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13:28 hdl hi there ?
13:28 hdl Someone around ?
13:32 hdl owen ?
13:32 dewey it has been said that owen is hardly ever in direct contact with kados. We communicate here.
13:32 owen Hi
13:32 hdl hi
13:32 dewey what's up, hdl
13:32 hdl Do you know if kados will be around today ?
13:35 jaron yesterday kados said he was on getting on a plane to give a demo
13:36 owen Yeah, he's on the road much of this week
13:38 owen He said he might be on IRC in the afternoon, but he wasn't sure
13:40 hdl owen : I just sent some patches for git.
13:41 hdl Wanted to know if he received them.
13:41 hdl And when he would apply.
13:42 owen I think they go through chris first, and then to kados. I don't know if his travel schedule will make that process slower or not
13:43 owen Does it matter? Doesn't the git workflow mean that you can commit to your repository and continue working?
13:48 hdl owen : Sure I can continue working.
13:49 hdl But I was wondering if my first commits would be taken into account before making too many differences.
14:41 owen I wonder if you can tell git to remember what email to send patches to?
14:43 Asir hi
14:43 dewey hey, Asir
14:43 owen Hi Asir
14:43 owen don't pay any attention to dewey, he's a bot
14:43 Asir I've tried to install ubuntu
14:44 Asir but i cant nstall cvs -z3 co -P marc-record
14:44 Asir who can help me
15:17 hdl Asir
15:18 hdl Installing from marc::pm is not required any longer.
15:18 hdl You can install directly from CPAN.
15:18 jaron hdl++
15:18 hdl (kados++ ;) )
15:19 jaron hdl: but you provided the answer Asir needed :)
16:37 martinmorris hello
16:37 dewey salut, martinmorris
16:37 martinmorris salut dewey :)
16:38 martinmorris we're finally getting quite close to implementing our installation and i'm sorting out barcoding
16:38 martinmorris i've been kindly sent a patch to apply to but i'm unsure exactly how to use it in my setup
16:39 martinmorris can you advise?
16:41 thd martinmorris: who sent the patch to you?
16:41 martinmorris M J Ray
16:41 martinmorris on the koha mailing list
16:41 martinmorris i think i've just managed to apply it actually
16:43 martinmorris yep, patch has been applied but now only have the author and title on a pdf, no actual barcode :)
16:44 thd martinmorris: barcode generation in Koha has never worked perfectly for me.
16:44 thd martinmorris: try asking M J Ray in an email.
16:44 martinmorris now i'm getting barcodes but the unicode characters aren't working
16:45 martinmorris i think i'll do that, thanks thd
16:45 thd martinmorris: most barcode symbology only supports ASCII
16:46 martinmorris well, not the end of the world
16:48 thd martinmorris: do you mean that Unicode does not work for some additional information on the label which is never encoded in the barcode itself?
16:48 martinmorris that's right, it's just the author/title information with teh barcode
16:49 martinmorris not disastrous, just looks a little ugly that's all
16:50 thd martinmorris: maybe kados would fix that but I never had it working
16:51 thd martinmorris: file a bug about that issue in
16:51 jaron the font used can handle the unicode characters?
16:51 martinmorris i believe so
16:51 martinmorris can the font be changed?
16:51 jaron that I don't know--might be hardcoded
16:51 thd martinmorris: you should verify that
16:52 martinmorris yes, the font can handle the characters
16:53 thd martinmorris: what is the font?
16:53 martinmorris helvetica bold
16:53 martinmorris (on a mac)
16:53 martinmorris it's an adobe font rather than ttf as far as i can tell
16:56 thd martinmorris: file a bug about that issue in and be certain to stipulate that you are referring to the author/title label information which is not encoded in the barcode itself
16:56 martinmorris will do
16:56 martinmorris another little question too
16:57 martinmorris the actual title and author information above the barcode starts very to the left of the barcode and encroaches on to the space of the previous barcode
16:57 martinmorris it's as if the title/author is left aligned and the barcode right-aligned into the next label
16:57 thd martinmorris: many many months were spent fixing Unicode bugs in Koha but you seem to have found one that was missed
16:58 martinmorris oh dear, sorry about that thd, wouldn't want to be a pain
16:58 jaron martinmorris: it's very important to a lot of users to find unicode bugs
16:58 martinmorris ok i'll stop feeling guilty then :)
16:59 martinmorris any thoughts on the other issue?
16:59 thd martinmorris: people may not want to fix the barcode module in Koha 2.2.X but people do want to fix all the Unicode bugs
16:59 jaron ask MJ if it relates at all to his barcode patch?
