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15:06 fbcit g'morning koha
15:08 paul hello fbcit
15:12 owen Hi everyone
15:21 gmcharlt fbcit: for the winter? :)
15:22 fbcit gmcharlt: hopefully only for the day... but my patches went with it... scsi drive failure
15:23 gmcharlt ouch
15:25 fbcit gmcharlt: let me run spinrite on the array and see if I can recover some data
15:26 fbcit the file system was in readonly mode before I rebooted, so maybe its there somewhere...
15:26 fbcit that's the only one I will really miss
15:26 fbcit brb
15:26 gmcharlt good luck
15:46 fbcit gmcharlt: I have my clone on a usb key... :-) (git on a stick so to speak..)
15:46 fbcit that patch is there..
15:46 gmcharlt yay!
15:46 fbcit I'll get it to you this afternoon
15:46 gmcharlt thanks
15:53 aklibrarian Good morning.  I need some help in updating Yaz.  I think I downloaded it earlier today, but now I can't find it.
16:01 masonj locate yaz
16:02 chris good grief why are you awake mason .... i have an excuse but good lord man its 5am on saturday morning :)
16:03 masonj its the weekend, and i had a sleep before :)
16:03 paul hi chris.
16:03 paul (hi masonj as well)
16:03 masonj hiya paul
16:04 masonj paul, sweet nozebra!
16:04 chris hi paul, sorry i havent been around much i have campylobacter which im just now getting over (u might have to wikipedia it ;))
16:04 paul masonj: hdl just sent some fixes to handle () support in NZ
16:05 paul wikipedia french known campylobacter !
16:05 chris heh
16:05 paul so you've eaten some bad food it seems.
16:06 paul (usually chicken wp says)
16:06 owen Sounds nasty
16:06 masonj french created campylobacter :)
16:06 chris yes ... wasnt chicken, not sure what it was
16:06 hdl hi chris : are you better now ?
16:06 chris but i got sick saturday night, so missed Kahurangi's party on sunday :( didnt want to make the babies sick
16:07 paul wow, in france : 15 000 ppl getting it, with around 15 dying from it !
16:07 paul the picture is nice :
16:07 chris hdl: i started on antibiotics yesterday (it took that long for the tests to prove what it was) so getting better now
16:07 paul[…]cter_fetus_01.jpg
16:07 owen There is nothing about that link that makes me want to click it!
16:08 paul you've been beaten by the one on the left, middle of the page.
16:08 paul with nasty black eyes.
16:08 paul for sure.
16:08 masonj hmm, they are very small rice warriors
16:09 masonj i suspect basmati...
16:11 chris hdl: i feel a lot better today than i did yesterday so thats good
16:13 paul chris : so we can send you patches ?
16:14 chris yep
16:14 chris kados has been super busy so has a few waiting for him to check too
16:15 paul mmm... I have 13 patches, but i'm sure I already sent you at least 7
16:15 paul owen still around ?
16:15 chris did you get an email from about them? when i send them up, i make sure the original patch sender is cc'd too
16:15 paul did you saw the patch I've sent to you directly about opac-advsearch.tmpl
16:16 paul chris : right.
16:16 paul (and yes, i got it)
16:16 owen I'm working on opac-advsearch.tmpl now, paul.
16:16 chris cool, they will be waiting for kados
16:19 chris cool
16:20 paul gmcharlt: /me just added a comment on bug 1634 (incorrect encoding)
16:20 gmcharlt paul: thanks -- mysql version diff is interesting
16:43 owen paul, I've CC'ed you a patch for opac-advsearch.tmpl and
16:44 owen The reason for using a different masthead inc for the advsearch is to remove possible confusion over the "quick search" form being on the same page as the advanced search form
16:45 owen opac-advsearch.tmpl is probably going to change some more, though, as we do more refining of that interface
16:47 chris hmm first 3 patches wouldnt apply owen
16:48 chris i think, we let kados catch up, then rebase and resend those ones
17:01 ryan owen: can't masthead diff be handled with tmpl vars ?
17:02 owen It certainly could. We'd just have to set (or identify) a variable in that could trigger the alternate appearance
17:39 fbcit gmcharlt: check your inbox... I sent the correct patch
17:39 fbcit if you have an email for slef, I'll forward him a copy... or you can.
17:41 ryan win 4
17:42 gmcharlt I'll forward, but he does respond to the address he uses for postings on koha-devel
17:45 gmcharlt fbcit: got the patch, thanks
19:08 CGI828 Hello, first time here, is anyone there?
19:11 owen Yes, a few
19:12 ryan owen: link to the wiki page detailing the interface design goals ?
19:13 ryan i can't find it
19:13 ryan nm
19:13 ryan found it
19:15 CGI828 Hello, my name is Judy,  I'm a library student in the US, not very technical, and learning about Koha. I'm really confused as to what the differences are between Koha downloadable on (2.2.8 for Windows) and the ones offered on Liblime. I'm getting the sense that Liblime uses the same software, they just add on services like hosting and packaging? Can someone please correct me? Thanks in advance for your help. Also I see that 3.0, when is that due out?
19:17 owen CGI828: Liblime is a Koha support company, so they'll host Koha for you, or install it for you, or develop new Koha features for you
19:19 owen CGI828: Are you talking about the demo on, or do they have a Koha demo up for your library school?
