IRC log for #koha, 2007-09-03

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08:22 chris hmmm paul did you mean to resend the patches that have already been applied?
08:23 paul hi chris.
08:23 chris hi paul :)
08:23 paul mmm... I don't think i've alredy sent those.
08:23 chris ahh no but hdl has, and mj ray
08:23 chris From: MJ Ray <>
08:23 chris Signed-off-by: Chris Cormack <>
08:25 chris ahh and 4 new ones
08:25 chris 5 new ones
08:25 paul + a mail with 3 very long ones gzipped in your mailbox crc@liblime
08:26 paul they are rejected by git-sent-email
08:26 chris ahh ok
08:26 chris are they rename/move ones?
08:26 chris there is a trick for making them smaller if so
08:26 paul 1 yes (already sent), 2 are brand new (translation things)
08:27 chris git-format-patch -M -B origin
08:27 chris    The same as the previous one. Additionally, it detects and handles renames and complete rewrites intelligently to produce a renaming patch. A renaming patch reduces the amount of text output, and generally makes it easier to review it. Note that the "patch" program does not understand renaming patches, so use it only when you know the recipient uses git to apply your patch.
08:27 chris for the future :)
08:27 chris ill go apply the new ones now then take a look at the 3 big ones
08:28 paul maybe i made something wrong or uncomplete, which explains the already submitted patches...
08:28 paul hi hdl
08:28 chris could be, they are easy to spot tho so not to worry
08:28 chris hi hdl
08:28 hdl hi all
08:28 hdl Did I miss something ?
08:29 paul chris : the Algo::CheckDigits patch is a new one, right ?
08:29 hdl I was curious to find out why I had received a patch in my mailbox.
08:29 chris yes thats new
08:29 chris its the 3 after that, that werent new, then some more new ones
08:29 paul the BUGFIX (cc: hdl) is not new, and has already been submitted by hdl
08:30 chris yep, and 2 by mj ray
08:30 chris ill ignore those and do the rest
08:30 paul those are the 3 ones I've "cherry picked" from origin/master...
08:30 chris ahh
08:30 paul how can I avoid submitting them...
08:31 chris not sure
08:32 paul however, git-gui is really really nice...
08:32 chris yeah the nice thing with git is its being actively developed and so are the tools for it
08:41 chris applied the small one and pushed to the RM repo, joshua will push them live when he has checked them
08:42 chris ill go look at the big ones now
08:45 chris 3 bigs one applied ok

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