IRC log for #koha, 2007-11-22

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11:02 kados hi hdl
11:03 kados hdl: you need to adjust the system preference
11:03 kados disable QueryStemming
11:03 kados and field weighting
11:04 kados if you have field weighting on, the query is parsed and split into several 'branches'
11:05 kados the purpose is to push the items that most closely match the search phrase/term to the top of the list
11:05 kados and to 'catch' misspellings, etc.
11:05 kados its' the same formula that NPL has been using for about a year :-)
11:12 kados hdl: I have several additional patches that I did last night, limits are now fixed
11:13 kados and mc-* stuff too
11:20 paul hello kados
11:21 paul am I disabled or the button to add a patron has disappeard from the staff interface ???
11:21 paul impossible to find how to add a patron !
12:09 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx
12:23 martinmorris just spotted a very small mistake in README.txt for koha3.0
12:23 martinmorris if anybody would like to konw
12:28 hdl kados ?
12:28 martinmorris also got a question about the DocumentRoot for the koha site which seems to be wrong if anybody can help
12:28 hdl I have no querytemming system preference nor fieldweighting.
12:29 martinmorris  /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8​.8/koha/templates/koha-tmpl/
12:29 martinmorris doesn't exist
12:30 hdl martinmorris: where is the mistake ?
12:31 martinmorris it's a very small thing, in README.txt step 5 reads "a2enmod enable rewrite" and should read "a2enmod rewrite"
12:36 martinmorris can you help with my path problem?
12:37 hdl usually, koha installs in /usr/local/koha
12:38 martinmorris including koha 3.0?
12:38 hdl paul : I got no problems to add a member
12:38 martinmorris my installation seems to be in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha and /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/koha
12:39 martinmorris is a simple ln -s all i need to do or is there a better answer?
12:52 martinmorris i'm also having problems with koha-conf.xml /usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml:2 missing colon after '<yazgfs>'
12:52 martinmorris which seems a bit weird
12:54 hdl and it is wierd
12:54 martinmorris mean anything to you?
12:55 hdl Never got that.
12:55 martinmorris ok
12:55 hdl Unless it tries to read biblios.cfg
12:56 hdl maybe kados can answer
12:56 martinmorris it seems to be complaining about the very first line
12:57 fbcit-away martinmorris: the zebra issue has to do with the startup switch dash whatever-it-is is not correct.
12:57 fbcit-away kados can give you the correct switch. I've forgotton it right off
12:57 martinmorris ah OK, i'm runnig 'zebrasrv -c /usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml'
12:57 fbcit-away -c should be something else...
12:58 martinmorris ok
12:58 martinmorris let me have a poke round then thanks
12:58 fbcit-away not sure what... thought that had been changed in README.txt
12:58 martinmorris zebrasrv -h does say that the -c flag is for config files
13:01 fbcit-away take a look in the #koha log as it has been discussed here before.
13:01 fbcit-away gotta go
13:04 paul_lunch kados : about the new member button that has disappeard. It was related to[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1530. fixed now
13:08 paul_lunch kados around ?
13:09 paul can someone explain me what to do to have QueryFuzzy active ?
13:09 paul (except setting it in sysprefs, of course ;-) )
13:09 paul (same question for stemming)
13:14 hdl zebrasrv -f !!!
13:14 hdl martinmorris use zebrasrv -f pathtoxml
13:16 martinmorris hmm, now the paths are wrong
13:16 martinmorris anyway, have to go to work - thansk for your help hdl :)
13:29 CGI073 Hi
13:29 CGI073 Any one is there
13:30 CGI073 Hi
13:30 owen Hi CGI073
13:30 CGI073 Any one is there
13:32 owen Hi CGI712, you remind me a lot of CGI073
13:37 owen paul: the button to add a patron has not disappeared
13:37 hdl Hi CGI712
13:46 hdl kados : my problem had nothing to do with systempreferences.
13:46 hdl simply : Any was defined as such Any 1=1016
13:46 hdl And no 4=6
13:47 hdl you told me that default was wordlist
13:47 hdl wordlist is 4=6
13:47 hdl So I could expect search to be on wordlist without defining 4=6
13:48 hdl BUT... it silently added 4=1 to query.
13:48 paul owen, I have a problem with again. This time, it's a complex one...
13:48 hdl So did a search on phrase and not wordlist
13:48 paul in UNIMARC, the 700 field contains the authority form of the author. The 200$f contains the author as it appears on the book.