16:59 martinmorris yes, i understand koha 3.0 has a shiny entirely new barcode generator
17:00 martinmorris have already emailed him jaron, thanks
17:01 thd martinmorris: do you have that problem if you supply label information but no barcode?
17:01 martinmorris how do you mean thd?
17:03 thd martinmorris: well it never worked completely for me but last time I looked you could select which fields to print
17:03 martinmorris ah i see
17:05 thd martinmorris: maybe you could select parameters which prints neither the barcode nor the human readable barcode number but does print the author/title information
17:06 martinmorris can't see any way of doing that here thd
17:07 thd martinmorris: printing the barcode may be the minimal requirement with the other elements optional
17:08 jaron I remember it being a multi-step process to do barcodes and that selecting what information is on them was part of it.
17:08 martinmorris i can change the text under the label to a custom text, that's the only thing i believe i can change
17:11 thd martinmorris: maybe M J Ray's patch is less flexible than the earlier code
17:11 martinmorris will see what he says
17:11 martinmorris thanks :)
17:12 thd martinmorris: M J Ray's patch could be based on older code which was less flexible
17:12 martinmorris true
17:12 martinmorris i may just wait until koha 3.0 appears
17:12 jaron and I thought there was the old barcode generator and the new spine and barcode generator
17:13 martinmorris ah, yes there is
17:14 martinmorris but that doesn't appear to ask me for barcode ranges at all and gives blank pdfs
17:15 thd martinmorris: which one gives you blank pdfs?
17:16 martinmorris the 'spine and barcode labels' option from the circulation main page
17:16 martinmorris anyway, i need to dash
17:16 martinmorris thanks for your help guys
17:17 thd martinmorris: you welcome.  The older one was probably never made Unicode compliant
21:14 chris morning
22:44 linda-r hello?
22:44 dewey hello are you online ?
22:45 chris hi linda
22:45 masonj heya linda
22:45 linda-r hi chris, thanks for your response to my post
22:45 linda-r hey mason j
22:45 linda-r do you think maybe I configured something wrong?
22:46 chris maybe, if you look in koha administration, then into koha-marc links
22:47 chris[…]
22:47 chris url will look like that
22:47 chris what is 090c set too?
22:48 linda-r let me check ...
22:49 linda-r it's on an intranet, otherwise i would give you the url
22:50 chris *nod*
22:52 linda-r The first field is "biblionumber" tag 090 subfield c "Koha biblionumber"
22:53 chris that looks right then
22:54 chris ok if we look at
22:55 chris[…]90&frameworkcode=
22:55 chris (with ur hostname instead)
22:55 chris the 090 c is defined there eh?
22:56 linda-r navigating...
22:57 linda-r For subfield c, it says text "Koha biblionumber", constraints "subfield ignored"
22:57 chris yep thats what I have too
22:58 chris so that all looks right
22:58 linda-r huh
22:58 chris hmm i wonder what its doing
22:58 chris (subfield ignored means a human doesnt ever need to touch this field)
22:59 chris its a koha internal use one
23:00 linda-r is just putting a "1" in the MARC tag 003 field "Control number identifier" okay?
23:01 linda-r does that not matter?
23:01 chris yeah, its not valid marc i dont think, but it shouldnt be busting it
23:01 chris youve tried adding one wihtout using z3950 ?
23:01 linda-r I'm at home where I can be root, so I can put print statements in anywhere
23:01 linda-r I don't know where the data structure for field is defined
23:02 chris ahh its a MARC::Record object
23:02 chris Koha uses the MARC::Record perl module to deal with MARC
23:02 linda-r Oh my god, it just worked.
23:02 chris lol
23:02 linda-r Let me check the ISBNs that didn't work.  Each try I used a different one.
23:02 chris its like a mechanic, the car always works when they are watching
23:02 chris *nod*
23:03 linda-r Well at least it got to a different screen that says "New item".
23:03 linda-r Yes.
23:03 linda-r Hm, maybe I should continue with this or it will get in a weird state.
23:03 linda-r But I have no idea what all these blank fields are for.
23:03 chris yeah might be worth adding an item
23:04 chris the only one you really need is barcode
23:04 linda-r Oh, something different than at work earlier - field 090 is appearing - which it didn't earlier.
23:04 chris interesting
23:05 linda-r Maybe what's not working is when there is no 090 tag - this has 090 b
23:05 chris could be, but im not sure about that
23:05 chris you'll be pleased to know there is a new cataloging tool being worked on at the moment, which is much more robust :)
23:05 linda-r If it doesn't automatically show tag 090, how would I add that?
