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12:45 kados morning owen
12:45 kados morning all
12:45 owen Hi
12:45 dewey hi, owen
12:45 paul hello kados & owen
12:45 kados hi paul
12:46 kados paul: your patches have been applied
12:46 kados paul: I'm wondering if we shouldn't just go ahead and move the OPAC tempaltes into the same structure as the staff client
12:46 kados paul: do you like the new organization?
12:46 paul (on phone)
12:48 hdl hi kados.
12:49 hdl imho, OPAC has only one directory, So Would not need same structure.
12:50 hdl But, if we want a light maintenance... we may have rather do the same thing.
12:50 hdl ....
12:50 hdl Little question...
12:50 kados sure
12:51 hdl Is it interesting to have opac-scriptname for opac ??
12:51 kados s/ IMO
12:52 hdl Since it breaks things for ISBD... I would find it more interesting to have only one Script API... ... But anyway.
12:52 hdl It would not be the same path to scripts.
12:52 kados ahh, it breaks for ISBD?
12:52 kados one thing I'd like to do is remove the need for /cgi-bin/koha/
12:52 dewey Hmm.  No matches for that, kados.
12:52 kados make that a syspref or a config file setting rather than hard coded
12:52 kados so I could choose to have just / or /koha or sth
12:53 hdl Yes, if you have a link say in your ISBD, you won't be able to click on this link in intranet.
12:53 hdl ...
12:53 kados hdl: ahh, right
12:53 kados hdl: good point actually
12:53 hdl But all those things are 2dary to BUG FXING.
12:53 kados hdl: yep
12:56 paul back
12:57 paul kados : about absolute path for opac, i 100% agree. we need to be able to have a more simpler architecture. Just note that, iirc, mod_perl don't like scripts without a complete path.
12:58 kados paul: ahh, good to know
12:59 kados paul: but the scripts will have a complete path w/respect to the server, for pre-compiling, right?
12:59 kados or are you not talking about pre-compiling?
12:59 kados it's been a while since I looked at mod_perl stuff, I know there's a bunch of options for how to use it
13:00 paul I don't understand internals. I just know that virtualshelves were not working well in 2.2 due to global variables (they are gone everywhere afaik), and scripts call being and not /cgi-bin/koha/
13:01 kados *nod*
13:01 paul about the template strcuture : I haven't investigated what you did exactly on intranet. what is nice with git is cherry picking ;-) : I don't have applied patches related to the templates rewriting : it breaked my ipt setup...
13:01 kados paul: do you have some tests for mod_perl sanity?
13:01 paul nope.
13:02 kados we should make some before we make any changes to the script locations
13:02 paul worst : san-op identified 1 problem with mySQL handlers not being freed, and they solved that by hardcoding a time-to-live of 10seconds for handlers
13:02 paul (mysql parameter)
13:02 paul + i have found that some Context features, that were supposed to be cached were not in fact
13:03 paul limiting the perf increase when going mod_perl.
13:03 paul so, my suggestion would be : "don't do anything that will break mod_perl compatibility, but don't consider that it is working atm"
13:08 kados *nod*
14:19 owen Hi foxnorth
14:20 foxnorth hey owen- how's it going?
14:20 owen Pretty well, thanks.
14:21 owen I finally got to see a preview of the cataloging client on Friday. It looks great
14:21 foxnorth hey, cool.  it's coming along, i think
14:28 hdl hi
14:29 foxnorth hey hdl
14:35 Brooke hola
14:35 dewey salut, Brooke
14:37 bureado hola :)
14:37 hdl que tal ?
14:38 Brooke pretty good
14:39 Brooke lots o stuff on the weekend
14:39 Brooke got done thats been sitting and it was fun to boot
14:53 Brooke right, lunch time
14:56 owen Did everyone see Colin McD's message to the Koha list? While the message itself was a little hard to get through, the core message is a good one: Koha needs to /work/. Every bug is bad customer experience.
14:59 kados paul: ? hdl ?
14:59 paul yep ?
14:59 hdl yes
14:59 paul I saw it too
15:02 owen I wanted to highlight that email in case people brushed it off because of the suggestions for how to fix the problem.
15:14 kados yea, that's a good point owen
15:16 paul I don't understand "brushed it off" :-\
15:17 kados paul: means 'ignore'
15:17 owen Sorry
15:17 paul owen / kados : do you know when the template rewriting will be finished ?
15:17 paul I have some bugs on bugzilla I can't fix because it's probably a template problem & I don't want to interfere with what you're doing
15:18 owen I don't think we do. If they're template bugs can you pass them to me?
15:18 paul owen : it's bugs you've entered & assigned to me ;-)
15:19 paul for example 1394
15:19 paul (bug that I can't reproduce however)
15:20 paul owen : what do you mean by "I don't think we do" ?
15:20 owen I mean template-rewriting is part of the process of getting 3.0 ready. I can't see it ending until 3.0 is ready for release.
15:21 owen If there's a bug in a template, though, it should be fixed, and whatever changes need to be made later to that template can be corrected with the fix included
15:23 owen Why do you say 1394 is a template bug?
15:23 paul I suspect.
15:23 paul but not sure, as I can't reproduce it atm
15:23 paul (maybe it's a DateFormat systempref problem, maybe something else)
15:25 owen Here's more info: I just changed the DateFormat systempref from us to metric and the bug didn't happen
15:26 owen So it sounds like it's something about us or non-metric date formatting.