13:49 paul thus, is connected to 200$f.
13:49 paul it would be useful to have the authoritative form in the GetAuthors section (that excludes 700 atm, and start at 701 for unimarc)
13:49 paul but it's not an additional author, it's an author.
13:50 paul If I change the string to spell it "authors", marc21 guys won't be happy, right ?
13:51 paul http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…] to see what it looks like
13:52 owen So you would keep the "By Charles Cuvier" up above, but change "Additional Author" to "Authors" ?
13:52 paul yep.
13:52 owen I don't have a problem with that
13:52 paul so it's not a complex problem ;-)
13:53 paul I do it or you're still working on that today ?
13:53 owen I'd be happy to do it
13:53 paul ok, I let you do it.
13:53 paul another one: I see a column "itemtype" in the holdings tabn that is empty.
13:54 paul is it empty for you as well ?
13:54 paul and what are the diffs with itemtype in the biblio section ?
13:54 owen the item type column is not empty on my system
13:55 owen I'm not sure what you mean by what are the diffs with itemtype in the biblio section
13:55 paul there is already an "item type : " just after the size of the book.
13:55 paul isn't this the same thing ?
13:56 owen Yes
13:57 CGI712 hi
13:57 CGI712 hi
13:57 CGI712 paul
13:57 CGI712 r u ther
13:57 CGI712 r u there
13:57 paul yep.
13:58 CGI712 i m using koha-2.2.9 on centos
13:58 paul owen: http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
13:58 paul place field is filled, but still doesn't appear
13:58 paul illustrator instead of illustration
13:59 CGI712 but when i add member the joining and expiry date is not appear on the screen
13:59 paul (unless you've commited all of them but they haven't been approved yet)
13:59 owen that is the case.
13:59 paul CGI712: it's a known bug on 2.2
13:59 CGI712 i don't no
13:59 paul CGI712: ???
14:00 CGI712 i mean to say when i add member the joining & expiry date is auto calculated
14:00 paul owen : what does the "description" tab contain ? I can't get anything here
14:00 CGI712 but in my case
14:01 CGI712 the joining and expiry date is not display on the screen
14:01 paul CGI712: it's supposed to be, but there is a bug in Koha, that make it not be calculated & saved correctly
14:01 owen paul: In MARC21, 520. Perhaps some other 500 tags as well.
14:01 CGI712 but how do we know what is the joining and expiry date of member
14:02 paul owen : ok, in unimarc, 3xx, but I may not have found a biblio with a note ;-)
14:02 CGI712 hello paul r u there
14:03 paul CGI712: the joining date is usually today. and the expiry is usually something like "in 1 year")
14:03 CGI712 but i can't see on the screen
14:04 CGI712 joining and expiry date
14:04 CGI712 one thing more
14:04 CGI712 which barcode reader is used in koha
14:05 paul CGI712: probably anyone. I've never heard of one not working
14:05 owen CGI712: Any barcode reader which works with your barcodes
14:05 owen A barcode reader simply acts as another input device like a keyboard. As long as it works on your computer and reads your barcodes, it will send data to Koha like your keyboard does.
14:06 CGI712 ok
14:06 CGI712 thanks paul
14:06 CGI712 but i see koha liblime demo the joining and expiry date is shown on the screen
14:08 CGI712 paul r u there
14:11 hdl CGI712: maybe your system cannot calculate the date correctly
14:13 CGI712 but when i install koha-2.2.5 the joining and expiry date is calculated and show on the screen
14:15 hdl OK.
14:23 owen opac-suggestions.tmpl suggests that when a suggestion is approved or rejected, that information should display on Instead they disappear
14:24 owen Is this correct?
14:26 hdl In fact, even links to browse catalogue disappear.
14:28 owen ?
14:35 owen I guess I'll file another bug report
14:41 hdl owen : logout should use
14:41 owen Yes, that commit is pending approval
14:41 owen Thanks
14:41 owen I'm curious, though: why not
14:42 hdl in fact, any page could be ok.
14:45 owen ...but not :)
14:50 owen opac-suggestions.tmpl has a place to display a note: <!-- TMPL_VAR name="note" -->. Where does that note come from?
14:51 owen Is that the note entered by the user?
14:51 owen Okay, yeah.
16:40 hdl owen ?
16:40 owen yes
16:40 hdl does opac-suggestions works now for you ?