23:06 linda-r Oh good, any help would be great.
23:06 chris if you look back at that url before, ull notice 090b is prbably not set to ignore
23:06 linda-r I'm doing a paper on this for school and I'd prefer not to say "it's not quite ready for prime time".
23:06 chris ahh, well it is in use in production in tons of libraries
23:07 chris but setting up the marc frameworks is the trickiest bit
23:07 linda-r Oh yes, you're right, it says subfield b, text="Koha Dewey Subclass [OBSOLETE]", Constraints="tab:0, Not repeatablee, Not mandatory, hidden"
23:08 chris ahh so id try that, and see if that makes any difference
23:08 linda-r The Ohio library?  Or in NZ?
23:08 chris in nz
23:08 chris theres quite a few in Ohio running it now
23:09 linda-r Have you any suggestions about this 090b field?  
23:09 chris nope
23:09 chris MARC is a black art to me
23:09 linda-r Who would know about this?  Because it's a show stopper here.
23:10 chris id just try setting it to be the same at work as it is where you are now
23:10 chris if its working where you are now
23:10 chris you can do that by clicking edit subfields
23:10 linda-r Well, I think, if I use one of the other ISBNs that I used before, it won't work.
23:10 linda-r It will do the internal server error again - let me try it.
23:12 chris if you still get the error, id ask on the koha-devel list, thats what most of hte developers read
23:12 linda-r Now the Z3950 search gave an internal error.
23:12 chris ahh thats probably a network thing
23:13 chris can it reach the z3950 servers?
23:13 linda-r Maybe I need to finish doing this other add biblio that I started.
23:13 linda-r ?
23:13 linda-r It did a little while ago.
23:14 ryan hi linda-r
23:14 linda-r It popped up a window with the 3 z3950 servers, and the checkboxes filled in.
23:14 chris ahh ryan .. ryan knows more :)
23:14 linda-r Hi Ryan.
23:14 linda-r Then clicking search or something it did the internal server error.
23:14 ryan i'd recommend just trying to add a record from scratch before by z3950
23:14 ryan is it successful then?
23:15 linda-r Okay, I didn't alter the basic MARC set up.
23:15 linda-r Do I need to fill in any mandatory fields?
23:15 ryan i think by default 001,022,040,245,and 300a.
23:16 linda-r The only one on this screen that's in bold is barcode - I'll just add it.
23:17 linda-r Okay, now it shows one record in existing items.
23:17 linda-r How do I go to the empty MARC record screen?  Catalog -> Add Biblio?
23:18 linda-r Thanks, Ryan, I was finishing up the last one because maybe that was causing the internal server error, but now I'd like to retry something that gave the error that I posted about on the list.
23:18 ryan linda-r: are you using the default or the npl intranet template?
23:18 linda-r Default.
23:18 dewey well, default is really quite bloated or not a selectable option
23:19 linda-r Should I change it to NPL?
23:19 ryan dewey: forget default
23:19 dewey ryan: I forgot default
23:19 linda-r Are there two places to change it?  I can't remember where they are but it wouldn't take long to go through the parameters ... one second...
23:19 ryan linda-r: up to you.
23:19 linda-r Do you think it will fix the bug?
23:20 linda-r Or it mgiht?
23:20 ryan if you got errors from z39.50 records, it might just be the server/records you were getting
23:21 ryan default tmpl should work fine
23:21 linda-r Okay, I'll leave it.
23:21 ryan we use npl-based templates around here
23:22 ryan do you have the system preference 'template encoding' set to utf-8?
23:22 linda-r yes
23:22 linda-r It's no problem to change it to npl.
23:25 ryan ok, but so you have verified that you can successfully add a biblio and an item with the MARC editor by entering data manually, correct ?
23:25 linda-r It has a completely white background.
23:25 linda-r The npl, that is.
23:25 linda-r I will try it next - shall I enter 001, 022, 040, 245, and 300a fields?
23:26 ryan intranetcolorstylesheet  colors.css  Enter the name of the color stylesheet to use in Intranet  Edit  
23:26 ryan intranetstylesheet intranet.css Enter a complete URL to use an alternate layout stylesheet in Intranet Edit
23:26 ryan system prefs for css
23:27 linda-r Do I have to create an intranetcolorstylesheet file?  Or are there premade options?
23:29 ryan it should already be present
23:29 linda-r Hm, I didn't see it, oh well, I'll look later.
23:30 linda-r Um the 022 field seems like it's ISSN
23:30 ryan ah, then i'm wrong on that one.