19:21 CGI828 I meant the downloadable version on website, which also has a demo version which seems to be hosted by Liblime. I don't have the school demo.
19:22 CGI828 So does it mean that the downloadable version on website also has the Amazon cover images capabilities, and the zebra fast search, rss and book bag features? Or do I need to get that from Liblime.
19:24 owen The zebra fast search demoed on the Liblime site is a preview of functionality that will be in 3.0, which will be out...uh...soon.
19:24 owen We're working actively on 3.0 now, and hope to have a developer's release out within a couple of weeks
19:25 owen 2.2.8 doesn't have the zoom fast search...and while it /may/ have Amazon book covers, it doesn't have the other Amazon-added features like book reviews and similar items
19:26 CGI828 Oh okay. So how is it that Liblime can offer the zebra and Amazon book reviews. Are there a different set of developers? I'm confused.
19:29 owen The demo that they have on their site is like a preview version of Koha 3.0, an unreleased hybrid of the 2.x series and 3.0
19:29 owen The hybrid version was the first test of the Zebra fast searching
19:30 owen ...And since Koha is open source, anyone can offer any customized version that they want!
19:31 CGI828 Oh, okay, so Liblime truly isn't building unique capabilities, they truly just do services. Its weird that their website currently describes their products as being capable of doing all this stuff. So it seems it's ready to go, they don't indicate that it's just a preview.
19:32 owen Liblime does build unique capabilities into Koha, but they integrate those capabilities into the official release
19:32 owen So you might hire them to develop a feature that your library wants, and when they're done with it the feature will be added to the official Koha version.
19:32 CGI828 Do you guys get that version, and make it downloadable on
19:32 owen Yes, ultimately.
19:33 owen But you might have to wait until the next major release to get those new features, unless you're installing the development version
19:33 owen Anyone with the technical skills can download and install the development version, which has all the latest features (and the latest bugs)
19:34 CGI828 So there is a lag time between Koha and Liblime on swapping and incorporating features? I guess I'm trying to figure out who has the latest downloadable version. Sorry for the dumb questions.
19:35 owen has the latest official release. If you want the latest development version (including the latest features added by Liblime and all the other Koha developers), you have to access it through the version-control system..and there it gets pretty technical.
19:36 owen And by official release, I mean a version that has been classified as stable and ready for production use
19:36 CGI828 Uh, okay. :) So, the latest for Windows platform is 2.2.8? which is not classified as stable? 2.2 is considered the latest stable? Will 3.0 be classified as stable?
19:37 owen 2.2.8 is considered stable. When 3.0 is officially released, it will be considered stable. But not until that official release.
19:37 CGI828 Will 3.0 work on Windows platform?
19:39 owen I don't know. I know there are lots of folks who are interested in getting Koha to work on Windows, so I'm assuming they'll try to make it happen.
19:39 owen Windows releases always lag behind the regular official release
19:40 CGI828 Okay, thanks very  much for your help. I may be back again to ask more questions. Have a great weekend!
19:49 fbcit gmcharlt: I found an error in the patch I sent you earlier...
19:49 gmcharlt ok -- will you resend it?
19:49 fbcit 1 sec
19:53 fbcit gmcharlt: I sent a patch to add the correction.
19:53 fbcit it applies over the first I sent
19:53 fbcit sorry
19:55 gmcharlt no problem
20:47 owen fbcit, it's time like these when you wonder about conputers' supposed time-saving qualities
21:04 fbcit owen: computers only serve to deepen the delusion that we can get more done in the same amount of time...
21:05 fbcit the problem is that the problems they introduce consume any real time they save... ;-)
21:05 fbcit so expectation is raised while resources either stay the same or are reduced.
21:09 fbcit hehe
21:15 ryan owen: is class=warning|error the only standardised way of presenting errors ?
21:16 ryan owen: i need to do a couple permissions changes...
21:17 ryan e.g., permissions on editing a user who has 'permissions' privilege when you only have 'borrowers' permission
21:19 owen ryan: I haven't really standardized the styling of warnings/errors/messages yet
21:20 owen It's one of those things on my to-do list
21:20 ryan i don't want to have to reload same page on partial failure
21:21 owen I'm not sure what you mean
21:21 ryan in the example above,
21:22 ryan a circ staff  edits a higher-priv staff borrower
21:22 ryan submits the form--
21:22 ryan rather than reload the same edit page, it makes more sense to me to return to member dtails
21:23 ryan but show a msg saying 'password update' failed
21:23 ryan as opposed to 'too short password', which should stay on edit page
21:23 ryan make sense ?
21:31 owen Yes, that makes sense
21:35 owen ryan, I'd use <div class="error"> for that
21:37 ryan yep
21:38 ryan owen: i'll place at top of <div class="yui-g"> .  You can make whatever changes from there
21:40 ryan will that cause any problems  btwn yui-g and yui-u_first ?
21:41 owen yui-g is the container for the yui-u divs, which are the columns
21:41 owen It might be better to put it outside yui-g if you can, I'm not sure what will happen
21:41 owen ...happen otherwise, I mean
21:42 ryan ok

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