16:40 owen I'm not sure what you mean. I've filed several bugs related to suggestions
16:42 hdl I am now able to add and view suggestions when I am not superlibrarian.
16:42 hdl Are you too ?
16:43 owen No
16:43 hdl you said that itemlost and cancelled would not appear in Opac, do they in intranet ?
16:44 owen No
16:46 hdl owen : there is a problem with the opac.css you committed.
16:46 hdl reset-grids.css seems not to be at the right place.
16:49 owen What does the @import look like?
18:40 martinmorris hello can i get a bit of help with paths in koha 3.0
18:40 martinmorris i'm test installing it
18:41 chris sup martin?
18:42 martinmorris hi there  - couple of issues
18:42 martinmorris have installed koha and now configuring it
18:42 chris cool
18:43 martinmorris first problem with paths was in the apache config file where the documentroot was set as /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8​.8/koha/templates/koha-tmpl/ for both the OPAC and Intranet
18:43 chris ah right
18:43 martinmorris i've commented out that line (as that path doesn't exist) and put in /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8​/koha/templates/koha-tmpl/ instead
18:43 martinmorris that's obviously purely a hack as i wasn't sure of the best way around that and nobody was aroudn on here at the time
18:43 chris cool, that path exists eh?
18:44 martinmorris the new path does exist, yes
18:44 martinmorris (this is on ubuntu 7.04 by the way)
18:44 martinmorris the other problem is with zebrasrv
18:45 martinmorris hdl tells me that i shouldn't run 'zebrasrv -c /path/to/koha-conf.xml but zebrasrv -f /path/to.. which is fine, but again the path set in koha-conf.xml is wrong
18:45 chris right
18:46 martinmorris /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5​.8.8/koha/tmp/bibliosocket doesn't exist
18:46 chris if you do the same fix for the koha-conf.xml as you did for the httpd-conf
18:46 chris you should be ok
18:47 martinmorris and the tmp directory will be automatically created in /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/koha will it?
18:47 chris i change the tmp dir to just /tmp
18:48 chris but you could do that, or create the dir
18:49 martinmorris /tmp is fine :)
18:49 martinmorris what about the biblioserver directory
18:49 martinmorris ?
18:49 chris there should be a etc/zebradb/biblios/ dir ?
18:50 chris im guessing /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8​/koha/etc/zebrardb/biblios
18:50 chris ?
18:50 martinmorris i've got a /usr/share/koha/etc/zebradb/biblios directory
18:50 martinmorris with etc/ key/ lock/ etc...
18:51 chris thats the one
18:51 martinmorris lovely
18:56 martinmorris need to make those changes in zebra-authorities and zebra-biblios.cfg too?
18:57 chris hmm yeah if they have the wrong paths
19:10 martinmorris still havign one problem, where's the zebra lock file defined?
19:11 chris hmm whats the error you are having?
19:11 martinmorris 19:07:15-21/11 [fatal] lock file /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/koha/​zebradb/biblios/lock/ [No such file or directory]
19:12 chris does the user you are running as, have permission to write to /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8​/koha/zebradb/biblios/lock/
19:12 chris ?
19:12 martinmorris that directory doesn't exist
19:12 martinmorris hang on , i'm getting horribly confused with my directories
19:13 chris ahh its missing the etc eh?
19:13 martinmorris it should be /usr/share/koha/etc/zebradb/biblios/lock
19:13 chris yep
19:13 martinmorris i'm not sure where to set it
19:13 chris i think thats in the biblios.cfg
19:14 chris 2 secs ill pull up my config
19:14 martinmorris yes it is
19:14 martinmorris found it
19:14 chris cool
19:14 martinmorris a similar change will be necessary for authorities of course
19:14 chris *nod*
19:31 martinmorris another problem now, having trouble getting apache to pick up the koha config
19:31 martinmorris weirdly
19:32 fbcit chris: I just submitted a patch to correct the pathing issues in Makefile (for now at least).
19:33 chris cool
19:33 martinmorris is my little apache problem known?
19:33 chris hm whats it doing ... totally ignoring your config?
19:33 martinmorris seems to be
19:34 martinmorris i go to http://koha3:8080 and it just goes to the default apache content directory
19:34 fbcit add Listen 8080 to the conf file...
19:34 martinmorris i've enabled the koha site
19:34 fbcit maybe
19:35 martinmorris makes no difference
19:35 chris that is odd
19:35 martinmorris isn't it?