23:31 ryan just 040c
23:31 ryan 245a and 300a
23:36 linda-r Okay, I tried it, it had a lot of popup messages about required fields, but finally it went to "internal server error".  Maybe it needs a 090b field?
23:36 linda-r Do I need to configure the MARC structure for that?
23:36 linda-r Because the 090 MARC tag isn't showing up on this cataloging screen.
23:36 linda-r I could check the logs.
23:37 ryan linda-r: do you need to use 090 as locally defined LC-type call number ?
23:37 ryan by default, 090 should not be shown anywhere.
23:37 linda-r I don't know.  What does it mean?
23:38 linda-r The only one that worked had a filed 090b.
23:38 linda-r And when I put a print statement into the code, it said something about field 090.
23:38 linda-r I changed machines, but I could put that print statement into this again.
23:39 ryan Koha should manage its biblionumbers internally, so it will add data to the MARC field that its biblionumber is mapped to.
23:40 ryan if you don't intend to use MARC field 090 , then 090c and d should hold koha's biblionumbers.
23:40 ryan you said that in the marc mapping 090 c and d were set to tab 'ignore', correct?
23:41 linda-r Yes, I think so, the only one that had anything was 090b.
23:42 linda-r The message in the log is "about to delete field (on line 1440 of C4/, tagfield1=090"
23:44 linda-r Yes 090 a, c, and d all have constraints="subfield ignored".
23:44 linda-r Maybe I've set up something else wrong?
23:45 linda-r Maybe Koha 2.2.9 is not compatible with MySQL 4.1 ?
23:46 linda-r Maybe if I change 090b so it's not hidden, and then try to manually add it, that would fix this problem?  Although its constraints include "not mandatory".
23:46 ryan it is compatible.
23:47 linda-r ah
23:47 ryan no, koha needs to manage the biblionumbers.
23:47 ryan what is the error where you just tried to add the biblio
23:48 ryan and, btw, are you using firefox as your browser ?
23:48 linda-r It's throwing this "server internal error" (yes - firefox) from this NEWnewbiblio subroutine in C4/
23:49 linda-r The only time it didn't do it, I noticed that the 090 b was filled in.  Another time it was blank and gave the error.  But maybe it's something else.
23:49 linda-r Firefox iceweasel
23:51 linda-r The apache error log las message is "Arguments must be MARC::Field object at ... C4/ line 1440
23:51 linda-r This line 1440 is in the NEWnewbiblio subroutine.
23:51 chris and thats when adding a record from scratch right?
23:51 chris or when adding one fetched via z3950?
23:52 linda-r This message has happened both ways.
23:53 ryan linda-r:  perl -e 'use MARC::Record; print MARC::Record->VERSION;'
23:53 linda-r It seems to be called from line 529 of cgi-bin/acqui.simple/
23:54 linda-r grepping for NEWnewbiblio in cgi-bin and its subdirectories only yields this one place
23:54 linda-r Also I think it might have mentioned it in a koha log, let me look ...
23:54 linda-r Okay I'll print the MARC record version, one sec...
23:55 linda-r 2.0.0
23:59 linda-r The koha-error_log says "Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://...:8080/cgi-bin/koh​a/acqui.simple/
23:59 thd chris: I have a 14 MB frameworks patch which is too large an attachment for my mail system
00:01 thd chris: I see that is the uncompressed size
00:01 thd chris: I will try compressing it
00:01 [K] <rangi@FreeNode> you can eiher compress it, or put it somewhere and send me the url to get it
00:03 linda-r Well, maybe I should just try making the 090 b field non-hidden, and try entering another record manually, filling in the 090b field.
00:05 linda-r Thank you very much for your help, Ryan and Chris.
00:05 thd linda-r: filling the Koha 090 manually is asking for trouble
00:05 ryan linda-r: i'd recommend getting back to the default framework
00:06 linda-r okay
00:07 thd linda-r: filling Koha 090 may prevent Koha from properly tracking the record you create and you may not be able to retrieve it
00:08 linda-r When I tried to search in the OPAC for the one record I added that didn't throw this error, it didn't find it.
00:08 linda-r Is that why?
00:08 linda-r Because it had a 090b field?
00:08 linda-r How do other people fix this?
00:09 linda-r Maybe I should read the Perl MARC module documentation and try to import some records that way.
00:09 chris i havent come across anyone else having this error
00:10 linda-r Someone else had it in the list serve.
00:10 chris the previous error was the browser prompting to save the file
00:10 linda-r The Koha Main list.
00:10 chris which is quite different
00:10 linda-r Oh.
00:10 linda-r It's different.
