fbcit :)
03:02 fbcit I also notice that the individual in charge of releasing it observer that pexports borks (to use a kados term) on libxslt...
03:02 fbcit not a good sign
03:03 gmcharlt no; my googling has been finding the same thing
03:03 gmcharlt on the other hand, if you solve it, you become an instant hero :)
03:10 fbcit just fired an email off to the XML::LibXSLT author as he has some notes in his README on Win32 compilation
03:14 fbcit looking through the cpan tests for this module, it appears that no one has attempted to install and test on Win32
03:16 gmcharlt *sigh*
03:18 fbcit right, especially since it looks like we're within three refs of having it compile
03:18 fbcit though it may not test out even then
03:24 gmcharlt fbcit: I won't have much time to look at this until Thursday or Friday (dealing with other Koha issues), but if you could send me your notes on libxslt so far, I'd appreciate it
03:29 fbcit gmcharlt: sure thing
03:34 kados akk!
03:34 kados fbcit: seriously?
03:35 fbcit according to the Readme it is not *that* difficult...
03:35 fbcit using mingw
03:36 kados ahh
04:03 gmcharlt fbcit: any joy?
04:05 fbcit nah
04:05 fbcit include problems... path issues again...
04:06 fbcit seems we cannot locate xmlmemory.h even though it is in the path
04:07 gmcharlt oh well, tomorrow is another day (for me, at least, I'm going to bed) -- good night
04:08 fbcit I'm not too far behind. g'night

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