19:36 chris if it wasnt reading the koha conf it shouldnt be listening on 8080 and u should get a connection refused
19:36 chris so its weird how you get to the default apache content on port 8080
19:36 martinmorris well that's what i'm thinking
19:37 chris running apache2 eh?
19:37 chris what does apache2ctl configtest
19:37 martinmorris it's apache2 yes
19:37 martinmorris hold on
19:37 chris tell ya .. anything about needing a NameVirtualHost ?
19:37 martinmorris Syntax OK
19:37 martinmorris no it doesn;t
19:38 chris maybe try one anyway
19:38 chris in you koha httpd conf
19:38 chris try
19:38 chris NameVirtualHost koha3
19:38 martinmorris OK
19:38 martinmorris [Wed Nov 21 19:38:30 2007] [error] VirtualHost koha3:8080 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results
19:38 martinmorris [Wed Nov 21 19:38:30 2007] [error] VirtualHost koha3:80 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results
19:38 martinmorris [Wed Nov 21 19:38:40 2007] [error] VirtualHost koha3:8080 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results
19:38 martinmorris [Wed Nov 21 19:38:40 2007] [error] VirtualHost koha3:80 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results
19:39 martinmorris and it still goes to default directory
19:39 chris darn
19:40 martinmorris it's most odd
19:40 martinmorris i've changed the paths on the apache koha conf file as previously
19:40 chris you have <VirtualHost koha3:8080>
19:40 chris eh?
19:41 martinmorris yes I do
19:41 martinmorris the paths were wrong for DocumentRoot so i changed those
19:41 chris right
19:41 chris and servername is koha3 ?
19:42 rex I'm back
19:42 rex jesus
19:42 chris heh
19:42 rex my terminal is screwed up
19:42 martinmorris in the koha config?  yes
19:42 rex ah ok
19:42 martinmorris and in apache2.conf as it happens
19:42 chris i wonder if thats the issue
19:43 martinmorris i'll change apache2.conf to servername <ip address>
19:43 chris yeah give that a whirl
19:43 fbcit martinmorris: I had to change servername to ip:port...
19:43 martinmorris in the koha config?
19:43 martinmorris ok
19:44 martinmorris ah, that's made a difference
19:45 martinmorris now i get software errors :)
19:45 martinmorris Can't call method "selectrow_array" on unblessed reference at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 426.
19:45 martinmorris Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 30.
19:45 martinmorris BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 30.
19:45 martinmorris Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 29.
19:45 martinmorris BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 29.
19:45 martinmorris Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 29.
19:45 martinmorris BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 29.
19:45 martinmorris Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 31.
19:45 martinmorris BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/C4/ line 31.
19:45 martinmorris Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha/ line 24.
19:45 martinmorris BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha/ line 24.
19:45 martinmorris CGI::Carp
19:45 chris :)
19:45 martinmorris well, it's progress of sorts :)
19:45 fbcit looks like your path/to/intranet is wrong
19:45 chris is the path to your koha-conf.xml right?
19:45 martinmorris ah, ok i'll poke around, ta
19:46 martinmorris i'll check both, thanks :)
19:46 chris and does the user apache runs as have read permissions on that file?
19:46 fbcit in koha-conf.xml check...
19:46 martinmorris the koha-conf.xml file chris?
19:46 fbcit <intranetdir>
19:46 chris yeah, it needs to read that file to get the info to connect to the db
19:46 chris (username, password, dbname etc)
19:47 martinmorris yep
19:47 martinmorris ok i'll have a look (this may take some time) :)
19:47 chris :)
19:49 fbcit martinmorris: you should verify the all of the pathing in koha-conf.xml as it may be incorrect as well.
19:49 martinmorris will do
19:55 martinmorris lookign at koha-conf.xml i have  <intranetdir>/usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha</intranetdir>
19:55 martinmorris is that right?
19:56 chris looks ok, i dont think that will be your problem
19:56 martinmorris ok
19:56 chris ie its finding the files
19:56 martinmorris right
19:56 chris its just not getting a db connection
19:57 chris so either apache cant read that file .. or the httpd.conf is pointing it to look for that file in the wrong place
19:57 chris SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/home/chris/koha3.git/etc/koha-conf.xml"
19:57 chris thats what i have .. urs will be different of course .. but is it pointing to the right place?