00:10 thd linda-r: I guess that I was only referring to 090 $c and $b in the standard Koha MARC 21 bibliographic framework
00:11 linda-r It's a fresh install of Debian 4.0.  I had a problem with LWP::Simple of all things, and had to do force install - I don't know.
00:12 thd lida-r: To what is 090 $b set in your bibliographic framework?
00:13 thd linda-r: To what is 090 $b set in your bibliographic framework?
00:13 dewey i already had it that way, thd.
00:13 thd almost dewey
00:15 linda-r 090b is Tab:0; Not repeatable, Not mandatory, hidden
00:15 thd linda-r: are you saying that the records you are importing have an 090 field usually for local call number already?
00:16 linda-r No, but I noticed the one record that did not give the internal server error when I pressed "add biblio" did have a 090b field.
00:18 thd linda-r: if the record does have an 090 field before importing to Koha I would suggest remapping the original 090 fields to 999 and removing the original 090 fields.
00:19 linda-r okay but the only time it worked was when there was a 090b field
00:20 linda-r When it doesn't work, the last message in the apache error log is "about to delete field: tagfield1=090" which is from the code around C4/ near line 1440
00:21 thd linda-r: it seems that may be having a problem where the 090 field used to track the record by Koha in 090 $c and $d is not being added.
00:21 linda-r and then Arguments must be MARC::Field object at ... C4/ line 1440
00:21 linda-r that's the error message in the Apache error log
00:22 thd linda-r: unfortunately it has been too long since I used the Koha Z39.50 client for me to know what the problem may be
00:23 linda-r I just looked at the Nelsonville setup for MARC tag 090:[…]
00:24 linda-r it has "subfield ignored" for all of MARC tag 090's subfields a, b, c, and d
00:24 linda-r Maybe I should change subfield b to be ignored?
00:24 thd linda-r: For reliable results I have captured records with an external Z39.50 client, then precessed them such as moving 090 to 999, and then imported to Koha using .
00:25 thd s/precessed/pre-processed/
00:25 linda-r I don't know of a way to create a file of MARC records to import.  Do you know?  We have a database of records in a nonMARC format.
00:26 linda-r Is the way to import them to write a program using the Perl module MARC?
00:26 thd lina-r: how many records do you have?
00:26 linda-r um ... one second
00:26 linda-r 12861
00:27 linda-r approximately
00:27 thd lina-r: all non-MARC records?
00:27 thd linda-r: all non-MARC records?
00:27 linda-r Are you suggesting that if I turn off the 090 b field, that will work better?  Is that okay to do using the Z3950 input method?
00:27 linda-r Yes all nonMARC.
00:28 thd linda-r: are these records from a non-MARC version of Koha?
00:29 linda-r They are from a homegrown file structure.  We have a little homemade perl script that is accessed from a webpage as a search engine to our catalog.
00:29 linda-r We're a small library.
00:29 ryan win 5
00:29 ryan oops
00:30 thd linda-r: manually capturing that many records over Z39.50 would take a very very long time.
00:31 linda-r yes, i think we would only use the manual Z3950 client for new records
00:32 linda-r I'm not familiar with the Perl MARC module.  Is that the thing to use?  Can it be used to write out a file of MARC records that can be bulkimported?
00:32 linda-r I'm somewhat familiar with Perl.
00:32 thd linda-r: I would suggest sending a representative sample of the records to Liblime for an estimate on converting your records to MARC format.
00:33 linda-r I don't think my boss wants to spend money, because our homegrown system is free, and it suffices for our needs.  If we could get Koha working for no more cost than we spend now, which is nothing, we would use it.
00:33 linda-r Otherwise, maybe not.
00:34 linda-r Do some libraries use Koha without paying a support company?  Or do most libraries that have it working use a support company?
00:34 thd linda-r: well you could use MARC::Record to convert your existing data to MARC 21 and then import it into Koha using
00:34 chris some do some dont
00:35 chris depends on how much inhouse skills they have
00:35 chris quite a few use support companies to convert records, because its a time consuming thing to do
00:36 linda-r We just use some of the standard MARC fields, not that many.
00:36 chris but there are hundreds of libraries around the world that dont use any 3rd party support
00:36 linda-r And a few things like who donated it, when it was received, etc.
00:37 linda-r Well, maybe if I change the 090b field to ignore, that will fix this problem
00:38 linda-r Do people often look at the set up to see how to configure their MARC framework structure?
00:39 linda-r If I run into problems, is that a place to check?
