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11:49 fbcit kados:Do I understand right: mysql 'enum' type simply limits a column to one of several pre-defined options?
11:56 kados fbcit: yes
12:00 kados fbcit: just so you know, I think there have been a couple changes to the db since you started
12:00 kados fbcit: maybe just one ... but you should be able to rebase and catch those
12:01 kados fbcit:[…]?p=Koha;a=summary
12:01 kados fbcit:[…]2eceaa74f;hb=HEAD
12:02 kados hdl: are you here?
12:02 kados paul_away: ?
12:03 kados hdl: I'm having trouble with the patches to
12:05 fbcit kados: I'll take a look. tnx
12:11 hdl hi dados
12:11 hdl hi kados
12:11 kados hi hdl
12:11 hdl what problem fo you have ?
12:11 kados it's easiest to show you
12:12 kados try to edit or add an item at the URL I sent you
12:12 kados when you edit, all the fields will disappear
12:12 kados when you try to add, you won't be able to save the record
12:13 kados I attached a note to the bug specifying the specific patch it was
12:13 kados[…]c0a74e3a4d9a575ee
12:16 ansius hi there!
12:17 kados hi ani
12:17 kados ansius I mean :-)
12:19 ansius a dum question, wich distro of linux would be the best for koha, i have had trouble with all of them... :(
12:19 ansius a dum question, wich distro of linux would be the best for koha, i have had trouble with all of them... :(
12:20 ansius ok, debian how did you manage tu get mysql 4.1 runing, i have been triing that for 2 days
12:20 ansius ok, debian how did you manage tu get mysql 4.1 runing, i have been triing that for 2 days
12:20 kados well, I run Koha on mysql 5
12:21 kados the package maintainer hasn't released a 2.2.10 with all the mysql 5 support
12:21 kados but it's all there in CVS
12:22 ansius oho, so the 2.2.10 is in dev section?
12:22 ansius good news! :D
12:22 ansius good news! :D
12:22 kados 2.2.10 hasn't been released and the package maintainer has said he won't have time to create it
12:22 ansius good news! :D
12:23 kados but you can bug him :-) his name is Paul Poulain :-)
12:25 ansius dumer question, how to get it form there...
12:26 fbcit masonj: in z3950servers.position and type will a datatype of varchar(10) be sufficient? pg lacks an 'enum' type...
12:26 fbcit masonj: so I'm using a constraint to do the same thing.
12:27 kados fbcit: mason is in NZ, so probably asleep if he know's what's good for him :-)
12:28 kados fbcit: position is just a numeric value defining the order to search the server
12:28 kados fbcit: type varchar(10) will be fine
12:30 the_ansius ok now i can talk, git mIRC running
12:30 fbcit kados: so code referring to this field looks at the index rather than the value?
12:31 kados fbcit: hmmm, to be honest I'm not sure
12:32 the_ansius im no linux expert (except the typical LAMP setups), and have had trouble with getiing koha runing on various distributions.
12:32 the_ansius ubuntu was before my choice
12:33 fbcit kados: It will make a difference in how I handle it in pg. Reading in the mysql man indicates either value or index can be accessed w/SELECT.
12:33 the_ansius but no AMD64 didnt like mysql-4.1
12:33 fbcit kados: So, who to ask?
12:33 kados the_ansius: it's likely the trouble wasn't related to koha, but one of the dependencies
12:34 the_ansius jap i know, but i vasnt able to solve them :(
12:34 kados fbcit: hmmm
12:34 kados fbcit: value shuld be fine
12:36 fbcit kados: ok. I'll go that direction then.
12:39 fbcit kados: It appears that pg 8.3 will have enums.
12:39 kados sweet
12:43 ansius another dumb question what is 'http://download.savannah.nongn[…]oha-2.3.0.tar.gz' and will it work with mySQL5 ?
12:43 kados ansius: no, that is a developer's pre-release
12:43 kados you don't want that :-)
12:44 ansius ok, so hwre can I get 2.2.10
12:45 kados ansius: you can bug the package maintainer to release it :-)
12:46 ansius i gues that i will not be able to bug him so much to get it asap, cos client want to see something by tomorrow morning (UTC +3)
12:47 kados ansius: ahh, you're doing this for a client? a library I suppose?
12:48 ansius a school one
12:49 kados cool
12:49 ansius they didn't want to pay for something like a software, good that they at least bought server
12:49 ansius mostly i work with web/php/ drupal cms stuff
12:59 ansius is ther any other way without bugging anyone too much to get a 2.2.10 version?
13:01 kados ansius: perhaps
13:01 kados ansius:
13:02 kados ansius: you can run off of CVS
13:02 kados the rel_2_2 branch
13:08 ansius i'll try, thanks!
14:28 owen foxnorth, you around?
14:29 kados owen: he's on a call atm, should be back soon
14:34 kados owen: go learn javascript! :-)
14:35 owen No, that was the YUI guys ;)
14:35 kados heh
14:38 Frederic Hi,
14:38 Frederic circ/ is broken in git repository.
14:38 Frederic[…]03a2571e3;hb=HEAD
14:38 Frederic Lines: 44 50 115 etc
14:43 hdl Can you detail ?