15:27 paul owen : maybe you could suggest GWB to discard us format for dates and use a more logic one ?
15:28 owen Sure I'll get right on that :)
15:28 paul ok, I close the bug then... :-D
15:28 owen No, just reassign to GWB
15:30 owen Although I assigned him a bug for "global warming" and it came back marked "invalid"
15:46 paul owen : could you look at : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/
15:46 paul (login abel/abel)
15:47 paul and tell me if it's  the way a raw git repository should appear or if it should be nicer ?
15:47 paul (same question to kados eventually)
15:47 owen No, that's not how it should look. It doesn't look like it's an up-to-date version.
15:47 paul I suspect I should add some data somewhere in my database...
15:48 paul owen : it is an uptodate version (unless i'm mistaken, or joshua hasn't pushed everything)
15:48 owen In the current up to date version the main page uses staff-global.css instead of intranet2.css
15:48 paul what is most probable is that something must be added in the systemprefs or somewhere
15:48 paul gotcha !!
15:49 paul I just had to remove the intranetstylesheet !
15:49 paul mmm...
15:49 paul no
15:53 paul there's something going wrong with git (probably my use)
15:53 paul if I switch to my local branch, it's OK
15:54 paul if I switch to "master", it seems i go back to an old state
15:54 paul (there is no modules/css/js/ in templates directories)
16:00 paul ok, I understand what happends but not how to solve the problem...
16:00 paul master is stamped to aug,13
16:01 paul the uptodate is called origin/master
16:03 paul git checkout master
16:03 paul git rebase origin
16:03 paul hop, master is uptodate while localbranch is untouched...
16:03 paul owen : is http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/ ok now ?
16:03 owen Yes
16:04 paul yeah ! /me really happy with git !
16:06 paul owen : are all template "yui-ed" ?
16:07 owen Not all, but most
16:07 owen auth.tmpl is an example of a page structure with no columns (single column). intranet-main.tmpl is an example of a page with a left-hand column
16:08 owen Right now the left-hand navigation column in contained in, included just above
16:09 paul catalogue search results gives poor result, isn't it ?
16:10 owen Yes, I'm working on it now
16:10 paul ok
16:10 owen My zebra index is broken, so I'm having difficulty working on catalog results pages
17:04 paul kados : mail sent to koha-devel, about database structure.
17:04 paul end of the day for me anyway now.
17:08 kados paul++
17:08 kados owen: your zebradb is busted?
17:08 kados ahh, right, never did fix that, sorry :/
17:08 owen :)
18:54 thd kados: ping
22:51 thd chris: are you there?
02:27 thd chris: I have a question about the patch submission process for git
02:27 kados thd: it's outlined on the wiki
02:28 kados thd: and chris is out of town today
02:28 thd kados: yes I know, my question is about submitting compressed patch archives which is not outlined
02:28 kados thd: he'll be back tomorrow
02:28 kados compressed patches, eh?
02:28 kados I think paul's done a couple of those
02:28 kados to reduce space I guess?
02:28 thd ok thanks kados
02:29 thd kados: my mail system cannot accommodate very large attachments
02:29 kados *nod*
02:44 thd kados: Do you know if both biblio.biblionumber and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber still need to be stored in the bibliographic record for Koha 3.0?
02:45 kados currently they do
02:46 thd kados: how had you accommodated using 001 which has no subfields for storing both of those values?
02:47 thd kados: you had told me that some of your installations used 001 for storing the Koha record ID but 001 is defined for storing only a single value.
07:52 Brooke howdy
07:52 dewey niihau, Brooke
08:01 hdl hi Brooke
08:01 Brooke Bonjour :)
08:36 Brooke hi llyod
09:44 Brooke hmmm sleepy again
10:15 s3 hi
10:15 dewey hi, s3
10:16 s3 i want ask
10:16 s3 can use koha system in special library
10:16 s3 and
10:17 s3 koha for windows
10:17 s3 or for lunix
10:18 paul hello s3.
10:18 s3 hello
10:18 dewey hola, s3
10:18 paul don't expect anything intelligent from dewey, it's a stupid bot ;-)
10:19 paul what is "special library" ?
10:19 paul Koha works fine on windows and on linux, but it's easier to set up the server on linux/unix/mac OS-X
10:20 s3 i mean Specialized library
10:20 s3 and i want ask
10:20 paul Koha is used in many differents libraries, I don't know why you could not use it ;-)
10:21 s3 koha system how creait ti
10:22 s3 library in usa or in uk or waht
10:22 s3 what
10:22 paul ???
10:24 s3 who desien this system
10:24 paul many ppl develop Koha.
10:24 s3 i am sorry
10:25 s3 many peaple tell me this system desigen in israel
10:25 paul hdl & me (france) being the "european" part of the main core. kados, ryan and other LibLime folks being the US part
10:25 paul no israelian is involved yet
10:25 paul why do you ask this question ?
10:26 paul you're from Israel ?
10:26 s3 no
10:26 paul the 1st version came from New Zealand.
10:26 paul now it's international
10:26 s3 i am egyptions
10:26 s3 you live in new zealand
10:27 paul nope, i'm french.
10:27 paul so I live in France :-D
10:27 s3 i am happy to meet you
10:27 s3 my name is ahmed

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