00:39 chris sometimes, but its a demo site, so ppl change it .. so its not always right
00:39 thd linda-r: converting existing non-MARC data to MARC 21 using MARC::Record is not especially difficult.  Complimenting the data you have with additional more complete data from the Library of Congress and other libraries is an additional difficulty at least a couple orders of magnitude more difficult to do accurately.
00:40 linda-r That, would take awhile because some of our books are not in the Library of Congress and some have more than one entry.
00:40 linda-r I guess we would just stick to what we have, but DL from LOC for new records.
00:40 linda-r Do most people not get stuck like this/
00:41 linda-r .../ -> ?
00:41 thd linda-r: you can always download the latest version of the Koha frameworks which I just committed
00:41 chris its the first time ive heard of this 090 problem
00:41 chris might be worth trying the new framework and see if that fixes it
00:41 linda-r Maybe it's something else I did wrong. But I didn't change the MARC framework from the default.
00:42 linda-r Where do I get the new framework?
00:42 thd lina-r: if you did not change the framework then the framework itself is probably not the problem
00:44 linda-r That's probably true.  I used it at work, too, and these are both fresh installs, so I'm pretty sure I didin't change that part.
00:45 linda-r Maybe if I look more closely at the code, I'll see what it's looping through.  The 090b field says obsolete, so maybe it works better if set to ignore.
00:46 thd linda-r: you can update to the latest rel_2_2 MARC 21 bibliographic frameworks using the latest SQL script at[…]oot=koha&view=log
00:47 linda-r Is this what to do: ...?
00:47 linda-r cvs co koha/misc/marc21_standard_bib_framework.sql
00:49 thd linda-r: that may work, I have never used CVS to check out a single file.
00:50 thd linda-r: you need to specify rel_2_2 for CVS
00:51 thd linda-r: rel_2_2 is the Koha 2.2.X branch
00:51 thd linda-r: you can always use the viewcvs download link at[…]oot=koha&view=log
00:52 linda-r It says that cvs command at the top of the web page.
00:53 linda-r Sorry, I don't know cvs.  How do you specify rel_2_2?  Is there an option to the cvs command?
00:54 thd linda-r: yes it does but be certain to not use a version from a branch other than rel_2_2 for the bibliographic frameworks
00:59 linda-r cvs co -r rel_2_2 koha/misc/marc21_standard_bib_framework.sql
01:00 linda-r I tried it with co -r rel_2_2 for the branch.
01:00 thd linda-r cvs -z3 -d co -r rel_2_2 koha will retrieve the latest version of all Koha 2.2.X files
01:05 linda-r okay, it downloaded a lot of stuff.
01:05 linda-r Is it a stable version?
01:06 thd lind-r: no but I have always personally tested the latest version of the frameworks committed by thd
01:07 thd linda-r: I actually run the CVS version of Koha locally but it is not in production
01:07 linda-r are you using this with MySQL 4.1 or 5?
01:08 thd linda-r: Liblime has run CVS versions of Koha in production for clients
01:09 thd linda-r: I now use MySQL 5
01:11 linda-r So would I just install MySQL 5, uninstall Koha, cd to this koha director, perl Makefile.PL, make, make install?
01:11 linda-r director -> directory
01:11 thd linda-r: there are instructions for maintaining a CVS update of Koha
01:12 linda-r I am thinking of using something at work, so it would be a production, stable version.
01:12 thd linda-r: if the directories have moved a little the instructions may need adjustment
01:12 linda-r I might be interested in working on this after I finish school but until then I unfortunately have limited time.
01:13 linda-r Maybe in December or after.
01:14 linda-r I'm sorry I don't know how to use this marc21_standard_bib_framework.sql file.
01:14 thd linda-r: there may be some unnoticed unfixed bugs in Koha 2.2.9.  Try an earlier version if 2.2.9 is not working properly.
01:14 linda-r How do you update to it?
01:15 thd linda-r: there are instructions in a comment at towards beginning of the file
01:15 linda-r Yes, I am thinking of downgrading to Koha 2.2.8
01:15 thd s/at//
01:15 linda-r Although I heard newer versions had bug fixes.
01:17 thd linda-r: newer versions do have bug fixes but I am told that 2.2.9 introduced some bugs which had not been caught before release.
01:17 linda-r It says dump some tables first - does that mean delete them?
01:18 thd linda-r: the script deletes the existing frameworks tables before recreating them with new data
01:19 thd linda-r: It will not delete your bibliographic records
01:19 thd linda-r: Despite the caution it is quite safe unless you have custom modifications to your bibliographic frameworks
01:20 linda-r I think I see in the notes it means back up some tables first, then run it as a batch file.
01:20 linda-r No I'm just starting, everything can go.