14:45 Frederic Line 44, you get:
14:45 Frederic <<<<<<< HEAD:members/
14:45 Frederic which isn't perlish. Etc.
14:54 hdl This looks like you had a merge problem
14:58 Frederic Yes. But the merging issue occurs into the git repository.
14:58 Frederic I've done a fresh 'git clone' and get the brocken circ/ file.
15:15 kados Frederic: you're right!
15:21 kados Frederic: OK, I pushed up a fix
15:21 kados sorry about that!
15:30 Frederic Great. It works! Thanks. A simple 'get pull' and I get back a working
15:30 Frederic Except that x right access wasn't set properly. Had to do chmod 755...
15:31 kados ahh, right
16:19 paul hello world
16:20 paul I have found git-send-email again. It's in a specific package on mandriva 2008 ;-)
16:20 paul sending 4 patches to chris now !
16:23 kados paul: patches to additem? :-)
16:23 paul yep kados
16:23 kados w00t
16:23 kados paul: can you cc me, I'd like to test them
16:24 paul done
16:24 kados thx
16:25 kados paul: I'll test immediately
16:25 paul i'll leave soon (6:30 pm here)
16:28 kados paul: this patch doesnt' seem to fix the problems with additem that I'm experiencing
16:29 paul which one ?
16:29 paul (it fixes only duplicate barcode)
16:38 kados hdl, paul ... if we can't resolve the issues with additem today I'm going to revert patch 8bdc7f83acaf471ac9e14c7c0a74e3a4d9a575ee
16:38 kados just to ensure that additem works in mainline git
16:38 kados I just tested reverting and it works 'on the surface'
16:38 paul cant this just wait until monday ?
16:38 paul (update from .008 to .010 is very long for me...)
16:39 kados well, it's been 48 hours with additem broken so I think i should just revert it if there's not an easy fix
16:40 kados otherwise additem doesn't work at all in git :/
16:40 kados monday is too long I'm afraid
16:42 kados it's my fault for not catching this _before_ it was pushed up :-)
16:42 paul the Check function is supposed to check that all existing mandatory fields are working.
16:42 paul it seems it uses the "old" marc editor structure (with field_values)
16:43 paul and not the new one.
16:43 paul just "return 1;" after the function declaration, and you should be able to validate an item (can't test, update still not finished on my computer)
16:44 paul sh...t "internalt server error" ...
16:44 paul the process was too long.
16:44 kados updatedatabase_over_http-- ;-)
16:44 paul this will probably be a major problem: if the update is too long, then Apache kill the process
16:45 paul I have to leave now, Nathan is back after 1 week away.
16:45 paul bye & good week end to everybody.
16:45 kados bye paul
16:56 hdl kados you reverted ?
17:15 kados hdl: haven't pushed it up to main git
17:15 kados hdl: why, have you solved the probs? :-)
17:15 hdl still working on it.
17:22 hdl damaged in field list (items table) Is this yours ?
17:22 hdl database structure not uptodate
17:29 kados maybe you didn't run updatedatabase?
17:32 hdl Yes I did.
17:32 hdl bbsoon
17:32 hdl lunch time
17:45 kados wow, late lunch :-)
18:03 hdl sorry dinner
18:44 fbcit Is there any particular reason that aqbudget.startdate is defaulted to 0? Since it is a date type could it be defaulted to the current date?
18:44 kados it should default to NULL
18:44 kados fbcit: thanks, I'll update kohastructure.sq
18:44 kados l
18:44 fbcit startdate date NOT NULL default 0
18:44 kados yea, that's just mental
18:45 kados should be startdate date default NULL
18:45 fbcit tnx
18:53 hdl kados : patch sent.
18:55 hdl There still is a little problem on duplicate subfield But it is more a display problem than and data
18:56 kados hdl: thanks, I'll take a look
20:09 fbcit I'm off for the weekend.....
20:34 kados hi rex
20:34 kados rex: how's the weather? :-)
20:35 rex 85 degrees and sunny... like every day :)
20:35 rex where in NZ are you?
20:35 kados what brings you to our temperate channel? :-)
20:35 kados oh, I'm actually based on Ohio
20:35 kados s/on/in/
20:35 kados the NZers won't be here today, it's Saturday there :-)
20:36 rex Ah -- I was looking at the server address, not yours.
20:36 rex I'm a professor at UH Manoa and our department library is looking at Koha as a solution for our IT needs.
20:36 kados excellent
20:36 rex I have some tech background so I thought I'd lurk to get a sense of how active the community is, etc.
20:36 kados sure
20:36 kados it's pretty active
20:37 kados the commit log is always a useful metric too:
20:37 kados[…]?p=Koha;a=summary
20:37 kados
20:37 rex yeah. As the chair of the comittee that is looking at 'solutions' t our IT needs I can't be too partisan, but on the whole I'm sympathetic to F/OSS solutions
20:37 kados sure
20:38 rex I guess our main concern is that Koha is too Drupal like -- i.e. useful only if you already know how to write it from scratch ;P
20:39 kados well, I don't know much about your needs, a lot has to do with what you're planning to use it for, how large the collection is, who will be using it, etc.