19:57 martinmorris well i'm spotting one thing before that
19:57 martinmorris <includes>/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.​8/koha/templates/koha-tmpl/intranet-​tmpl/default/en/includes/</includes>
19:57 martinmorris that directory doesn't exist
19:58 chris ahh yep that ill need to be fixed too
19:58 fbcit the KOHA_CONF path in koha-httpd.conf will be wrong as well...
19:59 martinmorris i need to add a /prog/ in there
19:59 chris nope dont do that
19:59 chris i dont think thast actually used
19:59 martinmorris symbolically link default with prog in that directory?
20:00 chris you can safely ignore it
20:00 chris its not used
20:01 martinmorris the whole <includes> ... </includes> line?
20:01 chris yeah
20:01 martinmorris ok
20:02 martinmorris my apache conf is pointing at the right directory for koha-conf.xml
20:02 chris cool
20:02 chris and its readable by the use apache runs as (usually www-data)
20:03 martinmorris it's owned by www-data:www-data (i chowned everything)
20:03 martinmorris permissions 755
20:04 chris and the username, password and db name are right?
20:05 chris ie you can connect to that db from the commandline?
20:05 martinmorris yes
20:05 martinmorris let me just triple check that though
20:06 martinmorris ah, not from another host :)
20:10 martinmorris it's a new mysql instalation set with bind-address = :)
20:24 martinmorris fixed and installing, thanks :)
20:25 martinmorris ah, no, new problem
20:25 martinmorris seem to be looping in the web installer on step 3 (creating tables)
20:30 chris hmm
20:30 chris what version is it ?
20:30 chris (take a look at
20:31 martinmorris
20:31 chris cool thats nice and recent
20:32 martinmorris i'm noticing i have three files in usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha/installer/data/mysql/en
20:32 martinmorris and they're all 0 bytes
20:32 martinmorris in the original directory i checked the code out from i have data
20:32 chris thats helpful
20:32 chris :)
20:32 martinmorris that's what i thought :)
20:33 chris maybe copy them from the original directory over
20:33 martinmorris yeah, they're directories in the checkout directory
20:33 martinmorris will do
20:33 chris actually might be worth copying the whole data dir
20:33 martinmorris is that a bug you wnt to know about?
20:33 chris yep
20:33 martinmorris good :)
20:38 martinmorris that's better
20:38 martinmorris nice installer by the way
20:38 martinmorris reminds me of wordpress
20:38 chris yeah the web one is pretty cool
20:38 chris *nod*
20:38 martinmorris take it there's going to be some way of migrating 2.2 data?
20:39 chris yep
20:39 martinmorris including with unicode characters in?
20:39 chris there is a page on the wiki about how to
20:39 chris *nod*
20:39 martinmorris ok another question - i'm at teh zebra/nozebra stage
20:39 chris i think a nicer upgrade will come in 3.0.1
20:39 martinmorris i want to be able to use this as a z39.50 server so i need zebra don't I?
20:40 martinmorris it's about 20,000 items
20:40 chris so 3.0.0 will be easy to install fresh and a little tricky to upgrade from 2.2
20:40 martinmorris (fair enough)
20:40 chris yeah if you got zebra running
20:40 chris then you may as well use it ;)
20:40 martinmorris i did the zebrasrv -f /path/ thing so that's all i need to do?
20:40 chris yep, there is a script in misc/cronjobs/
20:40 martinmorris which i need to run first?
20:40 chris called
20:41 chris which just needs to be run after to add new items/edit items etc
20:41 chris so you can set it up to run as a cron job
20:41 chris or just run it manually while testing
20:41 chris (it updates the zebra index)
20:41 martinmorris where is that file?
20:42 chris hmm /usr/lib/koha/scripts maybe?
20:43 chris /usr/lib/koha/misc/cronjobs
20:43 chris is it in there?
20:43 martinmorris not seeing it
20:44 chris hmm, we dont need it yet, not until we add some data :-)
20:44 martinmorris :)
20:44 chris (bibliographic data that is)
20:44 chris im not sure where the installer puts it
20:44 martinmorris i won't worry now
20:44 chris in ur git clone .. it will be in misc/cronjobs
20:45 martinmorris OK
20:45 martinmorris ill worry later :)
20:45 chris :)
20:45 martinmorris all seems to be working though
20:45 martinmorris just need to get my data out of 2.2
20:47 martinmorris tiem for some food, ttfn
20:50 chris :)
20:51 martinmorris sorry final question promise - has it been tested with safari on a mac?
