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17:03 kados fbcit-away: you around?
17:27 kados thd-away: you around?
17:30 kados thd-away:[…]
19:31 thd kados: the make file is broken
19:31 thd kados: what file lists the installation directories?
20:11 masonj morning #koha
20:38 thd good morning masonj
20:39 thd masonj: do you know what file lists the installation directories?
21:01 masonj hiya thd, back
21:01 thd hello masonj
21:02 masonj hmm, not off the top of my head
21:03 masonj not quite sure i undertsand yr question
21:03 thd I have the following error from make:  ERROR: Cannot copy 'installer/data/mysql/fr/mandatory' to '/usr/local/lib/cgi-bin/koha/ins​taller/data/mysql/fr/mandatory': Is a directory
21:04 thd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:04 thd at -e line 1
21:04 thd make: *** [pm_to_blib] Error 21
21:07 masonj hmm, im about to do some k3 installs in the next hour, so ill se  if i hit the same error
08:49 paul chris : thx for your quick answer
08:49 chris no problem
08:50 chris i think it must have got pushed live with the last patches
08:50 chris mason just sent a patch for
08:52 chris just a little typo fix
08:54 chris i have a question about nozebra if you have a second?
08:54 paul yep.
08:54 chris ok so in my nozebra table i have
08:54 chris | biblioserver    |     author       | tolkien              | 5,thelordoft-1;                                                
08:55 chris but when i do an author search for tolkien
08:55 chris i get no results
08:55 paul mmm... you should have one.
08:55 paul unless something is broken by recent kados commits.
08:56 paul it appears that buildQuery has been modifier recently and it's now very bugguy
08:56 chris if i search for rings
08:56 paul (seems to do only kw searches)
08:56 chris i get a result (not author search)
08:56 chris ahhh
08:56 chris that might be the problem them
08:56 chris then
08:56 paul yep.
08:56 chris should the author name be in keyword?
08:57 chris ie, with nozebra what does a keyword search search? everything in the nozebra table?
08:57 paul chris: to be honest, the last commits appear to break more things than to fix.
08:57 paul chris : the kw search is for zebra search.
08:57 chris ahh
08:58 paul but nozebra is called after buildQuery, which is supposed to be the same for both.
08:58 paul (Z & NZ)
08:58 chris right
09:00 chris ive been working on circ and reserves, so this is the first time ive looked at the search

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