01:21 thd linda-r: oh yes dump means copy, drop means delete
01:21 linda-r Sorry to ask a dumb question that is probably in the documentation:
01:22 thd linda-r: maybe the problems you are having are related to the 2.2.9 Z39.50 client
01:22 linda-r If I use mysqldump to create an .sql file, then I drop the dumped database, will the .sql batch script recreate the database?
01:23 thd linda-r: the SQL file will dropt the bibliographic frameworks tables and recreate them with new data
01:23 linda-r Maybe the problems are related to the Z39.50 client, although I had about the same errors when I tried to add a record manually.
01:24 linda-r I will probably try to stick with a stable release, with the idea of using it at work.
01:25 thd linda-r: the script itself will not dump your data but if you have no data over which to have concern then you should not worry.
01:25 thd linda-r: there is no harm in using this script with a stable release.
01:26 thd linda-r: it is more stable than the release
01:26 linda-r Thank you very much for all your help, THD.
01:27 linda-r I will try this script, and then, if that doesn't work, I will try Koha 2.2.8.
01:27 linda-r Thank you.
01:28 thd linda-r: you are welcome, if you are having problems which a new install which others have not reported I would try deleting Koha and installing again
01:28 linda-r okay.
01:28 linda-r May I please ask you your email address?
01:29 thd linda-r: koha AT
01:29 linda-r Okay, thank you, if you get an email from lindamarcella at yahoo, it's me
01:30 thd linda-r: when I am preoccupied I sometimes do not check my email for a few days
01:31 linda-r i understand, thank you again, have a good night!
01:31 thd good night linda-r
04:02 thd chris: are you about?
07:18 hdl chris ?
07:18 dewey chris is now too
07:20 hdl chris around ?
08:13 chris hi hdl
08:13 hdl hi chris ?
08:13 hdl How are you ?
08:14 chris not too bad thanks, mostly got rid of the jet lag now
08:15 hdl Good.
08:15 hdl How is Crayon ?
08:15 chris good, he is just about to go to bed
08:15 chris Kahurangi
08:15 dewey Kahurangi is the Maori word meaning, "treasured possession"; " precious jewel", "pale greenstone" and " blue sky".
08:16 hdl Big kiss to Kahurangi
08:16 hdl I have seen you wanted to help me.
08:16 hdl And I appreciate.
08:16 chris ah yes, with
08:16 chris i must have broken something
08:17 hdl Yes indeed.
08:17 chris checkauth is the only thing I changed
08:17 hdl CGI::Session now stores little information
08:17 chris yes, it stores stuff in the a_session bit
08:18 chris so you can store whatever you want
08:18 chris eg
08:18 hdl And since ip, email and so on are accessed to put them into userenv...
08:18 hdl It explodes the connection
08:19 chris yep
08:19 chris you can store them still
08:19 chris and fetch them
08:19 chris by doing
08:20 hdl Since you did so because of security concern... Is it OK to do it ?
08:20 chris my $ip=$session->param('ip');
08:20 chris or to set
08:20 chris $session->param('ip',$ip);
08:20 chris yep, that stores it in the db, in the a_session colum
08:20 chris rather than storing things in the cookie
08:21 hdl Most of the time, my $session is null.... I wonder if i donot have a problem of connexion to database.
08:21 chris hmmm could be, or the sessionid might not be getting set
08:21 chris elsif ( $sessionID = $query->cookie("CGISESSID")) {
08:22 chris my $session = new CGI::Session("driver:MySQL", $sessionID, {Handle=>$dbh});
08:23 hdl I have this :
08:23 hdl unless ($userid) {
08:23 hdl        $sessionID = int( rand() * 100000 ) . '-' . time();
08:23 chris hmmm
08:23 chris what line is that?
08:24 chris[…]71638097c;hb=HEAD
08:24 chris is the latest version
08:26 hdl OK... version mixing... Since I had to test some things... I reverted to old
08:26 chris ahh
08:26 hdl btw... Have you received my patches I sent a week before ?
08:27 hdl I tried and resend them yesterday.
08:27 chris hmm i think so, did you send them to
08:27 hdl yep
08:27 chris ahh yes i applied some patches from you yesterday
08:27 chris and pushed them to the RM repo, so just need joshua to push them live now
08:27 hdl is it driver::MySQL or driver::mysql ?
08:27 chris they applied fine
08:28 hdl in new CGI::Session()
08:28 chris ahh MySQL
08:28 hdl I found it strange that sessions table donot have any autoincrement .
08:29 hdl Is it OK ?