20:58 owen martinmorris: 3.0? A lot of the developers are Mac users, but I don't know about Safari. We haven't done much browser compatibility testing yet because the templates are still getting revised pretty heavily
20:59 martinmorris fair enough
20:59 martinmorris i wondered because i've tried adding a biblio with three different browsers and just get a"Loading..." box and nothing happens
20:59 martinmorris wondered if it was better in windows that's all
21:00 chris oh the loading does take ages :0
21:00 martinmorris haha, OK
21:10 martinmorris still loading :)
21:10 chris hmm maybe not that long hehe
21:10 martinmorris that's what i thought :)
21:10 chris have you tried firefox, seesm to work ok for me on firefox on a mac
21:11 martinmorris ill give it a go
21:14 martinmorris looking like same problem
21:14 chris weird
21:14 martinmorris mysql log is just sitting there, nothing happening
21:14 martinmorris is 942 the last marc field i should expect?
21:15 chris yep
21:15 chris it might be just the javascript going mental
21:15 chris the loading thing is just done by javascript
21:15 martinmorris and the page source shows </html> so i can safely assume it has loaded everything
21:15 martinmorris how odd
21:23 martinmorris yep, disable javascript and all works fine
21:25 martinmorris (apart from z39.50 search button)
22:43 chris i hate javascript :)
01:12 martinmorris if anyone's around i'm wondering if i can solve this annoying javascript problem with adding biblios
01:13 masonj_ hmm, not me for a few hours martin
01:13 martinmorris fair enough
01:13 martinmorris you're not aware of an obvious quick fix for it?
01:13 kados hiya martinmorris
01:13 martinmorris (click on add biblio, get marc template up, grey, with "Loading...")
01:13 masonj_ just reading back...
01:13 martinmorris fair enough
01:13 kados martinmorris: weird because it works fine for me on firefox
01:13 kados martinmorris: on OSX
01:13 kados martinmorris: what version of Koha are you running?
01:13 martinmorris it's probably how i installed it
01:14 martinmorris let me check that again kados
01:14 kados More -> About will tell ya
01:14 martinmorris (it looks good by the way, just can't use it!) :)
01:14 kados if you're on the staff side
01:14 masonj_ its a greybox js thing?
01:14 martinmorris yeah, says not found on server
01:14 kados ahh
01:14 martinmorris yes, it's teh greybox js thing masonj
01:14 kados yea, your install is not quite right
01:15 martinmorris thought that may be the case
01:15 kados what platform?
01:15 martinmorris osx
01:15 kados cool
01:15 martinmorris 10.4.11
01:15 kados well if you don't mind waiting a couple weeks
01:15 kados that's one of the platforms the installer's going to be tested on
01:15 kados galen charlton will be the one doing that
01:15 martinmorris that's good
01:16 martinmorris ah, sorry, koha itself is running on ubuntu
01:16 kados ahh
01:16 kados yea, don't think ubuntu is on the list
01:16 martinmorris i'm connecting from an osx machine with safari and firefox
01:16 kados debian etch is though
01:16 martinmorris that's good enough
01:16 masonj_ zeb or no zeb?
01:16 martinmorris with zeb
01:17 martinmorris looks like a few files didn't copy over in the install
01:18 martinmorris it's koha version, now that i've copied over
01:20 chris if you go to tools->error console
01:20 chris in firefox
01:21 chris is javascript throwing errors there?
01:21 martinmorris let me see
01:21 martinmorris i reckon there are files i need to copy over though that the installer didn't copy
01:21 chris highly likely
01:22 martinmorris there's a bucketload of errors :)
01:22 chris prolly some missing .js files
01:22 martinmorris no actually
01:22 martinmorris or not obviously anyway
01:23 martinmorris if it complains that e.g. clickMenu is not a function (in staff-global.js) it's possibly wnating that function from another bit of code that it can't find i'm assuming
01:24 chris yep
01:24 masonj_ jquery.js, u got that martin?
01:24 chris that would be my guess too
01:25 martinmorris trying to find where those are kept
01:25 masonj_ koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl​/prog/en/lib/jquery/plugins/
01:26 masonj_ koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jquery
01:26 martinmorris my /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha/koha-tmpl directory only has errors/ underneath it
01:26 martinmorris that'd be wrong wouldn't it? :)
01:27 masonj_ gak, you are missing all the template dirs?