20:40 rex yes. Actually we should figure out how large our collection is.
20:40 kados ie, if you're looking for a way to keep track of a couple hundred books, might be better off looking at something like librarything or something
20:40 rex I mean... the room its in is large...
20:40 kados koha is really designed for an active library
20:40 kados that has at least cursory understanding of the basic modules and standards in place
20:41 kados large_rooms++ :-)
20:41 rex yeah. people are afraid of LIbrary Thing for some reason.
20:41 kados hehe
20:41 kados well, Tim Spalding's a great guy
20:41 rex you know how it is -- people only trust solutions where they're paying someone something. Otherwise they think it is either 'broken' or 'stealing their information'
20:42 kados huh ... well that's an easy fix :-)
20:42 kados
20:42 kados there are companies that will offer turnkey solutions, even hosting, for Koha
20:43 rex Yeah it will be nice to have a spectrum of pay/free options
20:43 rex At this point I think it looks like this: we have >5K books, I'd reckon. We want a searchable catalog online.
20:44 kados rex:
20:44 rex We want a proper database, populated hopefully w/MARC records we pull down
20:44 kados that's my recommendation :-)
20:44 kados </vendorbias> :-)
20:44 rex yes I think some other memebrs of the committee have been looking at that
20:45 rex we have an OSX box we can install Koha on, so hosting is probably not for us.
20:46 rex I guess this means if we were to go for a liblime solution it would be 'basic' eh?
20:46 kados yup
20:47 kados but not sure we'd support it on OSX
20:47 rex yeah. And we have no money, really. Might be better to just install ourselves.
20:47 kados yep
20:47 rex Since becoming a prof I feel a bit out of it techwise.
20:47 kados there is a guide somewhere for OSX install
20:47 kados did you run across that?
20:47 rex might be nice to keep my hand in.
20:47 kados someone posted to the list recently
20:48 rex yeah. THere's a lot of docs. Apaprently getting the Z3259 (or whatever the protocol is called) client up is a bit of a pain.
20:48 rex 39.50
20:49 rex kados: is LibLime's Keystone suite  a flavor of Greenstone?
20:53 kados no ... it's an Index Data product
20:53 kados i think
20:54 kados we're also going to be supporting Kete:
20:54 kados which is another digital library system
20:56 rex heh. All these Polynesian names.
20:57 chris thats cos they come from Aotearoa :)
20:57 rex heh -- they all look like mispelled Hawai'ian to me :D
20:58 chris Hawai'ian looks like mispelled Maori to me :-)
20:58 rex we had different missionaries, apparently :)
20:58 chris ps, tell your football teams to stop stealing our haka :-)
20:58 rex don't get me started.
20:58 chris hehe
20:59 rex that is not only totally disrespectful to Maori but it is also totally clueless about kana 'oiwi people here as well.
20:59 rex *kanaka
21:00 chris yeah, im with you there
21:00 rex kados: just for the record, can you give me a ballpark on what the Koha classic woudl be costwise (you can msg me privately if you don't want to put it on channel).
21:00 rex oof. Don't get me started. Honestly.
21:03 chris my sister has been to Hawaii a bit, she works as a researcher for a school of medicine here, in the indigenous health area
21:03 chris ive yet to visit though ... maybe ud like some Koha training? :-)
21:03 rex we probably have some small world connections then
21:04 rex heh -- I'll let you know.
21:04 rex she may know Kalani Brady... but I think he might just be an indigenous doctor.
21:05 rex albeit a healthy one.
21:05 chris :-)
21:05 chris ill ask next time i see her, shes at some conference at the moment
21:05 chris donna cormack
21:05 chris is her name
21:06 rex they have a different campus than the one I'm on
21:06 chris  <--- she does this kinda stuff
21:08 rex ah.
21:08 chris annoying the government by pointing out disparities in funding .. and unequal outcomes etc :)
21:08 rex yeah.
21:09 rex I guess you have to keep doing that over and over again even if its already been demonstrated for like decades and decades
21:09 chris yeah
21:10 chris sad but true
21:11 chris ok, time to take the family out for some brunch, ttyl
21:14 rex cu
21:30 chris heh, i have no idea why i think i can make plans with an 11 month old ... while i was in the shower he has fallen asleep on his mum, who in turn has fallen asleep
21:30 chris so brunch is postponed
21:34 kados hehe
00:32 atz members/ still seems to be messed up in git repo.
01:59 thd ping kados
07:17 ansius hi again, i'm still in the same place. ok I got the cvs rel_2_2 koha, but i have no idea how to set it up, or i can use this one to fix installer so it would work with mysql5?
09:15 ansius bugging again, i'm still in the same place. ok I got the cvs rel_2_2 koha, but i have no idea how to set it up, or i can use this one to fix installer so it would work with mysql5?
09:34 ansius bugging again could anyone please help to get koha-2.2.10 or help to somehow set it up with mysql5 ?
10:59 ansius bugging again could anyone please help to get koha-2.2.10 or help to somehow set koha up with mysql5 ?

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