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13:17 kados hey jaron
13:17 kados jaron: got a sec? I've got a question about keystroke behavior in your marc editor
13:18 jaron one sec...
13:18 kados sure
13:19 jaron ok, what's up?
13:19 kados I'm basically just wondering what the rules should be for tab / enter in various contexts
13:19 kados so maybe tab between subfields, then to the next line, field indicators, subfields ?
13:19 kados enter to create a new field?
13:20 kados ctrl-sth to create a new subfield ?
13:20 jaron I see.
13:20 jaron right off the top of my head
13:21 jaron my marc editor right now is vim :)
13:21 kados really?
13:21 kados not binary MARC though
13:21 jaron yeah, I use yaz-marcdump to put it in line format and then convert it back
13:21 kados gotcha
13:22 jaron but I do like vim style home key stuff over emacs ctrl-x stuff, but that's just me
13:23 jaron but I also know that most folks don't get that and wouldn't work for the kind of one mode editor you're dealing with
13:23 kados *nod*
13:23 jaron is this for that summer of code marc editor?
13:23 kados yep
13:24 jaron are you breaking up subfields or leaving them all in one text box per field?
13:24 kados they're broken up
13:24 kados into delimiter and value
13:24 kados by spans I think
13:25 jaron ah, ok
13:25 kados foxnorth has started working on the keymap
13:25 jaron maybe tab for each subfield--taking you to the content of the subfield and then shift tab to go back through them.
13:25 kados yea, that's what we had in mind
13:26 kados what about when you get to the last one?
13:26 jaron arrow keys to go up and down through fields?
13:26 kados shoudl it go to the next line?
13:26 kados *nod*
13:26 jaron last tab takes you to the next line
13:26 kados to the field, or indicators? or subfield?
13:27 kados I guess it depends also on wheher it's a new record or you're editing an existing one
13:27 jaron last tab takes you to the next field first subfield
13:27 jaron that definitely matters. I guess I'm thinking editing existing mostly.
13:27 jaron not much original cataloging going on these days
13:27 kados new record should make a new field delimiter I suppose
13:27 kados *nod*
13:28 kados and what about the 'enter' key?
13:28 kados do you know if there's a convention for that in marc editors?
13:28 jaron that could behave in two ways
13:29 jaron the way I've seen in the ils I use now it doesn't go to the next field but it keeps hightlight on the current field but disables editing
13:29 jaron of the current fields
13:29 jaron s/fields/field
13:30 jaron I'd think it would go to the next fields
13:30 jaron argh s/fields/field/
13:30 kados right
13:30 jaron you'd probably want a ctrl-x type or F3 type thing to create new fields
13:31 jaron that's how what I have to use now does
13:31 kados yea, that's in the works too ... new field, new subfield, delete field, delete subfield
13:31 jaron and it'd be best if there were defaults but they can be configured
13:31 kados yea, there's gonna be a config keymap section
13:35 jaron in what I use now tab goes from field to indicators to subfields. subfield box is just a plain textbox without any movement through the subfields other than regular editing functions like word by word. and enter and shift-enter go up and down through the subfield boxes.
13:36 kados interesting
13:36 kados so does it let you create subfield delimitors that have more than one character ($aaaa)
13:36 jaron ctrl-insert and ctrl-delete operate on a whole field--deleting the field, indicators and subfeilds
13:36 jaron it is completely freeform textbox.
13:37 kados wow, interesting
13:37 jaron never tried that though. might send back and error.
13:37 kados what system is this?
13:37 jaron unicorn
13:37 kados and how do you distinguish between subfield delimiter and value?
13:37 jaron pretty recent version
13:37 kados a space?
13:38 jaron |a is never entered. it's assumed that the first text is subfield a
13:38 jaron there are no spaces |aThe Hobbit
13:38 kados gotcha
13:38 jaron makes it difficult to read on some lines
13:38 kados shoot, phone ... brb
13:44 jaron no prob. btw, I'm not in front of my workstation right now, so this is all from memory :)  You should probably catch me one weekday while I'm at work.
13:46 jaron family's up--gotta go
19:51 thd kados: ping

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