01:27 martinmorris looking that way
01:27 martinmorris the installer also didn't copy over the sql files for the install earlier
01:28 chris naw its not under there
01:28 chris the are under /usr/lib/perl5/ something something
01:28 chris you must have some templates otherwise all you would be getting is internal server error
01:29 chris :)
01:29 martinmorris i've got them under /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/koha/​templates/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl
01:29 chris there we go
01:30 martinmorris do they need to be executable?
01:30 martinmorris they don't do they?
01:30 chris nope
01:30 martinmorris didn't think so
01:31 chris is the jquery.js file there?
01:32 martinmorris let me check
01:32 martinmorris yes, in /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/koha/templates/​koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jquery
01:32 chris right thats good
01:33 chris 2 secs ill do a grep
01:33 martinmorris OK :)
01:34 martinmorris nearly all the errors in the console are Warning: Expected declaration but found '*'.  Skipped to next declaration.
01:34 martinmorris Source File:[…]t-fonts-grids.css
01:34 martinmorris Line: 8
01:34 martinmorris or similar
01:35 chris ahh you can ignore css ones i think
01:35 chris jquery.clickmenu.pack.js
01:35 chris that exist?
01:36 martinmorris lemme look
01:36 martinmorris no
01:36 martinmorris i checked it out but it didn't copy
01:36 chris right
01:37 chris i think its the multiple .
01:37 masonj_ and jquery.tabs.pack.js
01:37 chris throwing the installer off
01:37 martinmorris ah :)
01:37 chris try copying them over manually
01:37 martinmorris ok
01:37 martinmorris let me copy it over
01:40 martinmorris hey presto it works :)
01:40 martinmorris thank you
01:41 chris yay!
01:41 martinmorris alas changing the framework from default to anything else gives me a blank page but i just need to check that stuff's copied over i think
01:41 chris ah no
01:41 chris thats a bug
01:41 chris happens to me too
01:42 martinmorris ah right OK
01:42 martinmorris that's fine for now then
01:44 martinmorris i also notice that doing a z39.50 search works, but only gives me what  i think is the first page of results
01:44 chris ah no next button?
01:44 martinmorris no
01:45 masonj_ i think i spotted that a few days ago too
01:47 martinmorris and i ntoice that i don't seem to be able to find anthing i've put in
01:48 chris ah remember i was saying about the
01:49 martinmorris ah, even for my own opac?
01:49 martinmorris OK
01:49 chris yep
01:49 martinmorris ill import some other marc records first and do that later then
01:49 chris cool
01:53 martinmorris bed time, thanks for your help chris
01:54 chris no worries
01:57 martinmorris oh actually, one other thing
01:57 martinmorris i'm getting accented letters from other languages as garbage
01:57 martinmorris including one of the sample libraries: Institut Protestant de Théologie
01:57 chris hmmm
01:57 chris in ur browser
01:57 martinmorris yes
01:57 chris under view
01:58 chris character encoding
01:58 chris whats it set too?
01:58 martinmorris i've tried all sorts of character encodings
01:58 martinmorris it was set to defaulkt
01:58 chris ahh
01:58 martinmorris default even
01:58 chris hmm
01:58 martinmorris but i've tried unicode etc.etc...
01:58 chris you could look in the db
01:58 chris and see if it looks ok there
01:58 chris if its messed up in the db, that might not be set to utf8
01:59 martinmorris well if i modify it and correct it, that's no better  - it displays as Institut Protestant de Th
01:59 martinmorris database probably needs setting to utf-8 yes
02:00 kados mar[…]ncodingscratchpad
02:00 kados martinmorris:[…]ncodingscratchpad
02:00 kados martinmorris: really important you get all that set up correctly before importing data
02:00 kados or even installing
02:00 martinmorris yes, i think so ! :)
02:00 kados or creating the db
02:00 martinmorris well this is just a first time test install to see how it works
02:00 kados that scratchpad will give some good pointers
02:01 martinmorris that scratchpad doesn't exist yet :)
02:01 chris try[…]ncodingscratchpad
02:02 martinmorris that's it
02:02 kados oops, yea
02:02 kados sorry
02:02 martinmorris np
02:03 martinmorris that all looks good, wil play tomorrow must go to bed now
02:03 martinmorris thanks again to both of you
04:14 fbcit-1 kados: ping
04:15 fbcit-1 chris?
08:23 paul chris around ?

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