08:29 chris yeah it makes a new md5 string
08:29 chris for the id
08:29 chris CGI::Session handles all that
08:29 hdl And is it passed via a Cookie ?
08:29 chris yep
08:30 chris Author: Henri-Damien LAURENT <>
08:30 chris Date:   Mon Aug 20 15:45:59 2007 +0200
08:30 chris    Modifying AddAuthorities in order to fix encoding bugs.
08:30 chris    
08:30 chris    Signed-off-by: Chris Cormack <>
08:31 hdl OK.
08:31 chris so they should all go live as soon as joshua is back in front of his computer
08:31 hdl So I think I will have to synch my back from git repository and test more harder.
08:32 hdl (I may have made changes...)
08:32 chris it should look something like this
08:32 chris in the db
08:32 chris | 07fb9cba7134e2561e5e2018e9fa2625 | $D = {'firstname' => 'Bws','_SESSION_ID' => '07fb9cba7134e2561e5e2018e9fa2625','flags' => '1','branchname' => 'Main Li
08:32 chris brary','number' => '102949','ip' => '','branch' => 'MAIN','_SESSION_REMOTE_ADDR' => '','surname' => 'JOHNSON','_SESSION_CTIME' => 1
08:32 chris 187620944,'_SESSION_ATIME' => 1187620944,'cardnumber' => '007','id' => '007','lasttime' => 1187620945,'emailaddress' => ''};;$D                            
08:32 chris                                           |
08:33 hdl OK Thanks
08:33 hdl Is order in table important ?
08:34 hdl a_session and data ?
08:34 chris no its quite cool CGI::Session just creates a hash and stores it in a_session
08:34 chris so its totally extensible, you can add as much as you like
08:34 hdl Or is it OK to have those fields at the end of old sessions table
08:35 hdl is it longtext ?
08:35 hdl for data ?
08:35 chris oh yeah thats fine, they wont get used anymore
08:35 chris heres what i have
08:35 chris +-----------+----------+----​--+-----+---------+-------+
08:35 chris | Field     | Type     | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
08:35 chris +-----------+----------+----​--+-----+---------+-------+
08:35 chris | id        | char(32) | NO   | PRI |         |       |
08:35 chris | a_session | text     | NO   |     |         |       |
08:35 chris +-----------+----------+----​--+-----+---------+-------+
08:36 hdl so a_session is limited to text size.
08:36 chris i got rid of the other columns, but you could keep them, they just wouldnt get used anymore
08:36 chris yep, you could make it long text if you want
08:36 hdl Which is quite big... But. limited.
08:36 chris ie, its not a CGI::Session thing its how you define your db
08:37 hdl I could be a good Idea for some libraries which have LOOOOOONNNNG branchnames ;)
08:37 chris :)
08:37 hdl OK Many thx.
08:37 chris the other nice thing
08:37 hdl hello to your family.
08:37 chris is you can use a file .. so for the installer
08:37 chris when we dont have the db yet
08:38 chris we can still use CGI::Session
08:38 chris but we use a temporary file instead
08:38 hdl Cool.
08:38 hdl CGI session finds alone the file to use ?
08:38 hdl and detects there is no db ?
08:39 chris my $session =
08:39 chris 246           new CGI::Session( "driver:File", $sessionID,
08:39 chris 247             { Directory => '/tmp' } );
08:40 chris is what we now have in
08:40 hdl driver::Mysql for CGI::Session is loaded ?
08:40 hdl Is there a way to find whether it is installed or not ?
08:40 chris it comes with CGI::Session
08:41 chris i think there is File Mysql and something else
08:41 hdl I hope I have it.
08:43 chris driver - CGI::Session driver. Available drivers are "File", "DB_File" and "MySQL". Default is "File".
08:49 hdl hi walter
08:49 hdl chris : why is there logbot newlogbot and dewey ?
08:50 chris logbot is the old one, i should get walter at katipo to turn it off
08:51 chris newlogbot is the new logging one .. and dewey is the old infobot, which we might just turn off, i dont think we need a new one of them
08:52 hdl to synchronize with repository, it is "git pull" ?
08:52 chris i usually do a
08:53 chris git fetch
08:53 chris git rebase origin
08:53 hdl why so ?
08:53 chris what it does is, bring the repo up to the same as the origin
08:53 chris and then applies your local changes
08:53 chris a git pull
08:53 dewey i guess a git pull is really just a wrapper around git fetch and git merge
08:54 chris grabs the origin and merges the changes with your repo
08:54 chris so slightly different .. but achieves the same thing :)
08:55 chris but i find that conflicts if they happen are easier to handle with the rebase

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